The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1683

Chapter 1683 Cusp Of An Invasion

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was once the absolute overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. It dared to claim itself as the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty as it was the ruler of the Heavenly Mandate.

This dynasty, which stood in the central region of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, ruled over a boundless territory. Several other dynastic factions surrounded the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, with each of these factions ruling over a piece of unending territory.

All of these factions made up the overlord-like status of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

If not for the battle many years ago, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty might still have been the absolute overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. They even once wanted to reunify the Heavenly Mandate Realm and restore the former glory of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Gu Xingtian, a man who had appeared out of nowhere, crumbled all of their plans. The battle back then was earth-shattering. Blood was shed everywhere.

Ever since then, no one dared to attack the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Even the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, who was said to have the 12 Deities, was ultimately dissolved and destroyed in their battle with the dynasty. It was imaginable just now powerful the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was back then. The 12 Deities of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven were all upper-level Renhuangs. Even though the current Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was ailing now, it still harbored extraordinary strength, just not as powerful as before. They were not as prosperous and powerful as they were back then.

The battle back then made the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty never to have the thought of unifying the Heavenly Mandate Realm ever again. Instead, they pinned their hopes on the next generations Yi Tianyu.

The central region of the Heavenly Mandate Realm was ruled by the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. All of its territory were its spheres of influence. The first dynastic faction was the vast army of the Demon Realm. When they stepped onto the central regions of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, it was the Yi Dynasty.

At this moment, behind one of the city walls governed by the Yi Dynasty, people within the city suddenly felt a suffocating pressure. The people then looked up at the faraway horizon. The next moment, their figures started to tremble greatly.

"That is the demon clan," some people said with trembling voices. What did they see?

Divine Dragons were flying past the horizon. Kunpengs blocked off the sun when they extended their wings. A wave of terrifying demonic pressure descended onto the surroundings. It caused the legs of several people to go limp.

Then, the sky suddenly darkened. When they looked up, they saw that the great demons had completely covered the sky.

"What What do they want to do?" some stuttered. Soon, the powerful fighters of the demo clan flew past their heads. They were too fast. If not for them being much higher than the people above them, the demons might have disappeared from their field of vision in an instant.

They turned back to look at the demons. They looked into the distance. If they continued straight in that direction, they would ultimately reach the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Many people felt suffocated when they thought about that.

The sky was changing.

"The Demon Realm is about to start a battle." A sound rang in the surroundings. The Demon Realm was charging directly in the direction of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. They were not here as guests this time around. Furthermore, there had not been any warning of this. The messengers would not be able to head to the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty as fast as the demons could. They might not even have time to relay the news using telepathy.

What was this, aside from war?

Emperor Yi stood in a large majestic hall in the palace of the Yi Dynasty. He looked up and into the distance. His heart was also trembling violently. Even though he was much more powerful than most of the people in his dynasty. Even though he was merely the ruler of a border dynasty, he was still a middle-level Renhuang with a sixth-tier Divine Wheel. He was immensely powerful. He had sensed the movement when the demons were still far away.

Something big was about to happen.

Hum! A radiant divine light flashed past. He was incredibly fast as he turned around and sprinted in the direction of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

He was the ruler of the Yi Dynasty, but at the same time, he was also a subordinate of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. Furthermore, he had a considerable relationship with the Yi clan in the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. After all, every ruler of the respective dynasties could only take the position of the Emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty approved of it.

A ray of golden divine light of unparalleled radiance shot out from above the faraway horizon.

At the next moment, a golden figure instantly broke past the sky. The figure moved past the air like it was teleporting. Its powerful aura landed directly onto Emperor Yi. Its aura was terrifying.

Emperor Yis expression changed drastically. His speed drastically increased until he was at his limits. There were only his blurry after-images on the horizon. No one could see his main body.

"Emperor." Countless people from Emperor Yis palace looked up to see the vanishing figure. They also saw the incandescent golden figure on the horizon. It was a terrifying existence that was at the level of a Demon Emperor. The figure was surrounded by radiant illusory figures. It was a Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird.

The demon army that was advancing on the horizon did not slow down in their invasion. It was as if they did not see anything. They continued moving forward.

At this moment, the people on the ground felt a sharp pain in their eyes. They saw an infinite golden divine light. The Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird vanished from its original position. When they saw it the next time, it was at a faraway place. There seemed to be an immense figure of the Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird on the horizon.

A gentle voice rang out. At the next moment, several people saw a figure fall from the sky.

"Emperor." When they looked over in that direction, several people raised their heads and looked at the sky. They saw the falling figure. It was Emperor Yi.

Their hearts shook violently. The ruler of a dynasty had been killed on the spot. He had lost his life.

Furthermore, it only took one hit.

