The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1705

Chapter 1705 City Under Siege

oThe ancient Shen clan in the City of the Gods in the Central Emperor Realm was known as one of the top three forces in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

It was said that there were three top figures in the Shen clan. Among them, two of them guarded the clan itself. One of them was the current patriarch of the clan, and the other was a clan elder, Shen Ji, who had attacked the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

However, this force that stood at the peak of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path had encountered a disaster not long ago.

The Sky River Great Elder had slaughtered them, killing many cultivators in the City of the Gods, then attacking the Shen clan itself where he had buried many more. Only when the patriarch and the elder had acted was he wounded and driven away.

No one had thought that the ancient Sky River Great Elder would one day become a demon. If they could have imagined that, they would not have left him alive.

At that moment in the divine hall of the Shen clan, a young woman was floating helplessly in the air in the midst of a brilliant matrix like a rootless plant. She looked weak and pitiful. She was covered by countless rays of divine light that seemed like they wanted to cut into her. Beams of terrible light flowed off of her.

Almost all the great figures of the Shen clan stood around her, including the current patriarch.

And these powerful people had used their strength against this woman.

Behind the matrix was another prison in the air with three people in it, imprisoned by interlocking bars of spatial light. They watched the scene before them with red eyes, as if they were about to go mad. But they had no power. They could only watch what was happening.

These three were Qi Xuangang, Yan Yuan, and Nan Zhai.

As for the floating woman, it was naturally Feixue.

These days, the Shen clan was constantly healing Qi Xuangang, trying to recover his erased memories in order to find Feixue. However, before he had recovered his memories, they had sent people out to find her, and they had seen her and Yan Yuan. They had also gotten some thoughts from Qi Xuangang from time to time.

Despite this, he had never thought that the Shen clan would get him.

At this time, he cursed himself for his powerlessness. He could not protect his own daughter.

Yan Yuan and Nan Zhai also looked quite bitter. Their red eyes were filled with endless guilt. Before their teacher had left, he had asked them to protect Feixue, but they had not.

Now, seeing her current situation, they felt like knives were piercing their hearts.

"There is no way to refine it," said one of the Shen clan cultivators to his elder, ignoring the prisoners mood.

"Its already inside her. Of course there is no way," said Shen Ji.

The patriarch of the Shen clan was silent for a while.

"We will have to take it out of her by force, " said another elder, his voice cold.

The patriarch of the Shen clan naturally knew what that meant. They would have to cut open this woman in front of them.

If it had been anyone else, they already would have done so. But what could not be denied was that the woman before them was related to him. Her grandmother was his own daughter.

"Elder, we need the divine item," said someone.

The patriarch thought of the battle that had happened before. The Sky River Great Elder had fought his way into the Shen clan all by himself, staining the land with blood.

If the Sky River Great Elder had only broken through to the next level and had not done all the other things, he would be no match for the patriarch. But he had activated the power of the divine item and become terrifyingly powerful.

This made the Shen clan want divine items to bring back to their clan even more.

Boom! A dull roar rang out in the distance. Everyone in the Shen clan could feel a terrifying shaking. The cultivators all frowned. More dull roars rang out. They knew where they were coming from.

The Sky River Great Elder had gone crazy and used his body to feed the Great Path. He had turned from a man into a demon. She was crazy as well as she wildly attacked the matrix that held her, trying to break free.

If it wasnt for how strong the giant matrix was, she would have broken it.

"Alright," said the patriarch. He had finally made his decision.

Hearing his words, Feixue seemed to understand her fate as she floated there powerlessly. Tears flowed from her eyes.

She was not afraid of death; it was just that this was not how she wanted to die.

No one would want to leave the world in such a casual fashion.

And she knew that if the Shen clan killed her, her father, Brother Yan Yuan, and Brother Nan Zhai would all die as well.

Her heart hurt to think of it.

As the tears fell, a figure appeared in her mind. He healed her eyes, allowing her to see light again and letting her body accept the "ominous thing" within her so that it became part of her flesh.

After he had left the Crimson Dragon Realm, she had often wondered when she would see him again. She had never thought they w be parted forever.

"Elder!" came a voice from outside. The patriarch frowned and said, "Didnt I tell you not to disturb us?"

The person outside felt his heart tremble, but he said, "Elder, several top figures have suddenly descended upon the City of the Gods."

The patriarch of the Shen clan frowned. First, it had been the Sky River Great Elder, now who was coming to make trouble?

