The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1760

Chapter 1760 Two Holy Lands Joined Hands

Qingyao turned her head and looked at Ye Futian briefly. Her clear eyes were filled with surprise at first. They crinkled in a smile.

She understood what brother Ye meant.

Many people from the Hidden Land Realm were stunned by Ye Futians announcement. By killing the Goddess of the Clan of the God of Ghost to declare war on the Hidden Land Realm, Ye Futian made them aware that he would never let anyone who besieged the Heavenly Mandate Academy on this day off the hook even though the battle didnt really happen.

The Heavenly Mandate Academy didnt declare war on everyone who participated in the confrontation because of Ye Qingyao; they wanted to eradicate the Hell.

It was just like how the Buddhist cultivators collaborated with Emperor Nan and took out the Hell in the past.

The forces in the Hidden Land Realm got themselves involved in trouble this time. No one could escape the disaster that befell the group.

The cultivators of the Clan of the God of Ghost looked particularly stern. Lian Qingyi was their Goddess, yet she was killed by Ye Futian in front of everyone to make a statement.

They devoted a lot of resources to train Lian Qingyi, who also had extraordinary talents. But Ye Futian didnt even give her a chance to fight back.

At the same time, the turn of events also demonstrated the difference between the Heavenly Mandate Realm and the dark forces. Ye Futian and the Heavenly Mandate Realm did their utmost to protect Ye Qingyao up until the point that the girl herself didnt want them to sacrifice their lives for her. On the contrary, the Hell cast Lian Qingyi aside straight out.

"Lets go."

The Lord of the Underworld glanced at Ye Futian. He already obtained Ye Futian and had no intention to cause more complications. He couldnt care less about Ye Futians statement. An ant had no quarrel with a boot; why should he pay any attention to some war in the Void Realm?

Even if Ye Futian destroyed the entire Hidden Land Realm, so what?

The Dark World controlled by the Dark Court could easily wipe the Nine Supreme Imperial Realms in the Void Realm off the map if not for the consideration of Donghuang the Great Emperor.

The Dark Army and the Hell pulled back and left.

No one expected that the large enemy force that bore down upon the border withdrew in such manner. Both people in Heavenly Mandate City and cultivators came from other places were taken by surprise. The incident would most likely mark a watershed in the history of the Nine Realms.

Ye Futian and the others didnt block the Dark Army to force them to fire right now. A battle at this level better took place outside of their territory. Ye Futian still had qualms and would rather attack the Hidden Land Realm.

After the Hell cleared off, Ye Futian looked at the cultivators from Buddhist temples and the Divine Palace, said, "Thank all of you very much for coming to help the Heavenly Mandate Academy."

"The Hell made a comeback. The Buddhist cultivators naturally cant stand by and watch," said the abbot of Tianxian Temple. He put his palms together and continued to speak to Ye Futian. "I heard them mention your name in the past. The girl probably will need you again in the future."

"Qingyao would rather sacrifice herself than implicate any of us. No matter who she is and where she comes from, I believe that she will stay true to herself," said Ye Futian.

"I hope so." The abbot nodded.

"The Hell officially came out of hiding from the Hidden Land Realm and announced itself today although the battle didnt break out. There is going to be a turbulent time soon," someone from the Divine Palace commented. Other than the Hell, many groups from the Outer Realms came to the Heavenly Mandate City earlier as well. Notwithstanding, the majority of them simply looked on.

These groups and other top forces that would come from the Outer Realms later in the future would cause considerable trouble in the Void Realm.

"I used to cultivate in the Divine Palace and can be counted as a disciple. Its extremely fortunate for me to have your help and support today. Since there has been a drastic change in the situation, I would like to invite the seniors from the Divine Palace to come into the Academy to have a discussion," Ye Futian said.

The Divine Palace was a group worth associating with. Ye Futian hoped to unite more forces to weather the changes that would happen in the near future.

"Alright," the cultivators from the Divine Palace nodded in agreement.

Ye Futian gazed into the distance and spoke loudly, "Not long ago, the Hell assassinated cultivators from various forces and caused turmoil in the Nine Realms to lure us to the Hidden Land Realm. Now that the Hell has returned, will you really be able to remain intact if you stand by indifferently?

"Since you came to the Heavenly Mandate City today, the Heavenly Mandate Academy will set up a banquet and invite all of you to have a drink with us."

His voice boomed through the air. Even people far away could hear him clearly.

The Heavenly Mandate Academy had declared war on the Hidden Land Realm only a short time ago. It went without saying that Ye Futian invited people to go to the Heavenly Mandate Academy to bring the forces in the Nine Realms together and contend with the Hell.

Did he want to attack the Hell proactively?

Inside the tavern where cultivators of the Divine Palace, Golden Divine Nation, and Celestial Worthy Temple were staying.

Shen Gao heard Ye Futians voice and said, "This man is not only remarkably talented but also has amazing courage and resolution. He would be a great leader with an unfathomable future if he reached a higher plane. The Shen clan could become even stronger if he were one of us."

A cultivator from the Celestial Worthy Mountain said, "He wants to team up the forces in the Nine Realms to confront the Hell. Its not as easy as he thinks.

"Many groups are related to the Outer Realms and certainly wont participate in the effort." The Celestial Worthy Temple originated in the Outer Realms and would never join a force led by the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Other than the Celestial Worthy Temple, quite a few top forces also had deep connections with the Outer Realms, such as the Solar Divine Palace in the Solar Realm and the Youyue Divine Palace in the Shadow Realm.

