The Legend Of Futian Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Great Power
Chapter 175: Great Power
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Xiao Mu paled at the fiery figure's words. To be acknowledged by a noble level ritual implement was supposed to be something he could be proud of, but now, the implement was actually abandoning him. It was not difficult to take a guess as to how Xiao Mu felt.

Everyone standing behind him was also surprised. Ye Futian's gifts actually received recognition from a noble implement. As long as he agreed, Ye Futian would be in control of two noble implements. It was undoubtedly going to elevate his abilities. Although the apparition of the flame will was not too nice to Ye Futian before, he was still a noble level existence. There was no reason for Ye Futian to reject now that he was willing to help him. This was an opportunity extremely hard to come by.

The apparition stared at Ye Futian. He knew that he had not been the friendliest being to Ye Futian, but he was a Noble Plane cultivator after all. He was now willing to help Ye Futian and bless him with a noble implement. Why would Ye Futian reject?

This was not what Yu Sheng thought though. This flame scepter had previously insulted Ye Futian. How could he sound so righteous while practically begging Ye Futian to take him in? To be honest, after he rejected Ye Futian the first time, Yu Sheng was already pissed off. It was a miracle that he was able to keep his temper under control until now.

"You actually think you're worthy?" asked Yu Sheng in a cold demeanor. He was throwing the words the will in the scepter used with Ye Futian right back at him.

The fiery figure frowned at Yu Sheng. "What did you say?" he asked, his tone just as cold.

"You said yourself that you would rather be with someone at the top-level Dharma Plane than someone at the first level Dharma Plane. Now, you actually have the audacity to ask for a change in owners? What would he need you for?" said Yu Sheng. He stepped closer and continued, "Where did you get the confidence to be sound so righteous while asking to be taken in? You think someone like you is worthy of being used by him?"

"How preposterous!" scolded the figure. He was formed by noble will. How dare a junior in the mere first level Dharma Plane speak to him in such an insulting manner?

"Yu Sheng, you're at fault here." Ye Futian spoke up suddenly. Both Yu Sheng and the apparition looked to Ye Futian. Everyone else followed suit. His eyes were glued on the fiery figure with a smile on his face. Yu Sheng was hot-tempered, but Ye Futian knew what to do in his own advantage.

The fiery apparition of will looked satisfied at Ye Futian's words. "Don't worry. If you're already this capable, you'll only get stronger with my help."

Ye Futian looked at him with a smile. "Pardon. Art thou worthy?"

The figure shot Ye Futian a glare. Everyone else also looked over at him, some not understand the meaning behind his words. "Are you playing me?" the fiery will asked coldly.

Ye Futian did not look at him. Instead, he said to Yu Sheng, "What were you thinking? Although this guy is a bit of an idiot, we can just get rid of him. It is a noble implement after all. Even if I don't use it, I can still sell it, right?"

Yu Sheng was dumbfounded by Ye Futian's utterance. A smile then spread across his face. His rage dissipated and he scratched the back of his head, "I guess you're right."

Jaws dropped all around as the bystanders stared at Ye Futian. This Forget about whether or not Ye Futian would actually be able to get rid of the flame will of the scepter. If it really was possible, it would greatly reduce the power of the ritual implement while still in the Loulan Relic. Was Ye Futian really not planning on using the implement?

The apparition's expression fell as he stared dead at Ye Futian. In a cold demeanor, he spoke, "You dare to insult me?"

"You're too noisy, so you can disappear now." Finished with what he had to say, Ye Futian's emperor will surged into the guqin. However, the will of the prince in the guqin was unwilling to cooperate this time. The fiery apparition used to be a lord in the Loulan Kingdom.

Ye Futian's eyes grew cold. So what if he refused to cooperate?

The emperor will pushed on forcefully. Ye Futian's fingers danced across the strings of the instrument. The music instantly rushed into the war drums, striking down on them. The drumbeats shook the air, creating a terrifying battlefield. The sounds of the guqin and the drums intertwined to form a ferocious force of willpower. A terrifying windstorm washed towards the fiery figure.

"You're acting out of line!" reprimanded the apparition. He was formed by will and the flames around him blazed wildly to withstand the incoming windstorm.

"Kill him!" Ye Futian shouted. As soon as the words left his mouth, the sounds of the guqin started once again. The energy was through the roof. The drumbeats vibrated through the air in the melody of "A Chaotic Nation". The music was a destructive force.

The windstorm swept past and the fiery figure shouted, "You psycho!" After his outburst, two gusts of wind came together and washed over the figure with great force. The power from the combined forces wiped out the apparition formed by flame will.

The spectators shook in fear as their eyes remained on the young man clad in white. This was crazy. He actually destroyed the will of a noble implement others couldn't obtain. The reason being it was unworthy of him. What an arrogant guy.

"Yu Sheng, hold on to this for now," chuckled Ye Futian. Yu Sheng nodded and walked forward to take the scepter. Xiao Mu watched from the sidelines but could do nothing to stop him. He was injured by Ye Futian even when he had the ritual implement in his possession. Now without the instrument, Xiao Mu was definitely no match for Ye Futian. So, of course, he wouldn't want to go ahead and get in Yu Sheng's way.

Ye Futian walked over to the Book of Flames and reached out for it. In an instant, the Book of Flames turned into nothing. The Chinese characters seemed to have escaped the pages of the book and were floating in mid-air. Each character contained a powerful will.

