The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1797

Chapter 1797 Absolute Control

The cultivator from the Golden Divine Nation with the seventh-tier Divine Wheel stepped forward, and the Sigh of the Divine God rang out in the sky. He thrust his golden spear through the air. Golden light shot towards Ye Futian at an incredible speed. It seemed like it would pierce through him in an instant.

There was a sharp sound as the golden light struck his body. The figure disappeared as if it had never even existed. But there was spatial will left behind in the place where it had been.

It was an afterimage.

The cultivator of the Golden Divine Nation looked up. Ye Futian had appeared in the sky above him. The cultivator realized he was in grave danger. Given his level, he had no way to lock down Ye Futian in a space like this.

A high-level cultivator could lock down someone of a lower level’s divine consciousness. This was a common understanding in the world of cultivators. As long as one’s divine consciousness was locked, they could not escape control while they were within a certain range. However, at this moment, he found that he could not lock down Ye Futian.

This probably had to do with the Great Path of Space in this area. The imperial radiance was shining down on them, and now Ye Futian’s sword will seemed to have turned this place into his own private sword realm.

The cultivator of the Shen clan realized this as well. He looked up at Ye Futian. Within him, his powerful aura raged, and his Divine Wheel burst to life. His sevenfold cauldron shone with the incomparably brilliant light of the Great Path as it flew back to him, reentering his Divine Wheel. The two objects merged, and suddenly even brighter light shone forth.

The Wheel of the Great Path flew out, and lines of terrible, destructive golden light shot out in all directions. There was nowhere to go to avoid it.

He slammed his hands forward, and suddenly the combined cauldron and Divine Wheel flew up into the sky. Golden light streamed down from it in all directions. Ye Futian’s figures disappeared one after another as he fled away from it. To him, the power of the Great Path that was put forth from a seventh-tier Divine Wheel was dangerous indeed.

Brilliant golden light shone from the cultivator of the Golden Divine Nation as well. He seemed to have transformed into a god, so celestial was his figure. He raised his hand and violently thrust his spear forward.

Boom! A dull roar rang through the air. Ye Futian’s field of sword will was shaken, and his figure flickered. A bolt of golden lightning swept across the sky, striking right in front of him. The Shen clan cultivator struck as well.

When Ye Futian saw what was going on, he struck out with his sword. Brilliant sword light shone from it. All of the sword will in the area was integrated into it, and it resonated with the Way of Swordsmanship. It destroyed everything in its path as it collided with the Shen clan cultivators Spatial Palm Print.


The palm print was destroyed, but Ye Futian was sent flying backwards, his field of sword will shaken.

He stared at his opponent. An upper-level Renhuang was indeed many levels above him. Even using the will of the Emperor, it was difficult to make up the gap in their power. Moreover, his opponents were unleashing the power of their Divine Wheels without stopping. They were seizing control of the Great Path in the area around them.

In the space of single thought, Ye Futian unleashed even more holy Divine Path light. The radiance of the Great Path swept out, stretching out through the air in all directions. In an instant, it had filled a vast area. The countless streams of flowing Great Path radiance made the two cultivators with seventh tier Divine Wheels frown.

What was this now?

The earth and sky changed. The whole world seemed to be changing. They could feel that they were in another Great Path domain, one that was completely independent.

The divine Imperial light spread through the Great Path domain like roots and leaves, filling an endless area. The sun and moon appeared, along with stars and ancient trees. It seemed that they were no longer in the world that they had just been in.

Even the will here seemed different than before. It had become much stronger.

They had known that Ye Futian had a fourth Divine Wheel, a Boundary Wheel. Moreover, everyone knew that this was a very powerful kind of wheel. But there were few people who truly understood it. Only Shen Hao did, and Di Wu.

At that moment, they were now within the boundaries of this new world. The two of them realized that when they unleashed the power of their own Divine Wheels, they had no control over this world. They could not master its will.

It made them feel like they were all alone in the world.

Ye Futian now had the will of the Emperor as well as his own world. He stood there bathed in divine light with his snow-white hair, making the two others feel that he truly was the descendant of some ultimate figure and that he had inherited his willpower.

Otherwise, how could he be so powerful?

Ye Futian released the power of his Divine Wheels and that of the will of the Emperor. All of the Divine Wheels transformed, including the fourth one. This gave off a mystical feeling; it was as if he was the absolute master of this world.

To those watching from outside, Ye Futian and the two others had disappeared. Motes of radiances floated like leaves, covering the whole area. The Great Path from the outside world was flowing in violently, sucked in by the independent world.

“What kind of realm is this?” asked the Shen clan cultivator, staring at Ye Futian. He was an upper-level Renhuang with a seventh tier Divine Wheel. This was the first time he had been surprised by someone with a second-tier Divine Wheel.

