The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1748

Chapter 1748 Let Bygones Be Bygones?

Other figures rose up into the sky and blocked his path. Their auras were powerful.

The gaze of the cultivator from the Shen clan swept across the crowd. His gaze then turned towards the inside of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. With a loud voice, he said, “Shen Luoxue, Uncle wants you to go see him.”

The person who had come was from the same generation as Shen Luoxue. As for Shen Gao, he was a cultivator that was the same generation as the Shen clan’s lord. The current Shen clan’s lord was the clan brother of Shen Gao.

In the Heavenly Mandate Academy, Shen Luoxue was instructing Feixue in her training. When she heard this voice, she raised her head. Her gaze shifted towards the outside. Her will immediately swept out.

“I have already left Shen clan and am no longer a member of the clan. Who is this Uncle that you speak of?” Shen Luoxue replied indifferently. Her voice did not seem loud, but it was directly transmitted outside from a distance and reached the other party’s ears.

Many cultivators appeared in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. The various cultivators that were in discussion with Lord Taixuan walked out. Ye Futian looked towards the outside of the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Had Shen clan come knocking on their door again?

This time, they had directly asked granny to go meet with a member of the Shen clan. The ‘Uncle’ that the other party was referring to must be Shen Gao, one of the three pinnacle figures of the Shen clan that Ye Futian had heard of prior to this.

Had Shen Gao already arrived in the Heavenly Mandate City?

Lord Taixuan stood there, his clothes fluttering in the wind. His will immediately swept out. In an instant, it enveloped the endless space and the vast and grand Heavenly Mandate City. Silhouettes directly appeared in his mind.

Very quickly, his will locked on to a spot. It focused on an inn. There, a group of cultivators was sitting there and quietly drinking wine.

One of them seemed to have sensed his will and lifted his head slightly. His gaze directly pierced through the space. He actually locked gazes with Lord Taixuan across such a long distance. It was as though they could see each other directly.

Shen Gao lowered his cup, and his will similarly descended upon the Heavenly Mandate Academy. From afar, he said, “I remember that when I left, you were still young. As expected, you have grown now. You won’t come even though I want to see you?”

Shen Luoxue got up. Her figure gradually floated up into the air. Her eyes looked far off into the distance. She naturally also saw Shen Gao and the other cultivators.

“I’ll head over there,” Shen Luoxue said. She then immediately stepped out and walked over in the direction where Shen Gao was.

She naturally understood clearly that with Shen Gao’s Plane, whether or not she agreed to see him made no difference. With a sweep of his will, Shen Gao could directly descend upon the Heavenly Mandate Academy regardless of how far away he was.

A figure of such a high level could not be stopped if he truly wanted to do something.

Hence, Shen Luoxue decided to head over there herself.

“I’ll go take a look,” Ye Futian said. After saying this, he also stepped out and followed behind in the direction that Shen Luoxue went.

Silhouettes followed along with him. Lord Taixuan stood where he was, silently, and watched them calmly. He did not stop Ye Futian and the others from heading over. He had the same idea as Shen Luoxue. He could not stop Shen Gao at all. Lord Taixuan did not need to head over. If Shen Gao truly made a move, none of them could stop him.

Of course, Lord Taixuan could similarly descend upon where Shen Gao was in an instant.


Right now, Lord Taixuan’s powerful will was observing the situation in the inn from afar.

At their level, if they truly wanted to fight, it would only take an instant.

In the inn, Shen Luoxue’s clothes and silver hair fluttered and danced in the wind. She stood proudly in mid-air. Her gaze landed upon the group in the inn.

Ye Futian and the others were behind Shen Luoxue. Their gazes also turned towards Shen Gao and his group.

Elsewhere, in the distance, countless gazes were locked on them.

The grudge between the Heavenly Mandate Academy and Shen clan was currently known all throughout the Nine Supreme Realms. After all, an army besieging a city was a grand sight. Ye Futian became renowned throughout the Nine Realms after he defeated the Shen clan in that battle.

Now, the cultivators of the Shen clan had once again descended on Heavenly Mandate City. It was naturally an extremely sensitive issue.

Shen Gao lifted his head and looked at Shen Luoxue. He said, “What’s the matter? I haven’t seen you for so many years. After growing up and seeing your Uncle, you won’t even address me as such?”

Although Shen Luoxue was also a mighty figure at the top, in Shen Gao’s memories, Shen Luoxue was still young. He never imagined that in the blink of an eye, even her hair had turned white. Time truly flew past for him.

Shen Gao was of the opinion that his own clan brother had not handled matters appropriately.

With such a daughter and son-in-law, it would not have been an issue to leave the divine item with them. Now, bonds of hatred had been formed instead. Not only had the Shen clan not managed to gain their assistance, but they had instead become the enemies of the Shen clan.

How ironic.

However, even though Shen Gao felt that the matter had been handled inappropriately, he still could understand why the clan had done so. Shen clan was still the Shen clan. With the pride of the clan, it was natural to be unable to tolerate their clansmen from acting recklessly and sullying the honor of the clan.

Hence, the actions of his clan brother could not be considered wrong.

“I have severed my relationship with Shen clan. I am no longer a member of the clan. Hence, I cannot call you’ Uncle,'” Shen Luoxue said. “You have not sought me out just so that I would call you’ Uncle,’ right?”

Shen Gao smiled as he shook his head and said, “You are still so stubborn. I remember when you were young, you once said that you would achieve great things in the future. Back then, I had also treated you quite well. Now that I have purposely come here to see you, you don’t need to treat me as your enemy.”

“Everything from back then is already in the past. I do not wish to bring it up again.” Shen clan was long dead to Shen Luoxue. Her heart was like still water. She appeared exceptionally peaceful.

