The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1650

Chapter 1650 Trouble

This was unless their Planes remained stagnant, and they never reached the Renhuang Plane. This was also not what they wanted. If they could not reach the Renhuang Plane in fifty years, their cultivation journey would be near its end.

Clearly, everyone hoped that they could have a better future.

More and more people emerged from the Doors of Space. They divided themselves into groups. Members of the same force all walked out of the same door and also appeared in the same location.

Ye Futians group also came out of Gods relic. They were all together. Ye Futian looked at Dou Zhao, who had just appeared and asked, "Have you hidden the willow tree?"

A glint of embarrassment flashed past Dou Zhaos eyes. However, he bit the bullet and said, "You have also reaped many treasures from Gods relic. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black."

The willow tree was also a treasure. Their behaviors were no different from each other.

"Youre right." Ye Futian pondered for a moment and realized he could not refute Dou Zhaos words.

Dou Zhaos expression returned to normal. Speaking of treasures, most likely, Ye Futian was the biggest winner among all who entered Gods relic this time around. This fellow had obtained a Spatial Sacred Hall, which was full of treasures. In comparison, Dou Zhao had only plucked a tree. When he thought of the difference between them, Dou Zhou felt despondent.

However, Dou Zhao stared at Ye Futian with a fervent gaze, saying, "Ye Futian, we have faced life-and-death situations together during this trip. From now on, you are my sworn brother. I am the dignified descendent of Fighting God, and I have unwavering loyalty. I only make friends based on ones personality and not ones origins."

"Youre loyal." Ye Futian was somewhat touched.

"Youre right," Dou Zhao continued, "In the future, feel free to call me for any matters. My resources are yours."

Ye Futian blinked. Wait a minute What did he mean by "my resources are yours"?

In that case, did it mean that Dou Zhao could also claim Ye Futians resources as his?

Why did Ye Futian feel like this was somewhat sketchy?

When he thought of such a possibility, he stared at Dou Zhao with a strange look.

"What are you staring at?" Dou Zhao saw Ye Futians gaze. What kind of look was that? He was so cautious

"Lets not rush into becoming sworn brothers. It will be better if we start as friends," Ye Futian said after pondering for a moment. He couldnt help but be cautious of Dou Zhao!

"You" Dou Zhao pointed at Ye Futian, stunned. He had not imagined this fellow to be this kind of man. In any case, he was the descendant of Fighting God.

"Fine. Regardless of whether or not you recognize me as your sworn brother, I have considered you to be my brother," Dou Zhao proclaimed. His "righteousness" soared through his words. Ye Futian had to agree to Dou Zhaos idea no matter if he wanted him as a brother or not.

"This brat is more shameless than me" Little Condor, who was beside them, stared at Dou Zhao wide-eyed. This brat wanted to be Ye Futians third brother?

In that case, wouldnt Dou Zhao be a rank higher than him?

This was impossible. Dou Zhao had to line up and wait for his turn.

Everyone around Ye Futian also stared at Dou Zhao with perplexed looks. They were impressed.

However, even though this heir of Dou Tribe was somewhat shameless, he was quite interesting.

One by one, many cultivators came out from Gods relic. Numerous powerful wills covered the area where they were at. Before this, many top figures had left when Gods relic opened. Then, as time passed, many top figures were waiting outside for their juniors to return.

After all, among these Proud Sons of Heaven that had entered Gods relic, some of them were from impressive backgrounds. For example, Nan Luoshen was the only daughter of Emperor Nan and Empress Luo. How could the Nantian Divine Kingdom not attach importance to her?

After everyone had emerged from Gods relic, the Doors of Space gradually disappeared. Within the City of the Ruins, the unparalleled Space Will of the Way also dissipated. Everything returned to its original state, as though nothing had ever happened.

Brilliant lights shone. Up above, a carriage traveled across the sky, entering the City of the Ruins.

Ye Futian clearly sensed that many wills were sweeping across him. They were not aimed at him. Instead, it was the major figures of the top forces searching for their own juniors.

"Dou Zhao," a voice cried out.

Dou Zhao turned around and saw a group of people walking over. The leader of the group was a burly middle-aged man with an extremely dominating presence. There was strong pressure coming from his body. He was a top figure among the Dou Tribe.

"Second Uncle," Dou Zhao greeted when he saw the person who had come over.

"How was it? Did you get anything?" Dou Zhaos Second Uncles voice was like thunder. It was extremely loud and clear. He was full of energy.

"I have not become a Renhuang. However, that is not important. In Gods relic, I have reaped the greatest benefit," Dou Zhao replied.

"Oh?" The major figure of the Dou Tribe revealed a look of mild interest and asked, "What benefit did you manage to obtain?"

"I have gained a brother," Dou Zhao said in a serious tone. He pointed somewhat proudly at Ye Futian and said, "This is the brother that I have sworn to in Gods relic, Ye Futian."


Ye Futians face darkened. Was this person forcefully swearing himself as his brother?

Dou Zhaos Second Uncles gaze turned towards Ye Futian. His gaze was dignified as he appraised Ye Futian.

"Juniors name is Ye Futian," Ye Futian greeted as a thought flashed past in his mind. Dou Zhao was too shameless.

"Not bad." The gaze of Dou Zhaos Second Uncle seemed to contain divine light. With his Plane, he naturally could tell that Ye Futian was somewhat extraordinary. He said, "Dou Zhao is a proud fellow. Since he is willing to be sworn brothers with you, he must have noticed something extraordinary about you. If you have a chance in the future, please come visit our Dou Tribe."

