The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1792

Chapter 1792 The Ancestral Lands Table

Di Wu was also in agony internally. His Divine Wheel had undergone a metamorphosis, and his Path had grown more powerful. The cultivators from the Divine Prefecture’s Sun God Mountain had told him that he had a chance to refine his bloodline until he could unleash his maximum potential. He might even have a chance to cultivate the Divine Body of the Sun.

The improvement of his ability made him extremely self-confident and made him want to battle it out with Ye Futian.

However, the battle had ended so pathetically.

With his Divine Wheel of the Great Path being suppressed, Di Wu could not block the sword. This was a huge blow to Di Wu. Back in the God’s relic, Di Wu was one of the most monstrous figures in the Nine Realms. He had forged a flawless Divine Wheel in the God’s relic. At that time, Ye Futian was the same level as he was.

Back then, as the God of Solar Divine Palace, Di Wu did not even consider Ye Futian to be a threat. However, afterward, Ye Futian became more and more famous. Hence, today, Di Wu found it very difficult to accept this humiliating defeat.

Sun God Mountain also placed their wager on him. Since they had announced it in public, they could not go back on their word.

Although the cultivators of Sun God Mountain had come over to pillage and take advantage of other people’s misfortune, they were still people of status and had to admit their defeat.

The cultivators of Sun God Mountain glanced at Di Wu and then looked towards Ye Futian. He was truly extraordinary. They had already tested Di Wu’s ability. However, they had not imagined that he would still lose to Ye Futian.

It looked like Solar Divine Palace was fated to not be able to obtain the divine item in the Ancestral Lands of the Divine Palace.

After this, they could only be observers and witness what happened after.

“You may see yourselves out,” the Palace Lord said while sweeping a glance at the cultivators of Sun God Mountain. The leading cultivator smiled and said, “Since we have been defeated, Solar Divine Palace will not participate in today’s battle. We will take our leave now.”

After he spoke, he turned around and left, keeping his promise.

The cultivators of Solar Divine Palace also left one after another, but they bore grudges in their hearts.

However, they didn’t leave entirely. Instead, they lingered at the Sea of the Path, which was quite a distance away from the Divine Palace. They stood at the Sea of the Path and unleashed their wills in the direction of the Divine Palace. They could still observe the battle in such a manner.

They wanted to witness for themselves how this storm would end.

Could Shangxiao Divine Palace escape their plight?

If Shangxiao Divine Palace were defeated, the Divine Martial Road in their Ancestral Lands would be plundered clean. When that happened, cultivators of Sun God Mountain would no longer be bound to an agreement. There was still hope of getting some spoils.

After the cultivators of Sun God Mountain left, the atmosphere of the Divine Palace still remained tense.

“I have a condition. Would you be willing to hear me out?” Shen Gao, a cultivator from the Shen clan, spoke at this moment. Everyone’s gazes immediately turned towards him. Ye Futian similarly looked towards Shen Gao.

Shen Gao’s figure walked out from the Sea of the Path, and he ascended into the air. Across the distance, his gaze was directed at Ye Futian as he said, “Ye Futian has previously attacked my Shen clan. Now, he has stirred up trouble in the Higher Heavens Realm. As long as the Divine Palace hands him over to me, I will not be involved in matters here. I will bring him back to be dealt with. How about it?”

The Divine Palace wanted Ye Futian.

Their conflict was also due to Ye Futian. Shen Gao was actually also thinking that if they could capture Ye Futian, they could still have an opportunity to bring him to their side.

Even if he had to make enemies of both parties, Shen Gao still looked highly on Ye Futian. If Shen Gao truly had to kill Ye Futian, he would feel that it was a waste.

“It looks like Shen clan has not learned your lesson from the besiegement of the Heavenly Mandate Academy last time, “Lord Taixuan warned loudly, as he stared at Shen Gao from a distance. “If that’s the case, Shen clan better pray that you can capture all of us in one go. Otherwise, we might not let Shen clan off the hook so easily this time.”

It was clearly impossible for the Divine Palace to hand Ye Futian over to the Shen clan. Currently, among the forces of Nine Realms, everyone knew Ye Futian was the strongest.

Shen Gao was also well-aware of it. Hence, he only smiled when he heard Lord Taixuan’s reply. He didn’t take Lord Taixuan’s response to heart; clearly, he had predicted it.

“Times have changed,” Shen Gao said with a smile. Now, the passageway that connected the Divine Prefecture and the Void Realm had been opened. Not only had Shen Gao returned, but the Shen clan in the Void Realm could also get in contact with the Shen clan of the Divine Prefecture.

Besieging the Shen clan?

Even though the Heavenly Mandate Academy had an alliance of forces, they would have to think twice in order to take it down.

“Have you all made your choice?” the Palace Lord’s gaze swept across to Gai Cang, who was standing next to the throne. Under such circumstances, how did he plan to fight?

If they began to fight, could he bear the cost?

