The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1790

Chapter 1790 Di Wus Transformation

However, Gai Qiong was also a top-level existence. His eyes were electrified, shooting out golden divine glory. When the two sets of eyes collided, a terrible storm of destruction surged in around them. A frightening airwave was forming in the Sea of the Path, that set all the boats adrift.

Emperor Nan stretched out his hand with the sword. Instantly, the destructive blue light in the surrounding became even more horrific. The divine light lingered around the Sea of the Path as the waves tossed and turned, then evaporated by the Sword Will. The sight was terrifying.

He swept a look toward Gai Qiong and the other cultivators from the Golden Divine Nation. After many years, the Qinghe Divine Sword once again bloomed with divine light.

“Get back!” Gai Qiong yelled, but it was too late.

That blue divine light was omnipresent, and the Sword Will enveloped this area. As the divine light bloomed, the Sword Will was there to meet several of the Renhuang cultivators from the Golden Divine Nation. Even the strongest of them perished underneath the blue divine light; it was as if they had also turned into the blue light themselves and dissipated.

“If I can’t stay here today, how many of you do you think can survive under the Qinghe Divine Sword?” Emperor Nan said. Those who heard his words couldn’t help but feel a chill.

Emperor Nan hadn’t made his presence known for many years. But just now, when he unleashed his sword, everyone could feel a scary aura, even those top giants.

They knew the power of Emperor Nan, but not many really know how strong he was currently. But that sword strike made them realized that if Emperor Nan really wanted to turn this into a massacre, it would be impossible to stop him.

Even if someone of the same level tried to intercede, it would be difficult to restrain him.

“How do you all want to fight today? Who wants to fight?” Emperor Nan asked, the Qinghe Divine Sword in hand.

Some principalities from the Upper Heavens Realm quivered with fear. Even strong forces in the Upper Heaven Realm, such as the Sky Burying God Clan, felt a wave of fear. In truth, they had been very reluctant to participate in this war, but the Golden Divine Nation had forced them to pick a side. All to prove that the Golden Divine Nation was on the side of righteousness and that all the forces in the Upper Heavens World were united together to set the Divine Palace straight.

Now that Emperor Nan was so menacing, how could they not be afraid?

“The Solar Divine Palace was just here to have a bit of fun.” At this moment, a voice was heard. A powerful figure from the Solar Divine Mountain looked at the Emperor Nan and smiled. “We are from the Solar Divine Mountain. We have no great quarrel with Shangxiao Divine Palace. We heard that there are divine items passed down from the ancestral land; can the Divine Palace give us a chance to take a look?”

To come here at a time like this was definitely trying to take advantage of the situation.

However, if the Solar Divine Palace were to participate in the battle, it would add tremendous pressure to the Divine Palace. Without them, it would weaken the strength of their opponent considerably.

However, despite the Solar Divine Palace’s contrivance for the divine items of the ancestral land, the Divine Palace would clearly not oblige.

“It’s not that magical; it’s just a thing that assists in cultivation. There are many such treasures in the 3,000 Realm of the Great path. Since you are from the Solar Divine Mountain, you must have seen many such divine items better than these,” the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace responded coldly.

“How about this: Di Wu, heir of the Solar Divine Palace, had always wanted to have an exchange with Ye Futian, so let’s give them a chance. If Di Wu wins, the divine item from Shangxiao Divine Palace’s ancestral land will be ceded to us. If Di Wu loses, we will leave,” said the cultivator from the Solar Divine Mount.

Their foremost target was the divine items.

Many people frowned, and the cultivators from the Golden Divine Nation and the Holy Land of Taichu were a little displeased. But the Solar Divine Mountain was also a superpower in the land of the Divine Prefecture. No one understood that better than the Holy Land of Taichu and Gai Qiong from the Divine Prefecture.

Therefore, the Solar Divine Mountain could not really care less because they didn’t want to join forces with the Golden Divine Nation in the first place. Their premier target here was the divine items.

They were here to take advantage of the situation.

Of course, to Di Wu, if he could defeat and kill Ye Futian, he would certainly not mind at all.

The cultivators from the Holy Land of Taichu swept a look toward the other and saw the War Emperor in purple looked indifferent. His disciple was defeated, and Mu Qingke also was defeated by Ye Futian. What confidence could the Solar Divine Mountain possibly have, to think that anyone from the Solar Divine Palace could defeat Ye Futian?

When their thought turned to this, they didn’t say anything more, and neither did the cultivators from the Golden Divine Nation. They stood quietly and didn’t continue to fight. The atmosphere above the Divine Palace seemed a little suppressed.

The Palace Lord of the Divine Palace hesitated; the cultivators from the Solar Divine Mountain was indeed a threat, and this game of chess was very unfair to them. If they lost, they had to hand over the divine items, but if they win, it would only be in exchange for the opponent to withdraw.

But now, the other party has the advantage. If they wanted to relieve some of the pressure, it seemed they had no choice but to agree.

