The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1791

Chapter 1791 Divine Body Of The Sun

Frightening Divine Fire of the Sun shot down on the divine elephant. It could not immediately melt the divine elephant. However, it still caused the figure of the divine elephant to turn liquid gold and faintly show signs of melting. One could imagine how terrifying the Divine Light of the Sun was.

Di Wu’s eyes were extremely frightening. They were like the Divine Eyes of the Sun. Roars sounded from behind him. A scorching sun appeared. Golden divine fire burned around the sun, melting the air into nothingness and forming streaks of flames.

Both inside and outside of the Divine Palace, all of the cultivators felt the frightening scorching winds. Under the divine light, many buildings of the Divine Palace below immediately began to burst into flames.

Beneath the light of the flawless Divine Wheel of the Sun, the Divine Light of the Sun that shot out continued to melt the figure of the divine elephant, wanting to bury Ye Futian inside and directly burn him to ashes.

Ye Futian raised his head and looked at Di Wu. From within the golden sun, illusions of golden ravens appeared. They soared around in the sun. The Divine Fire of the Sun that enveloped Ye Futian’s body also became a Divine Sun Birdthe Three-legged Golden Raven.

The gigantic Three-legged Golden Raven spread its wings. Its talons clawed at the divine elephant and actually ripped it apart bit by bit. Its talons were aiming to pierce through the divine elephant to crush Ye Futian’s Divine Wheel of the Great Path.

Ye Futian raised his hand and extended his arm forward, sending out a punch. The trumpeting of the elephant resounded in the sky; it was the Great Path of Destruction.

The trumpeting of the divine elephant lingered while its power shattered the sky and directly hit the Three-legged Golden Raven. The golden raven was crushed into pieces.

However, at the same time, golden ravens flew out from the Divine Wheel of the Sun that was behind Di Wu. The golden ravens covered the sky and attacked Ye Futian all at once. Ye Futian shifted his will. Endless Sword Will reverberated in the space. The Sword Will seemed to be resonating with the sky.

Ye Futian pointed out a finger. The unceasing Sword Will all gathered at his fingertip. Billions of divine swords came together as a single divine sword coalesced at Ye Futian’s fingertip. The terrifying, flowing Sword Will ground all the incoming Divine Light of the Sun into dust.


Ye Futian moved his body. He actually ignored his opponent’s ferocious attack and pounced at Di Wu with the speed of lightning. His finger pointed forward, and the divine sword moved before him, slashing everything in his path into pieces.

A gigantic golden raven leaped toward Ye Futian. However, the raven was pierced by the divine sword. Moreover, there was also the terrifying Great Path of Destruction by the divine elephant protecting Ye Futian.

A sharp shriek was heard. The crowd witnessed the Divine Sun Birds being torn apart one by one. They transformed into Flames of the Way and plummeted from the sky. However, as Ye Futian approached Di Wu, he could clearly sense the heightening temperature of the flames.

Di Wu’s eyes were frightening. He stared at Ye Futian, who was approaching him. His gaze, which was permeated with murderous intent, did not waver even for a bit.

Ye Futian had been crowned the strongest cultivator of this generation in the Nine Realms. His ability was without question; Di Wu was well aware of this fact. If Ye Futian could be defeated easily, Di Wu would not have such a strong urge to fight him now.

Di Wu extended both his arms sideways. The Divine Light of the Sun shone more brilliantly. His eyes were even scarier than before. Suddenly, an unparalleled Divine Light of the Sun shot through the Great Path, aiming straight ahead at Ye Futian while ignoring all his defenses.

Swoosh. Swoosh. The majestic illusion of the divine elephant was punctured. Di Wu’s attack was a bona fide Great Path of Destruction, causing the golden divine elephant to burn under the intense flame of the Way.

The cultivators, who were observing the battle, felt slightly emotional. The cultivators of Sun God Mountain were the descendants of the Sun God; the bloodline of Sun God coursed in their veins. Even though countless years had passed and Sun God had become nothing but a legend now, the divine power inherited by the descendants of Sun God Mountain was still very formidable. If other ordinary Renhuangs were exposed to this Divine Light of the Sun, they would be killed instantly by it without any means of defending themselves.

Moreover, Di Wu’s attack was a mass-killing technique with frightening power. No matter how many opponents there were, they would be burned to dust under the Divine Light of the Sun. One could only imagine how scary this power was. Even flawless Divine Wheel possessors would die horribly if their defenses were weak.

Both of them were extremely quick. As Ye Futian advanced, he had already appeared in the spatial world enveloped by the Divine Wheel of the Sun. It was as though there was a sun in front of him, and everything he did was futile.

However, the divine swords covered the sky. Ye Futian’s finger still pointed forward at the sun before him.

A sword slash mark appeared. The divine swords charged forward like moths dashing toward a fire. Even the Divine Light of the Sun could not melt or destroy them. The swords kept advancing and could not be stopped.


The golden raven seemed to walk out from the sun and cover Di Wu’s figure. Currently, Di Wu was directly inside the Divine Sun Bird. Under the light of the Divine Wheel of the Sun, it was as though they were within a sun.

Di Wu raised his hand forward, and the talons of the golden raven ripped the space apart, clawing straight toward the divine swords.

Swoosh. Swoosh. The swords directly pierced through the talons of the Golden Raven. However, at the same time, the divine swords were branded red and melted little by little. Their offensive power immediately became far weaker than before.

In the end, the divine swords pierced through the figure of the golden raven but appeared as though they had pierced into the Divine Fire of the Sun. All the divine swords were turned into a molten state.

