The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1646

Chapter 1646 Shadow Of The Emperor

inside the relic, everyone was looking up at the heavenly palace as if it were the real divine residence.

numerous rays of sunlight sprinkled down from the sky above, and the light beam that penetrated downwards had activated the passage to heaven. the divine will of some renhuang level cultivators had moved in that direction, but they found that their will was blocked and could not penetrate the brilliance of the suns rays.

"heaven has opened," ye futian murmured. the view in front of him was incredibly beautiful.

"whats that?" above the heavenly palace, an illusory shadow loomed, gradually solidifying.

it slowly turned into an extremely sacred figure, standing high above the heavenly palace.

it seemed to be the true divine god.

is that the master of gods relic? many people wondered. after they came here, they had speculated, and so had jian qingzhu. all four sides of the relic led to this place. and judging from all angles, this place was clearly the location of a supreme palace.

this supreme being was once the master of this place. whether it was the treasure inside the spatial sacred hall, those divine trees, or the books, they all once belonged to him.

then the figure that appeared before them could very well be the existence of god.

the great emperor!

at this moment, everyone looked solemn, for no one in the 3,000 realms of the great path had reached that level. this was someone who stood at the top of cultivationthe being that was truly supreme.

whether it was the number one genius of the tianshen academy, the heir to the shen clan, or even the princess of the nantian divine kingdom, each had a look of respect in their eyes. no matter if this supreme being still existed in the world, they dared not be disrespectful.

many even bowed slightly to salute the supreme figure in the void, which was their way of paying respect to the supreme being.

the phantom seemed to be alive, yet ethereal and untouchable. ye futian looked at the sky above and recalled similarities to the time when he first encountered emperor ye qing.

but this supreme being only had a trace of will that remained in the world. was that trace finally awakened because someone had arrived here?

what kind of place was this?

after donghuang the great and emperor ye qing unified the world, why did they open gods relic to allow the people from the 3,000 realms of the great path to come here to cultivate? was it to give the cultivators of 3,000 realms of the great path an opportunity, so that they had a chance to create a truly perfect divine wheel?

from what he knew, the two emperors were hoping that the world would preach and make martial arts prosper, so there was indeed such a possibility.

so, was he coming here to receive the inheritance of this ancient great emperor?

breaking into gods relic, opening the doors to the relic, and then dissolving the will of the divine generals who guarded the heavenly palace was, in fact, like a complete inheritance.

it was not only ye futian who was guessing. everyone else also had their own ideas. those of the top forces also believed that this might be the inheritance left by the gods. the ethereal shadow that appeared at this moment- could that be the fallen great emperor from the ancient wartimes?

they all had a strong desire and expectation in their hearts. if they could really have the chance to obtain the inheritance of the emperors relic, such an opportunity would be completely based on luck. among all the countless inheritances that existed within the 3,000 realms of the great path, none could compare to this level of inheritance. at least for now, no one had discovered an emperors relic elsewhere.

some time ago, the demonic emperors inheritance appeared in the heavenly mandate realm, but the demonic emperor did not show up. it may have been that the demonic emperors will had been integrated into the demonic realm, so it was not really an inheritance from the emperor.

even shen hao of the shen clan showed a very strong sense of expectation in his eyes. if he could obtain the true emperor-grade inheritance, then perhaps one day in the future, the shen clan could stand at the peak of the 3,000 realm of the great path.

moreover, he would also have the opportunity to pursue the supreme realm.

jian qingzhu from tianshen academy stared at the void, also with great anticipation. he didnt expect the great emperor to really exist in the relic.

nan luoshens beautiful eyes also hovered over the heavenly palace. this time, could she take it?

everyone had the same idea, and that was to obtain the inheritance. they had even forgotten about their own strength, talent, and whether they could compete with those top figures.

with this kind of opportunity right in front of them, who could resist?

as long as they got it, they would have the opportunity to become the top figure in the 3,000 realms of the great path, just like jian qingzhu from tianshen academy and shen hao from the shen clan.

at this time, the heavenly palace shot out incomparable divine light that scattered between heaven and the earth. in an instant, countless sacred flashes of brilliance fell upon the area below the heavenly palace as if containing the real imperial might that covered the entire range below.

feeling the incomparably brilliant glow, a figure stepped out. it was shen hao of the shen clan. he walked underneath the heavenly palace and entered the area where the divine light was spilled. in an instant, a supreme pressure fell on him, and his body fell from the sky under the tremendous pressure.

seeing shen haos movements, many slowly understood something. the divine light that spilled from the heavenly palace penetrated through the heaven and the earth, like a light beam that could reach into the sky. was this the final test?

likewise, jian qingzhu also moved forward and stepped inside without any hesitation. after that, top figures such as nan luoshen, gui zang, and di wu all entered one after another.

the moment they stepped inside, will of the way exploded fiercely from their body, and their will was urged to the limit to resist the sacred glory that fell on them. but even so, they were still forced to fall downward.

