The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1789

Chapter 1789 Arrival Of The Divine Sword

Gai Cang, who stood up from the golden throne, stepped above the firmament, its divine spear pointed at the Divine Palace, like a spear of the gods. An endless golden divine light appeared in the void and sailed across the sky as a terrible rumbling sound was heard. At this moment, the Shangxiao Divine Palace seemed to face the end of days, and this spear was like the judgment from the gods.

When the Palace Lord saw this, he took a step, and a terrifying aura also formed around him. When he stepped out, the sky shook violently, and many golden spears collapsed directly in the void. With him as the center, along with the positions occupied by the cultivators of Shangxiao Divine Palace, they seemed to form an independent space of the Great Path.


The boundless and splendid divine mountain suddenly appeared between the heaven and the earth, directly covering this area. This divine mountain, transformed by the power of the Great Path, was radiant and released the most dazzling light of the Great Path; its defense was unparalleled. All the attacking golden spears were blocked by the divine mountain, unable to break through.

Even the golden divine light that fell from the sky burst out with an astonishing shattering sound when it pierced upon the divine mountain, causing the divine mountain to tremble, but still, it stayed intact.

Ye Futian looked at the space that surrounded them, and it was as if they were in a space within the domain that belonged to the divine mountain. This space was an absolute domain in itself, and the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace was its ruler.

Above the Sea of the Path, on one of the boats, a middle-aged man in purple garment stood there. His clothes fluttered even in the stillness, and his long black hair dancing with the wind.

As all eyes looking into the distance, they saw that the Divine Palace was protected by the divine mountain. He took one step, and suddenly the world trembled with each movement. A terrifying Will of the Way roared, and inside the Divine Palace, incomparable air waves were tossing and turning. They morphed into a series of overwhelming light screens that swept toward the divine mountain. Like violent waves, each collision caused a fierce booming roar to be let out from the divine mountain’s Domain of Way.

As all eyes were focused on the figure that appeared, their hearts trembled. In the Sea of the Path, many boats were shaking as huge waves surged in the surrounding area. They tried to stabilize their bodies while looking up at the person who had made the move.

People from the Golden Divine Nation knew who he was, and the others had some vague idea as to who he might be. After all, among many of the forces that came here this time, there were cultivators from the Upper Worlds.

“I didn’t expect him to show up in person.” Shen Gao of the Shen clan said in a low voice. Shen Ji looked at him and asked, “Who is that?”

“A War Emperor from the Holy Land of Taichu, known as the War Emperor in purple. He invented the True Will of Waves for the God of War, and is one of the giants in the Holy Land of Taichu. His combat power is extremely strong,” Shen Gao replied. “Previously, when Holy Land of Taichu went to the Heavenly Mandate Academy, Sima Xiao, who was defeated by Yu Sheng, was this man’s disciple.”

When the War Emperor in purple stepped out, accompanying him as he moved forward were the golden waves. With every step he took, those golden waves impacted the divine mountain again and again, until the entire divine mountain seemed to be shaking.


Purple afterimages appeared, and the body of the War Emperor in purple turned into an afterimage as he unleashed a punch. A god of war’s phantom image appeared above the firmament, and the purple aura was all-encompassing. A golden halo swept across the heaven and the earth, and an incomparably gigantic fist struck above the divine mountain’s Domain of Way.


The void was trembling violently. Below the Divine Palace, buildings shattered and collapsed, as deep and terrifying cracks of the Great Path appeared. These cracks even appeared in the void, hideous, and terrifying; it was as if they could swallow people into those cracks.

Cracking and shattering sounds were heard, and fissures began to appear on the extremely splendid mountain, like spider webs, spreading into every direction, as if it might collapse at any time.

The cultivators from the Divine Palace looked at the War Emperor in purple who had made such an aggressive attack. In this battle, the opponent’s top figures may have an absolute advantage, as they had dispatched people from the Upper Worlds. It was precisely because of that the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace had asked the others to leave.

He was very pessimistic about the outcome of this battle.

A huge wave was also setting off in the Sea of the Path, but those who were standing on these small boats ignored the stormy waves, as they remained extremely stable, without any sense of being disturbed. Their divine consciousness covered the endless space, looking at the battlefield in the Divine Palace.

In today’s battle, this preaching holy land of the Divine Palace would be destroyed and sunk into the Sea of the Path. It was impossible for it to withstand this level of attack.

The cultivators of the Shen clan watched all this quietly. After Gai Qiong returned to the Golden Divine Nation, his way of handling things was indeed different, much more decisive than that of Gai Cang. Whether it was the Divine Prefecture from the outer realm or other realms within the Nine Realms, they had leveraged the situation to launch a simultaneous attack and created such bleak outlook for the Divine Palace.

Even besides them, the Golden Divine Nation itself had two major figures here today, in addition to a few others from the Divine Prefecture by invitation, so they still had the upper hand. If counted in forces like theirs and the likes of the Solar Divine Nation, the situation would now be entirely one-sided.


