The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1743

Chapter 1743 Upheaval

Qinghe Divine Sword, as well as the Sarira beads, guarded the Gate of Hell, forming a large matrix around it.

Qinghe Divine Sword and the Sarira beads seemed to serve as the cores of the matrix, sealing the terrifying Gate of Hell.

At the moment, there were still countless cultivators gushing towards this area. All of them intended to snatch Qinghe Divine Sword and the Sarira beads. However, as soon as they approached the treasures, they were crushed into pieces by streaks of light. A few Renhuangs had lost their lives.

The Gate of Hell was unapproachable.

Right now, there was a group of powerful cultivators of Buddha descending towards them. One of them had a terrifying aura. He was the deputy clan leader of the Shenxing clan. His ability was monstrous. His figure became that of a huge Buddha. Then, with a stomp of his foot, a huge footprint stomped towards Qinghe Divine Sword and the Sarira beads.

The Sarira beads circled around Qinghe Divine Sword. Qinghe Divine Sword released beams of divine emerald blades of light. The huge footprint disintegrated under the emerald blades of light. It was turned into countless fragments and then disappeared without a trace.

The cultivators of the major forces of the Hidden Land Realm were also all here. However, they could not approach at all. The power was too strong.

As expected of Emperor Nan, who was one of the top existences in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. He was already so powerful so many years ago. After settling down in recent years, he had focused his attention on to his daughter, Nan Luoshen. This caused many people to forget how terrifying he had once been.

However, at that moment, the Hell battlefield suddenly lit up with endless brilliant divine light. The Light of Buddha lit up the sky. It was not the Light of Buddha released by the ancient Buddha statues.

Rumbling sounds could be heard. A gigantic Buddha figure walked towards them. Every step that he took caused the ground to tremble.

Many people stopped in their tracks and looked towards the direction of the incoming Buddha. A tall, slender, ancient Buddha with bare feet approached the cultivators. He was a hundred Zhang tall. As he strode forwards, he left behind enormous footprints on the ground.

He was the clan leader of the Shenxing clan. The facial expressions of many cultivators of the Mountain Realm changed.

Even this old freak was drawn towards here.

The happenings at this Hell battlefield were getting more and more alarming. Huge figures started to make their entrances.

Ye Futians illusion borrowed the power of Vajra Buddha to immediately kill off Hierophant Jiuyou. Right now, Ye Futian was also looking in that direction. Rumbling sounds followed. The slim Buddha appeared before him. The Buddha was smiling until his eyes were but slits.

When he saw the huge silhouette before him, Ye Futian sensed that even if he borrowed the power of the ancient Buddhas, he would not be a match for this clan leader at all.

He was a giant-level existence.

"Little friend, this treasure is an item of Buddha. I will now take it away," the silhouette said with a smile. Then, he stretched out a huge palm and held the Buddhist lamp and pagoda in his palm. He took a look at the people around. He narrowed his eyes when he saw Master Pudu and Master Gui Zang. He lamented, "The monks of Tianxian Temple are indeed stronger than monks of my Shenxing clan."

As he was speaking, he continued to move forward in the direction of the Gate of Hell.


At the same time, a sonorous voice of Buddha sounded. The Shenxing clan leader looked up. In the sky, a golden Buddha appeared.

Upon seeing the golden Buddha, monks from Tianxian Temple of the Mountain Realm put their palms together, bowed slightly, and chanted the Sound of Buddha.

The golden Buddha was their abbot.

"You should know the consequences of your actions," the Buddha said to the leader of the Shenxing clan.

"I know. But the Great Emperor is not interfering with our actions either, isnt he?" The leader of the Shenxing clan challenged, "In this case, what we are doing now is acceptable. Old monk, dont you want to have a look at the outside world?"

"When the time comes, I will naturally go," the abbot replied.

"Thats right. You are the proper heir of Buddha. You are different from me. I still want to have a look at the real world," the leader of the Shenxing clan said.

"What you see now is the truth," the abbot of Tianxian Temple said.

"Why must you lie to yourself?" The leader of the Shenxing clan narrowed his eyes slightly while smiling. "For many people, this is indeed the truth. However, when they reach the level you and I are at now, they will know that this is not real."

"This place is a sanctuary," the abbot of Tianxian Temple added.

"This is your sanctuary." The leader of the Shenxing clan smiled, his eyes narrowed. Then, he didnt look at the abbot anymore. He continued moving forward towards the dark Hell Palace. He went up against Qinghe Divine Sword and the Sarira beads.

When he moved close to the treasures, both the Light of Buddha emanated by the Sarira beads and the sword light of Qinghe Divine Sword landed on him. Sizzling sounds could be heard. His golden body of Buddha was actually shredding off bit by bit. It seemed to be hard for him to endure through it.

The leader of the Shenxing clan glanced at himself. He muttered, "This is indeed the swordsmanship of spatial destruction. Emperor Nan is more powerful than me."

His indestructible body was chipping off slowly. However, he continued pressing forward. He shouted, "Come out to help me now."

As soon as he finished speaking, a few terrifying auras descended, and darkness loomed over the Hell battlefield. More huge figures were coming. Cultivators of some forces of the Hidden Land Realm had solemn expressions; some of them bowed to salute the huge figures.

Rumble. In the air, the loud sound of collisions could be heard. Shen Luoxue landed on the ground; she was forced to retreat due to the collision. In the sky, the demonic youth stood, and he glanced in the direction of Ye Futian. His gaze was full of disdain.

