The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1642

Chapter 1642 Death Threa

At first, the Seventh Slayer had fought Ye Futian at the underground palace, but he had been defeated and thus no longer had a chance to compete for the spear there.

Later, they worked together at the Spatial Sacred Hall, where he had made a surprise attack on a Renhuang from the Martial Gods Clans alliance. He had been wounded then but had chosen a divine arm that had helped him reach the Renhuang plane. Although there was not the least bit of friendship between him and Ye Futian, he had had some modest success on this trip to the Gods Relic, and his previous defeat at Ye Futians hands had not been too hard on him, and Ye Futian had not been cruel to him when he was wounded.

As far as the Seventh Slayer was concerned, he had received Ye Futians favor. Now that Lian Jiuyou was attacking Ye Futian, he would act in order to repay him.

Lian Jiuyou was a top figure in the God of Ghost Clan and was a Renhuang just like the Seventh Slayer. His Tricks of the Seven Killing Gods could hinder his opponent, but whether or not Ye Futian could deal with the others would be up to him.

The Seventh Slayer summoned up his fighting prowess, then forced Lian Jiuyou back up into the air, not letting him affect the battle below. On the other side of the battlefield, The Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation was crushing Yu Sheng with his cauldrons.

The black dragon that circled around Yu Sheng got a cold look in its eyes. With a sky-shaking roar, it surged forth, sweeping out towards the cauldrons. There was a loud ringing sound as the cauldrons were sent flying backward.

The terrible dragon circled in the air, swallowing up all the will. Yu Sheng appeared upon the dragons head. The Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation frowned. The feeling he had had before was even more clear now. When the dragon stared at him, it felt like he was being stared at by an actual demon emperor.

"You are seeking your own death," said the dragon, making the Renhuang gasp in the surprise. What was going on?

How was there an actual Demon Emperor within Yu Sheng? If that was the case, that meant that the will of the Empty Imperial Palace was behind him. That could not have happened under the watch of the divine general of the Empty Imperial Palace.

"No, even though he has the aura of a demon emperor, he is not truly one." A look of surprise came over his face. Could he be a dragon spirit?

A great demon emperor had given a dragon spirit to Yu Sheng?

This would be equivalent to the emperor crippling himself. Why would it be worth it for him to do that? Even many of the disciples of a demon emperor would not be so fortunate as to have that happen for them. At most, they would leave a little bit of will behind when they were weak. But at their current level, just a little bit of will would be useless. The little bit of will would only be useful when they were weak so they could protect themselves.

But now, it seemed that a demon emperor had not cared about the cost and planted his dragon spirit into this demonic cultivator.

This even shocked the cultivators of the Divine Dragons. Long Chen stared at this scene before him. No one understood the Divine Dragons more than he did. The elder who had been imprisoned in the abyss had actually done this for Yu Sheng?

This meant that he looked at Yu Sheng as his heir. Since he himself was imprisoned, had he placed all his hopes on Yu Sheng?

How much trust did he place in him?

Threads of demonic power rolled off of Yu Sheng as he began to take in all the power in the area. He rushed forward, the dragon merging into him. At that moment, his body seemed to be that of a dragon as well.

Dark demonic light fell from the sky. As Yu Sheng lashed out with his ax, the image of a terrible dragon surged forth with it.

The Renhuang from the Divine Golden Nation shot forth brilliant golden light from his Divine Wheel. He raised his hand towards the oncoming attack. It was a truly shocking scene.


There was a loud noise as the Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation suddenly came under a ton of pressure. Both people were sent flying backward. To his shock, he found that Yu Sheng, whose eyes had turned black, had inherited the power of a dragon, and thus had the power to resist a Renhuang.

Ye Futian watched them fight. When he saw that Yu Sheng was unharmed, he relaxed. It seemed that the divine Dragons had given him a trick to hide up his sleeve. In that case, he would not worry about him anymore.

Many of the cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Realm had gotten involved and were blocking him, including the Demon Emperor from the Sky Demon Court, who was a Renhuang. There were many cultivators there, and they were only targeting two people. One of them was Qin Lin, and the other was Ye Futian. This showed how seriously they took him. Three Renhuangs by themselves would not have been enough.

Qin Lin of the Slaughtering World was in a worse situation than he was. He was completely surrounded.

Ye Futian slowly rose up into the air, holding his spear. Fighting will surged out of him, and he unleashed the Deed of Thorough Comprehension as well. Golden light wrapped around him, and his body seemed to become golden. The terrible sound of elephants trumpeting rang out within him.

Many illusory images appeared in the sky, looking like gods.

