The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1644

Chapter 1644 Fallen

Chapter 1644 Fallen
this sword was brilliant. it had slain a renhuang with a single strike.

everyone could feel the aura of the swordmasters divine wheel. its brilliant, perfect radiance covered the area in sword will. even the people from top forces looked surprised by this.

everyone knew a little bit about the divine wheels level, but those core few who were from the top forces without a doubt knew the most.

especially the people from the heavenly mandate realm, the higher heavens realm, and the myriad realm, who had seen the swordmaster of lihen be defeated by the swordsman from heavenly sword hall. they looked more surprised than anyone else.

he had improved so quickly. was it even possible for him to have changed so much?

so what was the meaning of being a so-called "proud son of heaven?" this obviously went against common sense.

yuan hong of the yuanyang clan had been at sword city. he looked at the swordmaster of lihen. he had really forged a perfect wheel.

the great emperor had unified the world, and every 50 years opened up the gods relic. it was said that there would be opportunities to forge perfect wheels within the gods relic, giving it an independent place in the world. it had the same use as some of the secrets of the top powers, but it was even more unique.

thus, the people how had come here before did so both for the gods relic itself but also for the chances it afforded to prove themselves worthy of advancing to the next level.

shen hao, nan luoshen, jian qingzhu, and more had all forged perfect divine wheels here.

however, although the gods relic was an extraordinary place, it was not guaranteed that one would be able to forge a perfect divine wheel here. it still depended on the opportunity that one received and their base level of power. the swordmaster of lihen had clearly been lacking quite a bit, and so he should not have been able to do what he did.

the only explanation could be that at the battle at sword city, the swordmaster of lihen had destroyed his own foundation in order to forge it anew.

that would have taken great courage. moreover, he had had no choice. he could only fight for his life. either he would have died under the divine sword will, or he would have broken and then stood up again later. all the sword will in sword city had gone into him.

however, this had all happened by chance. if the choice was given to him now, would he have the courage to gamble again?

yuan hong thought there was about a fifty-fifty chance that he would.

perhaps this was the chance he was waiting for, yuan hong thought as he watched the swordmaster of lihen. he had entered the renhuang plane at its highest point, ignoring the fact that he had not been talented enough in the past. he had completely changed. if he got another opportunity like this in the future, he would likely become one of the most powerful figures in the three thousand realms of the great path.

this was not only true for the swordmaster of lihen. anyone who created a perfect divine wheel would stand among the top figures of the three thousand realms of the great path.

indeed, many of the rulers of the nine realms did not even have perfect divine wheels.

as a descendant of one of the top figures of the central imperial realm, yuan hong was very clear about his own


when jian qingzhu, shen hao, and nan luoshen had succeeded, he had not been too disturbed. after all, they were already fated to be the future rulers of the nine realms. but the swordmaster of lihen was different. this was truly shocking.

without a doubt, the people who were most shocked were the people from the golden divine nation, gai shi shi, and the others.

the person who had been killed was their renhuang.

they had lost a renhuang, and the swordmaster of lihen had arrived. the tables had turned completely. if ye futian wanted to kill all of them, how could they stop him?

bang! an incredibly loud sound rang out as gai shi shi was sent flying by dou zhaos fist. he could hear dou zhaos voice rolling like thunder. "now, do you know what fear is?"

previously, when he had taken advantage of these people when they were weak, he had not been the least bit polite.

when the swordmaster of lihen killed the renhuang from the golden divine nation, those cultivators who had wanted to steal ye futians statue fled. they seemed to have abandoned their previous plans. why hadnt they dared to do this earlier?

it was because the others were all very strong. talented renhuangs were the top figures here in the gods relic.

now that the swordmaster of lihen was here, ye futians side had one as well. if they wanted to steal from them, they would be seeking their own doom.

after killing the renhuang from the golden divine nation, the swordmaster of lihen began moving towards ye futian. with every step, brilliant sword light shone, descending upon the cultivators from celestial worthy temple. sword will filled the air.

the renhuang from celestial worthy temple frowned. he could feel his divine wheel come under a great amount of pressure. although he had not been able to forge a perfect divine wheel, his was still at the celestial level. when added to his position as the proud son of heaven of celestial worthy temple, he was incredibly strong.

but even so, he still felt like he was under pressure.

he raised his fist, his fingers like five divine golden mountains. he reached out towards the swordmaster of lihen up in the sky.

endless sword will appeared in the air, swallowing up all the radiance. the swordmaster of lihen moved, and his sword flashed out.

with that one slash, it looked like thousands of swords were born.

each of the fingers were cut through, one by one, and shattered violently. the swordmaster of lihen pierced forward towards the renhuang from celestial worthy temple below him.

up in the air, a falling sky sword was descending. it transformed into countless swords that seemed like they would destroy the entire area.

feeling that terrible sword power, the cultivator from celestial worthy temple unleashed brilliant light. the swordmaster of lihens sword was incredibly fast, and it reached him in the time it took to think a single thought. but it was blocked by a golden mountain. below it, the renhuang from celestial worthy temple was waving his hands.