Ye Futian gazed at the two of them. Ever since he had become a Renhuang, he had never lost once he had used the Wheel of the Great Path that he had forged with the help of the World Tree. He had not even ever had to use his full power once he had entered this area. His opponents could never withstand him. Even Shen Hao and Di Wu had been nowhere near powerful enough.

But this time, he was facing two upper-level Renhuangs with seventh tier Divine Wheels. Although their Divine Wheels were not perfect, their levels were so high that even when he let loose the will of the Emperor to use his ritual implements, he was still coming under a lot of pressure.

But up until now, he had not retreated.

“This is the world of the gods,” answered Ye Futian, looking at his opponents. A look of confusion flashed in their eyes. The world of the gods?

“This is shameless boasting,” said the cultivator from the Golden Divine Nation coldly. He took a step forward.

“Try me and find out. I am a god in this place,” Ye Futian replied coolly. In the instant that he spoke, the cultivator of the Golden Divine Nation disappeared, transforming into a bolt of golden lightning.

Bang! The great spear thrust through the air, but it did not strike Ye Futian. He reappeared off in the distance. He was still looking at his opponents with a cold light in his eyes.

The cultivator of the Golden Divine Nation continued forward, staring fixedly at Ye Futian. Could he not slay him?

A terrible booming sound rang out as the figure of a deity appeared. Endless rays of golden slaughtering light swept out, covering the area as they shot towards Ye Futian. The cultivator’s golden spear grew bigger continuously, reaching a size of a thousand meters long. The deity gripped the spear, looking mighty and unconquerable.

However, at that moment, everything around them turned to a world of ice, stretching out for a thousand miles. There was snow and ice everywhere. Terrible freezing will entered the cultivator’s body, and frost threatened to cover him. But the cultivator of the Golden Divine Nation still continued forward, striding through the frost.

“You know many spells, but you are too weak,” said the cultivator of the Golden Divine Nation coldly.

“There are freezing ice spirits here, and flames that can burn the sky,” said Ye Futian slowly. Everything around them transformed into a world of flame. Fire and ice both assailed the cultivator, but they could not stop the celestial figure from continuing forward.

“There are also death knells…” continued Ye Futian, his voice faint. He stepped forward, and death will entered his opponent’s body. The world turned dark as the death will raged through his body.

“Time can stop…”

His seemingly faint voice rang through the air, seeming like it was everywhere as if by magic. Both of them walked towards each other. Ye Futian’s pace was steady, but the cultivator of the Golden Divine Nation actually felt a bit threatened. Space was frozen, and it seemed as if time had stopped flowing, blocking his movements.


He stepped forward forcefully with great speed, and divine light bloomed from him. He controlled himself, breaking free of Ye Futian’s influence.

At that moment, Ye Futian stopped walking. Sword will resonated across the vast area, and countless beams of divine sword light gathered together violently. He raised his divine sword as he stared at his opponent, saying, “There is also the Sword of Innocence.”

In the instant that he said this, countless divine swords cut through the air. The Great Path flowed backward, and sword will roared as it sped towards his opponent.

At the same time, Ye Futian disappeared. A sword was born, and everything else was destroyed.

The sword was able to destroy the air itself.

Seeing Ye Futian’s attack coming, the cultivator of the Golden Divine Nation raised his spear without any hesitation. He thrust it straight towards Ye Futian. Given his level, he would no believe that he was weaker than Ye Futian. Although he had been surprised here, he still had absolute confidence in himself. The sound of the God’s Sigh rang out, and the spear moved forward forcefully.

The two attacks slammed into each other, their incomparably terrifying might giving off a frightening radiance.


The cultivator of the Golden Divine Nation’s spear struck an afterimage, piercing right through it. Ye Futian’s divine sword cut into the throat of the mighty celestial figure, but his body turned golden. His defensive power was truly shocking. It was like he was armored in gold.


The figure that was as mighty as a god fell backward as the sword cut into his golden throat. Golden blood flowed from the wound. But in what seemed like an instant, another attack struck. The Tianshen Cleave slashed towards Ye Futian.

Another afterimage was struck as Ye Futian disappeared. His opponent’s divine consciousness could not lock him down, and so his attacks could not follow him. This was his world.

“There are things both real and illusory here.” Up in the air, Ye Futian looked down on his two opponents. In this world, as long as they gave him time, he would kill them sooner or later.

At that moment, the cultivator of the Golden Divine Nation stood firm. He placed his hand over the wound in his throat. Terrible golden light shot out of his eyes towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian had wounded him with a single attack. In this area of Great Path Space, the two of them were extremely limited, but Ye Futian was not. This was his Great Path Domain world, where he had absolute control. The two of them were of high level, but they still could not use their Divine Wheels to seize control over an entire world!