The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1672

Chapter 1672 Xiao Muyus Metamorphosis

Prior to this, even though Ye Futian had accepted disciples in name, in the true sense of the word, Xiao Muyu was considered his first official disciple.

However, she seemed to have become his disciple due to his sweet talk.

Indeed, Xiao Muyu trusted Ye Futian; otherwise, it was impossible for her to truly become his disciple. Although up until now, she was still suspicious of her teachers moral standard, she trusted him whole-heartedly in terms of cultivation. Hence, she had been practicing Deed of Thorough Comprehension diligently recently.

As expected, she felt that she was closer to proving her Way.

When she entered Gods relic, she was already half a Renhuang. She was not the only one. In fact, most of the cultivators who were elected to lead the teams in Gods relic were the cream of the crop in their respective forces. Therefore, most of them were close to experiencing breakthroughs.

When Xiao Muyu was practicing, Yaya had finally broken through to the Renhuang Plane. With the help of Donghuang the Greats Sword Will, she managed to forge a sword matrix Divine Wheel. Since she received help from Ye Futian on top of having Donghuang the Greats Sword Will, the Divine Wheel that she forged was naturally flawless.

Ye Futian clearly realized that, as compared to Gods relic, his Life Spirit was an even more suitable environment for cultivators to prove their Way and forge flawless Divine Wheels.

Sometimes, he wondered, what exactly was this Life Spirit?

On this day, Xiao Muyu went to Ye Futians palace and was ready to try breaking through to the Renhuang Plane.

She stood in the spatial matrix set up by Ye Futian. She could see the sun, moon, and stars hanging in the sky, as though this was a completely independent space.

"Master, what kind of matrix is this?" Xiao Muyu was astonished. A powerful will circulated in the space.

Ye Futian did not respond to her question. He seemed tired.

"Master, what happened to you?" Xiao Muyu asked.

"It took me a great effort to set up this matrix. I have exhausted myself in order to complete this," Ye Futian replied weakly. "However, you are worthy of my effort. Do you still remember my advice?"

A glint of doubt flashed past Xiao Muyus eyes. Were his words true?

Even though the character of her Master was questionable, judging from this powerful matrix, she supposed his words were most likely true.

"Hmm. Disciple remembers everything the Master said by heart," Xiao Muyu said while nodding her head.

Ye Futian walked up to Xiao Muyu and patted her head. He seemed weary.

Xiao Muyu raised her head to look at him. Ye Futian said, "You are my only disciple. Even if I need to exhaust my life, I will do all I can to help you prove your Way. You dont have to be too touched by my actions. Its my responsibility."


Xiao Muyu blinked.

"Master, can you not do this?" Xiao Muyu pointed at Ye Futians hand, which was still on her head. "Disciple is not used to it."

"Oh." Ye Futian nodded and removed his hand from Xiao Muyus head. However, instead of retracting his hand, he pinched Xiao Muyus face with it. Sounding like an elder, he said, "Muyu, since I have accepted you as my disciple, I treat you as someone who is a generation younger than me. It is said that a tutor for a day is a father for a lifetime. You are like a child to me. Please dont mind my action."

Xiao Muyu was close to tears He was really treating her like a little kid.

Had Master seen a child who was half a step away from the Renhuang Plane?

If Ye Futian was really an old man, Xiao Muyu was fine with it. The problem was he had a young and handsome face

"Disciple is used to it now. Master, can we start now?" Xiao Muyu had a feeling that she could no longer escape from the hands of Ye Futian.

"Hmm." Ye Futian nodded. He returned to his spot and sat cross-legged, saying, "Lets start."

A few days later, Xiao Muyus body shone while divine light surged out from her. A terrifying sound of the Great Path rumbled in her body, causing the surrounding will to go berserk. This situation lasted for a long while. Then, the endless divine light retracted and seeped into Xiao Muyus body.

She opened her eyes slowly. As compared to before, Xiao Muyus eyes were glowing with sparkles now. Her temperament changed too. She was even more beautiful now. Her skin was radiant and smooth. Not a hint of deformities could be found on her.

