The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1723

Chapter 1723 Divine Prefecture Calendar Year 10040

Divine Prefecture Calendar, Year 10,040. It had been four years since the Heavenly Mandate Academy was founded.

In the past four years, the Heavenly Mandate Realm was more peaceful than any previous era. After the battle with the Shen clan, no one dared to provoke the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Within the Heavenly Mandate Realm, with the Heavenly Mandate Academy as the center, the forces in the Heavenly Mandate Realm themselves were almost in themselves, a great alliance. The human realm of cultivation and the demonic realm were no longer at odds but cultivated together. Although there were countless disputes occurring daily in the realm of cultivation, the competitions between top forces were gone.

To the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm, it was considered a peaceful era.

Some people had divided the history of the Heavenly Mandate Realm into different eras. If the era before was considered a time when warlords reigned, then the Heavenly Mandate Realm today could be said to have officially entered an era led by the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

The entire Heavenly Mandate Realm was centered around the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

In the past few years, the number of cultivators of Heavenly Mandate City had expanded rapidly, showing explosive growth, so that for those whose cultivation was not strong enough, they almost could not gain a foothold here. People whose cultivation was below the Saint Plane, unless relying on familial influence, was almost scraping the bottom of the cultivation world in Heavenly Mandate City.

Today was the day for the selection of core disciples at the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Every year at this time, some spaces were allotted so that some disciples may enter the core of the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Of course, the cultivators inside the Heavenly Mandate Academy sort of knew that in the interior of the academy, there was a place called The Cottage. It was the absolute core of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, directly under the command of Ye Futian. Those who had possessed the perfect Divine Wheels in the battle with the Shen clan were all disciples of The Cottage.

At this time, there was a huge sect gymnasium inside the Heavenly Mandate Academy. There were several Law Battle Platforms, and many people were fighting there.

Out front, on the high platform, several people were sitting there, presiding over the selection process of core disciples.

There were nine of them in total. Besides the seven elders, there were also two younger people.

Many disciples from the Heavenly Mandate Academy gathered in the surrounding area, even if they were not on the selection list, they still looked forward to the selection process of core disciples.

"This is the first time that Senior Brother Chu Yu appeared in this capacity." In the distance, there were many disciples who were rather envious.

Chu Yu, like most people, joined the Heavenly Mandate Academy after its establishment.

However, they were the first group. When the Tianshen Academy was first established, Gai Cang, the Overlord of the Golden Divine Nation, and the cultivators of the Shen clan descended in force, so that almost no one dared to approach the academy. Chu Yu was one of the first three who entered the academy. Many people guessed that perhaps from that time on, he had already been regarded as an important person to be brought up in leadership.

"Well, I heard that Senior Brother Chu Yu was the first to enter that place and was the only disciple of the Heavenly Mandate Academy who was not previously acquainted with Emperor Ye," someone said softly.

Many people knew what place he was referring to. The Cottage inside the Heavenly Mandate Academy was a mysterious place that was not made public to the outside world.

But those who cultivated in the Heavenly Mandate Academy more or less knew something about it.

In the past few years, several people had entered the Cottage, but only Chu Yu, who had not known Ye Futian before, was the first to enter The Cottage by his own ability.

"So, it is possible that Senior Brother Chu Yu could cast the Divine Wheel of the Great Path" Some showed a sharpness in their eyes, and there were some speculations in their minds.

"Brother Chu Yu was an extremely famous figure in Heavenly Mandate City even before that. The Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, Yi Tianyu, once tried to coax Chu Yu to accompany him in cultivation, so his talent was without doubt. However, Emperor Ye and the others truly didnt care about his relationship with the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty." Some people couldnt help but secretly admire him.

The operations of the Heavenly Mandate Academy were fairly transparent. This matter also demonstrated the generosity of Ye Futian and the elders of the academy.

They didnt care much about the candidates background or past.

It was said that the Chu clan in Heavenly Mandate City had already designated Chu Yu as the next clan leader.

"Senior sister Feixue became an emperor at such a young age. Wasnt the conflict with the Shen clan caused by Sister Feixue?" Someone looked at the other young person sitting above, and it was Feixue.

"Senior Sister Feixue is actually not that young, but it was said that she used to fall into deep sleep often, almost in a state of suspended animation. Now that shes being guided in cultivation by the peerless goddess of the Shen clan, Shen Luoxue, how could she not become an emperor?" Someone said, "And besides, there is also"

The people around nodded. It was rumored that Feixue still had a divine item in her body, and she was also the daughter of Ye Futians master. It was completely reasonable that she became an emperor.

At this time, on the high platform, someone who had just passed the screening came over, looking at the nine people in front of him.

"He Feng, Saint Plane of Nirvana." An old man who was sitting in the middle said, "Suppose one day in the future you are a Renhuang, and the Heavenly Mandate Academy encounters a crisis just like four years ago, with the great army descending on the academy. If you participated in the battle, you will most likely lose your life. What will you do?"

"If the Heavenly Mandate Academy thinks that the battle can be won, then I will fight; if it thinks that it cannot be won, then I will run. If one day I have the ability to avenge, I will; if not, I will choose to continue cultivating quietly," He Feng responded.

The elder looked at the others, lingered especially on Feixue, and then looked at He Feng and nodded, "Congratulations on passing the assessment."

He Feng bowed slightly to everyone, then stepped aside.

After that, someone else came forward, and the questions were still simple.