The radiant figure who was dressed in a long golden robe walked forward on thin air and joined up with the army. It was as if nothing had happened.

"An upper-level Demon Emperor." The hearts of many people were shaking violently.

An existence that could murder Emperor Yi in one hit was undoubtedly an upper-level Demon Emperor.

Furthermore, it should have been a Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird from the Sky Demon Court.

An extraordinary existence of the Demon Realm.

A ruler of a dynasty was murdered without even a chance of retaliation.

In the air, on the back of a Divine Dragon, Ye Futian stood silently. His long robe crackled in the win. He looked on at the scene unfeelingly.

He knew of the relationship between the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the surrounding dynasties. Today, anyone who interfered with them would be killed.

That Emperor Yi must have been doubtful about why the army of the Demon Realm had descended. However, he did not expect that his erroneous judgment of wanting to notify the Heavenly Mandate Realm caused him to be killed on the spot. He stood no chance.

Countless people looked at the sky in a daze. At this moment, no one doubted the motive of the demon army.

They directly killed the ruler of a dynasty without saying a word.

Did this need to be elaborated?

They had come to extinguish the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Soon, the demon army on the horizon started to become blurrier. Then, they disappeared from the field of vision of the spectators.

Countless people gathered at the same location. They looked toward the place where Emperor Yi had fallen. They looked at the corpse in a daze. It was as if all of this was not real.

"Will the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty collapse?"

Some people muttered as they looked at the vanishing army far away. At this moment, all of them felt an unprecedented sense of crisis. This might be the downfall of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Someone else had come to attack the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty after Gu Tianxing did back then. This time, the battle would be even more terrifying than back then.

"Does anyone know what happened?" a figure asked. He was also in a daze. It was like this was a dream.

Why would the army of the Demon Realm come to attack the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty?

Who could tell them the reason?

"I think I saw him," someone said softly. He was still looking at the sky in a daze.

"Who?" Countless gazes landed on the person who spoke.

The person who spoke turned to look at the crowd. Back then, he had attended the celebration at the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Thus, he recognized the white-haired youth.

"Ye Futian!"

The army of the Demon Realm charged forward. Finally, the dynasties near the central region of the Heavenly Mandate Realm were shaken. It was like a tsunami. It had come suddenly, yet ferociously.

Several figures came forward from the palace of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. They were powerful Renhuangs. They had grim expressions, their auras pulsing intensely around them. They were all headed directly toward the Sacred Hall of the palace.

The Emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had sensed the commotion. He had already stepped out and was standing on the steps.

"Emperor, we are being attacked by the army of the Demon Realm," a voice rang out. The voice felt like a bolt of lightning on a sunny day. It rang clearly within the ears of the powerful fighters in the palace.

The army of the Demon Realm had attacked!

"What factions of the demon clan are there?" the Emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty asked.

"The Divine Dragons, Sky Demon Court, and Divine Elephants. Three armies of the Demon Realm." It was another alarmed voice. The Renhuangs in the palace could no longer sit still. They took to the skies and moved in the direction of the Sacred Hall.

The Emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty clenched his fists tight. An unbelievably overbearing aura swelled outward and enveloped the boundless Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. The glory around his body radiated upward and illuminated the sky.

At this moment, the Emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty looked like a deity. His body rose upward slowly until he stood high up in the air.

The thing that he had thought to be impossible was happening.

The formation of an alliance by the juniors in the Gods Relic had turned into a large alliance of the Demon Realm in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

He did not understand.

He closed his eyes slightly. Countless powerful fighters appeared all around him. They were all looking at him. At this moment, the Emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was calmer than usual.

He closed his eyes and spread his Divine Spirit outward. It expanded continuously. Soon, the boundless Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was enveloped within his Divine Spirit.

Countless images appeared in his mind. His Divine Spirit raided the area manically. Many people clearly felt his Divine Spirit brush past him. It even felt as though they could see the deity-like figure standing in the air above the Sacred Hall.

It was the emperor.

At this moment, in the Imperial City, a figure was walking on the road. He had no aura and was extremely silent. He was like an ordinary person.

However, at this moment, he stopped in his tracks and sensed the Divine Spirit sweeping past him.

He looked up toward the direction of the palace.

The next moment, a violent aura erupted from within his body.


In an instant, the unbelievably violent aura surged out and swept past the bodies of countless people with him in the center. Several people trembled as they looked toward him.

Who was this person?

Thump! The ground was crumbled with a footstep. The figure took to the skies and stepped on thin air. With every step he took, several people on the ground spat out blood.

"Why?" A voice spread toward him. It was the voice of the Emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. At the same time, his Divine Spirit continued spreading outward. At the other two directions of the Imperial City, terrifying auras also burst forth and applied pressure on the entire city!