The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1769

Chapter 1769 Traitor Of The Devil World

Yu Shengs face and name were not that familiar to people in the Nine Realms. He was much less well-known than Gu Dongliu. Most people in the Nine Realms only knew Yu Sheng as one of the many first-class cultivators following Ye Futian around, similar to Swordmaster of Lihen or Yaya.

Even though Yu Sheng once displayed remarkable ability in Gods relic, he had been outshone by Ye Futian and was less prominent among the several cultivators with perfect Divine Wheels trained by Ye Futian. Therefore, he made little impression on people outside of the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

That was why the crowd didnt seem excited when Yu Sheng came onto the stage.

Perhaps, he was just another man who was about to be trounced by the challengers from the Holy Land of Taichu.

Many people cast their eyes on Ye Futian and wondered why he still hadnt joined the fight yet.

In their opinion, the cultivator from the Holy Land of Taichu who excelled at the True Will of Waves of the War God was so forceful that even Dou Zhao with the eightfold Will of the Fighting God was not a match. It was beyond doubt that the Heaven Mandate Academy would only stand a chance if Ye Futian stepped up himself.

Yu Sheng might not be able to turn the tide of battle.

However, cultivators in the Heavenly Mandate Academy saw the arrangement in a different light. Everyone in the Heavenly Mandate Academy knew that Yu Sheng had the most special relationship with Ye Futian and was almost like Ye Futians shadow. Although he always kept things to himself and cultivated quietly, he was the only person in the Heavenly Mandate Cottage that Dou Zhao didnt dare to bother.

Dou Zhao liked to pick fights with other disciples in the Cottage to practice and exchange ideas, but he never messed with Yu Sheng.

Thus, many people were intrigued by what Yu Sheng could do.

Ye Futian must send Yu Sheng with a specific intention in mind. Did he believe that Yu Sheng was capable of defeating the opponent?

They could only wait and see.

Yu Sheng stepped forward and went into the battlefield high in the sky. The man from the Holy Land of Taichu was still there, waiting to fight with Yu Sheng. Despite being the most renowned academy in the Divine Prefecture, the Holy Land of Taichu had a limited number of prodigies. In addition, this man was already the second-best among all the Lower Renhuangs who came to the Heavenly Mandate Academy this time. They were not in their home ground, after all.

The man aimed to wipe the floor with the Heavenly Mandate Academy by crushing their cultivators with perfect Divine Wheels and leaving them no chance to redeem themselves.

This man from the Holy Land of Taichu was almost unrivaled at the first level of the Lower Renhuang Plane and possessed enough strength to win a resounding victory over the cultivators with perfect Divine Wheels in the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Everyone focuses their attention on Yu Sheng and the man from the Holy Land of Taichu. The Heavenly Mandate Academy would truly spoil their reputation if they lost again.

They were beaten by the Holy Land of Taichu three times in a row. People surely expected that the Heavenly Mandate Academy selected the best cultivator at this level for the next match to end the losing streak.

"Your disciples can still stay here as they wish after the Holy Land of Taichu installed a program in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Moreover, we will give priority to them and even send them to cultivate in the Divine Prefecture. Why do you have to be so stubborn?" the white-robed man from the Holy Land of Taichu said in a deadpan tone.

It would be ideal for the Holy Land of Taichu to conquer and replace the Heavenly Mandate Academy smoothly. They would be very happy to coerce the talented cultivators in the Heavenly Mandate Academy into obedience and bring them under control.

Ye Futian heard him but didnt respond. It was pointless to argue with him. Ye Futian had no other choice but to fight for their survival.

A man was sitting in an empty tavern in Heavenly Mandate City and drinking alone.

Since everyone went to the Heavenly Mandate Academy to watch the battle, the rest of Heavenly Mandate City was especially quiet right now. The neighborhood this tavern located in was almost deserted.

However, the waiter in the tavern was still deferential and attentive to the sole customer. He stood in the corner and stared at the battlefield far away while occasionally glanced at the man who was dressed in black and drinking alone.

He was the Devil General who singlehandedly halted the entire Dark Army of Hell left an everlasting impression on everyone in Heavenly Mandate City. He destroyed the cultivators from the Fate World and slaughtered many Renhuangs. Not only the Dark Army couldnt contend with him, the King of Hell had to invite him for drinks.

What a formidable person he was. Nevertheless, he was sitting in the tavern and drinking quietly at the moment. No one could tell how powerful and frightening he was if not for his stately bearing.

While drinking, Mei Ting was also watching everything happening on the battlefield in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. His divine consciousness already covered the entire area.

He slowed down and sipped the wine unhurriedly when he saw Yu Sheng walking forward.

In a sense, Yu Sheng was the descendant of the legend of the Devil World. Mei Ting didnt know about Yu Shengs existence in the past. Thus, he stayed in Heavenly Mandate City for days specifically to wait and see how high Yu Sheng had achieved.

