The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1699

Chapter 1699 Origins

Yu Sheng stood before Shen Ling. They stood some distance apart. The might of the Renhuang Plane enveloped this space.

Shen Lings eyes changed, becoming a pair of divine eyes. They directly penetrated Yu Shengs eyes. However, he only saw a pair of frightening demonic eyes looking back at him. It was as though a demon was emerging from Yu Shengs eyes.


Yu Sheng took a step forward. A loud thud could be heard. In an instant, the space where Yu Sheng stood seemed to sink downwards. Behind him, a towering figure appeared. It was hundreds of Zhang tall, as though it was a peerless demon.

In the instant that the hundred-Zhang-tall demon appeared, illusions of demons seemed to appear everywhere. Tens of thousands of demons immediately covered the entire space. Shen Ling raised his head and looked around him. The domineering illusions of demons immediately sealed off this part of the sky.

The vast might of the demons was everywhere, pressing down from the heavens above.

"The flawless level." The cultivators of the top forces of the Nine Realms stared at Yu Sheng. After Ye Futian, the Swordmaster of Lihen, as well as Gu Dongliu, was another flawless level presence at the Renhuang Plane. He was a demonic emperor.

Rumor has it that Yu Sheng was previously one of the ten cultivators who entered the Heavenly Palace of Gods relic. He had also obtained a divine item. In that case, him forging a flawless Divine Wheel was not too astonishing. It was still somewhat acceptable.

The cultivators of Shen clan had ugly expressions.

This was the fourth possessor of a flawless Divine Wheel in Ye Futians group.

No wonder his tone was so arrogant.

At this moment, dazzling divine light burst forth from Shen Lings body. It was as though his body was on fire. His blood vessels churned and bellowed. The brilliant light of Renhuang pierced through the demonic aura. Although Yu Sheng was a possessor of a flawless Divine Wheel, his Plane was still lower than that of Shen Ling. Shen clan had naturally considered that his opponent would be a flawless Divine Wheel possessor before sending him out to battle.

Divine light swept out and cut through the space like sharp golden swords.

Rumble. However, at this moment, Yu Sheng took another step forward and stepped into the sky. At that moment, a truly peerless demon seemed to appear in the world. It stomped down with one foot. Under such immense pressure, Shen Lings body actually sank downwards.

This was the suppression of the Great Path.


Shen Lings aura was still bursting forth when Yu Sheng took another step forward. Even the Divine Wheel in Shen Lings body trembled. His body was once again pressed down. It was as though this part of the world was a space controlled by the demon.

The expression of the cultivators of Shen clan shifted. They certainly could tell that Shen Ling was being suppressed. It was not that he did not want to retaliate; he did not dare, or might not have the ability to retaliate.

Such a dominant Demonic Cultivator. Countless cultivators in Heavenly Mandate City looked towards Yu Shengs silhouette. His figure had not grown larger, but in the eyes of countless people, he had already merged together with the illusions of demons and had become tall and stalwart. It was as though he was a demon incarnate.

Yu Sheng took another step forward. This time, he traversed the space in one bound, directly stomping on Shen Lings body. The illusions of demons around him seemed to all move at the same time. Shen Ling raised his head, and the sky above him was covered by these illusions of demons. This one stomp contained an unparalleled Great Path of Suppression that immediately penetrated his figure.

Rumble. This step descended from the heavens and forcefully stomped down on Shen Ling. With a huge rumble, Shen Lings figure was stomped down into the ground. Cracks appeared, and a huge footprint formed on the ground.

What level of power is this? many thought.

The hearts of the crowd were beating furiously. The cracks in the ground extended into the distance and appeared below their feet. Many people lowered their heads and then looked up again at the demonic emperor in mid-air. He stood there like an eternal demon and was extremely overbearing.

A flash of blinding light shone. Shen Ling appeared from under the ground. He looked extremely pathetic. Although his attack had blocked most of Yu Shengs power and caused the power to pass through him and dissipate into the ground, he had still lost terribly.

This was the first time he had lost so miserably in his life. It was humiliating.

The cultivators of Shen clan stared at Yu Sheng. This persons ability was not limited to just having forged a flawless Divine Wheel. Aside from that, his own Demonic Power was extremely frightening.

It would most likely be difficult for anyone at the lower-level Renhuang Plane to faze him.

Shen clans understanding of cultivation and flawless Divine Wheels definitely surpassed that of most people. Ye Futians group made Shen clan feel very uncomfortable.

"Shen clan has rich and strong foundations. Why do you send such weak cultivators out to fight? We invite Shen clan to not hide and let the world see the powerful foundations of Shen clan," Ye Futian, who was in the Heavenly Mandate Academy, cried out loudly behind Yu Sheng, who was standing in mid-air. He appeared to be holding Shen clan in high esteem, but it was in mockery.

This was the strong foundation of the Shen clan?

It could not even withstand a single blow.

It was stomped on by Yu Sheng with his foot.

Shen Haos figure stepped forward. He wanted to step out, but the cultivators of Shen clan still prevented him from doing so.

Shen Hao was the symbol of this generation of Shen clan. There was no meaning even if he defeated this opponent.

If Shen clan had to send Shen Hao out to do battle just because the Heavenly Mandate Academy sent out one of its students, they would rather not battle.

"We hope that you will not regret your decision today," a cultivator from Shen clan said to Ye Futian. They then turned and walked off. However, they did not leave the place, instead heading in the direction of Heavenly Mandate City.

The Heavenly Mandate Academy was recruiting disciples. They would remain here and watch. At the same time, they would send cultivators back to Shen clan to report on the situation.

