The Legend Of Futian Chapter 171

Chapter 171: The Soldiers Mound
Chapter 171: The Soldiers Mound
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Ye Futian's gaze seemed to penetrate through the heavy fog. Looking beyond the fog, Ye Futian finally laid eyes on the scene that was unfolding. His expression changed drastically before yelling, "Look out!" He had only just spoken when tens of thousands of arrows whisked through the air straight toward them like a meteor shower, covering the entirety of the sky above. In an instant, figures lifted into the air one by one.

Next to Qian Yang, Zhao Han, Shi Tong, and others stepped forward. Sword intent cut through the air as a huge ax flew forward destroying the wave of arrows headed for them.

"Let's go," Qian Yang called out before he ran ahead. The cultivators from the other groups also sped up, moving at the speed of light.

In front of Ye Futian, the Black Wind Eagle shook its large wings, creating a gust of wind that pushed away the attacking arrows. At the same time, the beast led Ye Futian and the others towards the gates ahead. They made it through the fog and into the relic. They were met with a large armored army which seemed to have no end from where they were looking.

"Let's go to the Soldiers' Mound," a voice spoke out suddenly. It came from the sharp-looking young man next to the Virgin. Ye Futian's eyes lit up and he ordered the Black Wind Eagle to follow behind the Virgin and her group. It was definitely not their first time in this relic.

What was the Soldiers' Mound? The endless army they had just seen was not made up of real people, but it was as if they were alive because they initiated an attack.

BOOM! A fearsome force of energy blanketed the area. The army below was actually using sorcery. Their attack charged directly at the group up in the air. Virgin Loulan Xue looked down with her silver eyes. A terrifying glow emitted from her eyes sealed all the charging arrows in ice as they made their way into the skies.

On Ye Futian's side, the Black Wind Eagle kept spitting out Wind Blades down at the army. However, the army seemed to have an unlimited supply of arrows. Yun Qianmo descended from the skies to release a shower of swords. Light gleamed off of the blades as the swords rained down, creating a protective field in the surrounding area to aid the Black Wind Eagle's advance.

"An ancient city." Ye Futian lifted his head to look up ahead. The Loulan Relic was actually a mysterious ancient city. Furthermore, it seemed as if the entire city was set up to form a powerful matrix. Traveling straight ahead, Ye Futian noticed that the city below was packed full of people. There were powerful cultivators everywhere.

"This is a matrix," said Ye Futian, a very powerful one at that. The matrix covered the entire city. Entering the city, they had also made their way into the matrix.

Ye Futian observed the crowd below. The armies suited in silver armor radiated the aura of the lower-level Dharma Planes. However, among those clad in silver, there were generals suited in golden armors. The aura they emitted was that of the mid-level Dharma Planes. The huge matrix had separated the armies in the ancient city by planes of cultivation.

Loulan Xue led the way as everyone else followed behind. They were moving very fast but that did not stop the armies from below who would charge into the skies at them every now and then. However, among the people entering the relic, only Ye Futian and his friends were in the lower-level Dharma Planes. All the others were top-level Dharma Plane cultivators. Naturally, the people below were not able to stop them from moving forward. Despite this, Ye Futian predicted there would be an existence of greater power at this historical site.

After some time, they arrived at a location guarded by generals in gold armors. There were even some people donning rose-gold armors. Their aura let others know that they were of the higher-level Dharma Planes.

"Kill them." Beside Loulan Xue, the sharp-looking young man led his people forward. His Dharma appeared behind him and a windstorm brewed. From the storm, shot out countless spears, killing the armor-clad generals. The others joined in on the action and in the blink of an eye, the whole area was in disarray. Very quickly, they had killed everyone guarding the location.

Up ahead, a solemn tower appeared. It radiated an aura of mystery. Ritual implements of all sorts floated in the air around the tower.

Soldiers' Mound. Ye Futian's eyes brightened. Was this tower the Soldiers' Mound?

"As long you can manage to take the ritual implements with you, they belong to you," said Loulan Xue. It was an expansive area that the implements were spread out in. Everyone looked around at the glowing objects, ready to make their picks. Rumors said it was extremely difficult to take the implements away from the Loulan Relic. Even if they were right in front of your very eyes, you couldn't take them with you.

Noble will circulated in these implements, so it would require an individual to have enough willpower of their own.

Zhao Han headed in the direction of a certain sword. It glowed with a golden light, making its blade seem extremely sharp. One could even see their own reflection on the blade of the sword.

"Mine," said Zhao Han. Releasing a fearsome force of sword intent, he walked up to the sword. He extended his arm to reach for the sword. But just then, the sword exploded with a shocking and destructive force of sword intent itself. Within seconds, the strong force had launched Zhao Han's body backward with a low groan of pain. He spat blood and the color washed from his face.

Everyone's eyes fell on him. The ritual implements of the Loulan Relic were not that easy to obtain. If it were that simple, the implements at the historical relic would have been long gone.

