The Legend Of Futian Chapter 164

Chapter 164: How Presumptuous
Chapter 164: How Presumptuous
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When Ye Futian made his last step, it felt as if the entire grotto was imprinted in his mind. Of the various statues, each one emanated with powerful intent as if a Noble had come himself to squash his will. Earlier, Ye Futian had pushed aside the intents of the statues and now, it was as if he was making his strongest counterattack. Simultaneously, he bore the unbelievable aura that continuously attacked his body. The double attack on the body and mind were enough to crush someone. However, defeating it was like being baptized.

The blood inside Ye Futian rumbled and impossible strength burst from his body. The Nine Heavenly Attacks gathered the power of the world. Though he stood there, his aura was evolving and strengthening. In his mind, the noble statues became extremely menacing. They wanted to wipe his existence from the world.

At that moment, Ye Futian thought of many things. He thought of the high and mighty Xia Fan, the emperor's decree that he couldn't fight back against, and that emperor who had once thought he could control Ye Futian's destinythey could all go die now.

A terrible intent was born. It drowned the statues, eradicating them from his mind. Ye Futian opened his eyes. There was arrogance in his gaze. He took another step forward and stood steadily and upright. At this moment, his white clothing fluttered and his long hair danced in the wind. He was like a young emperor.

Countless eyes focused on the proud backside, their hearts shaking. Ye Futian had made his way through the Thirteen Steps of Death. If he continued forward, he could step into the grotto's corridor and perceive the grotto's intent at a close distance. He would be as brilliant as the two up above.

Looking back at Zhao Han, he was still at the eleventh step. Thinking of his arrogant words from before, "If you lose, then die," it was so ironic.

Ye Futian was in the Glory Plane and walked the steps of death for the first time. He had passed while amongst the geniuses of the Qianmeng area, only Zhao Han could surpass ten steps. Mockery and doubt? They all fell apart now.

With Ye Futian's talent, he definitely would be qualified to make Yun Qianmo his servant later. She had just chosen earlier to follow he who was in the Glory Plane. Many felt this was strange because Yun Qianmo was the pride of her clan while Ye Futian was from the Hundred Lands and had an extremely low plane.

Yang Ziqi looked from his senior brother to Ye Futian. His expression was ugly. On the other hand, Yun Qianmo stared at Ye Futian in shock. She was at the seventh step which was her limit. She couldn't go on.

Ye Futian had succeeded in one go.

Boom. An explosion pulled everyone out of their thoughts. The earth shook and it was as if the world was roaring. At that moment, everyone's gazes turned to a spot not far from Ye Futian. While everyone's eyes were on him, Yu Sheng had made his tenth step. Now, he was challenging the fatal three steps. He made his eleventh step. At this moment, Yu Sheng's burly body seemed to hold up the sky and earth. He was indestructible. He roared at the stone statues; no one could bend his spine. His foot fell steadily. Allowing the thunderstorm to hit him, he stood upright like the god of war.

It was not only him. Ye Wuchen was also challenging the eleventh step. Sword intent grew between his brows and soon, there was a beam of silver light. A tiny silver sword shot out. It shattered everything and in the next moment, became endless sword intent.

He's crazy. Many people shook inwardly at this sight. Today, four people had challenged the fatal three steps and all succeeded.

Ye Futian had even completed all 13. This was the first try for all three of them, and Zhao Han had lost to all of them.

Yu Sheng's arrogant gaze turned and looked at Zhao Han in the near distance. He said coldly, "Who do you think you are? You aren't even good enough to wipe his shoes." There was nothing to be won while only death awaited the loser. Did Zhao Han think he was very powerful?

Hearing Yu Sheng's imposing words, everyone hushed. The top disciple of the Sword Clan, the extremely talented Zhao Han had been humiliated in public. Reality was right before his eyes.

Zhao Han's face turned livid when he heard Yu Sheng's words. Faced with someone who had made thirteen steps on his first try, Zhao Han had neither the ability nor the talent to prove anything. Even now, he couldn't make his thirteenth step.

Now, Zhao Han was still wondering if he should attempt the twelfth.

Just as he was pondering, Yu Sheng had looked away and made his twelfth step. His strength was extremely wild and burst through everything. He opened his eyes wide and stared domineeringly at the statue up ahead. He didn't fear the Noble and roared as if he wanted to destroy the statue's intent. So what if this was the Noble Grotto? It couldn't crush him.