“Although I was born in Shen clan, you must have already known about everything that the clan did to me. Now that you have already chosen a side, then save the reminiscing,” Shen Luoxue continued saying. “Just tell me straight. What do you want?”

“If I wanted to invite you to return, would you still be willing to return to the clan?” Shen Gao said. “In the issue back then, both you and your father were in the wrong. However, in the end, you are both linked by blood. You cannot escape your birth parents no matter how hard you try. Why don’t you let go of all that has happened?”

“Let go?”

Shen Luoxue gave Shen Gao a cold stare and said, “My daughter was murdered by the clan. Back then, did anyone tell Shen clan to let the matter go?”

“It is all in the past. The blood of the Shen clan still flows in your veins. You cannot escape from it just because you want to,” Shen Gao replied calmly.

Shen Luoxue could naturally tell that within Shen Gao’s calm voice, and unparalleled might was contained.

She laughed mockingly. Each person had their own point of view. Shen Gao had advised her to let the matter go. Naturally, he did so for the clan. However, he had not considered her point of view.

“I have already escaped,” Shen Luoxue replied indifferently.

Shen Gao glanced at her and then shifted his gaze towards Ye Futian. He said, “Was it you that led the alliance of cultivators that slaughtered their way into Shen clan?”

Ye Futian looked towards Shen Gao and replied, “That’s not quite how it happened. It was Shen Ji from Shen clan who slaughtered his way into the Heavenly Mandate Academy.”

“It is all the same,” Shen Gao responded as he looked at Ye Futian. “Your ties with Shen clan runs deep. You also have extraordinary talent. Since we have such ties, why don’t we bury the past in the past? I can decide on behalf of the Shen clan. We can let bygones be bygones. You can also advise Luoxue to let this all go. We can each make a compromise.”

“Luoxue can return to the clan,” Shen Gao continued to persuade Ye Futian. “I have heard that your teacher is Luoxue’s son-in-law. Then, his daughter Feixue is also a member of the Shen clan. Why don’t we seal the deal while we are at it? Shen clan can bear witness to your marriage with Feixue. We can let bygones be bygones. In the future, the Shen clan will be your clan. This way, we can make it up for many things.”

Shen Gao’s words caused the expression of Shen Hao, who was standing behind him, to change slightly.

Shen Gao was actually willing to forsake this grudge. Even though many members of the Shen clan had fallen due to this vendetta between them, he was willing to let it all go. He even invited Ye Futian to join the Shen clan.

Without a doubt, this was Shen Gao’s acknowledgment of Ye Futian.

If this was in the past, with the pride of the Shen clan, it would have been impossible for them to have done so.

However, Shen Gao was doing it now.

The members of Heavenly Mandate City were also somewhat astonished. This Shen Gao was truly charismatic.

However, such matters were not so easily settled.

Ye Futian and Shen Luoxue would not agree to this.

“I repeat. There is no longer any relationship between Shen clan and me,” Shen Luoxue said very calmly.

Ye Futian naturally understood. Shen Gao could write off the debt from back then and pretend that nothing had happened. However, how could granny and grandmaster let this go?

The wife of his master, Qi Xuangang, had been killed. Feixue’s mother had fallen. Could Shen Luoxue and Feixue pretend that none of this had happened and return once again to the Shen clan?

If Shen Gao’s own beloved had fallen, would he have said such things?

Ye Futian did not give an answer. Shen Luoxue’s stance was also his stance. Shen Gao was overthinking things.

Ye Futian and Feixue had never thought of being together.

Shen Gao looked at Ye Futian and Shen Luoxue. He understood what their answers were.

He put down his wine cup. His gaze once again returned to Shen Luoxue.

Beside him, there was another figure with frightening cultivation. The person’s gaze was extremely sharp as it swept towards Shen Luoxue. The person said, “The blood of your ancestors still flows in you. It is not something that you can let go of with just a word. Since you do not acknowledge yourself as a member of the Shen clan, then strip yourself of your bloodline. That way, we can consider it severed.”

Ye Futian and the others glanced over at the other party. Strip her bloodline?

How could one do that?

“Granny, let’s go back,” Ye Futian said.

“Hmm.” Shen Luoxue nodded her head and turned to leave.

However, at that moment, a powerful aura emanated from Shen Gao and descended on Shen Luoxue.

In that instant, far away in the direction of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, a powerful aura also descended upon this spot like the authority of heaven, enveloping this space. It was the aura of Lord Taixuan.

Instantly, there seemed to be a pressure acting on the vast space.

Everyone could sense the might of these two auras.

Ye Futian had turned to leave. However, he saw that above the inn, a young, handsome silhouette beside Shen Gao walked out. The aura on his body was extremely powerful. With one step, he traversed the space and walked over towards Ye Futian. He asked, “I have heard that among the current generation in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, you are considered number one?”

Ye Futian turned his head and swept a glance at the other party. This youth’s figure shone with divine light. His temperament was no weaker than that of Shen Hao. A blinding divine light also radiated from inside his body and suppressed the power of the Great Path in many people.

This was the aura of a flawless Divine Wheel.

Clearly, this person was not a member of the Shen clan of the Nine Supreme Realms. If the Shen clan had such a member, Ye Futian should have encountered him during the previous battle with the Shen clan.

The person was a cultivator of the Shen clan from the Outer Realms.

In an instant, light shone all around. The will of the Great Path swept across this part of the sky. Countless gazes in Heavenly Mandate City turned towards this dazzling silhouette.

This cultivator that had come from afar wanted to challenge the legendary figure of this generation, Ye Futian, upon his arrival here!