The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1793

Chapter 1793 A Lone Boa

Was this tablet activated by him?

“Is that the old Palace Lord?” Gai Cang was frowning as he also stared in that direction.

It didn’t seem right. It was not the old Palace Lord of the Divine Palace.

“Emperor Cang?” Gai Cang exclaimed as he suddenly thought of someone when he sensed the aura. It was a figure who shared his name.

The person was a peak figure back during the Age of Turmoil. However, Emperor Cang of the Divine Palace was not his name. He was called this due to his powerful technique.

Back in the day, Emperor Cang’s cultivation was peerless. He was the most talented figure in the Divine Palace. He was even more powerful than the Divine Palace Palace Lord of the day. He had forged a flawless Divine Wheel of the Great Path, and an upper level flawless Divine Wheel at that. An existence of such a level would be a peerless figure even in the entire Divine Prefecture.

However, by right, he should have fallen before having cultivated to the peak. Why was it that they all felt that their assumptions were wrong?

“Back then, the person who lived was Emperor Cang and not the old Palace Lord?” Gai Qiong said as he also revealed a strange look. These were all matters from long ago. The old Palace Lord and Emperor Cang had both suffered severe injuries. It was said that Emperor Cang had died while the old Palace Lord had been seriously wounded.

Yet, right now, their assumptions seemed to have been wrong.

“I never imagined that there would be people who still remembered me,” a voice said from the tablet. Then, the gigantic, endless tablet flew up into the sky and expanded rapidly. It blocked out the sky and the sun, enveloping this entire region of the Sea of the Path.

The various cultivators raised their heads and saw an unparalleled divine tablet. On it, endless inscriptions were carved. It radiated with brilliant light, and they could faintly see a silhouette appear in the tablet. It was the silhouette of a middle-aged man. He wore a long white robe. His figure seemed to have merged with the tablet.

From the tablet, endless light shone down. Huge rumbles could be heard. Everyone sensed a heavenly might. The heavens seemed to have changed hue and were enveloped by the tablet.

Rumble. A huge rumbling sound could be heard. It was as though the sky was falling, and the earth was about to split apart. A God Hand appeared and immediately covered the sky, suppressing this region of the Sea of the Path. Everything was beneath the God Hand.

“Be careful,” someone said.

The various cultivators had exceptionally serious looks in their eyes. They all sensed a powerful pressure. The Great Path in this area seemed to have been suppressed by the God Hand. The power of the Great Path could not circulate successfully. From this, it could be seen how frightening the might of the God Hand was.

Boom. Boom. Boom. The palm print had yet to come down when its divine might of the Great Path descended. Some people who did not have strong enough cultivation were directly sent crashing into the Sea of the Path. They revealed looks of extreme pain. On the Sea of the Path, waves churned. Everyone was pressured to the point that they found it hard to breathe.

Ye Futian and the others stood there, watching. The power was naturally not aimed at them. However, they still could sense the astonishing suppressive force. It was as though that palm had suppressed the entire world.

Right then, a silhouette rose up to receive the palm print of the Great Path. Similarly, a loud resonating sound that filled the heavens could be heard. An unparalleled War God’s True Will of Waves shot up into the sky and collided with the God Hand pressing down on them. The dull sound caused the hearts of everyone around to tremble.

Purple Robe War Emperor alone rose into the air. He arrived beneath the God Hand. As he stood there, he seemed exceptionally miniscule compared to the hand. Yet, he directly raised his arm and punched out towards the God Hand.

The God Hand collided with his punch. A dull thud could be heard. Wave after wave of his War God’s True Will of Waves swept towards the God Hand with his fist as the center. In an instant, tens of thousands of vibrations erupted.


There was a huge sound, and the God Hand collapsed. The terrifying punch was also shattered. Purple Robe War Emperor’s figure plummeted downwards. At the same time, there were explosions in the Sea of the Path below, and sea water splashed up. The scene was very frightening.

From the tablet, endless divine light shone down. Countless large handprints actually flew out from it. Each handprint had frightening power. They directly slaughtered their way in the direction where the army was in the Sea of the Path.

Gai Qiong’s figure also moved. He took a step forward, and the heavenly might of the Great Path burst forth from him. The endless space seemed to be completely enveloped within his will. A golden divine spear appeared in his hand and pierced into the space. The giant handprints in the space were immediately shattered into dust.

Purple Robe War Emperor’s forceful attack had already ruined everything. Now, they had no choice but to battle it out.

The tablet spun in the heavens above. Endless divine light shot out from it. Each beam of divine light contained a large handprint. Their destructive power was astonishing.

“Everyone, attack,” Gai Cang said in a loud voice.

In the current situation, Gai Cang’s side still held the advantage. They could only do their best to prevent these people from escaping.

Gai Cang wielded his divine spear and charged forwards after he spoke. However, Lord Taixuan appeared before him, wielding a divine sword. The heavens were filled with the endless sound of guqins of the Great Path.

“All of you, retreat,” the Divine Palace Palace Lord ordered the various cultivators beside him. Cultivators of the lower Planes could not participate in a battle of such a high level. On the contrary, they would likely be killed if the opportunity arose. Since they had reached this point, there was no turning back.

