The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1784

Chapter 1784 Di Wus Confidence

The Heavenly Mandate Academy didn’t deserve to instruct and guide cultivators.

In the meantime, as the holy land of the Higher Heavens Realm, the Divine Palace was trusted by countless people. However, not only did the Divine Palace silently condone the crime of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, but they also allowed Ye Futian of the Heavenly Mandate Academy to cultivate in the Divine Palace, aiding and abetting the evil-doer.

The announcement of the Golden Divine Nation spread through the Higher Heavens Realm. In a word, they accused the Heavenly Mandate Academy of taking advantage of their power to bully and encroach on the Higher Heavens Realm.

Shangxiao Divine Palace, on the other hand, already betrayed the Higher Heavens Realm and acted in collusion with the Heavenly Mandate Academy. They intended to overturn the entire Higher Heavens Realm and preside over all the forces. Neither place was worthy of the reputation as the holy land of knowledge.

Such an argument was untenable after the minimum amount of deliberation. After all, the Golden Divine Nation wiped out the Divine Sword Li Family only days ago. It might be reasonable for other people to criticize the Heavenly Mandate Academy. For the Golden Divine Nation, however, it was the pot calling the kettle black.

At the end of the day, this was a contest between the Golden Divine Nation and the Divine Palace. The Golden Divine Nation only made this statement so they would have an excuse to attack the Divine Palace in the future.

As for the destruction of the Divine Capital of Xiling, the Golden Divine Nation probably didn’t care at all.

The situation in the Higher Heavens Realm became more volatile after this incident. The obliteration of two top forces completely changed the structure and landscape of the Higher Heavens Realm. Right now, the Divine Palace and the Golden Divine Nation were scrambling for domination of the Higher Heavens Realm.

Furthermore, both of them were supported by other power groups.

The Divine Palace was backed by the Heavenly Mandate Academy and its allies. And the Golden Divine Nation aligned themselves with the forces from the Outer Realms.

At the moment, a group of people was having a discussion in an ancient palace in the Golden Divine Nation. Gai Cang, the Sovereign of the Golden Divine Nation, and his elder brother Gai Qiong were among them. Apparently, it was a high-level meeting.

Besides, several other people in the group were no less prominent than Gai Cang and Gai Qiong.

“You have heard about what happened in the Divine Capital of Xiling. The Heavenly Mandate Academy already stretched their hands from the Heavenly Mandate Realm all the way to us. The Golden Divine Nation alone can’t possibly beat the Divine Palace. Therefore, we need to ask for your help,” Gai Qiong looked around the room and said.

The cultivators inside the palace were all convincingly strong, even though they weren’t releasing any energy.

They came from forces in the Divine Prefecture.

Although other top forces from outside of the Divine Prefecture also entered the Void Realm, Gai Qiong was a subordinate of the Great Emperor and couldn’t collaborate with them. He had to show due respect to the Great Emperor.

The representatives from the Holy Land of Taichu were also among the group. The white-robed old man from the Holy Land of Taichu sat in the room quietly and was immersed in thought after hearing Gai Qiong’s request.

No stranger to the power of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, people from the Holy Land of Taichu met too many excellent cultivators when they were at the Academy. Therefore, the white-robed old man already knew that the Golden Divine Nation couldn’t conquer the Divine Palace by themselves. The Heavenly Mandate Academy and its allies were too strong to be threatened by the Golden Divine Nation.

Thus, it sounded like the Golden Divine Nation was asking the Holy Land of Taichu to send in reinforcement.

As a top force in the Divine Prefecture, the Holy Land of Taichu only deployed a small team to the Void Realm. Their main force was still in the Divine Prefecture.

Obviously, Gai Qiong was inciting them to dispatch more troops.

“How much power do the Heavenly Mandate Academy and their alliance have nowadays?” someone asked.

“They have quite some people in the Fake Imperial Realm,” said Gai Cang.

“Fake Imperial Realm?” The white-robed old man from the Holy Land of Taichu sneered, “There is no such thing as the Fake Imperial Realm. Those who have flawed Great Paths could never achieve supremacy. Their so-called breakthrough to the Renhuang Plane is nothing but a pretense of going astray. They don’t have the chance to set it right, and they are not qualified to be named emperors. Even calling them fake emperors is an overstatement.”

“It’s only a form of address. How many cultivators in the world could remain a perfect Divine Wheel? Most people will reach their limits there,” Gai Cang continued to say.

“Let’s move on and talk more about the capability of the Heavenly Mandate Academy,” Gai Qiong rubbed his lips and said from the side.

“The Heavenly Mandate Academy has Lord Taixuan. The Divine Palace has one master cultivator out front. But as far as I know, they have another one at the same level behind the scenes. Additionally, among their allies, the Dou tribe, the Yuanyang Clan, the Xiao clan, and the Nantian Divine Kingdom each have master cultivators like Lord Taixuan. Emperor Nan is especially powerful. I’m not sure if he will get himself involved in the conflict, but we need to take precautions either way.” Gai Qiong counted the groups one by one.

