The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1706

Chapter 1706 Greetings To The Master

The Shen clan was vast and boundless, its interior was akin to an ancient city, with an unknown number of cultivators.

At this time, many figures levitated into the sky from the Shen clan. They focused on the outer sky, at the great army that had descended.

There were still those who had no qualms about attacking the Shen clan.

Last time it was the Sky River Great Elder, and this time, it was the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Lord Taixuan levitated into the sky alone, heading toward the direction of Shen clan. He took a step into the void.

Bang. Loud sounds were heard, and buildings inside the Shen clan collapsed and shattered. A terrible storm of sword qi blew through the Shen clan, and some from the Shen clan perished immediately under the sword.

Shen Jis body rose into the air. He opened his divine eyes, and the divine light reaching toward Lord Taixuan. He said in a chilling tone, "Lord Taixuan, do you know what you are doing?"

"Naturally," Lord Taixuan responded, "when Shen clan slaughtered countless cultivators in the attack of Tianhe Realm, have you ever thought that the Sky River Great Elder would one day come to avenge them? Likewise, when you forced your way into the Heavenly Mandate Academy, you never expected that one day the Heavenly Mandate Academy would dare to come to the Shen clan."

"Everything that was done by the Shen clan must be repaid." Lord Taixuan stepped out again, and the Sword Will set off a terrifying storm, as many ancient temples of the Shen clan were flattened by the sword qi, just like what Shen Ji did to the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

How could the Shen clan be so self-assured, thinking that the Heavenly Mandate Academy would not fight back? Just because the Shen clan was strong and powerful, Shen Ji was bold enough to be so aggressive as to uproot the newly established Heavenly Mandate Academy.

However, at this moment, Lord Taixuan was telling him that whatever Shen clan dared to do, they would also.

The clan lord of Shen clan was still standing below, as his divine spirit swept toward the top figures in the other three directions. The three of them were at different locations outside the Shen clan and observing from afar; it was as if they were not here to fight, but merely to observe.

"How about you guys?" asked the clan lord of Shen clan.

He could hardly believe that the three top peak forces would also dare to go to war with them. If they started a war, both sides would suffer. Those who were at the pinnacle of power perhaps would not perish, but their young ones would most certainly be decimated.

Who could afford to pay such a price?

It didnt seem that they were at the point where they need to all perish together.

"Xiao Muyu, the goddess of Xiao clan, and some of our youngsters had entered the Heavenly Mandate Academy to cultivate. When we heard that the Shen clan had come in force and slaughtered indiscriminately, completely ignoring their existence, our youngsters were quite incensed and demand an explanation; thats why we are here today," said Xiao Dingtian, the clan lord of the Xiao clan.

His tone was extremely calm, without any emotion, as if he was just stating a casual matter.

Clearly, they would not perish together, nor do they really wish a full-blown war; it was a price that no one could afford. But it was true that the Shen clan was the instigator in this conflict, and it was hard for all the principalities here to act without prejudice. After all, who could overlook such blatant offense?

By coincidence, Sky River Great Elder invaded the Shen clan, with Lord Taixuan and Ye Futian following closely behind. Under such circumstances, they had no choice but to come along.

Since the Shen clan thought that they didnt dare to go to war, they wanted to see if the Shen clan dared to start a war all by themselves?

And now, they were inside the Shen clan.

In this world, no one lacked courage, especially those who had cultivated to the level that they were in. By daring to come here with prominent figures of all top forces, Ye Futian displayed fearless courage.

Lord Taixuan and Ye Futian were right. If this humiliation was tolerated, then the newly established Heavenly Mandate Academy would never be able to stand up in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

So here they were.

"The young ones couldnt let go such slight, so us old ones had to come over and keep an eye on them. Or else, it may be like last time in the Heavenly Mandate Academy, getting killed off by Chief Elder Shen Ji." The clan lord of Yuanyang clan piped up. His tone, though nonchalant, was clearly full of strong resentment.

Today, all three great cultivators came to protect their young. They stood here and watched to see whether or not the Shen clan would dare to make a move.

If the Shen clan did make a move, then they would have no choice but to oblige.

The wager for todays gamble between both sides was the entire Shen clan. If the Shen clan dared to play the game, it could possibly be annihilated.

Four mighty figures plus the top forces from Heavenly Mandate Realm. No one had any doubts that they could very well destroy everyone except the two major figures of the Shen clan.

Of course, this was not a step anyone wished to take. However, it would be impossible to spare the two major figures of the Shen clan, so this was a poison pill they had to take.

Once, Shen Ji had wagered that the Heavenly Mandate Academy would not retaliate. Today they bet that Shen clan dared not make a move, which was also a strong response to the Shen clan.

A divine dragon was moving forward, with Ye Futian standing on top of it. Behind him, there were some who traveled with him, and they were very young. Every one of them was the top-figure of their generation.

On both sides, people from the top forces in the Heavenly Mandate Realm were standing guard for them.

"Bring them," Ye Futian said. A divine dragon came forward, and several men were clasped within its sharp claws.

In one direction within Shen clan, Shen Hao was there.

Behind him, Luo Yang paled.

Seeing the situation right now, he knew that everything had gone wrong. He had thought that facing the powerful Shen clan, the Heavenly Mandate Academy lacked the power to fight back and would not risk any sudden moves.

But the Heavenly Mandate Academy had unleashed swiftly upon the Shen clan.

"Luo Yang," Ye Futian called to him, but Luo Yang stood there without moving.