However, the results were different. Some passed, and some didnt.

The people who had reached this point had, in fact, already passed the talent screening. As long as the nine people were in agreement, they could become core disciples.

This years assessment format was different from years past. It was really the simplest yet. Just a few questions, or even just one question.

At this time, another person came forward. This person exuded a dazzling divine light and a supernatural temperament; he was a Renhuang.

Most people who entered the Heavenly Mandate Academy were in the Saint Realm, but there were also a few Renhuang.

Or rather, those who broke through and became Renhuang in the training process at the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Not just any Renhuang could enter the Heavenly Mandate Academy. The rule of the Heavenly Mandate Academy dictated that they would still need to go through a selection process.

"Yan Huang of the Solar Realm, Divine Wheel first-order, cast the Divine Wheel of the Celestial Level." The old man looked at him and said, "Why would you not enter the Solar Divine Palace to cultivate but choose the Heavenly Mandate Academy instead?"

"The Heavenly Mandate Academy is famous in all of the Nine Realms, do I need any other reason?" Yan Huang replied with a smile.

"If your cultivation at the Heavenly Mandate Academy is not satisfactory, it will not help you much, because you are already in the realm of Renhuang, and there are no other strong elders to guide you in your cultivation. But if admitted, at some point in the future, you may be required to do something for the academy, would you be willing?" the old man asked.

This question, stated bluntly, was to ask him if the Heavenly Mandate Academy couldnt help in furthering his cultivation, would he still be willing to pay the price.

Yan Huang didnt answer immediately. His pupils contracted slightly. But then he smiled casually, "Since I have entered the academy, I am a member of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. If the academy has any needs, of course, I will do my best to help."

"What if there is danger?" the old man asked again.

"If the danger is great, I might consider it. But if the danger is low, I will be willing to do it," Yan Huang replied.

The old man nodded, then looked to the others, as if they were secretly transmitting messages.

After a while, the old man said, "Yan Huang, assessment failed."


The pupils of the people in the distance contracted. Failed?

How could it be?

Yan Huangs cultivation was inordinately advanced, and he was quite well-known among his peers. His strength was mighty, and his demeanor aloof.

But he actually failed during the selection process for core disciples.

What was wrong with his answer?

Yan Huang was also in shock. A scorching glow shot out from his eyes as he stared at the old man, he asked, "Why?"

"Youll still have a chance in the future." The old man did not respond directly but replied with a smile.

Although he was sitting in the middle seat for the assessment, the actual decision-maker was Feixue, who was sitting next to him. She was the sole person who determined the results in the last phase of the assessment.

In fact, even if a few of the others didnt quite understand Feixues reasons, but everyone sitting here were key members of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, and they would have never doubted such a high-level decision.

As for the reason behind Yan Huangs failure, it was actually very simple, because Feixue saw that all his answers were nothing but lies.

Heavenly Mandate Academy would rather choose those disciples with lesser talents over those cultivators who were keen on infiltrating the core of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. These core disciples would be the mainstay of the academy in the future.

"I want to know the reason," Yan Huang insisted.

The old man frowned, but heard Feixue answered, "You are a cultivator of the Solar Divine Palace, correct?"

Yan Huangs pupils contracted, and he now looked at Feixue, who was sitting beside the old man.

How could she know that there was a problem in his answer?

"The Heavenly Mandate Academy is said to recruit disciples regardless of background, so what does it matter whether I am a disciple of the Solar Divine Palace or not?" Yan Huang did not answer but looked at Feixue instead.

"Indeed, we dont question your background. If you are a disciple of the Solar Divine Palace, you could very well enter the academy as such. However, if you deliberately lie to conceal your identity, it just cast more doubts on your true purpose." Feixue said, "I will report this matter to the academy. "

The disciples who were watching from a distance were stunned. Yan Huang was actually a member of the Solar Divine Palace.

But why would he hide it?

"Goodbye." Yan Huang turned around to walk away. Since he failed, he was going to leave the Heavenly Mandate Academy. It seemed that the Heavenly Mandate Academy had secretly investigated him.

"Yan Huang, dont leave the Heavenly Mandate Academy for the next few days." Another voice was heard; it was Chu Yu.

Yan Huang turned around and glanced at Chu Yu, "You have no right to give me orders."

After that, he took great steps forward.

However, Chu Yu also stood up, and in an instant, a violent power of the Great Path shrouded Yan Huang.

Yan Huangs face changed slightly as he turned to face Chu Yu. "I have heard your name many times while cultivating at the Heavenly Mandate Academy. I guess I can see for myself today."

"You are not worthy," Chu Yu said. He stepped into the void, and the power of the terrifying Divine Wheel of the Great path swept out from his body and rushed into Yan Huangs, causing his Divine Wheel to tremble, and it was suppressed.

Bang. Chu Yu took a step forward, and Yan Huang was knocked backward, hard.

"I suspect that you have entered the Heavenly Mandate Academy with ulterior motives and will report this to the Law Enforcement Hall for further investigation. If you leave without authorization, know that you are doing so at your own risk," Chu Yu said forcefully, and suddenly, Yan Huang looked extremely upset.

The elder who was sitting there now looked calmer. In the past few years, the Heavenly Mandate Academy had grown extremely quickly. While it looked prosperous and peaceful on the outside, the reality was that it had already been infiltrated by many other principalities, each with their own motivation. It seemed that they really need to think the matter over carefully!