A proud fellow? Ye Futian glanced at Dou Zhao. He could not tell.

"Many thanks, senior. If I get the chance, I will surely pay a visit," Ye Futian said as he nodded his head.

"Futian," a voice called out.

Lord Taixuan, as well as Sky River Great Elder, walked over together. They had always been around the area, observing the activity in this place. When they saw that the door of Gods relic had opened, they came over.

"Lord Taixuan, Teacher," Ye Futian greeted them from afar.

"You have become a Renhuang." The two of them looked at Ye Futian. Lord Taixuan revealed a smile.

"Hmm." Ye Futian nodded his head.

Dou Zhaos Second Uncle, who was beside them, recognized Lord Taixuan when he saw him. This was the person from the Higher Heavens Realm that had broken through the Plane.

From the looks of it, Ye Futians relationship with Lord Taixuan was not ordinary.

Lord Taixuan and Sky River Great Elder looked at the Swordmaster of Lihen. Before entering Gods relic, the Swordmaster of Lihen appeared very ordinary to them. However, now, he actually had an extraordinary temperament. He had also proven his Way at the Renhuang Plane. Xia Qingyuan, Yaya, and Yu Sheng also showed changes in their temperament.

From the looks of it, they had reaped many benefits from this trip.

In mid-air, the major figures of the other top forces also arrived, one after another. In one specific corner with the strongest group, a carriage of phoenix opened a path, and clouds filled the sky. There were many cultivators there. Two silhouettes emerged from the carriage. The man was a rare handsome figure. The womans appearance was stunning, as though she was a goddess.

"Emperor Nan, Empress Luo." Many people bowed slightly in their direction. Even the major figures of the top forces also bowed and greeted them.

Emperor Nan was the ruler of Nantian Divine Kingdom. Empress Luo was his queen. The two of them had come here in person. Many major figures of the top forces also had to bow and greet them when they saw them.

Emperor Nan nodded slightly. His gaze instead turned towards Nan Luoshen. His eyes revealed a doting smile. Although Nan Luoshen was already a Renhuang, she was still his daughter. No matter what her cultivation Plane was, that would never change.

"You have broken through to the Renhuang Plane. It seems like our princess has come across a fateful encounter," Emperor Nan said while smiling.

"Why did father come personally?" Nan Luoshen asked. Other people envied her. However, she herself was not too happy about it. She even secretly sighed inside. She was already a Renhuang, and her parents were still worried about her.

"We were just passing by, so we dropped in to take a look." Even though Emperor Nan was a major figure at the peak of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path, before Nan Luoshen, he showed no signs of majesty. He had clearly come over intentionally to escort her back, but he claimed that they were just passing by. After all, they only had Nan Luoshen as a daughter. Gods relic was renowned as the place where Proud Sons of Heaven fell. How could they not be worried?

Some people were born with a starting point much higher than countless others. Many people who saw the scene play out over here lamented. This was especially true for those who were sidelined members of the top forces. Even though they had entered Gods relic, they were only there as support.

Others could only admire the background of Nan Luoshen.

Emperor Nan was one of the giants of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path. It was difficult to even meet him on normal days. For his daughter, he had come to wait to escort her back home.

"Juniors name is Shen Hao. Greetings to Emperor Nan and Empress Luo." A handsome figure appeared below Emperor Nan. The figure bowed when he saw them.

Emperor Nan looked at Shen Hao. He nodded in acknowledgment and asked, "Are you a junior from Shen Clan?"

"Yes." Shen Hao nodded.

"Not bad." Emperor Nan nodded briefly and said nothing more. Shen Hao was an outstanding junior of Shen Clan, but with Emperor Nans status, it was sufficient for him to give a one-line comment.

"Junior will take my leave now." Shen Hao also didnt say much. After he glanced at Nan Luoshen, he turned around and left.

There were many Proud Sons of Heaven in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. Similarly, there were many exceptional maidens. However, among their generation, it was hard to find another woman with talent and status like Nan Luoshen.

The seniors of Shen Clan saw what Shen Hao did as well. They didnt comment on it. If Shen Hao could build a good relationship with Nan Luoshen, Shen Clan would naturally be happy about it.

At the same time, terrifying auras could be sensed coming from various corners of the City of the Ruins. Murderous intent was hidden in those auras.

Many cultivators had returned from Gods relic with bountiful rewards after seizing their fateful encounters.

However, there were some people who stayed behind forever in Gods relic. They had lost their lives in the relic.

One of them was Gai Shi Shi of Golden Divine Nation.

Right now, the team from Golden Divine Nation emanated dazzling lights as they traversed the space. They strode decisively in the sky and stopped in mid-air. They unleashed their might downwards; their might was churning with murderous intent.

Below them was the party of Ye Futian.

Ye Futian raised his head slightly. The golden halo was blinding. His gaze was calm. He had expected this situation. He had killed Gai Shi Shi; he knew that he would surely face some trouble after he came out from Gods relic.

However, it was impossible for him to have kept Gai Shi Shi alive; the latter had attempted to kill him a few times.

They would sooner or later be arch-nemeses.

Lord Taixuan frowned as his gaze swept across the sky. The leader of the incoming group was the divine general who brought Gai Shi Shi to Taixuan Mountain for a visit in the past.

"Ye Futian," another chilly voice rang. The aura of the Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was terrifying. It swept towards Ye Futian.

Half of the people from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty who entered Gods relic had actually been killed. They suffered severe losses.

Even Yi Tianyu was heavily injured. Moreover, he seemed to be greatly traumatized!