He gazed at Ye Futian as though the latter was already dead in his eyes.

The demonic youth shifted his gaze and looked at the Gate of Hell. A glint of joy flashed past in his dark eyes.

It had been a few hundred years since the Gate of Hell had appeared. He believed that many would be tempted to challenge their fate.

He really missed the old times.

One by one, the mighty figures arrived. Ye Futian returned to being himself. His heart quivered.

The current situation was no longer something his party could meddle in.

Initially, he thought someone was after the Heavenly Mandate Academy. He had not expected that the opponents intention was grimmer and was at a level that far surpassed his own. The opponents had their eyes fixed on the mighty figures of the Nine Supreme Realms.

Ye Futian heard the conversation between the two Buddhas. Prior to this, he had heard similar words before. What did they mean exactly?

The Heavenly Path collapsed, and the Great Path was flawed. What kind of world were they in now?

Why did some say this was not the real world?

Buzz. Another formidable aura descended. A silhouette landed beside Ye Futian.

"Lord Taixuan," Ye Futian greeted when he saw the person. Lord Taixuan had personally come over.

Other than Lord Taixuan, almost all the giant figures of the Nine Supreme Realms came here one by one.

Lord Taixuan stared straight ahead. He felt uneasy. He naturally could sense that something was about to take place.

300 years ago, his Plane was still far away from where he was currently. After all, he had only broken the shackles not long ago. He broke through while Ye Futian was training on Taixuan Mountain. Back in the day, he could not even be considered as one of the top figures.

Hence, he only knew a tiny fraction of what happened in the past. Many old freaks knew much more than he did.

Those cultivators, who had been standing at the peak of the top forces of the Nine Supreme Realms since many years ago, would naturally know more than Lord Taixuan. Their knowledge would cover the battle of Hell that happened in the past.

However, 300 years ago, the powers that existed in the Nine Realms were at an entirely higher level than that of the current age. During that era, many terrifying figures existed. Moreover, there were many different factions.

For example, there was Hell. Rumor had it that it was supported by an extremely formidable force.

The Mountain Realm was also involved with many strong forces.

Despite that, in the end, Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing conquered and united the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. They put an end to the chaotic era.

For the next 300 years, the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path were peaceful.

Now, this Gate of Hell appeared again. Lord Taixuan had no idea what kind of troubles would result because of it.


Right at the moment, a Sarira bead was under attack. The leader of the Shenxing clan held on to it forcefully. A shocking power destroyed his palm, causing his palm to dry up and transform into bones gradually. Despite that, he was still hanging on to the Sarira bead tightly.

Other cultivators seized the opportunity and launched their attacks at the same time. Some targeted the Sarira beads while some tried to grab Qinghe Divine Sword.

Green divine light covered the sky. Lord Taixuan took a big step forward, and suddenly, a terrifying light shroud surrounded the cultivators. A destructive storm swept out and blew past everyone.

The top figures who stood at the center of the storm were injured. However, the matrix was dismantled too. The Sarira beads were blasted everywhere while Qinghe Divine Sword was shaking.


Green divine light shot up to the sky. The next moment, Qinghe Divine Sword traversed through space and went straight in the direction of the cultivators of Nantian Divine Kingdom. It plunged into the ground and transformed into a sword shroud, which enveloped the cultivators in it. Nan Luoshen was right in front of the sword.

The sword knew its master.

"Luoshen, hold on to it," a voice was transmitted from the sword.

"Father." Nan Luoshen extended her hand and held Qinghe Divine Sword. Green light surged into her body. The sword will refined her body and caused her already beautiful figure to appear even more divine.


Everyones heart skipped a beat. Without Qinghe Divine Sword and the Sarira beads as the seal, the terrifying storm stirred up by the Gate of Hell directly broke through the matrix. In an instant, the storm was about to engulf the entire space; it was charging towards the Hell battlefield.

"Here it comes"

A glint of joy flashed past in the eyes of the demonic youth. He then laughed presumptuously.

After a few hundred years, it was finally here.

"Retreat!" someone shouted.

The darkness consumed the sky. Many cultivators began to evacuate.

"Lets get out of here," Lord Taixuan ordered. A powerful aura enveloped everyone in it. In the blink of an eye, everyone disappeared from their original spots.

At Jiuyou City, in the sky above Yellow Spring, groups of silhouettes appeared gradually.

The cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy also appeared in the sky. The water of the Yellow Spring churned as though it was boiling. The water was splashed everywhere.

Countless people stood in the sky above the two shores of the Yellow Spring. When they saw this scene, they were greatly shocked.

"Dont watch. Lets go," Lord Taixuan cried out loudly. His voice was transmitted throughout the sky. Many people still had not made sense of what was happening. Then, they saw the water of the Yellow Spring flowing upstream and gushing out from the river to the sky.

Right away, some people were flooded by the Yellow Spring. They let out a miserable cry before disappearing completely. Cultivators with strong cultivation tried to escape frenziedly.

Amidst the water of the Yellow Spring, which was flowing upwards into the sky, countless dark currents were flushed upwards and shot up into the clouds.

Many people focused their attention in that direction. There, a horrifying swirl of Hell seemed to have appeared. It looked like a door.

Dark light permeated the surrounding sky. The sky above Jiuyou City darkened gradually. It was as though doomsday had arrived. Death Will enveloped the entire city.

"Something bad is going to happen!"

Staring at the gradually darkening sky, many people had an ominous premonition about it!