The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1763

Chapter 1763 A Summer Insect Cannot Discuss Ice

This legendary force from the Divine Prefecture was too arrogant. They wanted to replace them.

And their plans did not stop there. They were the wildest force from the Outer Realms that Ye Futian had ever encountered.

“Let’s go back.” Lord Taixuan’s expression was a little cold. He moved down, and his group turned back towards the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

“Hell is leading the army of the Hidden Land here to attack. We are all facing them head-on. Where does the Holy Land of Taichu’s confidence come from? They are far too arrogant,” said a cultivator. His tone showed how displeased he was.

Since the Holy Land of Taichu had come here, they surely heard of the Heavenly Mandate Academy’s situation.

“What do you think, Futian?” said Lord Taixuan.

“The fact that they dare to do this must be because they are one of the supreme forces of the Divine Prefecture. Their power goes without saying. Secondly, although they are acting arrogantly, they are still very smart. They want to establish their power by teaching in the Lower Realms, and doing that step by step by themselves would be difficult. If they can come right to the Heavenly Mandate Academy, they will be able to spread throughout the world more quickly,” said Ye Futian. “Moreover, they don’t want to attack us. They just want to replace us. This is very different. If the academy is completely conquered and they propose coming here to teach, there would be nothing wrong with that. Even if we don’t agree, they can found their own place to each in the Holy Land of Taichu.”

“Yes,” said Lord Taixuan with a nod. “They just want to replace us. If they can’t, they can still use our name to establish themselves.”

The techniques that the Holy Land of Taichu was using were very different from what the Song Imperial Palace had done. But they were equally effective. The Song Imperial Palace was not a place for teaching, so they could not do things that way, but the Holy Land of Taichu could.

In that way, the Lower Realms would regard it as a struggle between the teaching holy lands of the Divine Prefecture and the Void Realm. If they lost, it would only be a matter of course that the Holy Land of Taichu would start teaching in the Void Realm.

Honestly speaking, many people in the Divine Prefecture wanted to establish their power in the Void Realm, reshuffling the cards in the Void Realm and making things just like they were before.

However, from this, one could see that the forces of the Divine Prefecture attached great importance on the Void Realm. Perhaps it was because this was the Original Realm, the source of the Great Path, and the Heavenly Great Path. After the collapse, it could form a new world.

Unlike before, when Song Imperial Palace had come quietly, when the cultivators of the Holy Land of Taichu descended upon Heavenly Mandate City, they caused an uproar. It was just as Ye Futian expected. Many people regarded this as a battle between the teaching forces of the Void Realm and the Divine Prefecture.

And it was not only Heavenly Mandate City. The news spread quickly throughout the Nine Supreme Realms, including the Heavenly Mandate Realm itself. The chaos caused by the armies of the Hidden Land Realm had not yet subsided, and this caused new disturbances. Things were truly unsettled now.

Many people sighed at this. The Heavenly Mandate Academy had truly become the center of the Nine Realms. It was extremely busy there now.

At that moment, in the guest palace where the people from the Song Imperial Palace were staying, the old man who had invited Ye Futian was there. He and the others were discussing these matters.

“The Holy Land of Taichu is very direct. They have never been in contact with the Heavenly Mandate Academy before, and yet they want to replace them in the most simple and overbearing manner,” said a middle-aged man.

The old man smiled and said, “The Holy Land of Taichu is very smart. They know that there is no use in negotiating. They must have heard about our conversation with Ye Futian and his conversations with the other powers.”

“So, can the Holy Land of Taichu succeed?” asked a woman, looking at the old man.

“Their power goes without saying, as you all know. Their strength in the Divine Prefecture is vast, and their influence is truly terrifying. Many powerful figures have come from there. It is said that many of them have come here now. It must be very important to them to teach their ways in the Original Realm.”

The old man said, “The Heavenly Mandate Academy has made many alliances, and the Holy Land of Taichu will not go to war with them. But in terms of forums, even the academy and all their allies will be no match for them.”

“At that time, we will go watch the excitement. Maybe we will get something out of it,” said the old man with a smile.

“I’m going out for a walk,” said the woman, then she rose and left. Many people followed her. Obviously, this woman was very important.

Now, all the cultivators in Heavenly Mandate City seemed to be talking about this.

When the woman came to a restaurant, everyone there was talking to it.

The woman and her followers sat down. Another group of people was sitting in another part of the restaurant. One of them looked up at the woman. These people looked rather young, but they had powerful auras.

They were from the Holy Land of Taichu. It seemed that the woman had come here on purpose.

But the others did not know that. The people in the restaurant were all engaged in their own discussions.