Moreover, did Ye Futian believe the Hell was the only enemy?

That would be wishful thinking.

The cultivators from the Celestial Worthy Mountain certainly understood the argument and concerns of other top forces that were rooted in the Outer Realms.

A different group of people was sitting in another direction.

There were plenty of famous cultivators among them, including Jian Qingzhu.

They came from Tianshen Academy in the Central Emperor Realm.

Tianshen Academy was a group with immense power in the entire Void Realm.

"How about we take a trip to the Heavenly Mandate Academy?" Jian Qingzhu looked at a senior cultivator with inquiring eyes and asked.

However, the senior cultivator hesitated a moment and replied, "Lets go back."

Jian Qingzhu was surprised. Why would they go back?

"Lets go." The senior cultivator stood up and walked out while contemplating some ideas in his mind.

The current leader of Tianshen Academy was the Jian family, to which Jian Qingzhu belonged. The Jian family had a solid background and immense power. They went to Tianshen Academy years ago under Donghuang the Great Emperors direction, and built Tianshen Academy, crafting it as the best Academy in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

A lot of people thought it was because they had the support of the Great Emperor.

Only people of the Jian family knew that they were banished to the Void Realm for their crimes.

The Jian family was an ancient aristocratic family that came from the Divine Prefecture in the Outer Realms. They were exiled to Tianshen Academy by Donghuang the Great Emperor.

Despite having even more power than people imagined, they kept a low profile and nurtured the younger generations quietly. They raised many excellent cultivators who were already celebrated in the Central Emperor Realm.

These cultivators would all become part of their resources.

They trained Jian Qingzhu to be the leader of Tianshen Academy in the future or even the leader of the whole Void Realm.

It was their goal.

However, Ye Futian outshone Jian Qingzhu nowadays.

A lot of people showed up in the Heavenly Mandate Academy in Heavenly Mandate City.

They were all discussing what happened during the day. Besides Ye Futian of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, another person made a strong and lasting impression on the people in Heavenly Mandate City.

It was Mei Ting, who stopped the Dark Army by himself.

And it seemed like he only intervened because they spoiled his mood for drinking.

Right now, he was sitting in the tavern and drinking alone again. Many cultivators gathered around the tavern, yet no one dared to come forward and drink with him. They could only stare at him from afar.

This man dressed in black was a formidable fighter.

He punched through the Fate World with one strike and slaughtered many Renhuangs.

No one from the Dark Army dared to pick a fight with him. His absolute power was self-evident.

After everything was over, he resumed drinking as if no one else was around.

The banquet was quickly set up in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. It was a grant feast with countless seats.

The cultivators from the Divine Palace certainly were present while the Buddhist cultivators left before the banquet started.

Besides that, most of the cultivators from the Youyue Divine Palace attended the banquet, including Chang Xi the Goddess.

People from the Clan of the Seven Slayers in the Ziwei Realm were also there. They always had a fine relationship with Ye Futian and believed the Heavenly Mandate Academy could be a valuable partner in the face of the incoming storm.

The Clan of the Seven Slayers was willing to join forces with the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

As Ye Futian said, it was difficult for a group to stay out of trouble and protect itself under the current circumstances. Everyone would be embroiled in the upcoming war.

Ye Futian met the Lord of the Divine Palace for the first time. The Lord was a middle-aged man in his 40s with an elegant bearing. He led a secluded life and was not well known by people, especially the younger generation.

He rarely showed his face, even in the Divine Palace.

Huang Zhong followed him around quietly. Although Huang Zhong was a legendary cultivator with a perfect Divine Wheel, he still acted like a reserved student in front of the Lord of the Divine Palace.

"I used to cultivate in the Ancestral Lands. Its an honor to meet My Lord today. Let me propose three toasts to you," Ye Futian stood up and said to the Lord of the Divine Palace. He observed the etiquette for juniors and drank three glasses of wine.

"Although you never met me before, I noticed you when you entered the Ancestral Lands. However, it seemed like the Ancestral Lands were not that significant to you," the Lord of the Divine Palace said with a smile. The Ancestral Lands could help cultivators develop perfect Divine Wheels. Ye Futian obviously didnt need that.

"I benefited a lot from my time in the Ancestral Lands. Im almost a disciple of the Divine Palace," Ye Futian replied deferentially and humbly.

"You were not so modest when you were in the Divine Palace." The Lord of the Divine Palace laughed. People around him all recalled Ye Futians arrogant conduct in the Divine Palace and started to laugh.

He was so high and mighty back then.

"My Lord is laughing at me now," said Ye Futian.

Lord Taixuan, who was on the side, also joined the conversation. "Futian is practically a disciple of the Divine Palace and the founder and leader of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Looking at it this way, the Heavenly Mandate Academy is more or less a form of extension of the Divine Palace in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. We both impart knowledge to disciples and are derived from the same origin. I suggest we connect the Heavenly Mandate Academy and the Shangxiao Divine Palace with a teleportation grand matrix so the disciples on both sides can move around and share their experience easily. What does My Lord think?"

"I think if disciples in the Divine Palace will be exhilarated if they learn about this. Im only afraid that my disciples will all come to the Heavenly Mandate Academy." The Lord of the Divine Palace laughed. He apparently agreed to the proposal.

He was joking because the Heavenly Mandate Academy focused on helping people to develop perfect wheels, so they had been a strong attraction for top cultivators.