The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1648

Chapter 1648 Tomb Of The Gods

as his demonic thought invaded the heavenly palace, he saw an extremely heavy and dark object. his demonic thought moved, and a rumbling sound was suddenly heard. he felt his own demonic thoughts being impacted violently, and inside the heavenly palace, a black object flew out of the bright divine light. it immediately attracted the attention of many.

"what is that?"

many people postulated when they saw the black object. even across such a long distance, they could still feel the weight of that black object.

"it looks like a rock," someone whispered as the black rock gave out an extremely heavy sensation.

the black rock flew directly toward yu sheng and was caught in yu shengs palm. in an instant, the rock penetrated his body.


with a loud bang, yu shengs body was being suppressed downward, and even his domineering demonic torso seemed unable to bear it.

it seemed that yu sheng had also received a corresponding divine item.

afterward, a few more divine items flew out. many expressed a look of wonder. they found it an amazing coincidence that whoever had received divine items were basically the same people who had previously received the inheritance of the statue, except for ye futian.

but the statue was decoded by ye futian, so he should also count for half of it.

so, could it be that because they had inherited the will of the statue which made their will even stronger? was that how they were able to resist the divine might of the heavenly palace and obtain the treasures?

or rather, it was because of their own great strength that they were qualified to inherit the statue so that it was only natural for them to receive the divine items?

of course, the most likely possibility was that they were strong in their own right, so they inherited the statue. after that, they became even stronger, so all that had happened was completely reasonable.

everything that happened could be coincidental, but could also be a matter of strength.

out of the ten people who had gotten the divine martial spirit, nine happened to be those who inherited the statue, with ye futian as the exception. the arrival of the slaughter world decoded the secret of the statue, but the qualification to inherit the statue was taken away by others. he didnt get the divine item, and his luck was pilfered by others.

in this way, ye futian was more outstanding than qin lin. he was the only one who did not inherit the statue but had obtained the divine item.

there were also many other top figures currently under extreme pressure. even their divine spirits had entered the heavenly palace. however, all they saw was chaos, and before they had time to make out any divine items, they were knocked out of the palace by that powerful authority of heaven.

these people, including shen clan and many top figures in tianshen academy, all seemed unwilling to accept failure and tried again and again.

but after one failure, they found that the pressure on the second try was even greater, or rather it was because they had consumed so much energy before.

even so, jian qingzhu, shen hao, and a few others still stubbornly moved upward, standing beneath the heavenly palace. they wanted to perceive the divine items inside the palace.

aside from the divine items, was there also gods inheritance?

not only did they think that, but ye futian also thought the same. since it was gods relic, it should have gods inheritance.

this heavenly palace was the last relic, and the shadow of the emperor had already appeared.

bathed in the golden glow, an extremely brilliant radiance emerged from his body. his eyes changed and turned into golden divine eyes that could see through the ages.


the moment the divine spirit rushed into the heavenly palace, a sacred phantom of the palace itself manifested in his mind and released all of its brilliant glory.

rumbling sounds were heard, and the entire heavenly palace was trembling. the emperors shadow seemed to glance down from the sky. at this moment, there were two lines of sight that seemed to converge at the same time.

inside the heavenly palace, ye futian felt that there was a great emperor standing in front of him, with his hands folded behind his back like the lord of this heavenly path.

a terrifying pressure of might penetrated ye futians body, invading his eyes like the true will of the great emperor.

"so it is."

at this moment, a sigh from ancient times seemed to sound in ye futians mind. in the next moment, the emperors shadow disappeared, and the heavenly palace bloomed with endless rays of light that were madly falling down. those below only felt a violent shock to their divine spirits, and it was hard for them to open their eyes.

"whats happening?" many people resolved to close their eyes and withdrew their divine spirit, afraid to look or even peep.

shen hao opened his divine eye, wanting to get a closer look, but a most sacred emperors shadow appeared, and the pressure of the might stung his eyes so much that there was even a faint blood trace coming out. he let out a muffled groan and closed his eyes, daring not to peek anymore.

what happened?

not just shen hao, but everyone else was asking, what had happened?

they didnt understand why the emperors might suddenly became stronger and was now suppressing everyone.

only ye futians eyes were still open. everything around him had become surreal. countless divine lights pierced down and sprinkled on his body, like the true great emperor descending into the world. except for him, there was no other divine spirit that dared to snoop, let alone with their physical eyes.

so, this was it?

what was the meaning of this sigh?

afterward, the incomparable sacred light poured directly into his body, and all the light in that heavenly palace went toward him.

"will of the emperor."

ye futian clearly felt that this was another will of the emperor rushing into his body. at this moment, the will of the emperor in his body seemed to be urged completely, releasing an endless glow. ye futian, with his robe fluttering, seemed like a supreme ruler.

however, no one saw this spectacle at all.

the ancient tree of the world swayed, blooming with extreme brilliance, swallowing up all the will that descended and glowing with extremely dazzling divine light.

