The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1666

Chapter 1666 Ye Futians Ambition

The demon clans of the Heavenly Mandate Realm had all come to the pavilion, and the core figures of the younger generation had all been summoned.

Even the cultivators of Ten Thousand Divine Mountain and Gao Huang had been called there.

They all knew that Gu Dongliu had forged a perfect Divine Wheel. This matter had already been told at the Divine Palace. The existence of any perfect Divine Wheel would attract attention. Gu Dongliu had even fought here, which naturally attracted even more attention.

"Futian, is there something youd like to discuss?" an elephant emperor from the Divine Elephants asked.

"I once went to the Demon Realm for the sake of Third Brother, and each of the demon clans took good care of me. The Divine Elephant Emperor personally showed me his ultimate technique, and the Dragon Gods taught Yu Sheng their divine power. I have always felt close to the Demon Realm of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. I also formed an alliance with Long Chen and the others in the Gods Relic and fought alongside them," said Ye Futian. Everyone looked at him. Was Ye Futian speaking of emotions now?

He should have been paving the way for the future.

"Secondly, my Third Brother received the inheritance that had been left behind by Gu Tianxing in the Origin Mountains. This was the inheritance of a Demon Emperor. Presumably, you all know that Third Brother has reached the Renhuang plane now as well and has forged a perfect divine wheel. It could be said that he has truly inherited the mantle of a demon emperor."

The cultivators of the Demon Realm said nothing. Gu Donglius future would likely be just as glorious as Gu Tianxings.

"In addition to this, although I have never had any contact with Ten Thousand Mountain before, I still allied with them in the Gods Relic. During the troubles in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, they not only did not support the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, they actually supported me a little bit. I have always remembered this."

The cultivators of Ten Thousand Divine Mountain were a little bit curious. Why was Ye Futian speaking of his emotions?

"The humans of the Heavenly Mandate Realm and the Demon Realm are divided by boundaries. The power of the Heavenly Mandate Realm has been lessened due to some events in the past. Now, is the Heavenly Mandate Realm the weakest of the Nine Supreme Realms?" said Ye Futian.

Although they didnt want to admit it, the other forces all knew this to be true. The Heavenly Mandate Realm of the present day was the weakest one. In the Higher Heavens Realm, the Divine Palace had a top figure, Taixuan Mountain had Lord Taixuan, and the overlord of the Golden Divine Nation was incredibly powerful.

In this generation, the Heavenly Mandate Realm had no one at this level.

"It is not only that the Heavenly Mandate Realm is weak, but there are also incessant internal conflicts. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace wished to ally and destroy the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, which led to the disintegration of the Celestial Gate. But what is the purpose of these conflicts?" continued Ye Futian. "Even though they have some cultivation resources, how has that helped them? The Divine Palace has a place of proving the Waythe ancestral land. What does the Heavenly Mandate Realm have? What if I had not gone on this trip to the Gods Relic? Would you have been able to compete with the other Realms?"

Ye Futians words were bitter, but they were true. Long Chen had felt this in the Gods Relic as well. He stood at the top of the Demon Realm, and Yi Tianyu was the top human cultivator of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, but they had not performed well in the Gods Relic.

They could not compete with people like Jian Qingzhu, Shen Hao, Dou Zhao of the Dou tribe, Wu Zhan of the Martial Gods clan, and the monk of the Shenxing clan.

"If a war breaks out between the Nine Realms, would the Heavenly Mandate Realm be able to resist the top forces of the other realms?" asked Ye Futian.

"What are you saying?" asked a dragon emperor of the Dragon Gods.

"I want to change the Heavenly Mandate Realms future," answered Ye Futian. All the cultivators narrowed their eyes. Did he want to change the future of the Heavenly Mandate Realm?

What an arrogant thing to say!

He was one man, and one that had just entered the Renhuang plane, and yet he was arrogant enough to say he wanted to change the future of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

"How will you change it?" asked the dragon.

"The forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm will ally, and stop fighting each other. The whole realm will act as a whole. At the same time, we will train the younger generations. The people of this generation will cultivate along with my Third Brother and me. In the future, they will all be incredibly powerful," said Ye Futian.

"You are quite ambitious," said an elder from Ten Thousand Divine Mountain with a smile. The Heavenly Mandate Realm would act as a whole? Without a conqueror, who would be the leader?

If all the people of the younger generation cultivated with Ye Futian, it would naturally be him.

Did he want to become the overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Realm?

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had worked hard for this, but they had never been able to achieve it. In the end, they had suffered a terrible reversal of fortune.

"You want to unify the Demon Realm and the humans?" asked a demon elder. It was a Kunpeng from the Sky Demon Court whose juniors had come here to cultivate.

Although Ye Futian was the strongest person in the Heavenly Mandate Realm and had even more potential for the future, everyone there was a powerful figure in their own right. For a junior to talk about unifying the realm was sheer arrogance.

