The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1755

Chapter 1755 The Tavern In The Darkness

Heavenly Mandate City was recently packed with mixed company, with the arrival of cultivators from everywhere and all sides.

And among them, there were probably many cultivators from the Hidden Land Realm who had already gotten inside the Heavenly Mandate City.

Aside from the cultivators from the Devil World, the Shen clan, and the Golden Divine Nation, who had arrived, most of the supreme powers in the land of the Nine Supreme Imperial Realms, in truth, had all dispatched their people to the Heavenly Mandate City.

Recently, a story about the girl had spread around. The fact that the Abbot of Tianxian Temple had come in person to deal with this matter showed its importance. As the girl was also someone the Hell wanted, many cultivators from the outside had also gathered here. Everyone had a premonition that a storm was imminent in Heavenly Mandate City.

This time, it seemed, that drama was still centered around the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Ever since the establishment of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, it seemed to always be the center of attention.

But could the Heavenly Mandate Academy survive this catastrophe?

Presently, many forces from all sides had converged in one place. For example, where the cultivators from Shen clan and the Golden Divine Nation had settled was also the place where the cultivators from Celestial Worthy Hall and Sky Reaching School had gathered.

Moreover, the Celestial Worthy Temple in the Upper Worlds was equally powerful to the somewhat similar Shen clan. The difference was that the Shen clan was a family-based principality while the power possessed by Celestial Worthy Temple in the Upper Worlds was considered a sect.

In the Upper Worlds, this principality was called Celestial Worthy Mountain, and it was created by a Skylord. Many of the unique methods that were cultivated today at the Celestial Worthy Temple all came from Celestial Worthy Mountain.

Sky Reaching School was considered a local principality.

"This time, the Gate of Hell has opened. Who do you think will be sent to the Lower Worlds from the Court?" a cultivator from Celestial Worthy Mountain asked. They were also from the outside and knew who was the principality behind Hell.

In fact, the origin of the top forces in the Hidden Land Realm today all once stemmed from that principality, but they competed in the Original Realm in the name of Hell.

The Dark World ruled by the Dark Court was a force at the same level as the Divine Prefectures of the East. In the endless Dark World, there were many who cultivated the Dark Arts. These cultivators were once ordered to cultivate in this world, thus created those other supreme forces such as the Hidden Land Realm and the others.

Therefore, judging from its source, the various principalities in the Hidden Land Realm all operated within the influence of the Dark World.

As for the Shen clan, Celestial Worthy Mountain, and other forces, they were top principalities from the land of Divine Prefecture, which was the territory ruled by Donghuang the Great.

"Dont know, but if the girl is so important to the Dark Court, then whoever that comes this time will be someone mighty. They may possibly one of the prominent figures on the Dark Thrones. Anyone less would not do," Shen Gao replied.

"If this is the case, then who can stop the Hell?" The cultivator from Celestial Worthy Mountain looked at Gai Qiong. "Brother Gai, what instructions from the Great Emperor? Will someone be sent to the Lower Worlds?"

Gai Qiong was a divine general under Donghuang the Great, who was also known as a super powerful existence in the outside world. He held a high position in the army and was commanded by Donghuang the Great. If the Emperor had an order, perhaps he would know.

"The Emperor has his own plan, and its not my place to ask," Gai Qiong said. His response showed great reverence to Donghuang the Great, who was the ruler of the Eastern Divine Prefecture. He had ended an era and now stood at the peak of Divine Prefecture.

"Didnt someone come from the Mountain Realm? Even if the Great Emperor didnt send someone, I dont believe these Buddhists would just stand by and watch."

"Well, the Great Emperor and Western Heaven have always enjoyed a great relationship." Gai Cang nodded. This was yet another rumor from many years ago, claiming that the Great Emperor rose from nothing and that in order to gain his experience in the world, he had once traveled to the Western Heaven to seek Buddhist doctrines.

Donghuang the Great was supremely talented, and no methods in the world could not be mastered by him. Even the Way of the Buddha, he could also master it just as well. The Buddha Lord of Western Heaven had wanted to take Donghuang the Great as an heir, but he did not agree.

Later, Donghuang the Great created his own era, but his relationship with Western Heaven had always been close, and the Buddhists had reciprocated with their full support as well. In the unification process of the Divine Prefecture, the Buddhists had also made a great contribution.

Put aside the incident with Emperor Ye Qing, Donghuang the Great could be considered quite perfect, a true legend, and no one in the land of Divine Prefecture would not worship him.

With the coming of the cultivators from the Mountain Realm, the question remained whether someone would be coming to the Lower Worlds from Western Heaven.

"Just wait quietly," everyone whispered.

Not only them but all those in Heavenly Mandate City, where many cultivators had gathered. Many top figures were from the outside.

This was truly a grand occasion.

Ye Futian had been cultivating in the Heavenly Mandate Academy, and he had heard intermittent reports of the recent developments in Heavenly Mandate City.

But the more he heard, the more pressure Ye Futian felt.

No one knew what would happen in this situation.

But a storm was definitely inevitable.

