The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1655

Chapter 1655 Besieged On All Sides

this battle would make all the cultivators of the nine realms remember ye futian.

previously, the shen clan had not cared about the sky river great elders heir, but now it looked like they had underestimated him.

"it certainly makes sense that lord ye was the one to get the treasures in the sacred hall and was the first to open the gate of the great emperor. he reached enlightenment under the imperial palace. this genius who received the divine items of the great path and the inheritance of an ancient emperor is truly magnificent." the person sighed as he said this. it seemed that he admired him greatly.

"now it looks like the people of the shen clan guessed right. even though lord yes talent is unmatched in the nine realms, he did not break through to the renhuang level until he was under the celestial palace. at that time, i had a vision. i saw that lord ye really gained something, which must be the inheritance of the great emperor, and thus proved his worthiness to be a renhuang," continued the person, chattering excitedly. "he came from the tianhe realm and strode through mountains of knives and seas of blood as he defeated all the proud sons of heaven beneath the celestial palace. the great emperor awakened at his summons, and he inherited his will. all the gods witnessed this in accordance with heavens will. i believe what lord ye said. he truly saw all the gods there in the gods relic."

this person seemed to have unlimited admiration and adoration for ye futian. he praised him without end. those who did not know the character of the people from the shenxing clan would be fooled by this mans solemn, serious, and sacred expression, especially because he was a monk.

this monk from the shenxing clan was named seven evils. he was an independent member of the clan, was truly an evil monk.

as he said this, everyone looked at him. everyone had previously thought that ye futian had been lying to them. now, seeing his perfect divine wheel and his incomparable talent, in addition to the fact that someone like seven evils was so entranced by him, it seemed that it was a bit more believable.

the elders of the various forces looked at him as well. a cultivator from the shen clan directly asked, "what does he mean?"

all of the great powers had questioned those who had gone to the gods relic. now they had their answers and were lost in thought.

the gods relic was also called the grave of the gods. could it be that he had really inherited something, seen something?

ye futians people looked upset at seven evilss words, especially yu sheng. terrible murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

when ye futian had said that, he had just been speaking casually, without thinking. no one believed him. but this was different. when someone else said it, it gave it some wait, made it materialize.

this evil monks words would get people killed.

the great forces were ready to act, and they were all watching. they could make a decision at any time. the monks words would harden their resolve.

ye futian heard it as well, and his eyes went cold. he looked at seven evils.

he could clearly feel powerful lines of thought sweeping out from him. the cultivators of the top forces were basically unscrupulous, but why would they care about a junior like him? although he was a renhuang with unparalleled talent, there was still a huge difference between him and the giants of the top forces.

"if you believe what youre saying, why dont you and the people of the shenxing clan do something about it?" ye futian looked at seven evils coldly.

"there is no enmity between us, lord ye. why would we do this?" seven evilss voice was sincere. those who did not know him would probably believe him. "however, you have obtained all the treasures of an entire trove, more than one person can possibly use. now, all the top forces are here, so why dont we share them? this would let all of the top powers greatly increase in strength. wouldnt that be wonderful? as for the divine item you got, you could let the nine realms see it and enrich their experience. what do you think, lord ye?"

seven evils spoke very generously, and on behalf of others. he seemed perfectly impartial, but he was actually very insidious. he had brought all of the nine realms into it by asking ye futian to share the divine implements and bring out his divine item. he meant for ye futian to divide up his spoils.

moreover, if this situation actually happened, it would not be as simple as just sharing out the objects. ye futian would certainly die, which showed just how wicked seven evils was.

as he said this, ye futian could feel the people from the top forces all looking at him a little more intensely. it seemed that they were ready to act and could attack at any moment.

at this moment, ye futian was still on the battlefield. the renhuang from the golden divine nation had seen gai jiutian die, and his fighting will had burst forth, making the very air tremble. but dou zhaos second uncle was also at the level of a god of war with shocking power. he would not give him a chance to divert his attention.

high up in the sky, the battle between lord taixuan and the dynastic overlord of the golden divine nation was causing waves of pressure to sweep downward. the air trembled. the dynastic overlord must have sensed that he had lost a son.

ye futian cast his gaze around the battlefield. the renhuangs from taixuan mountain and the dou tribe were engaged in battle, for which he was very grateful.

