The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1721

Chapter 1721 Warmth

After staying in Qingzhou City for a couple of days, Ye Futian left with Hua Fengliu and his family. When the Black Wind Condor spread its wings to depart, many from Qingzhou City watched them leave.

Although many already knew who Ye Futian was, no one disturbed him except for an occasional stare from a distance. No one expected that he would leave after only two days, so this caught many by surprise.

There was a woman standing in front of the house, watching them as they were leaving. She stood there for quite a long time afterward.

With the kind of cultivation that Ye Futian possessed, a single sweep of his divine spirit was enough to see through everyone in Qingzhou City. However, this time he just stayed there quietly for two days without causing any excitement.

Just as the master preferred peace and quiet nowadays, although his cultivation was superior, he had not interfered with other peoples lives. He could easily change peoples destiny, but in doing so, their course of life would change accordingly. Who knew what the future would bring?

Qingzhou City was a paradise in his heart.

But what Ye Futian didnt know was that after he left, the island city upon the East Sea was gradually being swallowed up by heavy fog and became ever more elusive.

Upon the East Sea, immediately outside the island city, under the shocked observation of those ships that were traveling in the vicinity, the island became increasingly blurry until it had completely disappeared from their field of vision. All they could see was a cloud of mist.

In the following month, there were those who left Qingzhou City, entered into the mist, and were never seen again. Gradually, except those who had families in Qingzhou City, no one dared to venture into the mist.

A few months later, the mist dissipated, but Qingzhou City had completely disappeared; it was as if there had never been such a city that existed in the East Sea.

Qingzhou City was nothing but an island in the East Sea of the East Sea City inside the Nandou Nation. Although it had caused some discussion in the East Sea City, it was soon forgotten by the others. At most, it would only be mentioned years later as an unsolved mystery.

Ye Futian too his time on the way over, but when he returned, it took only moments. He had picked up some people on the way, met up with them in the Holy Zhi Palace in the Barren State, and then departed toward Emperor Xias Realm.

After that, from Emperor Xias Realm to Crimson Dragon Realm, he took advantage of Crimson Dragon Realms teleportation grand matrix to return to Heavenly Mandate Realm.

It took very little time for him to get back.

So that by the time they got back, the assessment at Heavenly Mandate Academy had not yet concluded, and countless cultivators from the Nine Realms were still converged inside Heavenly Mandate City.

In the Heavenly Mandate Realm, outside the Heavenly Mandate Academy, a divine bird, the Roc, morphed back into its original form. The wings of a thousand meters were spreading out, covering the sky and the sun, and a mighty group rode on its back. There were not many of them when they departed to the Lower Worlds, but now there were many on the return trip; they were all families and friends from the Lower Worlds of the Nine States.

Were it not for the cultivators of the Shen clan, Ye Futian might not have brought so many people back. But, since what had happened, he must now guard against the Shen clan. At the very least, those who were close to him could not be left behind in the Lower Worlds for fear that their safety might be threatened by the Shen clan.

On the back of the Roc, those from the Nine States looked down at the vast crowd below. They also saw the people taking part in the assessment outside the Heavenly Mandate Academy and felt an incomparably powerful breath of the Saint Plane bloomed and filled the space.

At a glance, cultivators of the Saint Realm were packed in densely like sardines, and all the saints from the Nine States were dumbfounded.

They were all people at the top in the Nine States, transcendent and holy. However, in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, the Saint Realm actually looked quite different.

The hearts of many palpitated. They had thought that the Supreme Region would definitely be different, but they never expected it to be so terrifying.

"Dongliu, is Saint Plane the general level cultivation of the Heavenly Mandate Realm?" Zhuge Qingfeng asked Gu Dongliu who was beside him. Gu Dongliu and Zhuge Mingyue both stood next to him.