“Since we are rebuilding from scratch, why do we need to hesitate so much?” At that moment, a voice called out from the sky. Once the voice cried out, a terrifying wave of the Great Path swept out. It slammed towards the Divine Palace. Huge rumbles could be heard.

Everyone’s gazes swept towards the cultivator who had sent out the attack.

It was Purple Robe War Emperor of the Holy Land of Taichu.

Some local forces of the Nine Realms still had some reservations about starting a fight. However, the Purple Robe War Emperor of the Holy Land of Taichu had purposely come from the Divine Prefecture to settle this affair. His first group of people had failed the task previously. Now that he had personally come over, it was impossible for him to tolerate failure.

As for what would happen in this battle or what consequences it would bring about, Purple Robe War Emperor did not care.

It was sufficient as long as Golden Divine Nation kept their promise: the Holy Land of Taichu would replace Shangxiao Divine Palace to teach the Way in the training holy land of the Higher Heavens Realms.

This time, the might of his attack was more terrifying than before. An unparalleled aura gushed into the Divine Palace. Instantly, cracks actually appeared all over this ancient palace, which was erected on the island in the middle of the Sea of the Path. The cracks were propagating quickly.

Rumble. Intense and terrifying sounds could still be heard. The entire island of the Divine Palace sank even further. Many defense matrices were activated. However, they were immediately destroyed. An existence of this level was already beyond what the matrices of the Divine Palace could withstand against. Besides the Divine Palace, no one in the entire 3,000 Realms of the Great Path could establish a super matrix that could withstand a figure of such level.

The Divine Palace was about to fall.

As they witnessed this scene, some cultivators were stunned and drew in deep breaths. They then realized what was about to happen.

This outcome was only natural. It was impossible for a building like the Divine Palace to be able to withstand the shock from today’s intense battle.

The cultivators who invaded the Divine Palace today, especially this top figure from the Holy Land of Taichu, ignored the authority of Golden Divine Nation and attacked the Divine Palace right away. Would they still care about the collapse of the Divine Palace?

In this distance, at the Sea of the Path, numerous cultivators were following the updates of what was happening here through their wills. Many of them had trained in the Divine Palace before. The scenes that played out in their minds caused them to be speechless. They felt dejected.

Who would have thought that the holy land, which once stood high in the Higher Heavens Realm, would sink in such a manner?

The cultivators of the Divine Palace stared at the scene silently, yet their aura was intensifying. The Divine Palace was collapsing; the grand matrix which served as the foundation of the palace had been destroyed. The entire palace was sinking into the sea.

The Palace Lord glanced at what was happening beneath him with a complicated look. He raised his head and stared at the Purple Robe War Emperor. An unparalleled might of the Way suddenly enveloped the entire Divine Palace. The ruins of the palace were surrounded by a dazzling divine light, joining together as one. The ruins floated in space and did not continue to sink.

“Is it worth it?”

The Purple Robe War Emperor traversed across the sky. Golden ripples spread throughout the sky and spiraled downwards. With a huge rumble, the Divine Palace continued to sink.

Every step that he took was like a terrifying wave, causing the Divine Palace to continue fragmenting while sinking. The Palace Lord could not stop the palace from being destroyed.

In the end, the Palace Lord decided to let go. With a shift of his will, the Divine Palace sank into the Sea of the Path.

Purple Robe War Emperor raised his arm and glanced at the Palace Lord and the other cultivators. He sent out a punch.

This punch penetrated the space. The True Will of Waves of a War God unleashed by him was absolutely terrifying. A choking might enveloped the cultivators of the Divine Palace. It was impossible for the Palace Lord to protect everyone.

At that moment, there suddenly appeared a peerless divine light that flew over in their direction. It directly flew out and blocked the punch coming their way.


The peerless punch collided with the object, sweeping up gales and huge waves. The punch that could directly shatter the Divine Palace could not destroy the object that had appeared.

It was a tablet. No one was in control of it. It was as though the tablet was flying on its own. On the tablet, endless divine runes of the Great Path were carved on it. Even the war god’s True Will of Waves could not shatter this tablet.

Even more frightening was that, after this tablet descended, it kept expanding and became a huge heavenly tablet.

Had another giant figure of the Divine Palace attacked? The various cultivators thought to themselves. Outside of the ruins, all the gazes of the people on the Sea of the Path were directed towards the battlefield.

Many of them had heard that the Divine Palace most likely had more than one mighty existence at the peak of the Realm aside from the Palace Lord.

The giant figures especially seemed to know something about it.

However, no silhouette had appeared. Instead, the tablet that was floating in the sky released an even more brilliant and eye-catching light. It seemed to be an object without a master.

The top figures were staring at the tablet. They revealed fearful looks.

This was no mere tablet. They sensed a unique aura from it.

At that moment, a sigh came from the tablet. It was the tablet sighing.

Ye Futian revealed a strange expression. Could it be that the mysterious cultivator back then in the Ancestral Lands was…