Di Wu’s eyes were staring straight at Ye Futian. Ye Futian actually dared to get so close to him?

Currently, the Divine Light of the Sun protected his body. No one could approach Di Wu.

Ye Futian was rushing to his death.

At the moment, the bloodline of Sun God seemed to be awakening in Di Wu’s body. It was burning. The golden divine flame was refining everything it touched. Under the Divine Light of the Sun, Ye Futian’s divine elephant Divine Wheel was melting bit by bit.

“It seems like this Di Wu has awakened his bloodline. Cultivators from the direct line of Sun God Mountain can gradually strengthen their Way after they have awakened and refined their bloodline many times,” Shen Gao from Shen clan explained. “Sun God Mountain calls the final form ‘Divine Body of the Sun.’ Sun God Mountain has trained many outstanding juniors, but many years have passed, and there has yet to be a junior with a Divine Body of the Sun. Di Wu is currently only on his journey of awakening, yet he is already so powerful and can suppress another flawless Divine Wheel possessor who is at the same level as him.”

Shen Gao had trained in the Divine Prefecture. Naturally, he knew more than the rest. In the Divine Prefecture, there were also quite a few ancient clans who crowned themselves as the descendants of the Gods. However, after the End of the Gods, there were not many Gods left. Those who could really be classified as Gods were scarce.

Having a Divine Body implied that Di Wu was qualified to become an existence of that level. It was easier said than done.

Those ancient forces were all cultivating juniors who had the potential to reach that level. Di Wu seemed to have also been chosen.

Could he defeat Ye Futian?


Just as he was speaking, Shen Gao revealed a strange look. Where did both of them go?

Di Wu’s silhouette had actually disappeared. So had Ye Futian’s. There seemed to be lingering will surging in the space. However, their two figures had completely disappeared.

“Ye Futian’s fourth Divine Wheel is also his strongest Divine Wheel. It can create an independent space, which can suppress the Great Path of other people,” said a person who stood beside Shen Gao. During the battle with the Shen clan, when Ye Futian was fighting Shen Hao, he defeated Shen Hao even though the latter used a divine item. Ye Futian’s victory was due to this fourth Divine Wheel.

According to Shen Hao, this Divine Wheel was a Boundary Wheel, which could create an independent space.

Shen Gao’s gaze flickered when he heard the explanation. There were two possibilities for this Divine Wheel of Ye Futian. The first possibility was this Divine Wheel was indeed unique and could form a space of its own; it was related to Life Spirit. After all, a Divine Wheel was born out of the combination of a cultivator’s Life Spirit and the power of the Great Path comprehended by the cultivator.

However, the second possibility was slightly alarming. If it was the latter, then it seemed like they had still underestimated Ye Futian.

At the moment, in the independent space, Di Wu was slightly stupefied. He couldn’t adapt to this change right away. However, the next moment, he regained his senses, and his blood churned. Under the Divine Fire of the Sun, he was determined to melt Ye Futian’s body until there was nothing left.

Ye Futian stared at Di Wu. He too could sense that Di Wu’s Divine Wheel had been baptized and became stronger. It meant that under special circumstances, one could still continue to refine their Divine Wheel’s Life Spirit even after they had proved their Way and become a Renhuang. Before this, Di Wu’s Divine Wheel was already flawless since it was forged in the God’s relic.

Now, it had metamorphosed and showed hints of suppressing Ye Futian’s Divine Wheel of the divine elephant.

This observation made Ye Futian realize that there was also a difference in strength between two flawless Divine Wheels.

However, Ye Futian did not believe that there was a Divine Wheel that could suppress his fourth Divine Wheel since this Divine Wheel was born out of his Natal Spirit.

Di Wu attacked Ye Futian with his sharp talons. Under the Divine Light of the Sun, he intended to bury Ye Futian’s body in the sun.

Ye Futian’s body flashed, and he suddenly disappeared in thin air. He reappeared in another spot. Ye Futian looked down on Di Wu with his indifferent gaze.

Ye Futian extended his hand. In an instant, the Great Path resonated, and the divine swords howled. Billions of divine swords flew about, generating a rhythm.

Rumble. Divine Light of the Sun shot out from Di Wu’s body. However, Di Wu realized that his power of the Great Path was being suppressed. It was not as powerful as it was outside. It was as though the power of the Great Path in this place was no longer his.

In the sky above, stars circled around Ye Futian’s figure, forming a frightening barrier before him that blocked off the Divine Light of the Sun.

“Did you think that you are very powerful?” Ye Futian lowered his head and looked at Di Wu. “The cultivators of the Holy Land of Taichu were all more powerful than you.”

After saying this, Ye Futian pointed a finger at Di Wu. In an instant, billions of divine swords resonated as one and became one sword. From the heavens above, the halo of the divine sword pierced the world and slaughtered its way toward Di Wu, like a beam of light. Everywhere it passed, everything was turned to dust. His attack actually somewhat resembled that of Emperor Nan’s.

The sword fell, and Di Wu’s body was merged with the sun. The golden raven protected its master and wanted to block the sword in the same manner as it did before. However, this time, Ye Futian’s sword seemed to be stronger. In comparison, Di Wu’s might of the Way weakened. Under such changes, the halo of the divine sword directly penetrated downwards. Di Wu’s figure was sent flying backward from the shockwaves. The figure of the golden raven before was blasted into smithereens and gradually disappeared.


The Sword Flash dissipated, and the Boundary Wheel disappeared. The crowd saw a silhouette being sent flying backward as he coughed out a mouthful of blood. On his body was the remaining Sword Will, which was still shimmering!