"You mistake me. I have no interest in uniting the Heavenly Mandate Realm. That would be too much work," said Ye Futian with a smile and a shake of the head. "The realm will naturally be governed by all the great forces together. I just hope that they will work together more closely, forming a unified alliance. I hope that we can form a force that is dedicated to teaching and that everyones disciples can come there, like Tianshen Academy and Shangxiao Divine Palace. Moreover, all the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Realm will be invited to cultivate there."

"Teaching?" A look of surprise came over everyones faces. Did Ye Futian truly want to train the next generation? He wanted to form an academy.

"Correct," said Ye Futian with a nod.

A look of surprise came over Gu Donglius face. He looked at his fellow disciple.

He thought of their master, of their academy, of the Cottage.

Everyone else looked thoughtful. They had not thought that this was Ye Futians goal.

"What about the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty?" someone asked. They had thought that Ye Futian had summoned them there to ally against the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

After all, they were the greatest threat to him.

"For the Heavenly Mandate Realm to join together, those forces that wish to destroy it must first be dealt with," said Ye Futian frankly. Everyone looked at him deeply.

Apparently, Ye Futian was still just as he had always been. Although he wanted to establish a new place of education, he wanted to first wipe out a power.

"The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty occupies the center of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. That would be a good place to set our place for education," said Ye Futian. Everyones hearts twitched. This man was truly ruthless. He wanted to pull the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty up by the roots.

He would even cover the very land they were built on.

So ruthless.

"Who will be the first master?" someone asked.

"My master, the Sky River Great Elder. I will try and see if I can invite him to come and take charge. Lord Taixuan and he are old friends and are both my elders. If he does come, Lord Taixuan will serve in our court. All the forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm can choose people to send as well to serve as teachers."

Ye Futian had clearly already been thinking about this. He had even decided who would be a good first master.

Moreover, it seemed very suitable. He did not come from any of the forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. In addition, he would bring the powerful Lord Taixuan along with him.

"Interesting idea," said Gao Huang with a smile. Ye Futian was indeed a clever man.

Moreover, other than the fact that he wanted to use the other forces to destroy the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, there was no other selfish motive behind this. He seemed to really be thinking of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

But destroying the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was not that simple. Bringing battle to the most powerful force in the realm was quite frightening.

"Will Lord Taixuan act against the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty?" someone asked.

If Lord Taixuan didnt act and the Dynasty Overlord escaped, it would be very bad.

"Lord Taixuan has helped me ever since I went to the Higher Heavens Realm," answered Ye Futian. "Moreover, there is no enmity between him and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, so I have no reason to ask him to join us."

Lord Taixuan had already done everything that was possible to help him, including fighting the Emperor of the Golden Divine Nation.

However, it had all been to protect him. Asking Lord Taixuan to attack the Heavenly Mandate Realm would be too much.

"At this moment, we cannot take responsibility for this decision," said the Dragon Emperor of the Dragon Gods. The question of going to war with the Heavenly Mandate Realm and the Violet Heavenly Palace was too great. This would be a war of the highest level. Only the elders could decide this.

"Fine," said Ye Futian with a nod. He turned to Long Chen and said, "Who among you is approaching the level of a Demon emperor?"

"Several of us," said Long Chen. He and Gao Huang were both close.

"Mmm. Then you stay here and cultivate, there is a great matrix within the pavilion," said Ye Futian. "The rest of you, please consider my words."

"Alright." Everyone nodded. Long Chen felt a bit surprised. There were many secret cultivation zones withing Tianshen Academy, and so they naturally would have many matrices. Why did Ye Futian want him to stay here to reach the next level?

Everyone left, leaving behind only the three who were approaching the next level.

After half a month, three figures exited Ye Futiand pavilion. Not long after, the people from the other forces came to tell Ye Futian and the others that they would be returning to prepare for the establishment of an academy for the Heavenly Mandate Realm. They would wait for him back in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

In the pavilion, Ye Futian and Gu Dongliu were together.

"What is your plan?" asked Gu Dongliu.

"For the academy?" asked Ye Futian with a smile. "Why dont we call it The Heavenly Mandate Cottage?"

Gu Dongliu was silent for a while, then nodded. "Its a good name."

The word "cottage" had special meaning for them. That had been their masters dream.

If the Heavenly Mandate Cottage was successful, it would be very meaningful.

"Once this is over, we should bring Second Sister the others here," said Ye Futian with a slight smile. When all the forces allied to build the Heavenly Mandate Cottage, its power would be immense. It would become a symbol of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

"Good idea," said Gu Dongliu with a nod. He also missed Zhuge Mingyue.

Ye Futian thought of some of his old friends as well. When the time came, they would all come to the Heavenly Mandate Realm, including his master Hua Fengliu and the masteress. At that time, the family would be together again!