The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1647

Chapter 1647 Divine Item Unearthed

boom. the intent of battle lingered around ye futian, and even his celestial soul appeared. he opened both of his eyes and looked directly at the sky above. his eyes seemed to have turned gold, containing a dreadful divine aura.

he still couldnt get in?

a trace of the most sacred breath diffused from ye futians body, merging into the divine spirit and directly rushing toward the heavenly palace.

there was a dull noise, which sounded as if he had been able to force open a gap. under this pressure of might, his divine spirit invaded the heavenly palace.

however, what he saw after the invasion of the divine spirit was still just chaos. he could feel that he had entered the heavenly palace, but all that he could perceive around him was the golden divine light. there was an extremely curious feeling that inside here, everything seemed to be surreal and dreamlike. nothing could be seen or could be seen clearly.

could it be that there is nothing inside the palace? ye futian thought.

thats impossible.

his eyes were extremely sharp, and his divine spirit faintly perceived that this heavenly palace held many mysterious auras. it was as if there were many divine items around his divine spirit. his divine spirit wanted to touch them, but couldnt perceive their exact location. they seemed close by, but also seemed to be far away and inaccessible.

the omnipresent shadow of the emperor was still imprinted in his mind.

could it be that only when one had perceived the items within the palace, could they be clearly seen and touched? ye futian thought. but how?

his divine spirit had entered the heavenly palace, but was is still no use. everyone was here for the first time, and no one knew just what to do.

inheritance, inheritance ye futians thoughts turned again and again, and many thoughts appeared in his mind instantaneously. inside the heavenly palace, the divine spirit was under tremendous pressure at all times, and he had no time to waste.

"huh?" at this moment, he felt the power of another divine spirit. obviously, the divine spirits of the others, like his, had come inside this heavenly palace. they had also encountered similar obstacles.

this divine spirit was that of jian qingzhuthe first descendant of tianshen academy. his divine spirit, like ye futians, had invaded the heavenly palace.

at this moment, he continued to move upward, and an incomparably bright will of the way dazzled on his body to invade the heavenly palace along with his divine spirit.

"what is that?"

at this moment, jian qingzhu seemed to perceive something. he saw that in the space seen by his divine spirit, a bright illusive light gradually solidified. it was ethereal and seemingly untouchable.

at this moment, jian qingzhu knew what to do. he did not miss such an opportunity and was completely immersed in it.

boom. the terrifying divine might suppressed his divine spirit, causing his mind to vibrate and his body to tremble slightly. it was as if it might collapse under the pressure at any time.

almost. a thought appeared in jian qingzhus mind, and he could almost see it clearly. how could he give up at a time like this?

no matter how strong the pressure was, he had to make it out.

an incomparable brilliant divine light burst from jian qingzhu. there seemed to be countless scrolls flying into the sky, submerging jian qingzhu within them. he urged his own will to the limit, and the power of his divine spirit had also reached its limit. infinite will of the way and power surged into the heavenly palace.

at this moment, that illusory figure gradually became clearer and could already be seen.

it turned out to be a volume of a book, radiantly dazzling to behold.


a wind blew inside the heavenly palace, and a most sacred brilliance fell down. the crowd could see that below the heavenly palace, and an even more dazzling ray of light flew out of the endless brilliant golden light.

it seemed to be a book scroll.

this extremely sacred scroll flew directly in the direction of jian qingzhu.

"the unearthing of the divine item."

in an instant, countless people raised their heads to look at the light in the void, their eyes revealing the extreme shock they experienced.

had the divine items inside the palace come out?

they also clearly saw that the book flew directly to jian qingzhu.

without any hesitation, jian qingzhu raised his hand and grabbed it. he then put it away without taking a closer look at all, which shocked many people.

jian qingzhu of tianshen academy had he inherited the relic of heavenly palace?

many disciples of tianshen academy looked at jian qingzhu, and they were happy for him. however, they were also a little jealous. to say that they hadnt thought of themselves would be a lie. who didnt want to get the heritage of this relic?

however, there was only one jian qingzhu in the world.


jian qingzhus body was knocked down. he had spent a lot of energy and will to resist. before he could make out the scroll clearly, it flew out. now, it was impossible for him to immediately repeat the whole process all over again. he would need some time to recover.

