The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1729

Chapter 1729 Exposed

Ye Wuchen stepped forward and flew up into the air above the Yellow Spring. He stood across from Du Yuan.

The Yellow Spring was very wide. However, if two Renhuang were to begin battling here, they would still affect the people on both shores of the Yellow Spring. Hence, a cultivator from the Heavenly Mandate Academy beside Ye Futian walked out, and an extremely powerful might of Way emanated from him. In an instant, an independent spatial battlefield was forged above the Yellow Spring. It directly sealed off the two shores of the Yellow Spring.

"You all do not need to hold back," the elder said. The might of Way on Ye Wuchen and Du Yuans bodies were also released at this moment.

A dark storm swept up in the sky above the Yellow Spring. Endless black winds blew in and instantly flooded the sky above the Yellow Spring. It was as though the sky had become a one-dimensional dark world.

Rumble. An area of fire appeared in the dark space. The black flames were like the Fires of Death from Hell.

The Flames of the Way immediately consumed Ye Wuchen. An illusory dark silhouette seemed to appear in the Flames of the Way. It was like an evil deity that was trying to consume Ye Wuchen.

However, at the same time, dazzling blades of light suddenly lit up around Ye Wuchens body. Blades of extremely devastating divine swords appeared around his figure. With his figure as the center, they radiated outwards and resonated with the world around them.

In an instant, countless divine swords shot across the sky. The Flames of the Way closest to Ye Wuchens body were immediately extinguished.


The dazzling divine sword halos shot straight towards Du Yuan and his evil deity illusion. It was instantly shattered into nothingness.

Great Path of Destruction.

Du Yuan looked at Ye Wuchen. He naturally sensed that his opponents swordsmanship was laced with the Great Path of Destruction. Under the influence of this will of the Great Path, Du Yuans Fires of Death were constantly extinguished and disappeared without a trace.

At that moment, divine swords were everywhere in the heavens above. Aura of the Divine Wheel of the Great Path swept out of Ye Wuchens body. Divine signs appeared, and countless divine swords resonated with the Divine Wheel in his body. His Divine Wheel radiated brilliant light and destructive power.

Du Yuan sensed an extremely powerful pressure. In such a situation, he naturally did not dare to hold back. He instantly unleashed his power. A dark illusory figure of an evil deity appeared. It seemed to be formed from coalesced Fire of Death. The space was flooded by dark flames and became a sea of dark flames. Illusions of evil deities roared as they charged towards Ye Wuchen.

Du Yuans Flames of the Way contained the power of death and burning. As long as it invaded ones body, it could instantly consume the person and burn them to death. It was extremely overbearing.

However, Du Yuan felt that his opponents swordsmanship and Great Path of Destruction was suppressing his own might of Way. His terrifying Fire of Death could not invade Ye Wuchens body. It could not even get close to him.

Was this the suppression of the Great Path and the Divine Wheel? Du Yuan thought to himself.

He had come to seek pointers from Ye Futian because he wanted to experience a flawless Divine Wheel.

Right now, he was experiencing it firsthand. This friend of Ye Futian was also a possessor of a flawless Divine Wheel. Against such suppression of the Great Path, Du Yuan did not stand a chance at all.

Right now, the divine swords floating in mid-air radiated blinding divine light. The light kept pushing back Du Yuans Way. The divine swords hummed and emitted frightening destructive winds that ripped towards Du Yuans body.

"With the suppression of the Great Path, you cannot harm me," Ye Wuchen concluded as he looked toward Du Yuan. He did not attack.

Swordsmanship was extremely dangerous. If a sword was sent slashing out, it could not be drawn back. They were only sparring; he did not want to kill his opponent.

"Thank you very much." The Fire of Death in the space receded like a tide and disappeared very quickly. Everything returned to normal. In the end, Du Yuan chose not to attack. It was as Ye Wuchen said: Ye Wuchens Divine Wheel caused his Great Path to be suppressed.

Under the suppression of the Great Path, Du Yuan did not stand a chance at all.

However, he had managed to experience the power of a flawless Divine Wheel this time.

The Sword Will on Ye Wuchens body also dissipated. The two of them had not even truly exchanged blows; everything had ended before that happened.

"Thank you for the instruction," Du Yuan said as he bowed slightly at Ye Wuchen. His Plane was actually higher than Ye Wuchens Plane. Du Yuan was a Renhuang with a second-tier Divine Wheel. However, in terms of ability, he could not put up a fight against Ye Wuchen. This round of sparring was indeed him receiving instruction from Ye Wuchen.

Ye Wuchen nodded his head slightly and then walked back to the inn. Ye Futian smiled bitterly when he saw this scene.

Ye Futian had wanted Ye Wuchen to experience a battle at the Renhuang Plane. However, he had overlooked the might of a flawless Divine Wheel. Although Ye Wuchens opponent was famous in Jiuyou City, he could not be considered a member of a top force. For his second-tier Divine Wheel to go against Wuchens flawless Divine Wheel, they were indeed not on the same level.

This battle was not very meaningful for Ye Wuchen. He still had not experienced an actual battle.

"I apologize again for disturbing Renhuang Ye." Du Yuan saluted Ye Futian with his fists. His manners were impeccable. Before this, he had initially wanted to ask Ye Futian to give him some pointers. However, from the looks of it now, it was meaningless for him to do so. Even against Ye Wuchen, Du Yuan had been suppressed. If Ye Futian had been the one to enter the battlefield, what would the outcome of the match be like?

"You are too kind." Ye Futian nodded at Du Yuan. He did not mind that Du Yuan had come. After all, Du Yuan had carried himself with absolute respect. He was a Renhuang that had come with sincerity.

