The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1652

Chapter 1652 Joining The Battle

a treasure trove in the gods relic. what did it signify?

even the hearts of the top figures leapt when they heard about it.

when ye futian heard this, his eyes narrowed slightly, revealing a glint of murderous intent. he stared in the direction of shenxing clan. the person who spoke up was naturally a member of the shenxing clan. that bold monk had threatened him when they were in the gods relic. in the end, he didnt collaborate with the shenxing clan, and they chose to join the alliance of the heavenly mandate dynasty. shenxing clan left after they were defeated. surely, they must have felt dissatisfied.

right now, as the monk brought this topic up, his motive was execrable.

"there were plenty of treasures in the gods relic. many people obtained them. even though i seized a treasure trove, i have distributed most of the treasures to the forces in my alliance. i kept very few of them," ye futian retorted with a cold voice. "bald monk, your sneak attack in the gods relic failed. now that we have left the relic, you are still plotting evil schemes. are you so desperate to enter purgatory?"

ye futian released streaks of renhuangs might to pressure the monk. the cultivators of the shenxing clan frowned. a renhuang blocked in front of everyone. he put his palms together, and his gaze was stern. "my shenxing clan disciple has merely spoken the truth. there is no need for benefactor ye to be enraged by his words."

"the monks words are not false. even though he has given out many treasures to others, he still kept a huge portion to himself. he kept all the top-ranked renhuang ritual implements," someone testified for the member of shenxing clan. the speaker was a swordsman of the heavenly sword hall. sword saint of avici, the leader of heavenly sword hall, was killed by ye futian when they were in gods relic. many of the remaining members were killed too. only a few of them came out alive; their situation was pitiful.

"indeed. we saw that with our own eyes," a cultivator of school of the emperor star agreed.

shen hao stood in mid-air in the distance. his gaze was sharp as it shot over to where ye futian was. he actually obtained another treasure trove before this?

"is this person the inheritor of sky river great elder?" an elder of shen clan asked.

"hmm." shen hao nodded.

"how are his ability and talents?" the shen clan elder asked.

"very impressive. he was one of the ten people who managed to obtain a divine item in the end. he utilized the might of the heavenly palace to prove his way. his divine wheel is probably a flawless one," shen hao said. his words caused the cultivators of shen clan to reveal strange looks as they glanced over at sky river great elder.

back then, sky river great elder had also cultivated in the shen clan. they were quite familiar with him. they never expected that after so many years, the last inheritor that he chose actually had such talent. no wonder sky river great elder had sent ye futian into gods relic.

"your lot did not dare nor had the ability to snatch the treasures in gods relic. now that you have come out of gods relic, are you preparing to ask your seniors to do it for you?" dou zhao said as he looked at those who had spoken. "you all are a disgrace to your ancestors."

"dou zhao, you yourself have stooped so low. you must have benefited greatly from following behind ye futian. it seems that you feel very proud," the cultivators of school of the emperor star continued. their tone was unfriendly.

"show yourself!" dou zhao could no longer hold his temper. he took a step forward and yelled at the other party while pointing at them. the expression of the cultivators of the school of the emperor star turned ugly. the senior figures also frowned.

"dont just hide behind there and instigate. come out and try to seize the treasures from ye futian if you dare," dou zhao roared. "many people have obtained treasures in gods relic. you all really know how to choose your targets. you all did not have the ability to seize the treasures when we were in gods relic. now that you see a chance, you are preparing to instigate your seniors to act? why dont we let ye futian just stand here, and if you dare to come out alone to take his treasures, i, dou zhao will call you lord. if you dont dare to do so, then just shut up and keep quiet behind there. dont just hide among the crowd and yell. it is such a disgrace."

dou zhaos thunderous voice caused everyones eardrums to tremble. the expressions of the members of the school of the emperor star turned even uglier.

right now, golden divine nation and the heavenly mandate dynasty were against ye futian. these fellows were standing behind, throwing oil into the fire. they were undoubtedly putting ye futian in a very disadvantageous position.

if each and every force wanted to intervene, it would become very troublesome.

rumble. right at that moment, an unparalleled divine might descended from afar, causing many people to raise their heads to look up to the sky above. the pressure from the might was domineering. it immediately pressed down on the entire city of the ruins.

many prominent figures looked up into the sky. from the distance, the brilliant divine light of the great path shone down from above. in an instant, golden divine light flooded the sky, blinding the eyes of those present.

the gazes of the top figures pierced the sky above. the silhouette of an unparalleled deity seemed to be traversing the space, heading in their direction. before his person had arrived, the pressure of his might was already felt.

emperor nan looked up into the sky in the distance. he had not imagined that the lord of golden divine nation would come in person.

from the looks of it, golden divine nation dynastic overlord had high expectations for gai shi shi. gai shi shis death caused him to personally come to the city of the ruins.