"did you really obtain a divine item and the inheritance of the great emperor, nephew?" came a voice. one of the cultivators from the top powers was looking at him, and had called him "nephew".

ye futian had seen the man before, before he had gone to the gods relic. the sky river great elder had brought him to all of the top forces of the central imperial realm in order to convince them to bring him to the gods relic.

this person was the vice headmaster of the sky reaching school. he had been refused by him, probably so as to not stir up the sky river great elder.

disciples of the sky reaching school had naturally gone to the gods relic as well, but they had not been very noticeable. they must not have been the most outstanding students. after all, there were so many forces there, and many of them did not have a strong sense of power.

however, this man calling him "nephew" gave people the feeling that he was trying to win ye futians affection by artifice.

moreover, he had an ulterior motive in asking this question. he was bringing up the fact that he and the sky river great elder were once friends.

"of course," said ye futian. "and i was not the only one who felt the power of the great emperor beneath the celestial palace, all the cultivators did. and they all received their own inheritances as well. moreover, ten people received divine items from the celestial palace."

"oh," said the vice headmaster of the sky reaching school with a slight nod. "in the past several trips to the gods realm, no one had this much good fortune. you had such a wonderful opportunity to go to a treasure trove. could you bring out your treasures to show us? if there are ones that we like, we can trade you our own treasures for them."

the vice headmaster of the sky reaching school had reached a bottleneck in his cultivation, and with his power as well. he needed an opportunity to improve. although he hadnt been able to go to the gods relic, he had heard that ye futian had gained some top level ritual implements. he wanted to see if any of them were special and if they would give him a chance to advance a step.

thus, he had said what he did.

"trade?" ye futian looked at the vice headmaster of the sky reaching school. did he think he was an idiot?

"ye futian, you killed wu meng, a renhuang of the martial gods clan. how can we solve this issue between us?" said wu zhan. he was taking advantage of the situation.

ye futian was in a dangerous position now. the golden divine nation and the heavenly mandate dynasty both wanted to kill him. although he was incredibly talented, he was in a precarious situation. the slightest bit of carelessness would destroy him.

in this situation, did he value his treasures more than his life?

"the prison fort clan lost a renhuang as well," said a cultivator from the prison fort clan.

"the celestial worthy temple was supposed to have received the inheritance from one of the statues," said a cultivator from the celestial worthy temple.

all of them were coming to ye futian to settle accounts.

in reality, ye futian had already shown mercy in the gods relic, as he had not acted as decisively as he could have. after seizing the treasures within the spatial sacred hall, he had let almost everyone go, fearing just this sort of situation.

but the others did not seem to appreciate it.

"you are all cultivators from top forces, and yet you are seeking out a junior to settle accounts for the conflicts that happened in the gods relic. dont you think that is shameful?" asked a cultivator from the yuanyang clan. they had gained five ritual implements, and according to yuan hong they had a good relationship with ye futian, so it was not difficult for them to pay back his good will.

"you and your clan gained some powerful ritual implements. of course you dont care," said a cultivator from the martial gods clan mockingly.

the battle had still not calmed down. waves were rising, and there were enemies on all sides.

ye futian was in a bad situation right now.

"the conflict in the gods relic was caused by things that happened there. why dont you go and find the others who obtained divine items?" asked the cultivator from the yuanyang clan.

"so, the powers that obtained ritual implements are not prepared to share them with the other forces of the nine realms? of course, since you have these items, your power will increase greatly. it is a good idea for you to defend him then," said the cultivator from the martial gods clan with a cold smile.

"you all want ritual implements?" ye futian asked them all.

"we will trade you for them. we wont take them for nothing," said the vice headmaster of the sky reaching school. he was saying it like he was trying to let ye futian save face.

ye futian watched as they drew nearer to him, all staringat him.

he knew that they would not let this go easily. although he was completely protected from the attacks of the heavenly mandate dynasty and the golden divine nation, it would not be easy to escape.

magical treasures moved mens hearts, and there had been more treasures in the spatial sacred hall than any of the top forces of the nine realms had. this showed how incredible this was. it was enough to change the situation of a top power, or even several top powers.

this would make even the top figures of the realms have greedy thoughts. after all, this was the world of cultivation, and everyone in the world sought to increase their power!