The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1641

Chapter 1641 Plundering And Fighting

He was too arrogant!

Many people thought this as they looked at Ye Futian. He had seen the gateway to becoming a Renhuang and had not taken it. How arrogant was that?

There were countless cultivators who would never reach the Renhuang plane in their entire lives.

When one became a Renhuang, they would automatically be considered a great figure within the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. Although perhaps this did not count for much for those who were here today, they were all from the top forces of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path.

In the Divine Prefecture, many of the lords of various realms were nothing more than ordinary, lower level Renhuangs.

"What is he trying to do?" Everyone tried to guess as they stared at him. The fact that he had chosen not to break through to the next level showed that he had even greater ambitions. He wanted to forge and even more powerful Wheel of the Great Path. He must have some opportunity in mind.

The celestial palace that was floating in the air was near. Could it be that he thought his chance might come there?

But would he really be able to forge a more powerful wheel if he waited until then?

It made sense that it would, but if he did not become a Renhuang now, how would he compete with the others for it?

It could not be forgotten that Jian Qingzhu of Tianshen Academy was beside him, as well as Shen Hao of the Shen clan, and Nan Luoshen of the Nantian Divine Kingdom.

Moreover, they were all at the Renhuang level now and had forged perfect Wheels of the Great Path.

Even if he himself were at the Renhuang plane, Ye Futian would have a hard time fighting them, to say nothing of the fact that he was still just a Saint.

Bang! At that moment, someone was breaking through the statues will. It was Jian Qingzhu from Tianshen Academy. It was just like it had been when they reached the Gods Relic. Ye Futian was there first, and Jian Qingzhu had followed after.

More sounds rang out, one after another. It was as if the powerful figures of the Nine Supreme Realms had talked it over. Now that Ye Futian had figured out how to proceed, they were breaking their shackles as well.

Shen Hao, Nan Luoshen, Gui Zang

But at that point, Ye Futian and Jian Qingzhu were not thinking of the others. Their gazes were fixed ahead. They saw all of the statues below the stairway as if they were still guarding it. But brilliant, golden divine light was falling from the palace onto the statues, making them seem illusory. It was as if they could disappear at any time.

"This is" There was a frightening look in Jian Qingzhus eyes. It was as if he could see through anything. Soon, he could sense incomparably powerful will seeping out from the illusory looking statues. It seemed as if all the will the god had possessed before he died was being released now.

"The inheritance?" Jian Qingzhus eyes became extremely sharp. Ye Futian could feel it as well. Under the divine light, the broken statues no longer seemed solid. They seemed to have transformed into pure will that was spreading outward.

The will was coming from the statues was a little bit similar to that which he had sensed earlier. It put a lot of pressure on him, just like a god of war on a battlefield would.

As he was sensing the will from the statues, another person broke through. Before too long, the nine great cultivators had all succeeded, breaking through the statues will. It was just like Jian Qingzhu had thought. The most powerful people from the nine realms had been selected to inherit the statues will, and they, thus they had been able to break out.

Even more powerful divine light shone from the palace. The statues gradually transformed into pure will, and they seemed to become even more illusory and insubstantial.

"We have all done this together. Each of us may inherit one of them," said Jian Qingzhu. As he said this, he took a step forward towards the statue that he had broken through. He stepped right into the now illusory figure, letting it overlap him.

At that moment, divine radiance covered him as he was enveloped in pure will.

"He truly is a worthy heir!" everyone said as they watched. This was an incredible opportunity for him.

Not only was the inheritance falling upon him, but even the will that was falling down from the palace began to disappear.

This made a powerful aura sweep out over everyone until they began to tremble.

Woosh! Shen Hao, Nan Luoshen, and the others began to come forward one by one, each of them entering their own statue.

Ye Futian did not move. Instead, he called out, "Yu Sheng, you go."

He was already at the edge of breaking through to the next level and would be able to do so soon. However, Yu Sheng still was a little ways away. Moreover, the power that he had sensed earlier was very well suited to Yu Sheng. Thus, he was prepared to give this inheritance to him.

When he heard this, Yu Sheng stepped forward towards the statue.

But just as he did so, a Renhuang level force descended, covering him. It seemed to contain fierce killing will.

Ye Futian looked over his shoulder, then yelled, "Be careful!"

Yu Shen naturally sensed this as well. He suddenly turned and raised his battleax. He lashed out with it without any hesitation. Destructive demonic light split the earth and sky as the ax descended, leaving a slash of dark light through the air.

But something took control of the dark light, and an incomparably brilliant golden radiance descended, lighting up the whole area. A destructive golden spear pierced through the battleax, releasing a burst of power.


Yu Sheng was sent flying backward. He landed on the ground, making an incredibly loud sound as his feet hit. The arm that was holding the battleax was shaking.

Someone who could knock Yu Sheng back with divine power was clearly not someone at the same level as him.

The person standing before him was a Renhuang, one from the Golden Divine Nation.

Among the other cultivators of the Golden Divine Nation behind him, Gai Shi Shis eyes were cold and full of killing intent.

