The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1759

Chapter 1759 The Declaration Of War

Lord of the Underworld was still chatting with Mei Ting in the distance.

Right now, he also gazed at the direction of the Heavenly Mandate Academy and said, "This is the right choice. You were destined to belong to the darkness. This is not the right place for you. Come with me, and I will take you home."

"Who is she?" Mei Ting asked Lord of the Underworld.

Lord of the Underworld was one of the Lords in the Dark Court. He led a large army himself and marched here to grab a little girl. Even though Mei Ting wasnt in the loop before, he now understood that this girl was nothing but ordinary.

"The Devil General from the Devil World is also interested?" Lord of the Underworld laughed and said to Mei Ting.

Mei Ting didnt reply. He certainly wouldnt be intrigued if it was only an average girl. Nonetheless, it was Ye Futians identity that really piqued his curiosity.

This girl just happened to be under Ye Futians protection right now.

Mei Ting made a connection between the girl and Yu Sheng. He wondered if this could all be the arrangement of fate.

He surely didnt believe in fate. But perhaps even Lord of the Underworld, one of the Lords in the Dark Court, didnt know the identity of the man who was protecting the girl. Nor would he know who Yu Sheng was. If he did, he would certainly attach more importance to his encounter with this girl.

This was a remarkable meeting.

Nevertheless, it was apparent that no one had realized that yet.

Ye Futian looked intently at the girl standing in front of him and asked in a gentle voice, "Have you really made up your mind?"

"Yes." Qingyao nodded.

"Alright/" Ye Futian smiled with relief. Just like what he told Qingyao before, everyone deserved to determine their destiny. No one else had the right to intrude.

He took care of Qingyao because he pitied her for being hunted by cultivators in the Renhuang Plane.

However, Qingyao had metamorphosed into a mature person. She gained a deeper understanding of everything and was well aware of the consequences of her choice.

Such being the case, he respected her will.

He also knew that the enemy didnt come to capture Qingyao to hurt her. He saw what happened to Qingyao in the past through Shen Luoxues divine consciousness and realized that Qingyao probably was born with extraordinary gifts. The enemy didnt need to dispatch so many people if they only wanted to harm her or kill her.

He also understood that Qingyao already chose to confront and accept what might happen to her in the future. Therefore, it was not his place to stop her in the name of protection only to satisfy his ego. She had already found herself.

Thus, he agreed with her choice.

Besides, he was willing to believe that Qingyao would never forget the goodwill and kindness in her heart that convinced her to make this choice, no matter what happened to her in the future.

"She cant."

All of a sudden, someone opposed to the idea spoke out. It was Master Pudua Buddhist cultivator from the Mountain Realm and one of the leaders on the side of the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

He stared at the girl with a particularly grim face. He heard what the Lord of the Underworld just said and had more confidence in his own judgment.

He would rather start a war over this girl than letting her go. Since Ye Futian didnt allow him to kill the girl, the only choice left was to keep her in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. There was no way he would let the Lord of the Underworld take her away.

Ye Futian raised his head and looked at Master Pudu, who continued, "We can never send her to the hands of the Lord of the Underworld."

To everyones surprise, the brilliant Light of Buddha became menacing. A murderous thought entered the monks mind.

"Master, you lost your mind." Lord Taixuan said, "I believe you have good intentions, but the Buddhist doctrine emphasizes mercy and benevolence. How can it be compatible with the Buddhist doctrine if you harm people for a crime they havent committed?"

"My Lord, this is different." Master Pudu spoke loudly. "I am willing to fight. But I cant sit idly and watch her being taken away."

"If she made mistakes in the future, I would willingly give up everything I have to correct them," Lord Taixuan said. He looked at the Buddhist cultivators standing next to Master Pudu and asked, "What does the abbot think?"

The abbot of Tianxian Temple put his palms together in front of the chest. He chanted the name of Buddha and said, "Everyone has the potential for good. I would like to believe that her goodwill can beat her doomed fate, and I have faith in Lord Taixuan and Benefactor Ye."

"Master," Master Pudu turned to the abbot and said.

"Pudu, everything in the world is predestined. Lets wait and see how it goes in the future," said the abbot. Pudu heard him and finally stopped arguing. He put his palms together and chanted the Buddhist scriptures with his eyes closed. He looked solemn and dignified as the Light of Buddha radiating from his body.

Even though Ye Futian was a little upset about Pudus malicious intent, he didnt hold any grudge against him because he knew that Master Pudu was worrying about the future of the world and the sufferings of the people.

"Let me send you off." Ye Futian picked up Qingyaos hand and stepped forward. Lord Taixuan walked next to them.

Ye Futian held Qingyaos hand and walked out of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. A master cultivator from the opposing side also strode toward them to come and take Qingyao.

They soon met each other. Rather than handing over Qingyao right away, he made a demand, "I want someone."

"Who do you want?" The guy from the opposing side asked.

"Lian Qingyi from the Clan of the God of Ghost," said Ye Futian.

Lian Qingyi was standing in the matrix of the Clan of the God of Ghost far away. She was stunned.

What did Ye Futian mean? What did he want her for?

The master cultivator who met with Ye Futian hesitated and glanced back, unsure of how to proceed. Lian Qingyi was the Goddess of the Clan of the God of Ghost, not a mere commoner.