These were the best cultivators who possessed tremendous power of destruction.

Lord Taixuan singlehandedly killed Old Demon Luo of the Divine Capital of Xiling days before.

“They have so many formidable cultivators. Yet the Golden Divine Nation only has my brother and me. Therefore, we have to rely on you.” Gai Cang suddenly became modest and humble. He knew how to use different tones on different occasions.

It was not easy for these top forces to establish themselves in the Lower Worlds.

The cultivators in the room were silent for a while. The Holy Land of Taichu was not happy with the situation. As the holy land of the Divine Prefecture, they had trained so many extraordinary cultivators. Countless people begged to study at the Holy Land of Taichu.

Nevertheless, they struggled to gain a foothold in the Lower Worlds and had suffered a great loss not too long ago.

From their perspective, people should express gratitude to the Holy Land of Taichu for creating an academy in the Lower Worlds.

They had to leave the Heavenly Mandate Realm after the last attempt failed. It was frustrating that the evil Heavenly Mandate Academy was still disrupting their plan since they moved to the Higher Heavens Realm.

Somehow they couldn’t get around the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

However, they would have a hard time reporting back if they couldn’t secure a place in the Lower Worlds.

“Of course, this thing is over for you if you decide to give up. I will have to think of some other way,” said Gai Qiong.

Should they give up?

They picked the Higher Heavens Realm for a reason. Were they going to leave the Higher Heavens Realm now?

The Holy Land of Taichu, in particular, was in an awkward situation. They came to the Higher Heavens Realm from the Heavenly Mandate Realm. How could they leave again?

“Let us think about this carefully,” the white-robed man said. Gai Qiong and Gai Cang nodded, said, “Feel free to make your own decision. Anyhow, Ye Futian is such an arrogant and disruptive person. He has poked his nose into our business. It seems that he wants to dominate the Higher Heavens Realm after controlling the Heavenly Mandate Realm. What an ambitious man.”

The group in the room dispersed shortly afterward. Gai Qiong and Gai Cang didn’t look pleased.

Although they were allies in name, they all had different agendas in mind.

“If these people decide to pursue this earnestly, it doesn’t matter how much help the Heavenly Mandate Academy receives,” Gai Qiong said in a calm voice. He came back from the Divine Prefecture and had a good understanding of the forces there.

His goal was to stir up a conflict between the Heavenly Mandate Academy and the groups from the Divine Prefecture.

After all, Ye Futian had to be nipped in the bud, considering his intimidating talents and influence. The Golden Divine Nation needed to learn from the mistake of the Divine Capital of Xiling.

The Divine Palace was also making preparations. The entire Higher Heavens Realm was a tinderbox right now.

Cultivators from other realms also came to the Higher Heavens Realm at this time.

For instance, the Solar Divine Palace in the Solar Realm and the Shen Clan both sent cultivators to the Divine Palace.

The Solar Divine Palace reigned over the Solar Realm while other forces obeyed them dutifully. Since the situation in the Solar Realm was stabilized already, they started to cast their eyes on other realms.

The Higher Heavens Realm seemed to be quite lively and eventful.

At the moment, a team of cultivators was riding the Divine Sun Birds. Among them, a handsome young man of regal bearing stood by himself while holding his hands behind his back. He was showered in divine flames and gave a brilliant light.

This young man was Di Wu.

However, Di Wu had become stronger than before. He went through the baptism of the Divine Light of the Sun and reached the peak of his strength.

For that reason, Di Wu remained a look of haughty disdain as he rode through the Higher Heavens Realm.

“Are there divine items in the Ancestral Lands of the Divine Palace for real?” Di Wu asked.

“Of course,” the senior cultivator of the Solar Divine Palace replied. “Just like the secret zones of our Solar Divine Palace. The Golden Divine Nation wants to attack the Divine Palace exactly because of that.

“Nonetheless, Ye Futian is cultivating in the Divine Palace right now. He scared off many people in the Higher Heavens Realm.”

“Ye Futian!” Di Wu muttered under his breath. He had heard the name of this legendary peer too many times in recent days.

“Di Wu, the baptism dramatically enhanced your ability. The Divine Light of the Sun is also brighter. You should be able to defeat Ye Futian now,” said the cultivator from the Solar Divine Palace.

“Obtain the divine item in the Ancestral Lands of the Divine Palace if you have a chance. It might be beneficial to cultivation.”

A beam of Divine Light of the Sun shot from Di Wu’s piercing eyes. He was not the same he was before. He had to admit in the past that he was not quite a match for Ye Futian. But now he was confident that he could win a victory over Ye Futian. He had transformed indeed.

He planned to go to the Upper Worlds and cultivate in the Sun God Mountain in the Divine Prefecture when the turmoil in the Void Realm was over.

He didn’t belong here, and he wondered if Ye Futian would be able to transcend the Void Realm as well.