Gai Shi Shi looked at Ye Futian, and a dark look came over his face. That was the Sigh of the Divine God. Ye Futian was throwing it in the faces of all the Golden Divine Nation, using the technique that he had stolen from Gai Shi Shi. This was, without a doubt, intended to humiliate him.

"If anyone wants the inheritance, they must gamble their life to get it," said Ye Futian coldly, his voice shaking the air.

"Attack!" came a cold voice. There were so many forces there. How could they fear the combat ability of one man? Some cultivators directly attacked him, a terrible pattern of suffering appeared above his head like a formation of dark gods. Destructive black lightning flashed from it, destroying everything in its path.

Ye Futian looked up at the cultivators in the sky, then took a step forward. He stabbed out with his spear, and his fighting will surged into the sky and swept out in all directions. Golden light burst from the spear. Everyone saw the black lightning smash into the golden light.

Powerful light stung everyones eyes as they watched divine golden lightning shoot up into the air and destroy the black lightning. It smashed into the formation, completely annihilating it.

But at almost the same instant, destructive killing power came from all other directions towards Ye Futian. For example, a mountain range in which each mountain was as sharp as a knife fell on him, and destructive spatial swords shot towards him, all arriving at the same time.

Given the distance between him and his opponents, the attacks would only take a moment to reach him.

The divine elephants within Ye Futian trumpeted as he stepped through the air. A mighty and radiant golden elephant covered his body. As the attacks fell upon him, they were destroyed. Even the spatial swords only made a high pitched sound as they hit him. They could not pierce through his defenses.

There were few people on the Saint plane who could hurt him.

Everyone looked shocked when they saw this. Did he really have such amazing defenses?

None of them had been able to hurt him!

Every step that Ye Futian took made the air shake. He disappeared from his original place. The gods in the air around him were sighing the sighs of death.

He stabbed straight forward with his spear.

It pierced through the air, shocking all the cultivators in front of him. The countless divine swords flying through the air formed a sword matrix, but under the attack of the spear, the matrix was utterly shattered. The spear cut through it like a knife through bamboo.


One of the cultivators was pierced through, an Unblemished Saint from the Heavenly Sword Hall. He looked at Ye Futian in shock before his body shattered. And he was not the only one. All of the cultivators from the Heavenly Sword Hall around him were sent flying back, many of them with blood streaming from their mouths. The spears will had cut through their flesh and crippled them.

"You should not have made the same mistake again," said Ye Futian. He had not fought them at Sword City, and even during the struggle at the Spatial Sacred Hall when they had allied with the Martial Gods clan against him, he had not done anything to them.

Now, the Heavenly Sword Hall was attacking him again.

Why should he let them live?

The other cultivators all looked back at Ye Futian. Even when they had attacked him all at once, his spear had been unmatched.

The Renhuang level fighting will seemed to slam into them, and even the cultivators who had not been directly struck were wounded by it.

Ye Futian stood there, gripping his spear. He swept his gaze over the other cultivators and said, "Before, I told some people that it was not worth fighting any further, and then we opened the door to the Gods Relic and came here. I dont care that you followed me here. But if you continue to fight me, then no matter what, I promise you that you will not leave this place."

He was naturally speaking to the people from the Martial Gods clan and the School of the Emperor Star.

They bore him a grudge due to their earlier conflicts and thus wanted to attack him. He had let them go once already, but this time he would show no mercy.

Indeed, his words had a great demoralizing effect, which made the cultivators who had been rushing forward stop in their tracks. Even Wu Zhan of the Martial Gods clan looked shocked.

Their only Renhuang had been killed. Although they were one of the top forces of the Central Emperor Realm, their power in the Gods Relic was limited. The important thing was that Ye Futian had taken many opportunities away from them. And now he was threatening them.

But his tone of voice actually made him feel threatened. He was shocked.

He was of the Martial Gods clan and could contend with the top powers of the Central Imperial Realm. He had never felt like this before.

"You opened the door to the Gods Relic?" said someone else with a look of surprise. Ye Futian had said that he was the one who had opened the door. Hadnt it been Jian Qingzhu?

"Wu Zhan, your previous battle with Ye Futian has proved some things. Ye Futian was the first to open the door to reach this place. What would be the point of continuing to fight him? He has already shown you mercy, and if you force his hand, things will not go well for you," said Yuan Hong of the Yuanyang clan. A desire to retreat gripped many of the people who had come from that direction. They understood that though they may not like it, Yuan Hongs words were true.

"He was the first one to open the door?" Many of them looked at Ye Futian in shock. Wasnt it Jian Qingzhu?

Ye Futian ignored their attention. He stepped away from them towards where Gai Shi Shi was standing there with a dark look on his face. When he saw Ye Futian coming towards him, his eyes narrowed. He felt a powerful threat to his very life!