The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1667

Chapter 1667 Target?

Over the next few days, the cultivators who had left the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven began to return.

The first ones to come back were the Renhuangs. It was easier for people of that level to cross vast distances, so even those who had been sent to other realms eventually made their way to the Central Emperor Realm. They naturally heard of the events of the Gods Relic and then returned home.

In addition, some of the people who returned had been cultivating in the Central Emperor Realm. Of those below the Renhuang plane who had returned, most of them had happened to be there. Ye Futian knew that if they had not been there, it would have taken them longer to get the news and return.

However, they could begin rebuilding their power now, and once they returned to the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, the other people from there would soon find out.

Once the Cottage was established, the first people who were trained would naturally be the disciples of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

Of course, Ye Futian would not refuse the cultivators of the demon forces either. After all, some of them had been very close to Emperor Ye Qing.

One day, a guest came to Tianshen Academy from the Nantian Divine Kingdom. It was Princess Nan Luoshen. She had said she would come to cultivate for a while, but first, she had gone home to stabilize her own level.

She did not directly enter the academy but came to Ye Futians pavilion first, where he personally greeted her.

He naturally knew she had not come for his good looks, but because he still owed her a debt.

He owed her five top ritual implements from the Gods Relic. This was a huge gain even for the Nantian Divine Kingdom. Moreover, when Ye Futian had made his plea to Emperor Nan, he had said he would give them to Nan Luoshen. He would certainly not mind his daughter having many protective ritual implements about her.

The moment Nan Luoshen reached the pavilion, the whole place grew brighter. Both her looks and her personality were extraordinary. She could truly be called a goddess among women. Even if she were not Emperor Nans daughter, even if she were not a talented cultivator, just her looks and her personality would make even powerful figures want to bow before her.

Cultivators were not the kind of people who only paid attention to looks, but when someone was as beautiful as Nan Luoshen, it was a different matter.

"Greetings, Princess Luoshen," Ye Futian said with a bow, a warm smile on his face. Although she was so extraordinary, Ye Futian was used to beautiful women, so he was not too flustered by her.

Xia Qingyuan was there as well, and when she saw Nan Luoshen, there was a flash of envy in her eyes. This woman was so dazzling that it was enough to cover up all other light. And her temperament was like that of a goddess, which was something that even without her status and power, she would still have.

Of all the women she had seen, only the Empress of Brahmas Pure Sky could compare to Nan Luoshen. She was another unique woman.

"No need to be so formal," answered Nan Luoshen. Her voice was warm, so she seemed very calm.

"Please come in," said Ye Futian, extending his hand. He knew why she was here, so there was no need to ask. He would just directly give her the ritual implements she had come for.

Nan Luoshen nodded and stepped in. She seemed satisfied with how Ye Futian was treating her.

She did not like too much hypocritical politeness. For people at their level, it was rather meaningless.

When she entered the pavilion, the Spatial Sacred Hall was already set up, its golden spatial gate opened. Everything was ready.

"The ritual implements are all inside. You may go in and choose," said Ye Futian. Nan Luoshen walked inside and saw more than a hundred ritual implements. She thought to herself that Ye Futian was probably the one who had gained the most out of the trip to the Gods Relic.

This was a treasure trove.

If Xiao Muyu who had come previously had seen his scene, she might have had the urge to kill Ye Futian.

Ye Futian had told her that Nan Luoshen would not have as many choices as she had.

However, when Nan Luoshen had come, Ye Futian had brought out all the hidden ritual implements.

Of course, he had left out the ones that were useful to him. He would definitely not let Nan Luoshen choose those ones. But he did bring out the vast majority of them, and all of them were incredible. He was certainly not stinting her.

Nan Luoshen and Xiao Muyu were different. Nan Luoshen was the only daughter of Emperor Nan and Empress Luo. She could speak to Emperor Nan whenever she wished. Previously, Ye Futian had personally asked Emperor Nan for hep. If he bit the hand that had fed him by cheating Nan Luoshen, what would Emperor Nan think?

He did not need to antagonize the top figures in the Central Imperial Realm for the sake of hiding a few ritual implements.

With Xiao Muyu, he could be much more casual. She was not even a Renhuang, and Ye Futian had not made contact with the elder of the Xiao clan at the Gods Relic, but rather with Xiao Muyu directly. And it had been enough for them just to follow Tianshen Academy and Emperor Nan.

