The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1709

Chapter 1709 Battle Between Two

Amidst the cultivators of Shen clan, after Ye Futians three-man team pushed back the Renhuangs, they continued advancing in the direction of the sacred hall.

Ye Futians group was not afraid of the top figures of Shen clan there.

They did not fear those figures attacking them. Since they had come here, they had already thought things through clearly. It was either they perished and brought Shen clan down with them, or they succeeded in rescuing their target.

Ye Futian believed that the dominant and powerful Shen clan would not dare to take such a risk when faced with the true danger of their clan being eradicated.

Shen clan would rather preserve their own lives.

Ye Futians figure accelerated as he advanced. Dou Zhao and Yu Sheng cleared a path in front of him to his left and right. There were no fancy attacks. If they encountered any Renhuangs, they merely attacked them in close quarters directly. Dou Zhao immediately activated the will of the Sevenfold Fighting God. Based on his battle against Yu Sheng in the Gods relic, Dou Zhao was not much weaker than Yu Sheng with his current condition.

Hence, the cultivators of Shen clan merely saw the silhouettes of Renhuangs directly sent flying from their attacks. No one could stand against them.

On Ye Futians left and right, the swords of Yaya and the Swordmaster of Lihen also opened a path across the space. High above and behind Ye Futian, Juexian Diagram appeared on Gu Donglius body. It was as though he had summoned deities and demons.

Among Shen clan, no one at the lower-level Renhuang Plane could stand against this assault.

The lower-level Renhuangs of Shen clan in all directions began to retreat. They knew that facing such an attack was almost guaranteed to fail; they had no chance of winning at all.

Renhuangs with flawless Divine Wheels were far more powerful than ordinary Renhuangs. The former could ignore the small difference between Planes.

Although Ye Futian had only attacked once, he had shattered the formation established by the combined might of the Renhuangs of Shen clan. It was just as he had said: before him, lower-level Renhuangs did not stand a chance.

Among Shen clan, there was most likely only one person of the same Plane that could do battle against Ye Futian. He was the most powerful monstrous figure of this generation of Shen Clan, who similarly possessed a flawless Divine Wheel Shen Hao.

"Those with first and second-tier Divine Wheels, stand down," Shen Hao ordered. His body gradually rose into the air. As he stood in mid-air, behind him were all the cultivators of Shen clan who had third-tier Divine Wheels. There werent many of them, and they were all elite figures.

The wars of the cultivation world were never won with sheer numbers. Numbers only claimed an advantage when both sides were more or less equal in terms of Plane and combat ability. However, before absolute power, having superior numbers was merely sending cultivators off to their deaths. What meaning was there to sending troops who could not even take one hit?

Many Renhuangs had downcast expressions. Although they were reluctant, they still descended to the ground and landed among the cultivators of Shen clan.

Right now, the spatial power of the Great Path permeated the sky above the entire Shen clan. This power separated Shen clan from the rest. That way, the people below would not be dragged into the ferocity of the battle.

Shen Hao stood in mid-air. Brilliant divine light emanated from his body. Behind him, a group of lower-level Renhuangs with third-tier Divine Wheels similarly unleashed extremely powerful auras of the Great Path. Endless divine light gathered together. In front of them, a spatial divine wall, that stretched as far as the eye could see, appeared. There seemed to be countless spatial runes shining on the wall as it separated this part of the sky.


Two loud crashes could be heard. Yu Sheng and Dou Zhao directly collided with the spatial divine wall. In that instant, cracks appeared on the dazzling golden divine wall.

Soon after, two brilliant blades of light swept out and crashed into the cracks. It was quickly followed by the sound of the space shattering; the divine wall was blown apart into dust.

However, Yu Sheng and the others also slowed down and then stopped in their tracks. They looked towards Shen Hao and the other cultivators before them.

Dou Zhao seemed somewhat excited. The person before him was Shen Hao, the top figure in this generation of Shen clan.

In the entire Central Emperor Realm, Shen Hao was definitely considered one of the top figures of this generation. Even among the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, it was still the same.

Battle intent lingered on Dou Zhaos body. He wanted to charge forward and battle it out with Shen Hao.

This top figure cultivated by Shen clan would certainly be extremely powerful.

Nevertheless, Dou Zhao did not mind. Even if he lost, wasnt there still Ye Futian and Yu Sheng?


Just thinking about this made Dou Zhao somewhat unable to hold himself back. His figure flashed past and traversed the space. He directly charged in Shen Haos direction.

The cultivators of Dou tribe were born with a love for combat. Dou Zhao had inherited the bloodline of the Fighting God. The desire for battle flowed within the blood in his veins. How could he let such an opportunity slip past him?


As he advanced, his entire person became that of a war god. The will of the Sevenfold Fighting God was completely unleashed. His power burst out to its limit. The entire sky seemed to be crushed by his will.

Ye Futian did not stop Dou Zhao when he saw him charging forward. He naturally knew that Dou Zhao loved to fight. With Dou Zhaos ability, even if Shen Hao was extremely powerful, it would be impossible for him to instantly kill Dou Zhao. Even Ye Futian and Yu Sheng could not do so.

Dou Zhaos resistance to take hits was also very high. His defense was astonishing.

Shen Haos divine eyes looked towards Dou Zhao. He only glanced at Dou Zhao. Shen Hao was as arrogant as a deity that had descended upon the mortal plane. From Dou Zhaos perspective, Shen Haos silhouette was as tall as a mountain. It was as though he was a deity that was covered in endless divine light.

This made Dou Zhao feel dissatisfied. This dazzling figure was shining more brilliantly than he was.