"What happened?" Qian Yang asked Zhao Han. Although he had already done prior research, this was also his first time in the Loulan Relic.

"The sword seems to have a mind of its own. It repelled me," said a pale-faced Zhao Han.

Behind them, Ye Futian's eyes browsed through each ritual implement. With the Freedom Meditation in motion, he was able to see the terrifying willpower in each implement. It almost looked as if the power was locked within the objects. This force of will was most likely noble will.

Another figure moved forward. It was a cultivator from Yunxiao Mountain Clan. As he stepped forward, his entire body was bathed in the glow of lightning. Reaching out his hand, even his hand carried the terrifying power of lightning. His palm wrapped around a thunder hammer basking in a rosy gold gleam of dominance.

A thundering force of power erupted in the air. The power of lightning in the palm of the cultivator's palm suppressed the force from the ritual implement.

Just then, the force followed the curvature of the cultivator's arm and rushed crazily into his body. The horrific willpower from the implement clashed with the will in his body. Following this was a groan from this cultivator who cultivated in the element of lightning. He had been struck by lightning and was fried pitch black. The cultivator from the Yunxiao Mountain Clan was met with this pitiful result and fell to the ground from the skies.

People stepped up for their own attempts one by one but not one succeeded.

The ancient historical site had been around of ages but all the ritual implements were still there. This meant that not a single person had been able to take an implement away from the Loulan Relic. It was an impossible task.

Loulan Xue watched everything unfold quietly. Were the sealed noble will ritual implements still unable to find their successors?

"Ye Futian, aren't you going to give it a try?" Qian Yang asked with his eyes trained on Ye Futian.

"After you, Young Master." Qian Yang stepped out. Fate from his body exploded, reaching the air ten feet above him. The noble fate attracted the attention of everyone around.

"Young Master Qian will definitely be able to claim one of the implements," said Zhao Han.

"I'll try it out first." Qian Yang had spoken. He moved towards the golden sword Zhao Han had attempted to claim just before. Noble fate formed into a dragon, revolving around his body and its sharp claws reached for the hilt of the sword.

A fearsome force of sword intent burst from the sword, disregarding the power of the fate. It rushed directly into Qian Yang's mind. His fate returned to his body. The will that made up his noble fate was terrifyingly powerful. Closing his eyes, his will fought against the sword intent in his mind.

The two parties engaged in a formless battle. Sword intent flowed outside of Qian Yang's body, creating a sharp screeching sound as it battled against his willpower.

Zhao Han and the others had their eyes glued on Qian Yang. Just a little while later, Qian Yang's forehead was already drenched in sweat. Perspiration ran down his face like an endless waterfall.

WHOOSH! A force of sword intent whisked by. Qian Yang was pushed back and the sword intent dissipated, returning back into the sword. A voice spoke out right after, "Still lacking a little something."

Hearing the voice, everyone's eyes widened and looked towards the sword. Could it even make noises like that? Who was speaking?

Qian Yang's face was drenched in sweat and he had turned pale as a ghost. He had actually failed. "I couldn't win against the noble will in the sword. The ritual implements of the Soldiers' Mound choose their successors," said Qian Yang with a heavy expression. The implements had life, the life of their original owners. Their noble will was not destroyed and was sealed in this historical site, to live on in the implements they possessed when they were living.

The sword and the noble will came as a package deal. The will would never be destroyed. Thus, one must obtain the acknowledgment of the noble will within before being able to take control of the ritual implement.

Ye Futian observed in silence. He had also deduced that the implements of the Soldiers' Mound choose their own successors, just as Qian Yang had said.

"I'll give it a go," said Ye Futian. He walked forward and laid eyes on a flame scepter. Getting up close, a burning flame was ignited in the palm of his hand as he reached out for the scepter.

A first level Dharma Plane cultivator? Everyone looked at Ye Futian in shock. This was the guy who walked up to stand side by side with the Virgin the other day. No one expected his level of cultivation to be so low.

The moment Ye Futian's palm wrapped around the flame scepter, a wild force of fire will rushed into his mind. It was almost as if the power from the terrifying force wanted to burn him down to nothing. Ye Futian immediately let go and took steps back. He stared at the flame scepter in front of him.

"Where is the Virgin Loulan?" asked a voice that suddenly appeared. Loulan Xue stepped forward and finally spoke, "Here." Just then, an apparition formed by will appeared next to the flame scepter. The figure was engulfed in flames. Everyone's gaze was frozen at his sudden appearance.

"This is getting out of hand. You're even allowing first level Dharma Plane cultivators into the relic as a contender of the ritual implements?" the fiery apparition asked the Virgin Loulan. He was very obviously discontented.

Loulan Xue glanced over at Ye Futian quickly. She had not known that he was in such a low level of cultivation.

"Are things really going downhill with every passing generation? Is there anyone else who wants to try?" The figure looked around the room at the others. A mere first level Dharma Plane cultivator's will would never be able to intake his will. Even top-level Dharma Plane cultivators could barely manage!