“I have no objection.” Ye Futian made a quick decision. He walked out very calmly as he levitated into the sky. His eyes were looking at a very faraway place, where vision could not traverse, only divine consciousness could. He was able to see all the cultivators of the Solar Divine Palace above the Sea of the Path, as well as Di Wu.

Di Wu was also standing on a boat, but Ye Futian could feel that his temperament seemed to have changed a little. Bathed in the sacred divine flames, he seemed more natural, shining brilliantly, as if he was shielded in a flaming glossy armor. Presumably, he must also have had experienced some miraculous changes.

Otherwise, Ye Futian had every reason to believe that with his own brilliant battle records, how could Di Wu have the confidence in dealing with him?

It was rumored that the Solar Divine Palace had influences in the Divine Prefecture of the Upper Worlds. It must be that which had transformed Di Wu.

“Where are we fighting?” Ye Futian asked loudly.

“Above the Heavenly Mandate Academy,” the cultivator from the Solar Divine Mountain responded.

“We need to guard around the battlefield,” said the Palace Lord; he was worried about the others.

Ye Futian was of great significance to them, and nothing could happen to him. If Ye Futian perished, the alliance would fall apart in an instant. The Heavenly Mandate Realm would be the first one to sink into complete chaos. At which time, everything would no longer exist but would be replaced.

“Sure, I trust the Divine Palace and Emperor Nan.” The cultivator from the Solar Divine Palace said with a smile, appearing extremely benevolent.

When his voice faded, a fiery red boat headed forward on the Sea of the Path. Di Wu, who was bathed in the divine light of flame, flashed and then leaped up and turned into a golden lightning bolt, heading straight toward Ye Futian.

With the Solar Divine Mountain at his back, Di Wu seemed to be even more confident and fearless.

He leaped up from the Sea of the Path and walked directly toward the Divine Palace. The cultivators from the Solar Divine Mountain followed along, guarding him.

High above the sky, the War God in purple looked at all this with nonchalance, and he didn’t bother to stop the others.

Likewise, Ye Futian also moved forward, with Taixuan Palace and the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace guarding on each side, separated by a certain distance. Although this duel was only with Di Wu, the War Emperor in purple and the Holy Land of Taichu were there, watching with cultivators from all sides; they couldn’t afford to be careless.

Now that Emperor Nan has entered deep into the other side, although no one dared to act rashly, he still couldn’t let his guard down. In any case, Ye Futian could not fail.

Soon, the two figures stood across each other in the air.

Di Wu stood opposite Ye Futian, and two dominant auras were released at the same time, moving toward each other with oppressive force.

Traces of the sun’s divine brilliance sprinkled down and aimed at Ye Futian. Each ray of the sun’s divine brilliance contained extremely terrifying power to scorch as if about to ignite the void.

Ye Futian waved with his hand, and in an instant, the heaven and the earth gave birth to an infinite Sword Will. Its bleakness shrouded the boundless void, enveloping the battlefield where the two were at.

Buzz. A bleak Sword Will rolled toward Di Wu, revealing an extremely strong murderous intent. It was desperate and cold, just like Ye Futian’s mood currently.

However, at the same time, a terrifying solar divine light bloomed from Di Wu. This divine light was able to burn up the attack by the Great Path so that the sharp swords made by the Swordsmanship were incinerated into nothingness and disappeared.

It seemed that the attack of his swordsmanship could never get close to the opponent.

Di Wu looked at Ye Futian. Above him, the Flame of the Way turned into an armor of divine fire, shining brightly. The space around him seemed to be on fire with it, and the sky seemed to be steamed dry by the flames from his body.

He cast a glance at Ye Futian. He, who had experienced transformation, was no longer the same as who he was before. He used to be extremely confident in his own ability, but as Ye Futian became stronger and stronger, and his name rang throughout the Nine Realms, Di Wu realized that he was no match to Ye Futian.

However, this time, he was extremely confident. He wanted to fight Ye Futian because he had been transformed by the Great Path.

Now his Way had been transformed into something divine.

Stepping forward, Di Wu walked toward Ye Futian. Above him, the solar divine light turned into the Way, directly shot out. Wherever the light passed, everything turned into nothingness. It dissipated under the solar divine light. Even the swords were consumed by it. His Way had already surpassed the ordinary Way and transformed into an extraordinary power of the Great Path.

The solar divine light released from him was enough to obliterate all existence. Ordinary Renhuang would be incinerated right away.

The cultivators around the could feel what they saw. Today, all those present, whether inside or outside of the Divine Palace, were extremely powerful, and they all had a keen perception of the power of the Great Path.

Di Wu was very strong. This was no longer the Great Path of Flames. No wonder the cultivators from the Solar Divine Palace asked Di Wu to fight Ye Futian in order to seize the divine items from the ancestral land.

Solar divine light shot directly at Ye Futian, and the crowd saw that Ye Futian was covered entirely by the divine light!