Obviously, Mei Ting had heard a lot of stories about the legend. That man was cold-blooded while capable of feeling pity for the human sufferings at the same time. He betrayed the Devil World yet was worshipped by countless people all the same, including Mei Ting.

Besides, he truly lived up to his reputation as the traitor of the Devil World. He didnt send his son back to the Devil World even when he knew that his offsprings would always be revered in the Devil World no matter what he did.

His son remained in the Void Realm, one of the territories of the Divine Prefecture.

Mei Ting wouldnt know about Yu Sheng if he didnt accidentally find his personal mount who happened to meet Yu Sheng in the past.

Perhaps, no one else knew about Yu Sheng anyway.

Mei Ting brought his thoughts back to the present and continued to watch the battlefield.

Two people stood high up in the air above the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Burly and rugged, Yu Sheng was a head taller than his opponent. The Great Path transformed into a vast ocean, roaring and rolling, as the man from the Holy Land of Taichu unleashed the True Will of Waves of the War God. In spite of the tremendous force he generated, he saw that Yu Sheng, who was on the other side, remained standing and staring at him coldly.

As if he was the only target in Yu Shengs eyes.

Sima Xiao came from a distinguished family and was the direct disciple of a war god in the Holy Land of Taichu. He comprehended the essence of the True Will of Waves of the War God and was entrusted with the mission to promote the Holy Land of Taichu in the Lower Worlds.

He was confident that no one in the Void Realm could contend with him. How would he stay competitive if he couldnt remain unmatched in the isolated Void Realm?

Nevertheless, Sima Xiao was unnerved when he met Yu Shengs unwavering stare. He immediately felt a sense of pressure in the face of Yu Sheng.

This kind of pressure brought by Yu Sheng did not exist when he was confronting Dou Zhao before.

He figured that Yu Sheng was an even better cultivator than Dou Zhao.

However, it also meant that the Heavenly Mandate Academy indeed deployed the strongest fighter they had at this level, just like what Sima Xiao expected.

The True Will of Waves of the War God became more and more powerful like a fierce storm. The golden waves surged and roared toward Yu Sheng.

At the moment, Yu Sheng was wrapped in demonic might. A terrifying rush of energy burst out of his body before a frightening whirlpool appeared in front of him. The whirlpool was extremely dark and looked very similar to a black hole or a giant demonic eye. It appeared that it could almost swallow the worldly great path.

The True Will of Waves of the War God storming toward Yu Sheng was entirely gobbled up by the swirling black hole and vanished from sight.

Of course, Yu Sheng also had the perfect Divine Wheel. It was the Divine Wheel of the Demonic Eyes.

Streams of dark, demonic air current became visible in the sky. Yu Sheng devoured all of the light and turned the entire battlefield into a scary dark whirlpool. The sky changed color and blended in the demonic world.

A bolt of exceptionally domineering demonic Qi burst from Yu Shengs body. All the cultivators watching the fight were taken by surprise.

Yu Sheng seemed to be very powerful.

Sima Xiao raised his eyebrows. The Divine Wheel of the Great Path in his body swelled and released the golden Divine Wheel. The True Will of Waves of the War God, more and more intense, hurtled toward Yu Sheng like raging waves crashing onto rocks.

Bang A gigantic demonic shadow took shape like a statue of a devil. Yu Sheng seemed even heftier. Many demonic eyes with the power to consume everything started to emerge on the demonic shadow. In addition to that, the demonic eyes also appeared on Yu Shengs body.

Before long, the demonic eyes formed a wall in front of Yu Sheng and absorbed all the power of the Great Path generated by Sima Xiao.

Sima Xiao couldnt use his Divine Wheel to subdue his opponent this time. It was apparent that he was not capable of overpowering Yu Shengs Divine Wheel.

Sima Xiaos arm rotated slightly, and the True Will of Waves of the War God converged on it. He stepped forward and launched the Storm of the Great Path. Like a bolt of golden lightning, he streaked across the sky toward Yu Shengs body and punched him with tremendous momentum. Waves of the Great Path rose and pounded against Yu Sheng, seeking to smash his defense.


Yu Sheng moved forward as well. His forceful step made the sky tremble. He struck with his fist, just like Sima Xiao. The demonic eyes discharged monstrous demonic might. The dark-colored Fist Will charged forward with great penetrating power and dashed against the incoming waves.


With a dull thudding sound, the storm rushed off in all directions. The cultivators in the Renhuang Plane standing around had to exert their strength to protect themselves from the storm. Still, many people watching the flight were blasted away. It was not difficult to imagine how high-powered the storm was.

Countless people stared at the sky and noticed the giant demonic shadow was still towering over everything else. Sima Xiao was flung away this time and couldnt balance himself until miles away.


Many people felt their hearts pounding in the chests. How could Yu Sheng from the Heavenly Mandate Academy be so powerful?