The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1651

Chapter 1651 Provocation

the voice of the heavenly mandate dynasty dynastic overlord resounded in the space. for an instant, it surprised many people, especially the forces of the heavenly mandate realm.

the cultivators of divine elephants were the first to walk over to ye futians side.

"lets take a look," the cultivators of dragon gods also said.

after that, sky demon court, 10,000 divine mountain, and the other forces also came over.

very quickly, many cultivators were heading over to the area where ye futian was. for an instant, it drew the attention of many top figures.

"ye futian," some cultivators of the top forces that had emerged from gods relic mumbled when they heard this name. then, they said, "lets go over and take a look."

this person was unknown to others before he entered gods relic. however, he stirred up a storm of controversy in gods relic. compared to ye futian, the cultivators of tianshen academy, as well as shen clan, had far fewer conflicts. this was because no one dared to contend with them.

if they were asked who had been the most active in gods relic, their answer would definitely be ye futian.

the people who gathered around the area naturally included the members of some of the forces that had grudges against ye futian. he had offended many forces in gods relic.

some of their grudges ran deep while some were shallow.

of course, the reason why ye futians name was such a strong attraction was that he and yu sheng each had a divine item. they were the only group of people that had obtained two divine items.

"whats going on?" lord taixuans plane was high. he instantly sensed that something was off in the city of the ruins. why were cultivators from various forces heading in their direction?

he glanced at ye futian, who was in front of him. what did this fellow do in gods relic?

emperor xia and demon peacock emperor came later. their planes were not that high, so they had come a bit later. when they saw the changes in ye futian, the swordmaster of lihen and xia qingyuans temperament, emperor xia and demon peacock emperor revealed bizarre expressions. the two of them glanced at each other and saw the look of astonishment in each others eyes.

they were all renhuangs now. the swordmaster of lihen had also proven his way.

however, right now, it seemed as though they did not have time to reminisce.

ye futian raised his head and glanced towards the divine general of the golden divine nation as well as the heavenly mandate dynasty dynastic overlord. he asked, "gentlemen, what business do you have with me?"

having reached the renhuang plane, ye futians temperament had also changed. a faint light of renhuang circled his body. currently, he was also an emperor-like figure.

rumble. golden divine light shone down. the killing intent of the cultivator of golden divine nation was intense. gai shi shi was the most outstanding figure among the princes of the golden divine nation. the divine general was in charge of escorting him into gods relic. however, gai shi shi was killed in gods relic.

"what is the meaning of this, sir?" an astonishing aura similarly swept out from sky river great elders body. his aura held off the dazzling aura from the cultivator of golden divine nation.

lord taixuan also frowned as his gaze swept over towards the silhouette in mid-air.

"what happened?" many senior figures of the top forces asked their juniors who had emerged from gods relic. the cultivators of sky demon court, dragon gods as well as divine elephants all asked this at the same time.

"the members of golden divine nation tried to kill ye futian in gods relic and got killed instead. prince gai shi shi was killed. many cultivators of the heavenly mandate dynasty clashed with ye futians side. many were also killed. yi tianyu was humiliatingly defeated by ye futian with one spear strike," the members of the various forces of the heavenly mandate realm briefly talked about what had happened. the crowd immediately revealed strange expressions.

had this fellow caused such a ruckus in gods relic?

the crown prince of heavenly mandate dynasty, yi tianyu, was renowned as being born supreme. the dynastic overlord placed extremely high expectations on him. had he been defeated by a strike from ye futians spear?

from the looks of it, the dispute over the talents among the current generation of the heavenly mandate realm could already come to a close.

yi tianyu, a monstrous presence who was believed to be standing at the peak of the heavenly mandate realm, was defeated with a spear strike.

"lord taixuan, ye futian killed the prince of my golden divine nation in gods relic. i will be sure to take ye futian with me," the divine general of the golden divine nation said in a cold tone.

lord taixuan turned his gaze towards ye futian. ye futian replied in a mocking tone, "senior of golden divine nation, you surely jest. last time, outside of the divine palace, gai shi shi had tried to kill me once. i let him go that time. in gods relic, your people tried to kill me, relying on having a renhuang with them. may i ask, was i supposed to just stand there and let your golden divine nation prince kill me?"

"as for the heavenly mandate dynasty, you are even more laughable. your crown prince, who you consider to be born supreme and without equal in the heavenly mandate realm, could not even take a stab from my spear. i spared his life. since the dynastic overlord is a huge figure in the heavenly mandate realm, i need to spare him the humiliation."

"you defeated him with one spear strike and spared his life?" the dynastic overlords heart trembled. he finally knew what sort of trauma yi tianyu had faced. his eyes were full of murderous intent. back then, he had wanted to immediately kill ye futian. he never imagined that ye futian had actually grown so fast.

ye futian had now become the prick in yi tianyus heart.

the dynastic overlord had spent so much effort on yi tianyu. when yi tianyu was still young, the dynastic overlord had sent him to cultivate in the divine palace. the dynastic overlord believed that his son, yi tianyu, was born supreme. even if yi tianyu could not dominate the nine realms, he would at least be without equal in the heavenly mandate realm.

however, a prodigy like gu dongliu had appeared. now, ye futian was another one.

violet heavenly palace also arrived at the scene. they also discovered what had transpired in gods relic. the members of their violet heavenly palace had suffered greatly in gods relic and had been cast aside.

"lord taixuan, the heavenly mandate dynasty has a grudge with this young man. i hope that you will not interfere," the dynastic overlord said as he looked at lord taixuan. ever since lord taixuan broke through to the next plane, dynastic overlord became very cautious of him. he was a figure on the same level as gu tianxing back in the day.