Ye Futian released his own will. Afterward, he felt a rush of fire intent assimilate into his own will. At this moment, Ye Futian glowed in a strange light. The Book of Flames was truly mystical. The characters from the Book of Flames were incorporated into his released Sun Dharma under the guidance of willpower, becoming the power of the dharma. At the same time, every character became ingrained in his mind.

He acquired more fate and the Book of Flame will probably enhance the power of his dharma. Everyone around stared at Ye Futian. Xiao Mu's expression was far from happy. He couldn't do anything about Ye Futian now. All he could do now was to wait until they left the relic so he could steal Ye Futian's fate.

The Book of Flame might have been able to aid his noble fate into becoming mid-level noble fate, but now, it had been taken by Ye Futian.

Ye Futian turned his head to look in the Virgin Loulan Xue's direction. He gave her an apologetic smile. He couldn't possibly be blamed for this, right? The Book of Flame had been absorbed into his Dharma. There was no way he could exchange it with Ancient Loulan even if he wanted to.

"I'm off," said Ye Futian. The Black Wind Eagle came forward immediately. The group stepped on to the back of the demon beast and they continued to travel ahead.

When everyone else saw Ye Futian leave, they immediately moved to follow behind them. Who cared if they weren't able to take down Ye Futian now? They could at least witness how far he could go.

They finally understood. It was not their fault that they could not receive recognition from the implements. They should not even think about getting something from the relics based on their abilities. The Loulan Relic existed for so many years. Who knew how many powerful cultivators from Ancient Loulan had already set foot in the relic? Although Ancient Loulan was inviting people from all different places to enter the relic now, the reality was, anything that could be taken was already taken by Ancient Loulan.

To Ancient Loulan, the most important thing now should have been to get their hands on the treasures they could not obtain previously. That was the real truth behind the invitations to the cultivators of other cities.

Looking ahead at the figures on the Black Wind Eagle, nobody would have expected for a first level Dharma Plane cultivator to have the most outstanding performance in the relic. Qian Yang, Zhao Han, and the others were in even greater disbelief. Qian Yang thought that even though Ye Futian had extraordinary gifts, everything would still be easily controlled since his level of cultivation was so low.

On the Black Wind Eagle, Ye Futian's will entered the guqin. He asked, "Do you know where the treasurable books of the Loulan Kingdom are located?"

"No," answered the prince. He sounded very aloof. The prince had not wanted to destroy the fiery apparition before, but Ye Futian used his powers by force. Although the power was greatly weakened because of his resistance, Ye Futian was still able to activate the will in the war drums with the power of his own will, creating a harmony with the guqin to wipe out the flame will.

"Despite it all, he was a noble will. You were too arrogant." The prince's will in the guqin was not happy.

"Is noble will really that powerful?" Ye Futian asked nonchalantly. "Can't you feel the difference in my class of will?"

"What class?" asked the prince after a brief silence. Although he could feel that it was powerful, he could not really tell of what class Ye Futian's will belonged.

"Emperor will," Ye Futian answered.

Ye Futian's godfather had instilled many ideologies in him since he was young. He had witnessed the Snow Ape's demeanor and he had met the Donghuang general. His body once exploded with the true power of emperor will. Because of all of this, cultivators of the Noble Plane meant nothing to him. They weren't an unreachable existence. The Noble Plane was simply another plane in cultivation.

The day would soon come when Ye Futian would slay a cultivator of the Noble Plane. The Nandou Nation's Emperor Luo was someone he must kill. It was also because of this that he chose to wipe out the fiery apparition even though many others thought he might forgive him.

"Are you joking?" asked the prince.

"It's a shame that I cannot release its power in all its glory just yet. I can only activate simple uses of this power. And to think you won't even be able to witness it in the future." Ye Futian did not try to argue with the prince. "Lead the way."

The Black Wind Eagle continued moving forward, ignoring the many armies on the ground below.

Somewhere far ahead, large buildings could be seen faintly. The simple but classic architecture seemed to be the emperor's living quarters. Despite this new discovery, Ye Futian currently had his brows tightly knit. A terrifying aura radiated from the area ahead. A loud cry carried through the air. It sounded like a horrific battle had erupted.

Seems like someone broke into the emperor's quarters. Ye Futian focused his attention up ahead. The prince had led them into the center of the ancient historical site. This should also be the most dangerous area. If it was true that someone broke in, then it should be the four from the Barren City. They had left right after acquiring their ritual implements. Did they come here directly?

Continuing forward, they could see the large group of people on the stairs down below. Many of them were donning armors. They seemed to be a fearsome army. This army even consisted of many high-level Dharma Plane cultivators. There were many generals in the rose-gold armors. However, all of them were now clustered around a single figure.

This domineering figure stood at the very center of the crowd. He wore a simple long robe with no armor. From this figure came an indescribable aura, one of a true Noble Plane cultivator. His gaze closed in on Ye Futian's group. His stern eyes were ice cold. Had more people come to deliver themselves to death's door?

All those years ago, the emperor of the Loulan Kingdom met his demise bringing down this army. But not before he managed to set up a huge matrix to train the descendants of his kingdom. He even hid the kingdom's treasures in the matrix. Since things had already come to this, then they would kill anyone and everyone who approached!