The Legend Of Futian Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Chopped Arm
Chapter 180: Chopped Arm
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"Wuchen." Ye Futian's expression changed drastically. Ye Wuchen was at the Fourth-level Dharma Plane while the other was the pinnacle. They both had ritual implements of swords. Even if Ye Wuchen had received noble intent, the other also had noble fate. In comparison, Ye Wuchen could only be defeated. There was no chance of victory. However, he still walked out without hesitation. He could truly die here.

"Stop," Ye Futian ordered the Black Wind Eagle.

"Don't stop. Go!" Yu Sheng yelled. His eyes were red as he stared at Ye Wuchen's leaving figure. To him, Ye Futian's life was above all else. He wouldn't hesitate to use his own life in exchange either. The top figures of the Barren City had noble fate and top level ritual implements. They really couldn't put up a fight.

The Black Wind Eagle screamed and continued flying forward, disobeying Ye Futian for the first time. Ye Futian's eyes were bloodshot. This scene was so familiar. He continued to take out spell scrolls, stacking them wildly around the Black Wind Eagle so they could hurry to the Loulan palace. The relic had collapsed already. Loulan Xue said strong cultivators from the palace would come. He had to find them quickly.

The moment Ye Wuchen stepped down from the Black Wind Eagle, his noble intent exploded. It was filled with omnipresent sword intent that surged into the ritual implement. Then his body seemed to transform into a sword. He became one with the ritual implement. That moment, his determined strength seemed ready to kill anyone blocking his way.

Li Daoyun looked at the incoming Ye Wuchen. Irony flashed past his eyes. Was a Fourth-level Dharma Plane going to challenge him? It was suicide.

The sword was like wind, fast as a shadow, and sharp to the max. He seemed to transform into the apparition of a sword and went straight towards the sword intent Ye Wuchen released. All sword intent in his path moved aside; it couldn't stop him at all. He was before Ye Wuchen in an instant. They were both going forward with no sign of retreating. The power seemed to contain true sword intent.

In an instant, two ritual implement swords clashed. The sword tips collided and clanged. Waves of terrifying sword intent burst in all directions. Ye Wuchen was far below Li Daoyun but the gap between them had reduced because they both used noble intent to activate their ritual implements. To Ye Wuchen, the increase was even bigger. If he didn't have the noble intent or ritual implement, he wouldn't be able to withstand the hit. Despite that, he still couldn't be equal to Li Daoyun.

The moment the swords touched, Ye Wuchen retreated hurriedly. They seemed to have turned into straight lines. Li Daoyun's sword aura pressed towards Ye Wuchen wildly. He was so fast he was like an afterimage in the air.

Amongst the rising sword intent, Ye Wuchen grouped endless sword intent. His left hand reached out. Endless sword intent seemed to be between his five fingers. Noble intent burst out, stabbing towards the figure before him.

"You want to die?" Li Daoyun said coldly. His sword sliced past Ye Wuchen's face like water. It was extremely cold and came down on Ye Wuchen's outstretched arm. It was too fast. Swords were fast on their own but this was Li Daoyun's sword. With a squelch, the sword's flash swept past the arm and it fell off. Blood splattered. But Ye Wuchen seemed to feel nothing. In fact, the moment his arm was chopped off, a small silver sword shot out from between his brows. Endless sword intent was included in that sword. Faster than lightning, it streaked towards Li Daoyun. It was as if the sword from his now-broken arm was a trick. He seemed to have predicted that his arm would be chopped off.

A battle between swordsmen was naturally dangerous. Victory and defeat was a matter of seconds. Li Daoyun's sword was fast but Ye Wuchen wasn't slow either, especially at such a close distance.

When Li Daoyun chopped off his arm, he even stopped retreating. The silver sword was like a beam of light that flew directly to the point between Li Daoyun's brows.

Li Daoyun was powerful. The moment he chopped Ye Wuchen's arm, he felt the danger. Horrible sword intent burst from between his brows, protecting him. When the sword stabbed in, endless sword intent seemed to explode from him. The two seemed to be frozen in space; even time seemed to stop.

Blood seeped from between Li Daoyun's brows. He roared and swords appeared behind him. The silver sword between his brows was forced out. The endless swords behind him went flying at Ye Wuchen.

Ye Wuchen waved his sword. Like rain, the sword blocked all the sword flashes. He flew back.

"You used your arm as bait." Li Daoyun's expression was ugly. Sword aura wrapped around his brows. He'd been hurt by someone in the Fourth-level Dharma Plane. This was humiliating.

