The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1693

Chapter 1693 The Cottage

These days at the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, there were powerful cultivators of Renhuang Realm who departed successively, heading toward different places, some even to different realms.

The academy that was built on the ruins of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty gradually took shape over time, magnificent and impressive. However, it lacked the depth of history and charms from the past. After all, this was a brand-new institution.

And it would wait for someone to write it into history.

Many cultivators had gathered at the center of Heavenly Mandate Realm, and the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm was in an uproar. Everyone wanted to be there to witness this great occasion.

Not just the Heavenly Mandate Realm, but other forces of the Nine Supreme Imperial Realms had received the news and sent their people into the Heavenly Mandate Realm right away.

After he came out of the Gods relic, Ye Futian became famous in the Nine Realms. His name was known by all. Now he had set off another wave in Heavenly Mandate Realm, and it would not go unnoticed in the Nine Realms.

Although the turmoil of the past had faded away, there were still many who had Ye Futian in their minds. Even though he exerted great influence now in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, there were some principalities who didnt. It was still Empty Imperial Palace that gave these principalities pause.

Empty Imperial Palace was the first to come forward and offered him protection; thus, no one wanted to be the first to make a move on Ye Futian, not even the Golden Divine Nation who harbored deep animosity toward him. As it turned out, they would only send men to lay in wait at the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty for an opportunity. If Ye Futian took the initiative to invade because they had defied Empty Imperial Palaces order and attacked him first, then the consequence would be very different.

However, when the Heavenly Mandate Realm was steeped in turmoil, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was quiet by contrast.

But surprisingly to some, as time passed, Ye Futian remained unstirred and did not let on when the academy would be finished, so it kept many in suspense.

However, time was measured differently for those who cultivate. Several months could go by in just a blink of the eye for them.

But the center of the Heavenly Mandate Realm became quite lively. As more and more cultivators arrived, including those who were from other parts of the Nine Realms, it was inevitable that some altercations and disagreements would occur.

No one knew what Ye Futian was waiting for.

But Ye Futian was waiting for someone; the group was not yet complete.

At the very least, the opening of the Heavenly Mandate Academy should be witnessed by the disciples who used to belong to the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

There were also a few others that he would like to see, hoping to be there together.

These days, disciples from the Heavenly Mandate Realm had been picked up one after another, and Ye Futian had even welcomed a group of special guests from the Crimson Dragon Realm.

It turned out that after the older senior brother, Sword Saint, was teleported, he did not return to the Heavenly Mandate Realm but went to the Crimson Dragon Realm, which was closer, and returned to Qianye City.

Therefore, Ye Futian, who had not planned on receiving those from the Crimson Dragon Realm, met in advance a group of people whom he had wanted to see but not yet seen. In Ye Futians calculation, the time was not yet ripe. His power may be strong enough in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, but there were still great potential risks.

Therefore, he had planned to wait a while longer, but as soon as Renhuang from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven had found his older senior brother, the Sword Saint, there was no way they could be stopped.

As a result, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven became even sportier.

Many had arrived.

And they all wanted to see it with their own eyes.

"Little brother, what are you thinking?" A clear voice was heard asking. Ye Futian turned and saw two people walking toward him. The man was peerlessly handsome, and the woman had an unbridled beauty.

It was none other than Zhuge Mingyue.

"My brother, you must miss me." A head popped out, and the beautiful Long Linger came to Ye Futians side and sat next to him. They hadnt seen each other for years, but it was as if they had never been apart.

"Dont be naughty," Ye Futian said smilingly. This little girl seemed to never grow up.

"Second senior sister," Ye Futian called out and stood up. Zhuge Mingyue walked up to him and stretched out her hand. Then she stood on her tiptoe and patted Ye Futians head.

Ye Futian looked quite indignant. As Renhuang, he didnt expect such treatment.

"You dont seem to be any different now that you are Renhuang," Zhuge Mingyue said with a light smile, "but you seemed to be a little better looking."

Ye Futian looked resigned to his fate. It seemed that his senior sister just wanted to experience the feeling of patting a Renhuang on the head.

What could he do?

"Would you allow me some dignity?" Ye Futian saw many around him were looking at them and felt that his image was completely destroyed.

"Yes, after all, you are now the legendary Renhuang they all talked about," Zhuge Mingyue nodded in agreement.

Back in the days in the Eastern Barren Territory, those in the Sage Realm were legends in their own right.

They have never even heard of Renhuang.

And now, their little brother was a Renhuang himself.

"But, third senior brother is a Renhuang too," Ye Futian smiled weakly; how about not bullying the wrong person?

"True, but he doesnt much feel like one at all." Zhuge Mingyue glanced at Gu Dongliu with a smile, who was right next to her. And Gu Dongliu always had a gentle smile on his face.

"When you bring Jieyu here, then the group would be complete," Zhuge Mingyue said again.

Ye Futians eyes darkened, and he could say nothing.

"Dont think so much about it. It is enough that Jieyu is still alive. No matter what had happened to her, shes still there, so what does it matter? Even if she had forgotten some things, you could always start over again." Zhuge Mingyue already knew what happened because Ye Futian had told them.