With a thud, there was a violent wind that lifted a tidal wave. After Ye Futian, Yu Sheng made his twelfth step and surpassed Zhao Han. Was Zhao Han powerful? Was he extraordinarily talented? Two cultivators of the Glory Plane beside him had surpassed him on the first try, leaving in him in the dust.

Seeing Ye Futian's thirteenth step and Yu Sheng's twelfth step, sharpness flashed past Ye Wuchen's eyes like a sword. He grew more determined. A man would only feel motivated when he was with the strong. He would be even more determined and challenge himself with the will of the strong. This was why Ye Wuchen followed Ye Futian's group. With an extraordinary person beside him, he would also challenge what had once been his limit.

And rather than one extraordinary person beside him, he had two. So he couldn't fall behind. Thus, he also made his twelfth step, with no regard to the consequences or anything. Just like his sword, he forged on fearlessly.

He was crazy.

Everyone's hearts trembled without stop. Had they gone berserk? And not only one of them, but all three? This was honestly unheard of. No one knew if something so shocking had ever happened before the Noble Grotto before. But now, they couldn't control their pounding hearts. This was crazy.

Ye Wuchen had also taken his twelfth step. The trio had tossed Zhao Han behind. Zhao Han, who had been unbeatable before, now stood behind them alone. It was so mocking. He didn't deserve to be arrogant.

Three people in lower planes from the Hundred Lands had surpassed him, the top disciple of the Sword Clan, the pride of Qianmeng. Did he have the right to say that the loser would die? He had thought that he would win but realized that he wasn't even as good as the two beside Ye Futian. Such mockery.

Behind them, Lin Yueyao watched the three unblinkingly. There was an odd look in her eyes; she felt hopeless. Couldn't they think about her feelings? Remembering that they were the top three of the Fenghua Rank, she couldn't help but think that Emperor Ye foresight was great. They were brilliant even in the Ancient Barren World and defeated so many prides of the Qianmeng area.

Yun Qianmo was speechless too. Earlier, she'd only thought that Ye Futian was extremely talented. She didn't expect that Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen would be like this too. Now, she vaguely understood why Ye Futian dared to make her be his servant.

It was silent. All that seemed to remain was the trio that had stolen the light from the world. Everyone stopped to feel the strength within the grotto. But just then, there was a sound. They all watched as Ye Futian slid backward, pushed back by the aggressive power.

Is he finally unable to withstand it? Everyone's eyes flashed. Why didn't he step directly onto the grotto's corridor? Many people didn't understand why Ye Futian had stopped at the thirteenth step.

He raised his head and gazed at the Noble Grotto. He uttered, "Again."

Everyone was shocked. Again? What did he mean?

Amidst their confusion, Ye Futian stepped forward again. This time, he released his elemental power. A gust of wild aura erupted from his body. They could faintly see aggressive lightning, the heavy intent of the earth, and a sharp metallic aura.

At that moment, more statues in the grotto lit up. The bursts of wild power charged at Ye Futian. Simultaneously, an even more terrifying intent cut into his will.

Boom, boom, boom The wild power pounded against him but he just strolled forward casually. One step, two steps He quickly got to step seven. The steps that many were unable to attempt were so easy for him.

At that moment, they finally understood what Ye Futian had meant. He chose not to step into the corridor and perceive the grotto's intent. He chose to walk the steps again. Without any hesitation, he chose to restart the thing that many people couldn't challenge and put all their effort in. It was as if he could restart the 13 Steps of Death whenever he wanted.

His eighth step, Ye Futian's body was like a dragon. The power of lightning and thunder danced on him.

His ninth step, his shadow was like a roc. It was unbelievably sharp.

His tenth step, Ye Futian was like the majestic Ape, shaking the world.

The unparalleled intent transformed into tangible attacks that rushed violently into him, causing there to be an endless string of explosions inside him.

He made the three fatal steps again. At the eleventh step, his blood boiled and rumbled. The intent of martial arts was released. When the shocking intent rushed into him, he bore it rather than fighting back. He withstood the incredible attack and the cracking sounds continued. His body seemed to be evolving.

Boom An even wilder aura burst from Ye Futian's body. The intent of martial arts transformed into a solid light and broke out of him like a true dragon. Endless power poured out of him violently and he was covered in a brilliant glow.

His physical body had a breakthrough and his martial arts evolved.

He had broken into Dharma Plane!

He had done it again, not to prove how amazing he was, but to use the power of the grotto to test his body and try for another plane!