"No." Gu Dongliu shook his head and said, "Actually, people above the Saint Plane were in the minority. It was just that now we are basically only in contact with those above the Saint Plane, and some were even in the Renhuang Plane. The Heavenly Mandate Academy is the preaching holy land of Heavenly Mandate Realm, all the cultivators of the Nine Supreme Imperial Realms have come to participate in the assessment of the Academy, which means that the people you see in front of you were all the elite of the Nine Realms."

Zhuge Qingfeng nodded. This was easy to understand. People at different levels would naturally be surrounded by different levels of people.

"Of course, the greater environment of the Upper Worlds and the Lower Worlds is different, much easier for cultivation, and the Saint Plane is not as difficult to achieve as in the Lower Worlds," Gu Dongliu added.

"Do you all feel very discouraged?" Zhuge Qingfeng smiled as he looked at Douzhan and others next to him. A few of those old guys completely had no place here.

They all smiled a feebly.

There were too many people below, and at a glance, it was just a vast crowd, and all of their cultivation was so high that it was a bit frightening.

The Roc spread its wings and came to the outer peripheral of Heavenly Mandate Academy. The people below saw the white-haired young man on the back of the Roc, and suddenly many people bowed and called out, "Emperor Ye."

"Greetings to Emperor Ye."

Many people bowed and saluted Ye Futian, demonstrating a lot of respect, especially the youngsters.

Now, Ye Futian was a legend among the younger generation; he was their belief and their idol.

Their respect was from the heart. Who else had the courage to lead a great army and challenge the Shen clan?

They looked at each other, and there was shock in their eyes. Ye Futian didnt explain to them the actual situation here.

Ye Futians status seemed to be very high and lofty.

Ye Futian nodded slightly toward the people below, as the Roc entered straight away inside the Heavenly Mandate Academy, swooping down toward the center.

When the Roc landed, Ye Futian said, "Here."

As he was speaking, they went down, and the Roc turned into human form. Around them, many a figure flickered their way over, many of them were prominent figures from the academy. They were saying, "You are back."

"Mmm." Ye Futian nodded.

Then, there were some youngsters who rushed over. Not many knew Ye Futian had gone away this time. After he returned with so many people in tow, inevitably, it would attract a lot of curiosity.

The saints from the Nine States felt the aura from those people, and they couldnt help but feel a little nervous. The strongest person they had ever seen before was Emperor Xia, but from Emperor Xias Realm to the Crimson Dragon Realm, and then to Heavenly Mandate Realm, they all understood that Emperor Xia was simply no comparison with the older generation of cultivators here because they were simply not on the same level.

Those people who stood there felt unfathomable. Just how strong were they? Only heaven knew.

They had never come into contact with such strong people.

Although Hua Fengliu had feigned disdain when he was in Qingzhou City, he certainly understood that Ye Futian was a true power now, and he had reached an unattainable height.

Of course, Hua Fengliu was not too surprised. He was one of the few people who knew Ye Futians greatest secret. Back then, in front of Emperor Ye Qings statue, he was the one who protected Ye Futian with his own life, when this guy claimed to be a natural-born emperor as a teenager.

It was just that he had no concept of what an extensive impact it would have at the time.

"Big brother." Hua Nianyu walked next to Ye Futian, took his hand, and looked up at him timidly.

After all, Hua Nianyu, who grew up in Qingzhou City, was only a five-year-old girl. She was a little scared because she had never seen anything like it.

Ye Futian bowed slightly and picked her up in his arms, and said softly, "Dont be afraid. From now on, everyone here will be your grandpas, uncles, and aunties. You can call them whatever you want, and they will all like you."

"Mmm." Nianyu nodded gently, still holding onto Ye Futians neck tightly.

A five-year-old child was very sensitive to the sentiments of those around her. Ye Futians was so gentle and indulgent toward her so that even though she couldnt quite understand it, she was very close to Ye Futian.

Even her own sister, Hua Jieyu, was not so close to her. After all, although Hua Jieyu was very good to her, she rarely smiled.

"What a cute little thing." Many people showed a kind look when they saw Nianyu. This little thing was way too adorable.