The Heavenly Mandate Academy had four flawless Divine Wheel cultivators. Adding on to the relationship between their Shen clan and Sky River Great Elder and Ye Futian, the Heavenly Mandate Academy had to be restricted. Shen clan could not let the Heavenly Mandate Academy grow stronger and become a threat to them in the future.

The ruler of Golden Divine Nation, Gai Cang, swept a glance at Ye Futian. He then got up from his golden throne and led the cultivators of Golden Divine Nation as he turned and left. He left immediately by ripping apart the very fabric of space.

Now, Ye Futians group had offended the Shen clan again. Golden Divine Nation, on the other hand, had nothing to worry about at the moment.

"They left." The crowd felt uneasy when they saw the two major forces leaving. Today, they witnessed the grand occasion of the establishment of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. At the same time, they also saw two top forces come over to disturb the Heavenly Mandate Academy. This storm would most likely not settle anytime some and could even continue for a very long time.

It would most likely be difficult for Heavenly Mandate Academy to solidify their standing in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. They would need to first get past Shen clan.

The crowd was wondering: what would happen if Shen clan actually sent troops to the Heavenly Mandate Realm?

Although the members of the Heavenly Mandate Realm did not know how powerful Shen clan was, they had heard that they were ranked among the top three forces of the Central Emperor Realm.

Although Shen clan was at a disadvantage this time, there were only a few cultivators of Shen clan here. This was merely a warning for Heavenly Mandate Academy.

In the next three months, how many cultivators would join the Heavenly Mandate Academy?

Yu Sheng turned and returned to the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Ye Futian looked at the crowd and said, "We will stop here for today."

As he said this, he also turned and came before the group of cultivators before him and said, "Arrange the newly joined disciples of the academy so that they can settle in."

"Understood." Someone came forward to make the arrangements.

"Step down," Lord Taixuan said. Immediately, a group of people descended from the sky and joined the group of cultivators.

"For now, I will stay in the Heavenly Mandate Academy," Lord Taixuan declared. He had already revealed his stance on the matter. Facing Shen clan was still going to be tough. He naturally would not just leave right now.

"Many thanks, Lord Taixuan." Ye Futian nodded.

"If the situation was the same as it was back then in the Gods relic, Shen clan might have made their move. However, right now, Shen clan does not dare to openly attack Heavenly Mandate Academy." Lord Taixuan then continued, "If Shen clan wants to declare war against the Heavenly Mandate Academy with so many forces backing it, they will need to bear the consequences. This time, it is different from back in the Tianhe Realm. Shen clan will not commit to such an endeavor."

"If I am unable to assume the position of College Chief of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, why dont you take it?" Sky River Great Elder suggested as he looked at Lord Taixuan. In reality, Lord Taixuan was more suitable than he was to assume the position of College Chief. It was just that it was not appropriate for Ye Futian to be the one to bring it up. After all, Ye Futian and Lord Taixuan were not related in any meaningful way, and Lord Taixuan was a member of the Higher Heavens Realm who cultivated on Taixuan Mountain. He could help out as a guest, but Ye Futian had no standing to ask him to assume the position of College Chief.

"There is no need to do so. If Shen clan refuses to give up, I will accompany you and permanently reside in the academy." Lord Taixuan had clearly been angered. His expression was stern.

"Today, the Shen clan was indeed being overbearing. An academy established by the power of the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm is no pushover," Dragon Master said in a cold tone. Today, both Golden Divine Nation and Shen clan had completely looked down on the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

"Master, I will also train in the Heavenly Mandate Academy for the time being," Xiao Muyu spoke up. Ye Futian looked at her. He naturally knew that Xiao Muyu was doing so for the Heavenly Mandate Academy. That way, the cultivators of Xiao clan would also be here; Shen clan would be even more reluctant to act hastily.

"We will also report back to the clan. If Shen clan wants to act, they will need to consider it carefully," a cultivator from Xiao clan said. The Heavenly Mandate Academy already had four possessors of flawless Divine Wheels. Their potential was too frightening. No wonder even Shen clan could not sit still.

"Thank you, Seniors, for your assistance." Ye Futian nodded his head slightly.

Right now, Heavenly Mandate City was in an uproar. Almost everyone was discussing the events of the day. Information regarding the grudge between Shen clan and Sky River Great Elder also gradually went around, as well as info on Sky River Great Elder and Ye Futians relationship.

After understanding all of this, the crowd began to comprehend Shen clans motives.

They were afraid of the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Right now, in an inn in Heavenly Mandate City, many people were discussing this. A silhouette was sitting quietly in the corner, listening in on the discussions of the crowd.

At that moment, a group of figures came up to the second floor of the inn. Immediately, all eyes turned towards them. The inn instantly fell incredibly silent.

The group that had arrived were members of Shen clan.

They walked towards a corner and sat down. One of their members said, "Did anyone see which lineage that Demonic Cultivator was from?"

The crowd shook their heads and said, "There are very few incredible Demonic Cultivators in the world. Rumor has it that he had previously trained in Dragons Gods."

"Order some men to investigate their origins. There is certainly more information about them in the Heavenly Mandate Realm," the cultivator of Shen clan continued saying. The might of Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and their group had drawn the attention of the Shen clan. They were beginning to investigate the origins of Ye Futian.

"Hmm." The others nodded their heads.

Then, the group fell silent. They remained very quiet, causing the entire inn to feel somewhat depressing.

However, at that moment, a silhouette stood next to the cultivators of the Shen clan.

The members of the Shen clan frowned. They looked towards the youth and asked, "What business do you have with us?"

"I believe I know some things about the origins of Ye Futians group."