"Give her to him," the Lord of the Underworld instructed in a calm voice. They came here with only one goal in mindto take Qingyao away.

He certainly wouldnt give Ye Futian chances to negotiate if he had an absolute advantage over him. However, they were in an unfavorable position and only got the girl because she wanted to leave with them herself.

Therefore, how could he refuse to trade Lian Qingyi with Ye Futian?

He would agree to Ye Futians terms straight off even if Ye Futian added a few more people to his list of requests.

The leader of the Clan of the God of Ghost narrowed his eyes and turned back to look at the Lord of the Underworld. Lord of the Underworld glanced at him and said, "Didnt you hear me?"

"Yes." The leader of the Clan of the God of Ghost nodded. He looked at Lian Qingyi in silence.

His expression took Lian Qingyi aback.

She was abandoned.

The Dark Court finally arrived at the Hidden Land Realm again and provided them an excellent opportunity to break free from the Hidden Land Realm and advance to the Dark Court. Comparing with the Hidden Land Realm, where they were constantly hampered and restrained, the Dark Court seemed like a true paradise for them.

That was why she volunteered to come to the Heavenly Mandate Academy last time. She intended to get Qingyao back in order to earn a merit badge.

However, Ye Futian didnt hand over Qingyao to her.

Why on earth did Ye Futian ask for her now?

Chills went down Lian Qingyis spine as she saw the obliging faces of the master cultivators on her side. She felt as though she was abandoned by the world.

This was distinctly different from what happened with Ye Qingyao.

Ye Qingyao came out of her own volition. Before that, the Heavenly Mandate Academy would rather start a war than giving up Ye Qingyao.

Yet Lian Qingyi, on the other hand, was discarded without a doubt, even when she was the Goddess of the Clan of the God of Ghost.

It offered a sharp contrast.

Lian Qingyi had no choice under such circumstances. She understood the cruelty and viciousness of the dark world, and she knew that they would kill her immediately if she refused.

Lian Qingyi stared at Ye Futian and stepped forward. She soon stood in front of Ye Futian and said to him, "This is against my will. But I will serve you if its Renhuang Yes wish."

Ye Futian took a brief look at her. The master cultivator then walked closer and said, "Give the girl to me now."

"Brother, Im leaving." Qingyao gazed at Ye Futian.

"Take care of yourself." Ye Futian nodded. He let go of her without saying much. Qingyaos body drifted toward the master cultivator. She and the master cultivator went away soon after and left Lian Qingyi with Ye Futian.

Lord of the Underworld stood up from his throne. Joy flashed in his dark eyes.

"Mei Ting, lets call it a day. We should have another drink in the future if the opportunity arises." The Lord of the Underworld had accomplished his objective and naturally lost interest in staying. He was about to leave with his people.

The dark storm dissipated, and the nerve-racking situation seemed to be over.

A bloody battle was averted.

Ye Futian stared at Lian Qingyi. The Goddess of the Clan of the God of Ghost probably never said anything truthful to him ever since they met the first time.

Ye Futians fingers generated tremendous Sword Will of the Great Path and formed a terrifying whirlwind.

Lian Qingyi lowered her head and noticed Ye Futians hand. Panic-stricken, she yelled, "Renhuang Ye, I didnt ask for this."

"You made a choice. Everyone needs to pay the price for their choices," Ye Futian said to her. A storm of Sword Will surged as he pointed his fingers at her.

Lian Qingyis face turned deathly pale. She drew back hastily yet was still struck by Ye Futians finger.

The force from his finger tore through the air.

Buzz. Ye Futians finger penetrated the Storm of the Great Path. It gathered around Lian Qingyis body and pierced her brow chakra. Her spiritual soul was shattered.

Devastated, she stared at Ye Futian with her vacant eyes as though she still didnt understand why she had to die.

Lian Qingyis body fell from the sky. The cultivators of the Clan of the God of Ghost were furious. The Dark Army also turned their heads to Ye Futian. The situation became volatile again at once.

Even Lord of the Underworld fixed his eyes on Ye Futian. What did this silver-haired young man intend to do?

Did he want to establish his authority?

The cultivators in the Heavenly Mandate City looked at Ye Futian with curious eyes as well. None of them expected Ye Futian to kill the Goddess of the Clan of the God of Ghost. His attack showed no hesitation or pity for such a pretty woman.

No one, including Lian Qingyi, would foresee that Ye Futian asked for her just to kill her.

"Various groups from the Hidden Land Realm trespassed on the Heavenly Mandate Academy, and thereby, the Heavenly Mandate Academy declares war on the forces that came here today," said Ye Futian. His icy voice reverberated in the air and made a lot of people shudder in silence.

The Heavenly Mandate Academy gave up Qingyao not because they were afraid of the enemy and bent under pressure; they did it out of due regard for her choice. Qingyao would suffer tremendously, much more so than losing her life, if many people who cared for her and rekindled her spirit died to protect her.

They made Qingyao realize that she was real flesh and blood. She was human.

Ye Futian respected her wish yet still declared war on the forces from the Hidden Land Realm by killing the Goddess of the Clan of the God of Ghost, Lian Qingyi.