Her long hair fluttered even though there was no wind. Xiao Muyus eyes sparkled like the stars as she revealed a smile.

Did she really achieve her goal?

She was a female Renhuang now. Moreover, she was a female Renhuang who had forged a flawless Divine Wheel.

She looked in the direction of Ye Futian. The illusion around her had disappeared; only the matrix was left standing. However, Ye Futians aura was weak, as though all his vigor had been drained out of him. He even showed signs of dying.

"Master." Xiao Muyu was shocked, and she quickly moved towards him. She had her doubts before this. However, this matrix was so powerful and could directly assist her in forging a flawless Divine Wheel. She speculated that Ye Futian had really exhausted his vigor in order to maintain this gigantic matrix.

"Im fine," Ye Futian assured her while waving his hands nonchalantly. "Master is satisfied to be able to witness your success."

"How are you feeling?" Xiao Muyu squatted down and supported Ye Futian from the side.

She felt slightly ashamed for doubting him before this. Even though he was frivolous, he had a kind heart. He even paid such a great price to help her.

"Im fine. I merely used up all my energy and depleted some of my vigor. However, I can refine my Life Will, so my body will recover by itself," Ye Futian explained.

Xiao Muyu was deeply touched. How could his current condition be considered fine?

"What can Disciple do for you?" Xiao Muyu asked.

"I feel languid, and my whole body is aching now. You can give me a massage," Ye Futian requested.

Xiao Muyu was a little doubtful. Would a massage really help?

However, she still nodded her head seriously and replied, "Alright."

As she replied, she actually began to massage Ye Futians back.

"Your master is pleased seeing that you are so filial." Ye Futian nodded his head contentedly. It was very comfortable.

How many people could have such treatment as a female Renhuang massaging their backs?

Since Ye Futian had accepted a disciple, he should enjoy himself to the fullest.

At that moment, a silhouette walked over. It was Xia Qingyuan. When she saw Ye Futians dispirited expression, she said to Xiao Muyu, "Let me do it."

Xiao Muyu looked at Xia Qingyuan and then looked at Ye Futian. In a low voice, she asked, "Master, is this person Mastress?"

Ye Futian had mentioned that he had a wife. However, how many Mastresses did Xiao Muyu think he had?

"Dont simply call her that." Ye Futians expression turned dark.

Xia Qingyuan blinked her eyes. Mastress?

Her gaze flickered. Then, she approached them and said, "Muyu, leave this to me."

"Alright." Xiao Muyu nodded her head and made space for Xia Qingyuan obediently. Judging from Xia Qingyuans friendly tone, she was most likely Ye Futians fiance.

No doubt. That had to be it.

Master was blessed.

Crack. A soft pop sounded. Just when Xiao Muyu was feeling both touched and warm, Ye Futians back actually made a cracking sound when Xia Qingyuan hammered it.

"Ouch!" Ye Futian immediately leapt up and said, "Princess, are you trying to kill me?"

Xiao Muyu was stunned for a bit. What was wrong with this scene?

Why was it that Masters weariness had instantly disappeared?

It could even be said that his dying look had completely vanished.

Xiao Muyu came to her senses. Her face was flushed red instantly. She gave Ye Futian a deadly stare.

This shameless Master.

Sensing that Xiao Muyus gaze was unfriendly, Ye Futian said, "Muyu, dont get the wrong idea. When I sensed your filial piety, I was so touched, and because of it, I recovered instantly."

"Hmm. Disciple naturally believes in Master," Xiao Muyu said as she bit her lip gently. Recalling that she had felt touched and warm, it was practically

"Thats how it should be. Muyu, return to your clan to stabilize your cultivation Plane," Ye Futian said. "Remember what Master has instructed you."

Xiao Muyu nodded her head. She glanced at the two of them and said, "Master, Mastress, then I wont disturb you two. Disciple will come visit again after a few days."

As she said this, Xiao Muyu turned to leave.

"Dont simply run your mouth," Ye Futian said, speechless.

