The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1703

Chapter 1703 Destruction

Two figures descended into the sky above the mountains in the Tianhe Realm. They were Shen Ji and the Sky River Great Elder, who had come from the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

The Sky River Great Elder descended into the mountains. Everything here was so familiar, but after today, he would never live here again.

"Get whatever it is you need quickly," said Shen Ji coldly. Him allowing the Sky River Great Elder to come here was already the height of kindness. He was doing it because of past friendship.

In the past, the Sky River Great Elder had swept away all the other top figures. If he had not wanted to leave the Shen clan and come here to the Tianhe Realm to teach, then none of these things would have happened.

The Sky River Great Elder would even have had the chance to inherit Shen Jis position and become a great elder of the Shen clan.

But unfortunately, after the things that had happened, he had been unable to recover. He had spent his days here in the mountains like a living dead man.

"Alright," said the Sky River Great Elder with a nod. He walked into a cavern residence. Shen Jis thoughts were locked onto him. In his perception, the Sky River Great Elder walked deeper in, surprising Shen Ji.

"Enchantments and matrices!" In Shen Jis perception, he could see a path through the mountains. The mountains seemed to have been forged with enchantments and matrices on the inside.

Cold light shone from his eyes, and divine light flashed from his body. He reached out, and suddenly booming sounds rang out without ending. The mountains collapsed.

Several of the mountains were directly shattered, but his attack seemed to be blocked. He discovered there were many overlapping enchantments.

He frowned. The Sky River Great Elder seemed to be hiding something.

He descended until he stepped directly onto the mountain range. Suddenly, the vast, endless mountains collapsed wildly and were flattened.

The ground below collapsed as well. At that moment, he could sense that there was an empty space below ground that was covered by the enchantments.

He descended even further until he touched down on the ground with a boom. A hole opened up in the ground as the vast expanse of land began to collapse.

Beneath, Shen Ji could see the Sky River Great Elder. He stood there alone amid a massive matrix.

The matrix stretched out incredibly far. He had not thought that he had underestimated the Sky River Great Elder. He thought he had given up. He would never have thought that he would have set up a giant matrix.

But what could this matrix change?

"What is the point of this?" Shen Ji asked coldly. His voice was still arrogant and powerful. It was as if he never considered the Sky River Great Elder worthy of attention.

"I spent years making the Shen clan let down their guard towards me, and even more years creating this matrix," said the Sky River Great Elder. "There are many things I still do not understand. I originally wanted to wait, but it seems that you are not willing to."

"Can a matrix make up the difference in power between us?" said Shen Ji, looking down at him, speaking with a cold voice. Why was the Sky River Great Elder that confident?

"Are we really that different in terms of power?" said the Sky River Great Elder, looking up at Shen Ji. "The Heavenly Path is flawed, and you cannot escape your fate. Do you know what this is?"

"Hmm?" A look of surprise came over Shen Jis face. He finally noticed that the Sky River Great Elder was standing right in the middle of the matrix.

There seemed to be a stone tablet there with many words on it. The characters seemed to be incredibly ancient. Under the light of the matrix, it was hard to make them out. But when he sensed it carefully, he could feel a shocking aura coming off it.

"This is a divine item, the one the Shen clan has always wanted to find. In the past, we actually got two. One was given to Nong Yue, which Feixue now has. We did not dare reveal the other one because it was too powerful. Instead, we carefully hid it. Only the two of us know about it. I have carefully forged it over several decades, and even now, I have only completed part of it.

The Sky River Great Elder looked up at Shen Ji, speaking as if he was explaining something normal. As he spoke, his aura gradually changed. Lines of blood-colored dark light appeared around him. A suffocating aura spread out from him.

"A divine item." Shen Jis face fell. The aura was growing stronger and stronger. The matrix on the ground stretched out further as it grew. The endless blood-colored dark light filled the sky, transforming into an infinite flow that sped through the air.

The aura was extremely violent, overpowering, bloodthirsty, and emotionless.

This was the aura of the Great Path of Destruction.

"I wanted to spend more time trying to understand it. If I knew more about it, I could control it better. I never thought that things would come to this, that I would have to use it so early," continued the Sky River Great Elder.

"So, the reason you brought your heir to the Central Imperial Realm to seek out old friends was just to create a false appearance. You found a true heir and gave everything to him, paving the way for him, and even not hesitating to lose face on his behalf?" said Shen Ji. "You did all this to fool us?"


The Sky River Great Elder looked up. Terrible blood-red dark light flowed in his eyes as well, making them terrible and frightening. The lines of light made people feel wild; it was as if they could not control themselves.

What was even more frightening was that the matrix and the divine item were connected. A terrible flow of the Great Path stretched out, making a destructive storm sweep out over a vast area. The Sky Rive Great Elder was right in the center of the storm.