"i have heard that lord taixuan has shattered the shackles of the plane. i wonder how your current ability is now." a voice came from the sky and was extremely domineering.

lord taixuan looked up into the sky. the might of the great path from his body enveloped the heavens and the earth. he then took a step forward. his silhouette disappeared immediately.

in an instant, he seemed to have traversed hundreds of miles. far off in the sky above, the roar of the great path rumbled. the space shook, and the two of them seemed to be battling in the sky. however, even over here, everyone else could feel how frightening their attacks were.

many people revealed strange looks. they never imagined that they would witness a battle between figures at the peak of the realms.

silhouettes flew up into the sky. their will swept out across the sky as they observed the battle from afar.

even figures like emperor nan were somewhat interested in the battle. in the nine realms, battles of such caliber were rarely seen. it was hard to come across one in several years.

the reason why emperor nan had personally come to escort his daughter nan luoshen back home was that there would always be some commotion after gods relic closed. he was worried, and he doted upon nan luoshen greatly. hence he had come in person. with him present, no accidents would happen.

ye futian glanced at the sky above. the two of them seemed to be battling far away. he did not know how far away they were. even his will could not cover such a far-off distance, let alone his eyesight.

they could only hear faint rumbles and a faint melody. lord taixuan mastered the song of the lost divine. ye futian wondered whether lord taixuan could put up a fight against the golden divine nation dynastic overlord.

the heavenly mandate dynasty dynastic overlord had a cold and stern expression. seeing that lord taixuan had disappeared, his gaze fell on ye futian. right now, who else could protect ye futian?

"capture him," the heavenly mandate dynasty dynastic overlord immediately ordered.

in an instant, his might of way swept over the space.

however, at this moment, a palm print struck out directly at the heavenly mandate dynasty dynastic overlord. he looked towards his attacker. to his surprise, it was sky river great elder.


a fierce will swept over the land. in an instant, an astonishing storm of the great path swept up in the surrounding space. the city of the ruins could not withstand a battle of such caliber.

many top figures defended their juniors from the waves of the great path. the heavenly mandate dynasty dynastic overlord and sky river great elder began to battle.

both of them were at the same plane. they were both upper-level renhuangs at the ninth tier of the divine wheel.

many cultivators were shocked. they had not expected that the dynastic overlord and sky river great elder would engage in battle right away.

"second uncle, ye futian is my sworn brother. you cant stay out of this," dou zhao said as he looked at his second uncle. second uncle glanced at dou zhao, surprised. this kind of battle would involve many parties. even though dou zhao was carefree, he was someone who considered the bigger picture.

after all, dou zhao was trained to be the next tribe leader of dou tribe. he was the only one among the younger generations who could unleash the will of sevenfold fighting god. his intelligence was without question.

if he involved himself in the battle, dou tribe might offend the forces that were at feud with ye futian.

"dou zhao, are you sure?" second uncle secretly transmitted his voice and questioned dou zhao. their eyes were locked on to each other.

"im sure," dou zhao said while nodding his head.

"okay, " dou zhaos second uncle said no more. dou zhao was close to breaking through to the renhuang plane. since he was trained as the successor of the tribe, he would sooner or later be in control of the entire dou tribe. up until this point, this matter was probably dou zhaos first decision, which would affect the outcome of the conflict among the top forces. since dou zhao was so determined about it, then he would obey his command.


as soon as he agreed, an extremely powerful will of fighting god erupted from his body. his body was encircled in brilliant light, as though fighting god had descended into the world. he shot up into the sky, sending a punch in the direction of the divine general of golden divine nation, who was pursuing ye futian.


there was the sound of explosions. the punch directly traversed the sky. the arm of a golden god of war that was a thousand meters long appeared in the sky. the punch crashed towards the opponents spear, immediately adhering to the opponents attack and shooting up to the sky.

this punch directly traversed hundreds of miles, shooting up to the battlefield high in the sky.

the dou tribe joined the battle.

"many thanks," ye futian said to dou zhao.

"since we are sharing our fortunes, we will naturally endure the hardship together," dou zhao replied while looking at ye futian. "i am a dignified descendent of fighting god. i am not who you imagined me to be."

"you are loyal," ye futian said with a smile.

a huge battle instantly erupted in the sky above. many auras were pressing down in this direction. although the cultivators of many forces had yet to attack, they were eyeing to do so intently.

for example, the forces that bore grudges against ye futian such as the snow divine kingdom, emperor star realm, heavenly sword hall, violet heavenly palace, and prison fort clan, as well as martial god clan from the central emperor realm, all stood at one side with their gazes staring in this direction. wu zhans gaze was exceptionally sharp.

if it werent for ye futian, the spatial sacred hall would have been theirs for the taking. their renhuang, wu meng, had died at the hands of ye futian.

aside from them, many other forces like the shenxing clan, celestial worthy temple, clan of the god of ghost, divine capital of xiling, and fate world were also staring at the battlefield.

all of them stayed out of the battle for now. they were observing how the situation would change.

of course, there were many forces, which had good relationships with ye futian, such as the alliance forces from the heavenly mandate realm. the cultivators of divine elephants had been following ye futian closely; they had a close relationship, to begin with.

besides that, there were dragon gods and sky demon court. at the moment, the seniors were all communicating with their juniors through secret sound transmissions to find out what had happened in gods relic.

after they knew what had happened, their hearts trembled slightly. the strongest cultivator among the younger generation of the heavenly mandate realm was undoubtedly ye futian.

aside from the forces of the heavenly mandate realm, there were still a few forces that looked kindly on ye futian, such as yuanyang clan and clan of the seven slayers.

ye futians gaze swept over the battlefield in the sky above. his body gradually floated up into the air with his long spear in hand. it emanated astonishing fighting will and was extremely sharp.

this scene caused the gazes of many people to be glued onto him. ye futian seemed to be preparing to personally join the fray. he was the center of this storm. if he made a move, he would be putting himself in danger.

however, ye futian was not bothered by this concern. now, he had proven his way and had entered into the renhuang plane. he had forged a perfect divine wheel. he was confident that he could defend himself. of course, he was qualified to join the battle!