In that battle, countless people in the Holy Zhi Palace watched Hua Jieyus demise, as the wife of the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace, die on the battlefield. Even if the battle was won, that victory had come with an extremely heavy price tag. After that, Ye Futian departed to Qingzhou City. That was when all his hair turned white.

When Zhuge Mingyue learned that Ye Futian had seen Hua Jieyu, she was very happy for him because she had lost all hope.

In fact, anyone who had witnessed what happened with their own eyes, except Ye Futian himself, would have lost hope. Ye Futian, because he cared too much, he almost wanted to deceive himself of what really happened.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded. She was right. Worst come to worst, they would just have to start over again.

He did not completely trust the Lady of Brahmas Pure Sky, but even at the very least, Jieyu was still alive.

"Futian." At this time, a man walked toward him, and it was the Swordmaster of Lihen, who was followed by another man, Wang Chuan.

Previously, Wan Chuan had been cultivating in the Crimson Dragon Realm and happened to meet the Renhuang from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, so he came along with them.

His master, the swordmaster of Lihen had already become the Sword Emperor.

"Swordmaster," Ye Futian called out.

"The Celestial Gate had gone to all realms and rounded up more than half of all their disciples; They wanted to know when do you plan to depart?" Swordmaster of Lihen asked.

"Then lets go," said Ye Futian. It was unrealistic for Celestial Gate to round up all of their disciples all at once. Now that several months had gone by, everyone was waiting; it was no longer appropriate to continue the delay.

"Good, let me tell them," the Swordmaster acknowledged.

Not long ago, the mighty cultivators of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven gathered together there. Now that the Heavenly Mandate Realm was for all practical purposes, under Ye Futians command, even if there was no one left at Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, there was no fear that it would be attacked.

This time, everyone at Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was prepared to attend the ceremony to show their support.


In an instant, a mighty force of cultivator embarked, heading toward the sky.

Ye Futian and the others descended in the center of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, where the newly-constructed academy was located. Right on their heels, the cultivators from the demonic clans, as well as those from 10,000 Divine Mountain, also appeared, preparing to discuss matters regarding the establishment of the academy.

The cultivators of the Nine Realms had received the news, and soon, many cultivators of the top principalities in the Nine Realms left to go to the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Among them, there were those who were highly respected, but also just simple folks from various clans.

At the same time, Taixuan Mountain and Tianhe Realm had also departed for the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

"The Dragon Master, the Golden Raven Demonic Lord, the Divine Elephant Emperor, and the Lord of the 10,000 Divine Mountain seemed to have all arrived." Outside the newly completed academy, many people made the observation. They saw that these top figures of all sides had appeared after Ye Futians arrival.

Indeed, Ye Futian was the real center of all the attention.

At this time, all the top figures were inside the Academy.

"Have you decided on the name of the Academy?" asked the Divine Elephant Emperor.

"Well, its simply called Heavenly Mandate Academy, the place of preaching the Way," Ye Futian said. "However, the Academy will be divided into ordinary disciples and core disciples. The conditions are more relaxed for ordinary disciples, while core disciples will be put under careful scrutiny. At the same time, they will need to meet certain criteria, because these core disciples will be the elites of Heavenly Mandate Academy."

Everyone agreed. Tianshen Academy and the Shangxiao Divine Palace were not too different in their operations; the places of preaching were always more or less the same.

"In addition, among the core disciples of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, we will select the most genius talents, and they will become the real backbone of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Even more, they would be the soul of the Heavenly Mandate Academy."

Everyone looked somber and said, "If so, the criteria must be higher in comparison."

"Of course." Ye Futian nodded. "The door could only be entered by those who possess the perfect divine wheel."

Although they had already anticipated it, it was still a surprise when they heard Ye Futians pronouncement.

Only those who possessed the perfect divine wheel would be allowed in. Exactly what kind of disciples did they intend on creating?

"I have already thought of a name for this central power inside the academy; Heavenly Mandate Academy, The Cottage." Ye Futian continued, "It will not be announced to the public, only we would know who are the disciples of The Cottage."

Previously, he had already discussed with the third senior brother that he liked the name Heavenly Mandate Cottage, but it was rejected by his second senior sister, Zhuge Mingyue.

She thought it was inappropriate. The Cottage was not simply just a name, it had special meaning, and not just anyone could be qualified as a disciple of The Cottage.

Therefore, Ye Futian changed his mind and gave up the idea of naming the Academy as Heavenly Mandate Cottage. Instead, he would name it the Heavenly Mandate Academy and set up the Cottage as a part of it.

And only those who possessed the perfect divine wheel could have a chance to be admitted into The Cottage. This also meant that Ye Futian was almost certainly would be the one to control the process personally, without announcing it to the public.

If so, how awesome would the future disciples of the Cottage be?

"Very well." Everyone nodded, and there was no disagreement. So, the weighty news was officially released to the public. The name of the academy was to be the Heavenly Mandate Academy. After seven days, the Heavenly Mandate Academy would be officially open its door in the Heavenly Mandate Realm and invite everyone to come. And everyone was invited to come and observe the Opening Ceremony!