Previously, he had not competed for the Gods Relic, knowing that he would not be able to win. The battle outside the Divine Palace had ended badly. Ye Futians glory was practically unlimited, and his name shook the Higher Heavens Realm. Now, he was still showing his brilliance in the Gods Relic, taking a place among the best of the nine realms.

Moreover, he had succeeded in breaking through the statues will. He had the right to inherit it.

Unfortunately, the authority of heaven of the Great Path had disappeared, and the will from the statues was gone as well. Under the same situation, Ye Futian had chosen not to enter the Renhuang plane. He had chosen to go down this dead-end path, so what could he use to compete for the inheritance?

And it was not only the Golden Divine Nation who thought this. The other cultivators had made their move as well, all of them rushing over here. Their most important targets were Ye Futian and Qin Lin of the Slaughtering World, for no other reason than the fact that the two of them were not Renhuangs and thus were the weakest and easiest to defeat.

The other seven were all Renhuangs and were top-level figures anyway with perfect Divine Wheels. Even other Renhuangs would have trouble defeating them, to say nothing of Saints. They would not try and defeat them as they could not guarantee they would survive the attempt.

So, the only ones they could deal with were Ye Futian and Qin Lin.

If Ye Futian had decided to enter the Renhuang plane, they perhaps would have been hesitant to attack him. But with the opportunity they now had, they could not afford to miss it.

The road to the palace was quite long, but to cultivators of this level, the distance did not matter.

Even if a battle erupted, it would be extremely close-range.

This was especially true for people on the Renhuang plane. They could cover the entire area with a single thought.

At that moment, the Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation unleashed his Wheel of the Great Path, and golden radiance shone from it. Incomparably sharp golden knives shot towards Yu Sheng while terrible golden cauldrons pressed down from the sky, burying Yu Sheng within them.

His Wheel of the Great Path had been forged of divine cauldrons.

Under the power of the Wheel, the cauldrons crushed everything beneath them as they tried to smash Yu Shengs body to bits.

The countless points of incomparable pressure smashed into Yu Sheng, but a dark demonic airflow swept out from him. The images of ancient demons appeared all around him. A figure like a demonic god appeared behind him.

With a terrible roar, a black dragon wrapped itself around him, its dark eyes full of life. It looked at the Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation coldly.

A look of surprise came over the Renhuangs face. He felt like an actual demonic dragon was looking at him as if it had not just been formed out of will.

"Kill him," came Gai Shi Shis cold voice. It was not only Yu Sheng, whom he wanted to kill. After they killed him, he also wanted to kill Ye Futian.

This was a once in a lifetime chance. They would not only be able to deal with Yu Sheng and Ye Futian but the other cultivators as well.

At that moment, many people rushed over towards Ye Futian, hoping to fight him. There were so many powerful cultivators from the Nine Realms here, how could they just sit back and watch Ye Futian and Qin Lin, two Saint-level cultivators, inherit the will from these statues? Was this not the time to fight?

At that moment, Lian Jiuyou, the cultivator from the Clan of the God of Ghost in the Hidden Land Realm who had been eliminated by Nan Luoshen, moved towards Ye Futian as well.

Nan Luoshen a perfect Divine Wheel, and was the daughter of Emperor Nan, making her the only princess of the Nantian Divine Kingdom. Thus, there was nothing Lian Jiuyou could have done to defeat her. But now, there was a place in the inheritance of the Gods Relic that could belong to him.

He strode forward, his body seeming to burn with dark flames. Destructive death power spread out from him. He made a single thought, and suddenly Ye Futian felt like he was trapped in a dark prison.

Woosh! Cold, dark ghostly flames swept out towards Ye Futian. The cultivators of the Clan of the God of Ghost in the Hidden Land Realm kept their methods relatively secret. Since they did not adhere to moral principles when they fought, once they had decided to seize something, they would kill those who stood against them to prevent them from being a threat later.

After all, Ye Futian was already at the gate to the Renhuang plane. If they gave him any time, he could possibly break through to the next level. Then, it would be much harder to kill him. So they had to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Ye Futians life aura surged, and a light curtain of the Great Path appeared around him. However, the dark death flames fell, burning the light curtain away to nothing. These were flames from the underworld and were at the Renhuang level.

A cold look came into Ye Futians eyes, but at that moment, Lian Jiuyous expression suddenly changed.

A powerful killing will covered him. He suddenly disappeared from where he had been standing, transforming into a dark airflow. In the instant that he disappeared, a spear full of slaughtering will pierced towards him, leaving a black hole in the air where it hit.

It had come from the Seventh Slayer of the Clan of the Seven Slayers.

He, like Lian Jiuyou, had tried to seize an opportunity and had been eliminated by Shen Hao. But now, he was acting against Lian Jiuyou.

Up in the air, Lian Jiuyou frowned and said, "There are two places left, we can each take one."

He thought that the Seventh Slayer wanted to take Ye Futians place for himself.

The Seventh Slayer ignored him. He was good at killing, so there was no need to speak too much. He charged towards Lian Jiuyou!