At this moment, Shen Gao frowned and looked up above the void; he had suddenly felt a sense of threat.

Shen Gao was not the only one who realized it. Soon, Shen Ji, who was beside him, as well as other powerful figures such as Gai Qiong, all raised their heads to look at the sky above. It was as if a very suppressive aura was blooming on top of them.


Above the firmament, the sky seemed to be shattered. They saw a trail of blue divine light that tore through the void and traversed the sky. A divine sword imprinted in their minds.

“Watch out.”

Shen Gao and the others realized something, and all of them began to take action. An absolute spatial light screen now appeared around Shen Gao, sheltering all the cultivators from the Shen clan within it. Cultivators from other forces also took action, releasing extremely powerful Will of the Way in resistance.


The Sea of the Path rushed backward as the endless blue divine light sailed across the void and descended. Everything around it was pulverized.

Shrilling screams came out from those who were touched by the blue divine light, as they turned into dust and disappeared into nothingness. People with strong cultivation managed to avoid it or protected themselves with the Great Path.

But even so, the blue divine light flooded the void. When the divine sword descended on the Sea of the Path, the blue divine light turned into rounds of light screens, sweeping all around, and pulverized many who had guarded themselves with the powers of the Great Path. The Sea of the Path was completely evaporated by the Sword Will, and a terrifying vortex appeared on the seabed, turning it into a vacuum.

When the terrifying aura gradually dissipated, everyone looked in the front. Above the Sea of the Path, the blue divine sword was hanging there upside down, and an absolute destructive Domain of Way that surrounded them. Just now, there were many Renhuang-level cultivators who had perished.

Many people looked a little flustered as they stared at the sword. They knew who was here.

Even Gai Qiong, who came from the Divine Prefecture, knew to whom the sword belonged.

More than three centuries ago, this sword was hailed as the strongest weapon in the Three Thousand Realm of the Great Path, and it had been stained with a great amount of blood.

Divine Sword Qinghe.

Emperor Nan had arrived.

The Divine Sword Qinghe, which had once suppressed the Gate of Hell, had now appeared here.

The blue divine light sprinkled down, and a figure descended with it, landing on the divine sword. Emperor Nan was dressed in a blue robe, elegant and free-spirited. Though he stood there quietly, he had suddenly become the center of attention. Above the Sea of the Path, all eyes were on him, and the expressions on many had changed.

Just now, many people had died under the Sword Will of Emperor Nan.

“Emperor Nan.” Gai Qiong looked at Emperor Nan; his eyes were a little cold. “Are you going to intervene in the affairs of the Shangxiao Divine Palace today?”

“Shangxiao Divine Palace is the preaching holy land of the Upper Heavens Realm as one of the principalities of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path and should be protected from outside forces as such. What’s more, the Shangxiao Divine Palace has been carrying out the Will of the Great Emperor for many years, never involved itself in external disputes. Gai Qiong, as a cultivator under the Great Emperor, everything you did was all for your own benefit.

“Secondly, in the face of the changes happening in the Original Realm, Nantian Divine Kingdom is in alliance with the Shangxiao Divine Palace, and we will face all calamities together. If there is anyone who wants to destroy the Divine Palace, the Divine Sword Qinghe won’t be picky. Whoever participated will die.”

Emperor Nan spoke, and his voice was calm and indifferent. It made the hearts of many who were around him tremble. Especially those forces without influential leaders, their hearts could not help but beat fast.

If Emperor Nan were to destroy them, they would have no ability to resist.

After today, if Emperor Nan did not perish, how many principalities could stop his sword?

The expression on Gai Qiong and the others were not a good one. Emperor Nan was one of the few who stood at the pinnacle in the Three Thousand Realm of the Great Path. He was extremely powerful, and it would be difficult to keep him and kill him.

Furthermore, Emperor Nan was not the palace lord of the Divine Palace. Although he has been calmly playing the role of a benevolent father all these years, no one would forget that the Qinghe Divine Sword was the strongest Divine Sword in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

In the distance, inside the Divine Palace, the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace seemed to understand something when he heard Emperor Nan’s words. He smiled. He didn’t think that as the one who was involved, he had actually far less resolve than Emperor Nan. Perhaps this was what’s considered no turning back.

Under the current disadvantage, it was impossible to defeat the opponent. The only way to protect and preserve the Divine Palace was to go all out without any reserve.

“The Void Realm also belonged to the land of Divine Prefecture, so why should it be exempt? The forces from Divine Prefecture that regained control of the holy land would surely make the Void Realm even stronger.” Gai Qiong responded indifferently as a pressure of might bloomed from him, resisting the Sword Will of the Qinghe Divine Sword.

The appearance of Emperor Nan would be a little troublesome, but they had anticipated that already. They just did not expect that Emperor Nan had such ruthless determination; it was as if he was the true master of the Divine Palace.

“What’s more, doesn’t Emperor Nan care about the Nantian Divine Kingdom?” Gai Qiong continued, threatening Emperor Nan with the Nantian Divine Kingdom!