"This child is still immature. Princess, dont mind her," Ye Futian said to Xia Qingyuan.

Xia Qingyuan glanced at Ye Futian. In a low voice, she said, "I feel that Muyu is quite nice. Dont pick on her in the future."

"??" Ye Futian blinked.

Before this, werent the two of them at loggerheads with each other?

After leaving, Xiao Muyus expression was still bizarre. Everything that had occurred over the past few days was like a dream. As she recalled the events of the past few days, she revealed a radiant smile.

"Master," Xiao Muyu mumbled to herself. She felt a sense of warmth within her.

It felt nice.

She arrived at another place. There were many cultivators of the Xiao Clan in that place. When they saw Xiao Muyu returning, their silhouettes dashed over. Someone asked, "Young Mistress, you have broken through to the next Plane?"

Xiao Muyu nodded and said, "Lets return to the clan."

After she said this, her group flew up into the sky and prepared to return to Xiao Clan.

Xiao Clan was situated in the northern region of the Central Emperor Realm. As one of the top forces of the Central Emperor Realm, the Xiao Clans home was like an ancient city. It reached high into the sky layer by layer. Its highest point was as high as the Heavenly Palace.

After Xiao Muyu returned, she headed towards a spot. Many people bowed to her in respect as she passed.

She passed by many ancient halls and arrived at a wide, open space. A group of figures came towards her. The person leading the group was a youth with extraordinary temperament.

"Xiao Muyu," the person cried out to her. His voice had a faint sense of authority to it. He was a Renhuang of Xiao Clan. However, he was not from the same branch family as Xiao Muyu. They were both of the direct line; however, their relationship was one of competition.

"Whats the matter?" Xiao Muyus voice was cold and indifferent.

"You finally broke through to the next Plane?" The youth revealed a nonchalant smile and said, "You are too late. You returned empty-handed from Gods relic. What meaning is there in breaking through to the next Plane now? However, you still managed to prove your Way. Go and make your report."

During her journey to the Gods relic, she had indeed not reaped many benefits. However, after she emerged from the Gods relic, she obtained three ritual implements. His branch family would not get even one of them.

"Xiao Ran," Xiao Muyu said. The youth looked at her.

"In the future, dont use this tone to talk to me. I dont like it," Xiao Muyu said indifferently.

"Huh?" Xiao Ran revealed a look of interest. He smiled and asked, "As expected, after having proven your Way, you have changed. Are you itching to try out your power?"

As he said this, the might of Renhuang on his body burst forth. His Divine Wheel was at the second tier.

Large clans usually allowed the clan members to compete among themselves. This was the only way that they would be motivated to improve. Hence, such a situation was very common.

Xiao Muyu swept a glance at him. She then took a step forward.

Rumble. Terrifying divine light of the Great Path swept out. An extremely brilliant light shone down from the heavens. Alarming might of the Way came crashing down, suppressing the other partys Divine Wheel.

At this moment, Xiao Muyus entire body was bathed in radiant twilight. It was as though she was a goddess with matchless elegance.

The expressions of those who had returned with Xiao Muyu instantly became very excited. Their hearts trembled inside.

A flawless Divine Wheel!

Xiao Rans expression changed drastically as he stared at Xiao Muyu.

At the same time, many people in the distance seemed to have sensed something. Wills swept over this place, followed by many silhouettes leaping up into the sky.

"I hope that this will not happen again in the future," Xiao Muyu said calmly. She stepped forward once again and directly walked past Xiao Ran.

The members who followed behind Xiao Muyu swept indifferent glances at him. From this moment forth, Xiao Muyus position in the clan was completely different.

Xiao Ran was not qualified at all to contend with her.

"Xiao Muyu, come straight to the main hall," a voice called out from afar. Silhouettes leapt into the sky and headed towards one direction. Xiao Muyu lifted her head slightly and looked towards the Xiao Clan Heavenly Palace in the distance. Her long hair fluttered in the wind.

At this moment, that place did not seem so unreachable anymore!