"whats going on?" even jian qingzhu himself hadnt figured it out yet.

judging from the previous situation, it seemed that as long as one could perceive and make out the things inside the palace, it was enough to make them fly out and become obtainable?

and why was it this scroll?

was it a coincidence that it actually complemented what he cultivated in?

jian qingzhu guessed that this might not be a coincidence.

it was not that they were solving the secrets of the heavenly palace to receive the inheritance, but that the heavenly palace was choosing them.

moreover, the person must first be able to withstand this pressure before becoming eligible to be favored by the heavenly palace and be selected.

it was almost unbearable even for him. he was almost unable to persist and risked wasting all his previous efforts.

although everyone from the nine realms was a top genius, he understood that there were only a few who were truly qualified to compete for these items. among these very few, there might be hope that they would encounter the same situation as him.

a faint joy flashed in his eyes. as the divine object passed down from the heavenly palace, he thought that volume of the book must be a most extraordinary object that may have been left by the great emperor. it was a priceless prize.

although he was pleasantly surprised, jian qingzhu was in no hurry to read it. it was simply not the right time.


at this moment, another dazzling divine light flickered from the heavenly palace, and it seemed that another divine item flew down from the heavenly palace.

there was a loud banging sound that came out successively, and the golden buddha that was formed by gui zang collapsed and shattered as if being blasted by the great path.

however, gui zang raised his hand and grabbed the flying divine item directly into his palm.

he opened his palm and looked. the divine item was suspended just above his palm, and it was a seed.


gui zang smiled and squeezed his fist, and the seed integrated into his blood. at the same time, roaring sounds continued to be heard as gui zangs body was continually suppressed downward.

the second person after jian qingzhu turned out to be gui zang, which clearly was unexpected.

it appeared that this master from the mountain realm possessed terrifying talent and strength.

no one even thought of plundering these divine items that came out of the heavenly palace, not when the ones in question were jian qingzhu and gui zang. they were at the pinnacle of their cultivation, those who had cast the perfect divine wheel of the great path. at the very least, they were the pinnacle existence in gods relic. how would plundering be possible?

whoever dared to be the first to strike would undoubtedly die, unless those top figures were fighting amongst themselves.

buzz. at this moment, two rays of light flew out at the same time, and suddenly two figures emerged at the same time, grabbing toward the rays of light.

they were shen hao of the shen clan and nan luoshen of the nantian divine kingdom.

obviously, these two peerless figures had also perceived some object inside the heavenly palace.

ye futians divine spirit was still inside the heavenly palace. he saw the divine items in the heavenly palace fly out, and he felt it the moment they did. he also knew who received what on the outside. for a moment, a thought occurred to him, and it seemed to echo with the expertise of his cultivation.

a tyrannical will of the way blended into his divine spirit on the note of this thought. at this moment, his divine spirit seemed to have turned into the divine spirit of swordsmanship. he was intending on piercing the great power of heaven.

sure enough, in that illusive heavenly palace, something faintly became clear. it was as if it were being perceived by him.

his divine spirit went there, and he saw a sword floating inside the heavenly palace. or rather, it saw a sword that was transformed by a trace of sword intent.


a dazzling sword light flew out, headed towards the outside of the temple, and aimed straight at ye futian.

that trace of sword intent entered into his will. it was extremely terrifying with considerable destructive power, causing its body to tremble. it also fell toward the ground below.

the life spirit inside ye futian whistled, and the ancient tree of the world swayed toward the sword intent. that terrifying sword intent, after encountering the ancient tree of the world, actually became gentle and was then sealed inside the life spirit.

"huff" ye futian took a deep breath. he was just fretting about what gift to give yaya, and this sword intent should not be any weaker than xia qingyuans lotus. that would be enough to help yayas enlightenment.

all eyes were on ye futian.

ye futian seemed to have also received a divine item, which appeared to be a sword.

however, with the presence of the swordmaster of lihen and the great battle that just took place, it would not be wise to provoke ye futian.

raising his head, ye futian took a step, and with a powerful intent that swept out, he took to the sky once again.

clearly, this was not enough for him.

"recovered so soon?" when many people saw ye futians action, they couldnt suppress their curiosity. jian qingzhu and the others had not even recovered when ye futian went straight up again. was this to loot the divine items in the heavenly palace now that he had gotten a taste of it?

the heavenly palace was the last inheritance of the gods relic. any divine items unearthed in the palace may contain the will of the great emperor because it was something that was used by the great emperor.

just one item would justify the whole journey here, worthy of great benefits. if someone could have gotten two

at present, only a few people had gotten just one. no one dared to even dream of getting two.

in years past, no one had ever come this far. this time everyone had reached the end of the relic. now, they had even gotten the things left behind by the great emperor. it was entirely conceivable that this time, a group of top figures that could cause a great disruption to the nine realms was in the making.

once jian qingzhu, shen hao, and nan luoshen walked out of here, how would they change the future of cultivation?

perhaps they may become the strongest generation in many years!