“Where even is this Holy Land of Taichu? They are too much! Are they really one of the top places for teaching in the Upper Reams?” someone said.

“If they dared to do what they did, they must be special,” someone else said. “But even if they are a top force from the Divine Prefecture, if I had some talent and was asked to choose, I would still choose the Heavenly Mandate Academy. The academy does things in a manner that I like. They act righteously. And not to mention that girl, Chu Yu of our very own Chu family. She has achieved great things there and forged a perfect Divine Wheel. Her potential is limitless. They do not look down on anyone there. And as for the Holy Land of Taichu, who knows how powerful they are? Moreover, they are a force from the Divine Prefecture. No matter how wonderful their teaching, the Heavenly Mandate Academy has Ye Futian. He is more well suited to teach powerful and talented people.”

At that moment, Ye Futian’s status within the academy was extremely high. Many of the younger people there worshipped him.

“You are right, especially when we have many heroic figures like Dou Zhao of the Dou tribe and the Goddess of the Xiao clan. Are they any worse than the people of the Divine Prefecture? They are willing to follow Ye Futian and cultivate with him. I heard that now even Nan Luoshen is cultivating at the academy. She is the princess of the Nantian Divine Kingdom, Emperor Nan’s precious pearl, the light of his eyes, right?”

Emperor Nan was a legendary figure.

At that moment, a scoff rang out, piercing everyone’s ears in the quiet restaurant.

Everyone turned and looked in the direction that the scoffing sound had come from. They saw that it was the great figure from the Holy Land of Taichu. Seeing how powerful he and his companions were, the rest of the people in the restaurant were silent. The person who had spoken before asked, “Do you think that what I said was false?”

The people from the Holy Land of Taichu did not answer. They still sat there. The woman from Song Imperial Palace watched them.

The cultivators of the Holy Land of Taichu were so arrogant that they would certainly not deign to get into a fight here. Moreover, the ones who had come were all Renhuangs.

“How many levels of swordsmanship has Brother Qing Ke mastered?” someone asked.

“Seven,” someone answered.

“That’s incredible. I wonder if I’ll get a chance to test his swordsmanship while I’m here in the Void Realm.”

“I heard that the Heavenly Mandate Academy is training many people who have perfect Divine Wheels. They are probably quite capable. Perhaps there will be a time for crossing swords,” said someone else. Suddenly, the restaurant became very calm. It seemed that they all knew who these people were.

They were the icons that they had just been discussing, the people from the Holy Land of Taichu.

It was just like when they had appeared at the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Their words were empty and arrogant, as there would be none of the crossing of swords that they spoke of.

This made it so that some people could not stand to listen to them. A Renhuang level cultivator who had his back to them said, “Although they come from the Divine Prefecture, they are blind to their actual strength. The people at the Heavenly Mandate Academy stand at the top of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path.”

The people of the Holy Land of Tianchu just smiled. But in the next instant, a suffocating sword will filled the restaurant. Everyone could clearly feel it enter them. It seemed that the place had suddenly been sealed off by sword will.

And the Renhuang who had just spoken felt it the fiercest. It was like there were swords everywhere, and they were all as sharp as possible.

Soon, sweat began to bead on the Renhuang’s face. He was under a great amount of pressure.

But then the sword will disappeared. One of the people from the Holy Land of Taichu said, “A summer insect cannot discuss ice. You have never left here, so your perspective is limited to here. When your vision is so limited, there is no need for your opinion. Let’s go.”

On saying this, they rose and prepared to leave. But the woman said, “Is Mu Qingke of the Taichu Sparring Grounds here?”

The people from the Holy Land of Taichu turned and looked at the woman, a look of surprise on their faces.

One of them quickly guessed her identity. He smiled and said, “I would never have thought that the princess of Song Imperial Palace would personally come to the Lower Realms. Pleased to meet you.”

The woman just sat there. She said indifferently, “I wonder if the Tai’e Sword of Tianchu Sparring Ground is as fat as people say.”

On saying this, she rose and left.

The Holy Land of Taichu was legendary within the Divine Prefecture. They had countless disciples, and they cultivated many different arts. Swordsmanship was naturally one of them. Taichu Sparring Ground was incredibly prestigious.

It was said that Mu Qingke was the most masterful swordsman of his generation there.

The people from the Holy Land of Taichu watched her leave with smiles on their faces. The princess of Song Imperial City had come personally. It seemed she was just like them. She wanted to establish a foothold in the Original Realm.

Now all was clear.

They turned and left as well. After they did, the restaurant became lively again. But the Renhuang who had been targeted before looked a little solemn.

A summer insect could not discuss ice?

Was the Holy Land of Taichu really that strong?