"go!" he said. the other cultivators from celestial worthy temple disappeared from their original places.


there was a loud noise as the swords fell and destroyed the mountain. but the cultivators from celestial worthy mountain were already far away, turning into golden afterimages. and they were getting even farther away.

"a ritual implement." ye futian stared at his opponents. they had moved extremely quickly. "theres one more over there, swordmaster." he was looking up into the air. the demon emperor from the sky demon court was fighting another renhuang. it was another person who wanted to steal one of the statues.

"alright." as the swordmaster of lihen said this, his figure disappeared as he flew quickly through the air.

brilliant sword light appeared in the air, and blood seemed to be dripping from it. everyones hearts beat faster when they saw this. there was another sword. two renhuangs had been slain by a single sword, and the one from celestial worthy temple had only escaped due to his ritual implement.

it seemed that there was no longer any doubt about who would get this inheritance. no one could compete for it."

"yu sheng, go ahead," called ye futian. yu sheng retracted his aura and walked towards ye futian.

"go on." ye futian looked at the statue and saw the divine light falling upon it. it was glowing brilliantly. yu sheng did not say anything; he just walked over there and stepped into the statue.

ye futian watched him. previously, yu sheng had been at a lower level than him and had never been as close to the rehuang plane. now, this inheritance would be enough to let him overtake him. he would rush all the way towards the renhuang plane.

he turned his gaze to the other battlefield. he narrowed his eyes. killing will was spreading out.

he was not thinking of giving up now.

dou zhao had been pressing gai shi shi all this time, but when he saw ye futian coming, he made way for him. the dou tribe had surrounded the cultivators of the golden divine nation. none of them had escaped.

ye futian looked at gai shi shi and saw that his face had gone pale. there seemed to be a deep fear in his eyes. he could see the killing intent in ye futians eyes.

"how do you want to die?" asked ye futian. his voice was extremely calm, but it made a dark look come over gai shi shis face.

ye futian had truly come to kill him this time.

last time, when he was leaving the divine palace, ye futian had not dared kill him.

but now, he was not sure. at the very least, ye futians desire to kill him was clear in his eyes.

ye futian reached out, gripping his spear, fighting will wrapping around it. terrible spear light shone from it.

"if you can survive this spear strike, i will let you go." ye futian pointed the spear at gai shi shi.

there was a gloomy look in gai shi shis eyes as he stared at ye futian. was he seeking to humiliate him?

a single spear strike.

but given ye futians power, gai shi shi could not be sure of surviving even a single spear strike.

he said nothing. the golden blood that flowed through his veins surged, and his body became golden. it was as if he had been forged of it. he gripped his golden divine spear and stepped forward. his endless will transformed into the figure of a celestial god. he stepped into the air.

he was gai shi shi, the foremost junior of the golden divine nation, with enough talent to shock the world. could he really not bear a single spear strike.

"are you ready?" asked ye futian. even more powerful fighting will burst out from him towards ye futian. at this moment, gai shi shi felt that he was not facing ye futian, but a god of war.

woosh! golden light shone brilliantly as the sound of a god sighing rang out. a golden ancient god descended from the sky towards ye futian. gai shi shi was not going to take his lying down, but would instead attack. he was skilled at attacking, and, in fact, there were few in the higher heavens realm who could match him in that regard. he had the initiative, so he would naturally take that opportunity to attack. he would like to see ye futian try to kill him with a single spear strike.

ye futian saw gai shi shi coming towards him, then stepped forward, making the air shake. he struck out with the spear, as powerful as a dragon, and a terrifying storm whipped up.

neither of them tried to avoid their opponents attack. the spears collided, unleashing a terrible, destructive light as they clashed.

everyone saw the divine spear trembling, and then they saw gai shi shis arm shaking. then his body.


a terrible sound came out of his golden body.

then, as everyone watched in shock, many booming sounds rang out from his body. then he began to crack apart.


a look of shock came over gai shi shis face. when he said this, golden blood began to pour out of him. his body disappeared, leaving no trace.

"hes really dead." everyone trembled as they saw this, particularly the people of the higher heavens realm. that was gai shi shi, of the bloodline of the golden divine nation. ye futian had really killed him.

moreover, what kind of power was this?

a single spear strike had destroyed gai shi shis body. just how strong was he?

he had absolutely crushed gai shi shi. what kind of level was this?

one of the top figures of the higher heavens realm had fallen in the gods relic!