Du Yuan turned to leave. However, this caused an uproar on the two shores of the Yellow Spring.

He was a disciple of the Evil Emperor. He actually was not even qualified for Ye Futian to lift a finger against him.

Just a mere friend of Ye Futians could immediately suppress Du Yuan.

However, the Sword Will just now was indeed frighteningly powerful.

It was another flawless Divine Wheel. When the cultivators of some top forces saw this scene, they had different thoughts about it. They were not so concerned about the actual battle. Ye Wuchens flawless Divine Wheel was far more astonishing than this battle.

How many flawless Divine Wheel possessors did the Heavenly Mandate Academy have now?

Before this, they did not even know about Ye Wuchen. It was as though any person that Ye Futian simply brought out had a flawless level Divine Wheel.

This hurt the members of the top forces a lot.

By looking at Heavenly Mandate Academy, one would have the misconception that obtaining a flawless Divine Wheel was very easy, and its value was not very high.

However, in the battle just now, it was made very clear. Even if their Plane was low, a flawless Divine Wheel possessor could still crush their opponent.

When the cultivators of the Shen clan saw this scene, one could imagine how they felt.

Even Nan Luoshens heart wavered.

Nan Luoshen was a proud person.

In the past, even a talented figure like her had to put in an enormous amount of effort in order to forge a flawless Divine Wheel.

However, right now, wielders of flawless Divine Wheels appeared one after another around Ye Futian. This made her feel slightly uneasy.

Up until now, Ye Futian had been witnessing everything quietly. In the inn, Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen were chatting casually. The way the people, who were on both sides of the Yellow Spring, looked at Ye Futian changed subtly.

Before this, they had only heard of his name.

Now, they had seen him personally. Du Yuan, the disciple of Evil Emperor, was not even qualified to receive guidance from Ye Futian. A follower of Ye Futian was more than capable of putting up a fight.

They felt as though Ye Futian was not of the same generation as them. His current status had long surpassed his level of cultivation.

"Rumor has it that in the Nine Realms, many crowned Renhuang Ye as the top figure of the generation. You are standing head and shoulders above the rest of your generation. What does Renhuang Ye think of this title?"

Someone located in an inn at the opposite side of the Yellow Spring suddenly spoke up. The speaker was also a cultivator at the Renhuang Plane.

As soon as he spoke, many people stared at him. He was a middle-level Renhuang from Jiuyou City.

Ye Futian paused momentarily while holding his glass in his hand. His gaze shifted and glanced in the direction where the speaker was. They were very far apart from each other. However, for high-level cultivators like Ye Futian, this distance amounted to nothing.

"In front of me sits Goddess Chang Xi. Across the river, there is Princess Luoshen. Who was the one who said that I am the top figure of this generation?" Ye Futian replied calmly, "There are countless legendary figures in the Nine Realms. I am but one out of the many of them. I am quite fortunate to have a few seniors willing to aid me in some matters; hence, I have accumulated a little bit of fame. Thats all."

"Renhuang Ye leads the members of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, and your academy dominates the battles wherever you go. Your achievements cannot be summarized with the phrase a little bit of fame." The speaker continued to praise Ye Futian, "I do not deny that others are exceptional as well, but I reckon there is hardly anyone who is on par with Renhuang Ye."

When Ye Futian heard the speaker complimenting him, his expression turned indifferent. He put down his glass and looked at Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird Demon Emperor. Ye Futian transmitted his voice to the latter, saying, "Senior, can you please help me to capture him?"

"Alright," the Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird Demon Emperor nodded his head. He took a step forward and immediately headed out of the inn.

The crowd was stunned. No one managed to react.

The Renhuang had extended his praise to Ye Futian, but Ye Futian was subduing the other party instead. What was the meaning of this?


Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird Demon Emperor directly disappeared from his spot. In another inn, the Demon Emperor who praised Ye Futian put down his glass. The next moment, his silhouette vanished too. He merged into the shadows, as though he had never appeared before.

This caused many people to reveal strange expressions. One by one, silhouettes of Renhuangs stood up. Many of them were Renhuangs from the top forces of the Nine Realms.

Was the speaker a Renhuang from Hell?

Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird Demon Emperor appeared in the inn where the speaker was just now. He swept the surroundings with his will, but he couldnt locate the opponent. It was as though he had really vanished into thin air.


Golden divine light dazzled, and Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird traversed the space, moving into the distance. There, a slight aura fluctuation could be detected. However, similarly, it disappeared without a trace in an instant.

Ye Futian remained sitting with an indifferent expression.

"How did you know?" Chang Xi asked while looking at Ye Futian. Her eyes sparkled with curiosity.

"I didnt," Ye Futian responded. Chang Xi revealed a puzzled look.

"But, didnt we figure him out after we launched an attack?" Ye Futian continued with a smile. He stood up and gazed into the distance, explaining, "Hell lured us to come to the Hidden Land Realm. Hence, surely there would be someone watching us from the shadows. Not only would they spy on us furtively, but they would also observe us openly. Just now, the speaker was a middle-level Renhuang. A strong cultivator at this level wouldnt possibly gossip in public. Moreover, saying that kind of praise in public towards me would only offend more people. It would cause me to become an eyesore among the forces. His words sounded like praise, but actually, they were ill-intended. So, I tried him out. I did not expect that my guess would be correct."

Ye Futians tone was calm. A cultivator from Hell had been exposed. If the cultivator only had a normal ability, it was impossible for him to escape unscathed. He could only escape from the hands of Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird Demon Emperor if he was proficient in concealment techniques.

It would be significant if they could capture a middle-level Renhuang from Hell. At the very least, they could obtain some information about Hell from him.

Chang Xi smiled as she looked at Ye Futian. His method was brilliant!