Dou Zhao raised his arms and sent out a punch. The punch of the Fighting God seemed to cause even the space itself to collapse. A dull thud could be heard in the space.

Shen Haos gaze was unbelievably calm. It was as though he was unmoved when he saw Dou Zhaos overbearing punch.

Shen Haos figure that floated there remained uninhibited. The divine light in his deep gaze was frightening. The aura from his flawless Divine Wheel of the Great Path burst forth from his body. He opened his arms and slowly rose up.

In that instant, a spatial storm swept up in that vast and endless space. Countless spatial divine lights swept out. The spatial storm raged frenziedly, emitting a high-pitched sound.

Although it was a storm, there was no wind. There was only destructive power that tore apart everything.

In a mere instant, Dou Zhaos lofty and domineering figure was swept into the countless divine lights. The spatial storm swallowed up the sky and buried him within itself. Within the storm, each beam of spatial divine light contained extremely potent power. When countless beams of divine light burst forth at the same time, its might was astonishing.

Dou Zhaos excited expression suddenly changed. It wasnt because Shen Hao was powerful, but rather than this type of ability was somewhat of a counter to him.

Rumble! His war-god-like silhouette adorned dazzling golden armor. The Fighting God sent a punch crashing out. It immediately penetrated the space, piercing through the storm. The storm that engulfed him ravaged his body. At the same time, it also surged into his mind and attacked his will.

Sharp cracking sounds could be heard. The armor on Dou Zhaos body was torn apart. The storm wanted to turn his entire person to dust.

Dou Zhaos body penetrated the storm and continued to crash towards Shen Haos figure. However, he did look somewhat pathetic. His imposing manner had been knocked down a few notches.

Shen Hao took a step forward and pushed his arms forward. The endless spatial storm circled in front of him and consumed Dou Zhaos figure.

Dou Zhao did not retreat. He would not retreat. He merely advanced.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The terrifying sound of collisions kept sounding. Dou Zhao finally made it through the storm. Unfortunately, under the effects of the storms frightening might, his body had also finally come to a halt. Streaks of blood appeared on his arms. His defense had been torn apart, and, in the end, he still could not reach Shen Hao.

Shen Hao was proficient in using the Way of Space. He also had a flawless Divine Wheel of the Great Path like Dou Zhao. It was very difficult for Dou Zhao to have an advantage over him.

This attack left Dou Zhao somewhat dissatisfied. Shen Hao did not give Dou Zhao the chance to take on him face-to-face at all.

Shen Hao swept a glance at Dou Zhao. His gaze then shifted and landed on Ye Futian.

When Shen Hao met Ye Futian in the Gods relic and had heard that he was the inheritor of Sky River Great Elder, he still had not properly looked at Ye Futian. At that time, Shen Haos attitude was arrogant. What was an inheritor of Sky River Great Elder compared to himself?

In fact, Ye Futian could only be considered the grand-disciple of Sky River Great Elder.

However, now that Sky River Great Elder had slaughtered his way into Shen clan alone and killed many cultivators of Shen clan, Ye Futian had descended on Shen clan with cultivators from various forces. With the forces at Shen clans gates, they threatened the existence of Shen clan.

Ye Futians party even killed the Renhuangs of Shen clan.

All this felt like a dream.

This youth, who was now renowned in the Nine Realms, also established Heavenly Mandate Academy and helped the people at his side forge flawless Divine Wheels.

Most likely, after today, Ye Futians fame would resound in the Nine Realms and surpass that of their Shen clan.

Ye Futian might even become the most brilliant existence of this generation in one fell swoop.

Be it Shen Hao himself, Nan Luoshen, or Jian Qingzhu, all of them had never caused such sensational events like Ye Futian had. Ye Futian was leading a large army to slaughter their way to Shen clan!

Shen Hao had to strike down Ye Futian today and defeat him here.

Otherwise, Ye Futian would step over him and Shen clan to become famous everywhere.

Ye Futian also looked at Shen Hao. Of course, he knew that Shen Hao had not considered him a threat at all back then. It was not just Shen Hao. None of the other cultivators of Shen clan had ever looked at him properly.

Of course, Ye Futian did not need their attention.

On the day that Ye Futians master had been taken away by Shen clan, he knew that one day, he would certainly come face-to-face with them. It was just that he had never imagined that that day would come so soon.

"All of you, step down," Shen Hao commanded. The other members of Shen clan looked at him with strange looks on their faces, but they still obeyed Shen Haos order and stepped down.

In Shen clan, Shen Haos position was extremely high. It was especially so after he emerged from the Gods relic.

"You all have already killed many of my Shen clans Renhuangs. Since you have come here today, I believe that you only wish to take your master away and do not wish to die here. For the remainder of this battle, the both of us will suffice," Shen Hao said as he looked at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian knew that what Shen Hao had said was not wrong. It was impossible for Ye Futian to truly start a massacre. This time, they were here to take his master away. Currently, his group was not yet a powerful force. If they truly angered Shen clan completely, both sides would end up perishing together.

This was not the ending he wanted.

Ye Futian extended his hand, and the others understood what he meant. They similarly backed down. Yu Sheng also stepped down. Dou Zhao felt somewhat depressed. However, he still headed in another direction and left the battlefield.

At this moment, in the sky above Shen clan, there were only two people left standing across from each other on the battlefield.

The top figure of Shen clans current generation, as well as the future leader of Shen clan Shen Hao.

The grand-disciple of Sky River Great Elder, who established Heavenly Mandate Academy, a genius figure who shook the Nine Realms with his emergenceYe Futian.

This battle would be the pinnacle battle of their generation!