"The Shen clan knows all about your hatred. Thus, we have never stopped watching you. But we never thought you would spend decades trying to make us relax, then spend decades underground hiding. Just how much do you hate us?" A divine eye appeared on Shen Jis brow, and a cutting storm swept out. Divine Light destroyed everything around him. "However, even if you have a divine item, can you really hope to face me?" he said loudly. Light cut through the air towards the Sky River Great Elder.

"Who says I have not reached the next level?" the Sky River Great Elders voice came out slowly. As he said this, the formation began to flow backward, covering the sky. Endless destructive blood-colored light shot into the clouds. Endless characters flew through the storm.

He seemed to be using heaven and earth as a furnace to forge the Great Path of Destruction and refine the sky.


A terrible, apocalyptic thunderclap rang out as the skies changed. The endless, dark, destructive storm contained blood-red catastrophe light. The whole sky seems like it would be refined.

Shen Ji was swallowed up by the storm. All around him was transformed into a world of destruction. And it was not only there, but the vast mountain range and even far away in the imperial city of the Tianhe Realm were also covered by the storm. Everyone looked up into the sky and trembled with terror.

Many figures stood up, and some of them rose into the sky, their bodies shaking.

"What happened?"

"That is Sky River Temple over there!"


There was a loud noise as destructive light swept out.

"Lets go!" someone yelled. As he said this, the destructive light surged towards them and swept over them. Many buildings were cut through, and many figures were destroyed and swallowed up in an instant. Some cultivators were also killed by the destructive airflow.


A low roar rang out. It seemed as if a terrible battle had broken out in Sky River Temple. Everyone fled wildly from that place, not daring to stay and watch.

If they stayed, they would surely die.

At that moment, the Sky River Great Elder stood in the sky, the divine item having already melded into his body. At that moment, he seemed to have completely changed. He seemed to have regained his vigor, becoming much more youthful. His black hair flew in the wind, and his face was full of murderous intent. His eyes were even more terrible as blood-red light suffused them.

A blood-red seal appeared on his forehead, like the seal of a god.

All around him, the Deed of Thorough Comprehension formed a closed circle. The breath of the Great Path flowed through his body; then, it flowed out into the world.

"You are feeding the Great Path with your body. This is only false power." Shen JIs aura surged as he gazed at the Sky River Great Elder.

Cold, blood-red light shone out of the Sky River Great Elders eyes. He did not reply but stretched out his right hand. Suddenly, the Great Path of Destruction surged. It seemed as if massive, invisible, destructive seals formed, wrapping around everything.

Endless divine light shot out of Shen Jis eyes, cutting through the air and the divine seals as it raced towards the Sky River Great Elder.

The Sky River Great Elder thrust out his fist. Suddenly, thousands of destructive seals shot out.

The Tianshen cleave bloomed into life, ripping holes in the fabric of space and cutting through the seals. At the same time, it pierced through the Sky River Great Elders mind, trying to cut his very soul.

Crack! The Tianshen cleave passed by, and incomparably brilliant divine light shone from Shen Jis eyes. He tried to destroy the Sky River Great Elders soul. But to his surprise, he discovered that as the cleave passed through, it was not able to kill him.

In the next instant, endless destructive seals filled the air and began to descend.

Divine light blazed as a destructive spatial storm whipped up around Shen Ji. But the endless destructive seals continued to descend.


Shen Ji was knocked backward. The Great Path of Destruction infected his body. A dark expression came over his face.

Suddenly, countless images of the Sky River Great Elder seemed to appear around him. They were everywhere.

The Sky River Great Elder was using his body to feed the Great Path. Had he also mended his soul into the world itself?

Thus, he had not been able to completely cut through his soul.

Boom! Destructive light shot up into the clouds, trying to mold the very sky and make it flow into Shen Ji.

The endless characters whirled through the air, enveloping Shen Ji.

Shen Ji sensed the Sky River Great Elders aura and suddenly felt that he should flee.

He formed a seal with both hands, drawing a line in the air. He turned into a beam of spatial light that cut through the storm, splitting the air as he fled.

The Sky River Great Elder stared at him. It was difficult to hold Shen Ji in one place.

He looked up into the sky and stepped forward. Suddenly, he disappeared.

Soon, he came to the Imperial Palace of the Tianhe Realm. Many cultivators appeared there, including the Emperor. He looked at the Sky River Great Elder, who had turned young, and trembled on the inside. He bowed and said, "Greetings, elder."

The Sky River Great Elder stood high up in the air. He reached out, and suddenly, the entire building was covered in destructive power.

In a flash, all the figures rose up into the air, giving off plaintive cries.

"Please spare us, elder!" begged the Emperor, bowing. At this moment, the Sky River Great Elder was terrifying. His eyes were like those of a god of death!