Ye Wuchen didn't reply. He turned and left decisively. He knew his abilities weren't enough so he baited the enemy with his arm and lost it. But it was better than losing his life.

Li Daoyun closed his eyes. The sword aura remained, healing the injuries. After a while, he opened his eyes. He shot into the sky again, fast to the extreme like lightning. The murderous intent in his eyes was so harsh. He wanted Ye Wuchen deadnot just Ye Wuchen, but all of them.

Ye Futian now approached the palace. The relic had collapsed and this place wasn't big. In the distance, a group of people flashed. Their auras were extraordinary and were clad in Loulan armor. The leader was very powerful. They saw Ye Futian's group rush over.

"I have the book," Ye Futian said straightforwardly. The people stopped and Ye Futian continued, "I already agreed to exchange with the Virgin but someone is trying to steal it from me. Follow me." As soon as he finished, the Black Wind Eagle immediately turned around. The group didn't know what was the truth but they still followed to check.

Now, Ye Wuchen also came in this direction but his left arm was empty. Blood dyed his clothing red; it was a shocking sight.

"Ye Wuchen." Lin Yueyao paled. Did Ye Wuchen, the most talented figure of the Cangye Kingdom, lose his arm? But Ye Wuchen climbed onto the Black Wind Eagle expressionlessly. Seeing the Loulan royalty, he said, "The people after us are extremely powerful and may be equal to your Virgin. Can you fight them?"

The leader's eyes flashed. "I must determine if this is true."

Ye Futian took out the book and coldness filled the air. "The book is right here. You can ask the Virgin if it's true later. The people are from the Barren City. Think about the consequences if they take it."

The leader had a heavy expression. "More people will come. I'll bring some men to stop the pursuers. Go to the palace first." With that, he ordered some men to protect them. Of course, this was also to ensure that Ye Futian wouldn't escape.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded. He advanced with the people from the palace. Behind them, horrible sword intent came rushing over. It was Li Daoyun after them.

The people of Ancient Loulan grew serious. He truly was powerful. The leader waved his hand and led his men forward.

"Whoever blocks me, dies," Li Daoyun said coldly. He released his dharma and endless sword light burst forth. The figures pursuing him were stabbed between the brows and died immediately.

Ye Futian looked over coldly and continued using spell scrolls to go forward. Before entering the Ancient Barren World, he'd taken many spell scrolls from the Cangye Kingdom. The wind spell scroll was specifically for this type of situation. He looked at Ye Wuchen's arm and murderous intent flashed past his eyes. "Why did you do this?" he asked. Even though Ye Wuchen losing his arm angered him, he knew that it was already difficult for Ye Wuchen to stop the other and escape. The moment he walked off could have been his last step.

"Having one person die is better than many dying." Ye Wuchen's answer was simple and sounded logical. But who would choose to sacrifice himself for another? When he'd stepped off the Black Wind Eagle, he was as straightforward and decisive as his sword. It was so rare to see someone with that determination. Perhaps this was why he could complete the Thirteen Steps of Death and receive a ritual implement at the Fourth-level Dharma Plane.

"Your arm" Ye Futian looked at Ye Wuchen's shoulder.

"It doesn't affect my swordsmanship." Ye Wuchen was calm so Ye Futian didn't say anything else. He made a silent decision though.

"We're brothers from now on," Yu Sheng said from the side. "He'll use his life to repay your arm."

Lin Yueyao and Yun Qianmo looked at this quietly without saying anything. Lin Yueyao understood clearly that there was a difference between her and Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, despite being the top beauty of the Cangye Kingdom. At first, she'd been unhappy and thought that Ye Futian was too arrogant. But as Ye Futian and Yu Sheng displayed astonishing talent time and time again, she finally realized where the distance came fromthey weren't from the same world.

She could even feel that to Yu Sheng, only Ye Futian existed. The latter was his religion and an existence he must protect. There was even distance between Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen. But with what Yu Sheng had just said after this event, she understood that the distance didn't exist anymore.

She suddenly thought about a lot. The top three of the Cangye Kingdom's Fenghua Rank, the three top figures who had stolen the spotlight at the Nandou Nation's Tingfeng Banquet, had stirred up a storm in the Ancient Barren World too. They made all the top talents in the outer world lose color. What miracles would be made if they were together?

She might never be able to imagine what would happen.

The palace appeared before them. Even more strong cultivators flooded out. After understanding the situation, they all went over there. The danger was temporarily dissolved. Li Daoyun couldn't attack the Loulan palace!