"go." a group of figures whizzed out, and all headed there. however, some had just entered that area when the sacred brilliance fell on their bodies. their bodies were no longer just simply falling, but rather being slammed down before hitting the ground. their will almost collapsed, and their faces paled.

boom, boom, boom!

bodies kept falling from above, and in just a short moment, a countless amount had fallen to the ground, hitting it hard. some couldnt even get up.

if this were the final test of the relic, it would not be easy. even though the real gods relic was right in front of them, it didnt mean that anyone could get their hands on it.

ye futian and his party gathered together, yu sheng by his side. all of them looked forward.

"is the pressure this strong?" dou zhao whispered.

"emperor level. you want to try it?" ye futian asked.

"sure, ill give it a try." dou zhao nodded and stepped forward with a bang. this time he didnt hesitate to use the will of the sevenfold fighting god. when he walked, he was like a god descending upon the earth, heading toward the heavenly palace. shen hao, jian qingzhu, and the others were all under tremendous pressure, so dou zhao dared not give anything less than his very best.

he knew exactly what level this pressure of might was.

boom! the moment dou zhao stepped inside, his body was suppressed downward, and under the divine pressure, his body kept falling down.

"it has nothing to do with realm." ye futian kept his eyes forward and said, "it seems to be similar to before. it is the suppression of will again."

"what is the purpose of this test?" the swordmaster of lihen whispered. he was somewhat puzzled.

"you probably have to go in personally to find out," ye futian said as people continuously entered, with most of them being shaken off on the ground as they couldnt bear the pressure. those whose wills were not strong enough would just lie there as if suffocating.

ye futian glanced at that phantom, and wondered if it could be some great emperor from the ancient times?

if he urged the will of the emperor, was it enough to counter this suppression of will?

ahead of them, as shen hao and jian qingzhu gradually adapted to the pressure of might, they were actually able to withstand it and began to travel upward. as they looked up at the heavenly palace, their divine will was curious to enter the palace to see what was inside. where did that sacred beam lead?

"go in," ye futian said, and suddenly a group of people all stepped forward, moving towards its interior. whether they could withstand the pressure or not, they had to try, even if it meant failure.

ye futian, yu sheng, swordmaster, yaya, xia qingyuan, and many others walked into the lower part of the heavenly palace.

in just an instant, ye futian had felt that most sacred might of the emperor.

regardless of cultivation and realm, when the emperors might suppressed downward, all beings were forced to prostrate. this was different from the trace of will of the emperor that he possessed. this was the true legacy of the real great emperor. its power was beyond imagination.

infinite divine light fell down as his body was suppressed down. his tyrannical will bloomed fiercely, resisting that might.

he raised his head and looked in the direction of the heavenly palace. he saw countless rays of light, a beam of light that reached into the sky, and a most sacred figure, like a god. rather, it was a true god, standing there and overlooking everything in the world. just a look from him and the feeling would be unbearable.

the majority of the people who were present had stepped into this space. however, except for the top figures of the major forces, everyone else was being suppressed without any doubt as they were unable to resist it.

those who could remain standing were people who had extraordinary will.


at this moment, a dull sound came out, and under the heavenly palace, someone was walking up against the momentum. it turned out to be shen hao.

he urged the blood and vigor inside his body so that his whole body was now able to see through everything and detected the secrets of the heavenly palace. would the true inheritance of the relic be inside that palace?

"how powerful."

many people looked at shen hao, the strongest man in this generation of the shen clan. could he resist the emperors might and inherit gods relic?

"jian qingzhu is also going up." someone looked in another direction and saw that jian qingzhu, nanluo shen, and gui zang were all going up. gui zang had turned into a golden buddha in an attempt to resist the will of the emperor.

his eyes seemed to be able to see through nothingness. even though his divine will was not sufficient to penetrate this power and enter into the heavenly palace, he could perceive that the secrets of gods relic were inside the heavenly palace. as long as he could enter the heavenly palace with his divine will, it was possible for him to detect it and even possible for him to receive the inheritance of the relic.

in this heavenly palace, standing on gods relic, even the incarnation of the will of the great emperor had appeared. the inheritance of the great emperor must not be far away.

the same idea had also occurred to ye futian. his divine will went up, wanting to break through this might so that he could enter the palace and see what was inside!