"Who is it?" he asked coldly.

"The Xiao clan, the Yuanyang clan, and another one from the Ziwei Realm, the Dou tribe," said the man outside, trembling. "Three people from these three great powers have come. Their clan leaders have come personally."

The patriarch of the Shen clans expression finally changed. And he was not the only one. All of the great figures of the Shen clan looked shocked. If they had been outside, they would have sensed this, but they were busy with Feixue.

The elders of three powerful forces had come. What did this mean?

The Sky River Great Elders attack had shaken the Shen clan. Had these people come to kick them while they were down?

Although these were the top forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, in normal times, they would not even be worthy of the Shen clans attention. Each of them only had one top-level figure, and the Shen clan had three. Even if one of them was gone, he and Shen Ji could still protect them.

Who in the vast world would dare disturb them?

But today was different. The affair with the Sky River Great Elder was not yet finished, and the Shen clan had experienced great turmoil. Now, three great figures had come here together. If they had come to attack, the Shen clan could not stop them.

Looking away from Feixue, the patriarch said coldly, "We will leave this place first."

On saying so, he turned and walked out of the hall.

A dark look came over the faces of the cultivators of the Shen clan as they followed him out.

On the steps to the hall, the patriarch looked off into the distance. His thoughts swept out, spreading far away in an instant.

Soon, he a figure standing on top of a building with his hair dancing in the wind. He recognized him. It was Xiao Dingtian of the Xiao clan.

It was said that he had not appeared in the outside world for many years.

The patriarchs thoughts continued to sweep out until he saw two more people. One of them was carefree and unrestrained, sitting there peacefully, while the other was eating and drinking in a pavilion. This one had a husky figure. Everyone in the pavilion where he was eating had evacuated, and no one dared come near. His aura was too frightening. It seemed as if it would be impossible to breathe if one sat beside him.

The three of them were all in different places in the City of the Gods. They had not appeared together, and they were not coming towards the Shen clan.

However, since they had all appeared at the same time, no one would think that was a coincidence.

This was the homeland of the Shen clan. How stupid would one have to be to think that it was an accident that three great figures had appeared there at the same time?

There was a cold look on the patriarch of the Shen clans face. These three top figures would not normally cooperate. There was only one reason for them to make common cause: their descendants were all very close to Ye Futian of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

All of this was because of the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

They dared attack the Shen clan because of that academy.

At that moment, he seemed to sense something. He looked through endless space, off into the distance. There, a terrifying aura seemed to be approaching, getting closer and closer.

The City of the Gods was one of the greatest cities in the Central Emperor Realm.

Now, a mighty aura was spreading through the sky above the city. It was the aura of a mighty army that was traveling through the air.

Countless people looked up at it. It was made up of Renhuangs.

A low roar rang out from the mouths of terrifying dragons. The sun was blotted out as Kunpengs flapped their wings. Overpowering elephants charged through the clouds.

An army of Renhuangs rode on the backs of the dragons, elephants, and Kunpengs. They were descending upon the City of the Gods.

There were two people at their head: one old one young. The old one had an incredible aura, and the young one was heroic and had hair as white as snow.

"The forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm!" The people of the City of Gods soon guessed who they were. The Heavenly Mandate Academy had been founded not long ago, shaking the Nine Realms. It was said that a cultivator of the Shen clan had gone there in force seeking someone. The Heavenly Mandate Academy had refused him, after which Shen Ji had attacked the academy.

Why had the academy come here now?

First, it had been the Sky River Great Elder, who had turned into a demon. Now it was the army of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Moreover, it seemed like three powerful figures had come here before them.

When had such a powerful storm ever befallen the City of the Gods?

When had the Shen clan ever been in this much trouble?

"This is too much," said someone, looking up at the army in the sky and trembling. The people involuntarily followed the army towards the Shen clan. Of course, only Renhuang level people dared follow them closely.

In the pavilion, the mighty and powerful figure put down his cup and stood up. He looked out towards the Shen clan, and an oppressive aura swept out all around him. Countless people looked at him. He stood there in the pavilion like a god of war, facing the Shen clan.

The elder of the Yuanyang clan and the Xiao Dingtian of the Xiao clan let their auras spread out as well. They stood atop buildings, and as they let their auras out, the people in the area around them began to tremble.

These were top-level people.

Three powerful auras were descending upon the Shen clan at once.

And at the same time, a powerful army had appeared as well!