"its time." a thought came to ye futian. with a turning of his mind, endless divine light of the great path poured into his body and converged. inside, many life spirits appeared at the same time. an invisible will of the way turned into rounds of sacred brilliance, sweeping across the world.

there were sounds of rhythm, along with sword intent.

the divine light gathered as an immense shadow enveloped ye futians entire body. it was a guqin, and every string seemed to be cast by a sword with extreme sharpness.

there seemed to be a series of musical notes floating between heaven and earth, and with countless sacred brilliance raining down, the guqin gradually took shape and merged into ye futians body.

the divine light of the great path, the will of the way from the ancient trees of the world, and the infinite will between heaven and earth were now unified. if someone could open their eyes, they would see that there were countless guqin appearing in this space. all the guqin merged into one from outside to inside, until finally all of them integrated inside of him and turned into the divine wheel.

"someone broke through the realm?"

jian qingzhu, shen hao, and the others could no longer perceive anything in the outside world, but they had a feeling. it was an elusive feeling and unpredictable, but it was like someone was breaking through the realm, and the sound of music could be faintly heard.

after a while, another immense phantom of the golden divine elephant appeared. countless idol phantoms of the divine elephant appeared between the heaven and the earth, trampling across the sky, which was extremely magnificent.

impressive and majestic divine elephants ran over the void, and then unified into one, accompanying the radiant divine light to merge into ye futians body. even the 10,000 bones of the divine elephant emperor inside of ye futian were integrated into the divine wheel.

the divine wheel he cast was extremely radiant. previously, the swordmaster of lihen had also released a perfect divine wheel, but it was not nearly as brilliant as ye futians. besides, this divine wheel had incorporated an extremely sacred breath.


a tyrannical divine spirit rushed into the sky. ye futian felt that the whole world had become different, and his divine spirit became even stronger as if he himself was representing the great path.

renhuang, sharing the same glory as heaven and earth, lived as long as the sun and the moon existed.

at this moment, ye futian broke through into renhuang realm.

his pupils became even more radiant, penetrating the heavenly palace, and looking at the line opened by the heaven and earth, his divine spirit seemed to rush into it.

at this moment, ye futians divine spirit seemed to travel through time and space. he saw an extremely spectacular scene, and his heart trembled violently.

"what is that?"

his heart trembled fiercely because of what he saw. what could be the meaning of all this?

boom! an incomparable divine might of the great path descended as if the heavenly path was now closing. the eye of heaven was also closed. ye futians divine spirit was shaken and knocked back, and afterward, the divine light gradually dimmed. the heavenly palace, likewise, became dimmer as well.

ye futian retracted the power he had released, and everything seemed to return to normal. all eyes opened, looking at everything outside. what had happened just now?

"the heavenly palace is closed." many people saw the closure of the heavenly palace as the divine light dissipated, and the emperors shadow had also disappeared.

what is happening?

no one knew. they looked at each other, and then they realized that ye futians temperament seemed to have changed.

"renhuang." many peoples eyes narrowed as they scrutinized ye futian. how could he have broken through in such a short time?

unless he had received some great advantage?

however, ye futian had swallowed many fruits of the way before, and he already had the opportunity to make a breakthrough. by lingering without breaking through, the will of the way inside of him was sufficiently strong that it could almost support him in casting the divine wheel of the great path.

its just that before he didnt break through into the renhuang realm when he could, but chose to do it now that made one wonder about his timing.

ye futian didnt notice the others gaze, for his gaze was still focused above the void. it was something he could not describe, but that he had seen before.

outside the sky dome, he seemed to see countless other spaces, as if those were all parts of gods relic.

at this moment, he remembered something he had heard before- another name for gods relic.

tomb of the gods!

the heavenly path collapsed in ancient times. could this be the tomb of the gods left by the fall of the gods?

was gods relic part of the tomb of the gods?

he could not imagine what was in there, and who was in control of its entrance.

countless questions seemed to make him forget the joy of breaking through.

what he saw just now had a great impact on him.

"did you see what happened before?" jian qingzhu asked ye futian. he had sensed that someone was breaking through the realm, and now it was proven that his perception was correct. ye futian had the breakthrough, at a time when he couldnt have seen anything.

then, did ye futian see anything?

"i saw it," ye futian said. suddenly, all eyes narrowed and stared at him.

"i saw the awakening of the great emperor, which resonated with me, so he bestowed his inheritance to me. i felt the call of the gods and saw the inheritance of the gods. as witnessed by the gods, and as destiny dictated, i have proven the way and broke through the realm," ye futian announced with a most solemn voice.

however, everyones expressions changed. this guy was now in renhuang realm. could he behave more appropriately?