"yi tianyu was crowned as someone who was born supreme, yet in the end, he was as pathetic as a drowned mouse," ye futian taunted. "no wonder the heavenly mandate dynasty is going downhill. you lack tolerance. even the purple gold rat clan has forsaken you for a better alliance."

purple gold rat clan.

when members of the heavenly mandate dynasty heard ye futian mentioning the purple gold rat clan, their facial expressions turned extremely ugly.

"these vermin," the members of heavenly mandate dynasty cursed as their gazes swept towards the purple gold rats. coincidentally, the purple gold rat emperor had come in person. right now, he was still in a daze and did not understand what had happened.

"you owe me an explanation," the dynastic overlord said as he glanced at the purple gold rat emperor.

the purple gold rat emperor emanated a terrifying aura; his gaze was fixed on shu huangsun.

"what happened exactly?" he questioned.

"grandfather, yi tianyu indeed pales into insignificance when compared to ye futian. why should we collaborate with the heavenly mandate dynasty?" shu huangsun voiced up, "this time, i have worked with ye futian and have reaped many benefits. our clan got a few top-class ritual implements."

"fine" the dynastic overlord roared when he heard shu huangsuns words, "very well. what do you think about this?"

purple gold rat emperors face was clouded with anger. this rascal had actually collaborated with ye futian in gods relic to fight against the heavenly mandate dynasty without consulting him first. their purple gold rat clan had put in a lot of effort all these years to reach their current status. shu huangsuns treachery would undoubtedly put them in an even more difficult situation; they would be belittled by both alliances. not to mention their relationship with the heavenly mandate dynasty was now up in flames.

right now, the purple gold rat emperor was holding a wolf by the ears.

apart from handing shu huangsun over to the heavenly mandate dynasty, he couldnt think of a better way to resolve this grudge.

however, his grandson said that he had gotten a few top-class ritual implements.

"since the purple gold rats have forsaken darkness for light, i will let bygones be bygones. in the future, we can still collaborate when the opportunity arises," ye futian said loudly. the aura of the dynastic overlord churned, and his murderous intent was petrifying.

was purple gold rat clan planning to betray the heavenly mandate dynasty now?

"how many ritual implements did you get? what rank are they?" purple gold rat emperor asked shu huangsun through secret transmission.

"three. all of them are top-ranked. they will make grandfather stronger. there are both offensive and defensive ritual implements. i have chosen them especially for you," shu huangsun replied. he was very "filial."

purple gold rat emperor silently nodded his head in approval. with those ritual implements, he might be able to fight against the heavenly mandate dynasty.

since it had come to this, it was too late now to explain anything. purple gold rat emperor could only play along.

"brother yi, i am sorry," purple gold rat emperor said. clearly, he had made a decision, and he did not plan to give the heavenly mandate dynasty an explanation.

it meant that their alliance had fallen apart. the collaboration between purple gold rat clan and the heavenly mandate dynasty had ended.

in reality, this was no longer as simple as terminating a partnership. it was impossible for the heavenly mandate dynasty to tolerate this act of betraying and sneakily attacking them. the purple gold rat clan was more detestable than those enemies that came at them directly.

"well done!" the dynastic overlord exclaimed. then, he didnt look at the purple gold rat emperor again.

he would remember this grudge. when they returned to their realm, he would pay him back. however, now was not the time for it.

ye futian watched everything in silence. after he obtained the treasures in the spatial sacred hall, he did not treat the purple gold rat clan shabbily. he had done so exactly for this moment.

he would let the purple gold rats improve their abilities; in turn, they would fight against the heavenly mandate dynasty in the future. it was such a perfect plan.

emperor xia and demon peacock emperor glanced at ye futian with discerning gazes. of course, they knew of ye futians trick. this fellow was digging a pit for the two top forces of the heavenly mandate realm.

"lord taixuan." the divine general of golden divine nation couldnt help but cue for lord taixuan again since the latter still remained silent.

be it the divine general or dynastic overlord, most likely neither of them were a match for lord taixuan now.

hence, everything depended on lord taixuans stand.

"the incident has been made clear. the two juniors attacked ye futian when they were in gods relic, but their skills were weaker than that of ye futian. therefore, there is nothing left to be said. as seniors, it is not befitting of your status to come and demand that i hand over a junior." lord taixuan looked at both of them and said, "whatever happened in the relic, it is a matter among the juniors. what is done is done. thats all."

the cultivators of the two top forces fell silent. it seemed like lord taixuan was going to interfere in this matter.

"lord taixuan has advanced to the next level, but the golden divine nation has been rooted in the higher heavens realm for many years. our strength is not something taixuan mountain can compare with. lord taixuan is shielding someone who is not related to you. is he worth your care?" the divine general of golden divine nation challenged. if the deceased was any other man, perhaps he could accept the fact.

however, it was gai shi shi. even the divine general could not bring himself to inform his highness of this news.

"ye futian has trained in taixuan mountain before. even though i didnt accept him as my disciple, he is still counted as one. now, he is trained by my good friend. he is not unrelated to me." lord taixuan responded indifferently, "if you plan to escalate this feud between the juniors to a battle between golden divine nation and taixuan mountain, its your decision."

the divine general wanted to use the golden divine nation to pressure him?

"benefactor ye explored gods relic with great ease. he seized a spatial sacred hall that contained countless top-ranked ritual implements. even though many of the ritual implements have been given to others, there was still a treasure trove left untouched. moreover, he obtained the divine item left by the great emperor. he is such a talent. it is impossible for you to want to take him away easily, sir," a voice sounded abruptly. many top figures narrowed their eyes when they heard the words.

ye futian had obtained a treasure trove?