Nan Luoshen looked around the Spatial Sacred Hall and selected three ritual implements. She did not continue taking more.

"Princess Nan, I promised Emperor Nan five," said Ye Futian.

"My father only said a single sentence on your behalf. He expended very little energy. Three is enough," said Nan Luoshen.

For Emperor Nan, it had indeed just been a matter of a single sentence, but its effect on Ye Futians situation had been massive.

But through this, Ye Futian could sense Emperor Nans attitude. These were powerful implements, and that sentence was not worth two more of them.

"Give my thanks to Emperor Nan," said Ye Futian with a slight nod. He did not owe Nan Luoshen any more ritual implements. Emperor Nan and Nan Luoshen had made their decision, so there was no point in saying anything more on the matter.

"I have chosen my ritual implements, so I will depart." Nan Luoshen was extremely direct and did things without leaving the least bit of ambiguity.

"Alright, Ill see you off," said Ye Futian with a nod.

Nan Luoshen was a little surprised. She had met countless people, and most of them would try to speak with her more if given the chance. Even if they didnt have a chance, they would try to manufacture one. But Ye Futian seemed not to have any intentions along those lines. He did not try to delay her.

"No need, Lord Ye," she said. As she exited the pavilion, she stopped and looked back at his handsome face. She suddenly said, "How many perfect Divine Wheels have you forged?"

Ye Futian was stunned when he heard Nan Luoshens words, then he suddenly smiled. It seemed that she was curious as well.

It seemed that she knew a little bit about what had happened.

"You will know soon enough," he said with a smile. Nan Luoshen did not pursue the matter. She just nodded and left. She had only asked because she was curious.

After she left, Ye Futian was still gazing outside. Xia Qingyuan frowned and said, "What are you thinking?"

"What could I be thinking?" he said, smiling at her.

"The only princess of the Nantian Divine Kingdom with unparalleled talent and looks, what else could you be thinking?" she said.

"When I first came to Emperor Xias Realm, you were unparalleled in both talent and looks as well, but did I have any thoughts like that?" said Ye Futian, tilting his head and smiling.

Was he teasing her?

Upon hearing that, her expression froze. She looked up at him and said, "Only you can answer that."

Seeing the way Xia Qingyuan was looking at him, Ye Futian was stunned.

Something seemed to be wrong with this picture.

"The weather is good today, it is a good day for cultivating," said Ye Futian, looking up at the sky. He turned and left. Xia Qingyuan smiled as she watched him go. But even as she did, her eyes were a little sad.

She was trying to change.

"Ye Futian." At that moment, several figures quickly rushed toward the palace. One of them was Kong Xuan, who had been cultivating within Tianshen Academy.

Ye Futian, who had wanted to spend some time cultivating, felt his thoughts be drawn back to the present. "What is the matter?" he asked.

"There is a conflict between Yaya and the people of Tianshen Academy. There are Renhuangs who are getting involved," she said.

"Lets go." Ye Futian began to move quickly. Kong Xuan felt will begin to cover her.

Behind Ye Futian, several figures rose into the air in a defensive formation, following him.

"What happened?" Ye Futian was moving extremely quickly, moving across great distances with every step. He descended upon the sky stairwell and began walking up towards Tianshen Academy.

"Yaya got into a fight with one of the top figures of Tianshen Academy. She couldnt contain her power and wounded her opponent, so some other Renhuangs from Tianshen Academy got involved. The Swordmaster of Lihen was there, but they probably wont be able to stop their opponents," Kong Xuan explained simply. "I doubt that the people of Tianshen Academy planned this. They know that she has ritual implements from the Gods Relic."

Ye Futian did not say anymore. He entered Tianshen Academy with Jiang Chengzi and Hua Jiangshan following him. There was basically no more to ask.

All of the Nine Realms knew he was here and had guessed that he had traded ritual implements to convince Tianshen Academy to let him in. Now, all the great powers were here. Thus, he was not worried that they would do anything to him.

In that case, Tianshen Academys reputation would be worsened.

Thus, this was probably not the will of the higher-ups at Tianshen Academy; it had just been done by several of the people there. After all, it was a huge academy with many disciples. There were all kinds of people there.

At the same time, many of the people in the academy seemed to know a little of what had happened, and they were coming from many different places within the academy, all of them walking in the same direction as Ye Futian and the others!