Right at this moment, in the sky above the Heavenly Mandate City, the white clouds above the firmament gradually dissipated, and wisps of black light seemed to appear. The black clouds drove away the white clouds as the sky gradually darkened. It seemed night was about to descend.

But it was only noon, so there should not have been any darkness.

"They are here." Countless people inside the Heavenly Mandate Academy looked up toward the void. Currently, those who were still at the Heavenly Mandate Academy were all cultivators in the Renhuang Realm. Anyone below Renhuang had been sent away by Ye Futian through the teleportation grand matrix.

In this impending storm, there was no sense for them to remain here, as they would only become a burden. By sending them away, their safety could be ensured.

Ye Futian had promised his master Hua Fengliu that if there was to be a crisis, he and Nianyu would be sent to a safe place right away.

And Ye Futian believed that those top forces would not be interested in those below Rehuang Realm anyways.

Even in the worst-case scenario, he would still be able to guarantee their safety.

"Here they come." In Heavenly Mandate City, countless people stopped in their tracks to look at the sky. The world seemed to be darkening. The dusky clouds floated in the sky, and the whole city was shrouded by a faint oppressive power.

This pressure gradually became stronger, and it didnt take long for many to feel great pressure or even a sense of suffocation.

Boom Above the dusky sky, there seemed to be dark lightning crashing down somewhere, lighting up that side of the world.

In that terrible area of destruction and lightning, a terrifying storm appeared, from which an extremely powerful spatial might of Way permeated.

The dark lightning became more and more frightening, covering the sky and obscuring the sun. Terrible dark vortices appeared in many different places.

Boom! Bang!

Another loud crashing sound was heard, and the lightning storm fell down. Suddenly, illuminated by that lightning, a group of men appeared in the sky above Heavenly Mandate City, and every one of them exuded a terrifying aura.

Then, accompanying the strengthening storm of destruction, great armies appeared successively, descended in different directions, but all in the same general area.

When all the cultivators made their appearances one after another, a throne seemed to appear above the darkening sky, and an elusive figure appeared on the throne. He was wearing a long dark robe, but he did not seem real.

What they saw caused many cultivators from the outside world to sharpen their focus. Could it be that this time the Dark Court had really dispatched such a terror-stricken existence as this?

Was it to show their determination to get the girl?

No one inside the Heavenly Mandate City dared to stand high in the sky, and all of them landed back on the ground. There was excitement in their hearts but also a touch of fear. If this war was to break out, would it affect the entire Heavenly Mandate City?

They were too powerful. All the supreme forces in the Hidden Land Realm seemed to have arrived, but they were not the main players, just followers.

Presumably, the phantasmal figure upon the throne was their leader.

The cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy looked grim. One after another, they rose into the air, looking into the distance. Even Lord Taixuan had felt extremely heavy pressure.

The opponents formation was truly powerful this time.

All the top forces from the Hidden Land Realm were involved.

Above the darkened void, the group moved forward, as the dark lightning of destruction continued to crash down, its might shocked the entire Heavenly Mandate City, and many buildings were smashed.


A clear sound came from the top of a tavern. Here, only one person was still sitting there at the moment.

Mei Ting.

He looked down at the broken wine glass, which was shattered by the lightning. His indifferent eyes lifted slightly, looking at the mighty group of cultivators that was coming his way.

"You have disturbed my drinking."

An indifferent voice came out of him, not very loud. However, in an environment with the sound of lightning and storm, this voice was still exceptionally clear.

Everyone could hear him clearly.

Disturbed his drinking?

At the tavern where Mei Ting was located, many eyes around him were looking at him, sitting there, as if they had seen a ghost.

Was this guy crazy?

Under such circumstances, was he seriously complaining about his drinking being interrupted?

The people in the void glanced at Mei Ting, ignored him, and continued moving forward.

"Didnt you hear me?" Mei Ting insisted. But as his voice fell, terrible dark lightning directly descending from the sky. This incredibly thick dark lightning contained an unbelievably terrifying destructive power, with a horrific light of destruction, crashing down directly on the top of Mei Tings head.


There was a loud bang as lightning struck Mei Tings head. The light of darkness was gleaming and flowed toward the tavern.

However, neither Mei Ting nor the tavern suffered any damage. Unscathed, there was not one bit of reaction from him.

Beneath such powerful destructive lightning, Mei Ting didnt even flinch.

Mei Ting raised his head and glanced at the Renhuang who attacked him. The man came from the Fate World, a supreme power in the Hidden Land Realm. He sat there and raised his hand. In an instant, a giant hand of the demonic Way appeared in the sky. The hand smashed down at that Renhuang.

This hand of the demonic Way was like the hand of God, wrapping the heaven and the earth. In an instant, the opponents body was held in the palm of that hand.

At this moment, the face of that Renhuang changed. In the camp of the Fate World, many were looking at Mei Ting, who was below.


As he began squeezing tightly, fresh blood flowed down the giant palm. A Renhuang was squeezed to death before he even had a chance to scream.

"You guys had interrupted my drinking!" Mei Ting said again. This time, no one dared to ignore his voice!