The dazzling Divine Mountain enveloped all the cultivators inside of it. Then, the Divine Palace Palace Lord sent out a palm strike, and the entire Divine Mountain immediately flew off into the distance. It traveled a huge distance in an instant.

“Shen Ji, go and cut them off,” Shen Gao said. Shen Ji then stepped forward, the light of the Great Path of Space shining off him.

Swoosh. Swoosh. Green divine light was everywhere, turning everything to dust. The formless will of the Great Path of Space was also turned to dust. Being enveloped by the green divine light, Shen Ji discovered that he actually could not teleport away from where he was.

Shen Gao swept a glance towards Emperor Nan when he saw this scene. He then said, “Today, I will experience the ability of Emperor Nan myself.”

After he said this, he unleashed the Tianshen Divine Halo, which could suppress all the power of the Great Path. Tianshen Divine Halo collided with the green divine light; the two lights countered each other. A terrifying storm of Tianshen Cleave enveloped this part of the sky. Shen Gao stood in front of Emperor Nan while the gold and green lights continued to clash. Scary looking cracks appeared in their surroundings. One could imagine how frightening their auras were.


A green gale swept across the space. The gale was everywhere, trapping both Shen Gao and Shen Ji in the region of the gale.

At that moment, another top figure unleashed his attack. This person had been exceptionally quiet all this while. However, as soon as he made a move, countless weapons appeared in the sky and flew in the direction of the Divine Palace Palace Lord.

This person was a top figure from Mo clan, one of the ancient clans in the Divine Prefecture. Mo clan wanted to establish its influence in the Original Realm. The clan had decided to collaborate with Golden Divine Nation and the Holy Land of Taichu. This was because it was hard for the clan to dominate a Realm since there were too many forces entering the Original Realm after the passageway had been opened. After all, Mo clan had no foundations here. Under such circumstances, it was more suitable for them to form an alliance with a local force and then slowly exert their influence in the Original Realm.

Since everyone had decided to go all out in this battle, it would be the wisest to destroy the Divine Palace completely to avoid any future trouble. At least a few top figures would have to join the battle in order to kill everyone from the Divine Palace.

In an instant, the person from Mo clan clashed with the Divine Palace Palace Lord. Even after the cultivators of Solar Divine Palace had left, their side still had more cultivators as compared to the Divine Palace. Clearly, they still held the advantage.

Unbeknownst of whether or not it was intentional, nobody targeted the cultivators who retreated before the battle erupted. The cultivators avoided the battles of the top figures and headed in the direction where Ye Futian and his group left.

They were not qualified to join the battles of the top figures. After all, there was a stark difference in their abilities. Their targets were the other cultivators.

Moreover, Ye Futian had to be hunted down.

The army formed by various forces moved enthusiastically and rushed towards the Sea of the Path. They were pursuing the cultivators who were ordered to retreat by the Divine Palace Palace Lord.

Ye Futian’s group was actually quite strong too. Even though some top figures could not make their way over here, they had sent many cultivators over to aid Ye Futian.

Ye Futian’s group moved at high speeds. They shifted in space and traversed across the sky without pausing. The cultivators who were hunting them followed behind them; the distance between the two groups was shortening.

Ye Futian looked into the distance. There was a lone boat floating on the vast Sea of the Path. A figure wearing a straw hat was standing on the boat. Beside him was a demonic beasta demonic rat.

A glint of cold light flashed in the eyes of Ye Futian when he saw the boat. This was his last hope. If any top figures came over from the Divine Palace battlefield to hunt them and Ye Futian could not defend against them, all his efforts prior to this would be in vain.

“One group should leave first. Senior Kunpeng, may I trouble you to lead these people away from here?” Ye Futian asked Demon Emperor Kunpeng. His speed was very fast, and he could lead those with weak cultivation away from here. There was no real meaning for them to participate in this battle. After all, even Ye Futian himself could not predict what would happen later on. After the Xiao clan and Dou tribe were held back, the cultivators that they had on their side was clearly at a disadvantage.

“Alright,” Kunpeng replied as he nodded his head. He did not reject Ye Futian’s request and led some people away. Ye Futian and the others continued to advance. They only stopped when they were near the lone boat.

Very soon, the people behind them also caught up with them. They were the members of the various allied forces.

They looked towards Ye Futian’s group, who had stopped. They then looked towards the lone boat floating on the Sea of the Path below. Some people frowned. They actually could not sense the person’s aura. It was possible that the other party had very weak cultivation, or he could also be very powerful.

However, this was deep within the Sea of the Path. How could someone who was very weak end up here?

This caused some people to feel uneasy. Could it be that Ye Futian still had a trump card?

Right at this moment, the figure with a straw hat, who stood at the fore, raised his head, and looked at the crowd. He had a pair of terrifying eyes. The pair of dark, demonic eyes were emotionless and cold. His gaze was like the gaze of a grim reaper.

Retreat! The cultivators from Shen Clan came to their senses. It was him.

He had disappeared since the battle a few years ago. Nobody had expected that he would actually appear in the Sea of the Path today during this crucial battle.

It turned out that the figure on the lone boat was none other than Sky River Great Elder!