"Bastard" Luo Yangs father was imprisoned by the sharp claws of the divine dragon, and his eyes were bloody red. He definitely did not expect that Luo Yang to cause such a grievous disaster in the Upper Worlds. He participated in this kind of power play intending to benefit from it, but he didnt know he was, in fact, playing with fire.

"Father, Im sorry." Luo Yangs face was pale, but he couldnt die now. Shen Hao had already agreed to take him in cultivation. If he stepped out now, everything would be over.

If he could stay alive, then there was still hope.

Ye Futian stared coldly at Luo Yang in the distance. Did he think he could survive this?

The divine dragon continued moving forward. Ye Futian put out his hand, and the Spatial Will of the Way swept out, as a giant hand pressed down through the void. This golden giant hand from the space caught Luo Yang, and slowly lifted him up.

"Save me," Luo Yang had a look of terror on his face. But when he looked at the cultivators behind him, no one paid any attention to him.

To the Shen clan, Luo Yang was but a nobody; no one cared about whether he lived or died.

Luo Yang saw those indifferent eyes looking at him, and he felt cold all over.

The giant palm imprisoned him and moved him in front of Ye Futian.

Boom. Flames descended, engulfing Luo Yangs body.

"Let me die quickly," Luo Yangs face was distorted, he looked terribly wretched.

Ye Futian stared at him indifferently, ignoring the miserable howls let out by Luo Yang, who was also well-versed in the art of flames. However, under the Flames of the Way, his body disappeared little by little until there was nothing left but ashes.

All the cultivators watched what was happening in front of them, and remarked on its ruthlessness.

Luo Yangs family members looked on with bloody red eyes, but who could they blame at this moment?

All of this was Luo Yangs own doing.

"People from Luo clan will never be allowed to leave Crimson Dragon City, or else the entire clan will be eradicated. You may go back now," Ye Futian said. Divine dragon loosened its claws, and people of the Luo clan left with their lives, but their hearts were cold.

They would not be allowed to leave Crimson Dragon City for as long as they were alive, never mind about Crimson Dragon Realm.

This was how Ye Futian forbade their clan to even contemplate revenge for generations to come.

Crimson Dragon Emperor would be keeping close tabs on them.

Luo Yangs death was just an aside. The fact was that not many people here cared much about whether Luo Yang lived or died. But if it werent for Luo Yang, none of this mess would have happened. It was because of the news that Luo Yang gave to the Shen clan that started the chain of events.

Even as Luo Yang was unimportant, Ye Futian had to be killed.

He looked in the direction of the Shen clan, and said loud and clear, "Ye Futian from the Heavenly Mandate Academy, come to bring back my master Qi Xuangang, senior brother, and Feixue."

This voice rolled like thunder, resounding through heaven and earth, heard throughout the entire Shen clan.

His master Qi Xuangang had been trapped for many days. Now the senior brother and Feixue had also been brought here by the Shen clan. Today, he came to bring them home.

Sky River Great Elder was not successful, so he could not fail today.

In the distance, the clan lord of the Shen clan looked at Ye Futian from afar. This was the first time he saw this white-haired young man. Before this, he had only heard people below talking about him a few times.

Qi Xuangangs own talent was not spectacular. Back then, the Shen clan opposed his marriage to Nongyue, causing a series of bad events. No one could anticipate that Qi Xuangangs disciple was so outstanding.

He knew clearly that todays siege on Shen clan by the Heavenly Mandate Academy and the three top figures, was because of this disciple of his.

To be able to do all of this, even he, as one of the pinnacle figures of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, had to admit that it was truly amazing.

Shen clan stood on the top of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, and had never been so passive and overwhelmed by an opponent like they were today.

No wonder he was able to create the Heavenly Mandate Academy by himself. It seemed that they had underestimated him.

"Bring Qi Xuangang and the other two," the clan lord said. Someone stepped into the temple, and soon, three figures emerged. It was Qi Xuangang, Yan Yuan, and Nan Zhai.

Feixue was not one of them.

Obviously, to the Shen clan, different values were placed on Feixue, Qi Xuangang, and the others.

Qi Xuangang, Yan Yuan, and Nan Zhai looked into the distance and saw the white-haired man who came on the divine dragon.

Qi Xuangang renounced his relationship with Ye Futian years ago and suffered alone, precisely because he wished to spare Ye Futian.

He never thought that there would be a day when Ye Futian would lead an army to the Shen clan and came for him.

"Unfit disciple Ye Futian now come to bring the master home." Looking at the frail Qi Xuangang at this moment, Ye Futian felt a deep sorrow; he was a most incompetent disciple. Once, he had watched his master being taken away by the Shen clan, while he didnt dare to make their relationships known. After such a long time, he was finally here.

Fortunately, the master was still safe and sound.

"Dou Zhao from the Dou clan in Ziwei Realm greets the master and two senior brothers." At this time, Dou Zhao also took a step forward, bowing in the direction where Qi Xuangang was. This was the first time he met his master since Ye Futian accepted him as his junior brother, and he had to pay his respect.

Qi Xuangang was taken aback, unaware since when was Dou Zhao a disciple of his?

"Long Chen from the Dragon Gods in Heavenly Mandate Realm; greetings to the grandmaster."

"Jun from the Sky Demon Court in Heavenly Mandate Realm; greetings to the grandmaster."

"Gao Huang from the 10,000 Divine Mountain in Heavenly Mandate Realm Mountain; greetings to the grandmaster."

"Xiao Muyu from the Xiao Clan in the Imperial Realm; greetings to the grandmaster."

Many emerged, saluting Qi Xuangang in the distance.

At this moment, Qi Xuangang was a little confused!