"Shes pretty." Xiao Muyu stepped forward and pinched Nianyus cheek. She then smiled and said, "Let me give you a hug?"

"Big sister, you are so beautiful." Nianyu grinned and then turned around in shyness, still holding on to Ye Futians neck.

Xiao Muyu blinked and looked at Ye Futian, asking, "Master, whose child is this? Shes so smart."

"Your grandmasters child, Jieyus younger sister," Ye Futian smiled and answered. Then, he looked at Hua Fengliu and Douzhan next to him and said, "This is the grandmaster, this is also"


Xiao Muyus expression was particularly worth watching. But she still bowed to Hua Fengliu and Douzhan and said, "Disciple Xiao Muyu greets the grandmaster and other elders."

"How did you trick them into becoming your disciples?" Hua Fengliu whispered.

He could see that this beautiful woman with extraordinary temperament had a very high level of cultivation.

"Master, what do you mean trick? They were perfectly willing. Ask Muyu if you dont believe me." Ye Futian was a little offended.

"Grandmaster, it was out of my own will to follow the master," Xiao Muyu said with a small smile. She could see that these people were probably the masters family.

The master, who was considered as the most genius talent in the Supreme Region, had indeed come from the Lower Worlds.

"Hello, two masters, disciple Dou Zhao here!" Dou Zhao jumped out and shouted cheerfully.

"You are everywhere." Ye Futian said with a laugh. But this guys cultivation was somewhat similar to that of master Douzhan. As for the names of Sage Douzhan and Saint Douzhan, they were both honorific titles, and his real name was not known to many.

"Dou Zhao, this master is suitable to cultivate methods from your clan. You two can figure it out yourselves." He pointed to Douzhan.

"Sounds great! The master can choose any top methods you like," Dou Zhao said readily.

"Isnt it a little inappropriate for me to do that?" Douzhan could tell that Dou Zhaos realm was far stronger than him.

"Master need not be polite. If hes willing to give, you can choose at will," Ye Futian smiled.

"Yes, Yes, Master needs not be polite." Dou Zhao nodded in agreement.

Douzhan smiled a little weakly.

"Futian." At this time, Lord Taixuan and the others also came over and asked, "Family?"

"Mmm." Ye Futian nodded and introduced to everyone, "Lord Taixuan, the dean of the Heavenly Mandate Academy."

"Greetings." When everyone heard Ye Futians introduction, they knew that this must be an esteemed person, and they were all being respectful.

"No need to be so formal." Lord Taixuan said, "Futian, since it is your family, you will do well to get them settled."


"Whats the girls name?" Lord Taixuan looked at Nianyu.

"Grandpa, my name is Hua Nianyu," Nianyu said softly.

"Good girl, give me a hug?" Lord Taixuan was kind and gentle, just like any other ordinary elder.

This time Nianyu looked at Ye Futian first, and when she saw Ye Futian nodding, she reached out with her hand.

Lord Taixuan took her and held her carefully, revealing a loving smile that had never been seen before. After living for such a long time, he had not yet enjoyed this kind of joy.

"Since Nianyu called me grandfather, would you mind me treating her like my own granddaughter?" Lord Taixuan looked at Hua Fengliu and said with a smile.

"The elders affection is Nianyus blessing," Hua Fengliu smiled and nodded. Before, he had hoped that Nianyu would spend a normal life in Qingzhou City. However, since they were here now, it was better for them to adapt to things.

With the affection of such a prominent figure, how could he mind?

"Lord Taixuan and all the elders, Nianyus talent may be a little lacking by nature, but we will leave her cultivation to you in the future," Ye Futian said with a smile.

"That is no problem, Im still here, arent I?" Lord Taixuan said with a smile. His realm was enough to change lives and alter destinies, so a little lacking in natural talent was of no concern to him.

Many were looking at the little girl in Lord Taixuans arms, and they all knew that the girls future was bound to be extraordinary.

Of course, they could also see that Ye Futians position in this Heavenly Mandate Academy was significantly superior!