The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1802

Chapter 1802 Summon

Princess Donghuang looked around and scanned the crowd. Her breathtakingly beautiful eyes only intensified her inherent majestic bearing. She was born to be a star who was lionized by everyone. As the apple of the Great Emperors eye, her thoughts and reactions could directly affect the Great Emperors decisions.

Rumor had it that the Great Emperor would satisfy any request Princess Donghuang made. Everyone in the Divine Prefecture knew that the Great Emperor doted on Princess Donghuang.

Some people said that the Great Emperors overindulgence of Princess Donghuangs whims didnt fit his personality. But it all made perfect sense since she was his only daughter. Of course, he spoiled her with great consideration.

Streams of light circled around Princess Donghuangs body, dazzling and brilliant. She looked like a divine goddess from heaven; she was the daughter of a God indeed.

"Dispatch my order. Summon all the forces in the Nine Realms and the Lower Worlds of the Divine Prefecture to the Empty Imperial Palace in seven days. No conflict shall break out during this time," said Princess Donghuang. Her voice was calm yet carried a strong sense of authority.

"Yes, Princess." The Palace Lord of the Empty Imperial Palace bowed to take the order without any question.

"Immediately set out to the Nine Realms to relay my order. If any force from the Divine Prefecture didnt come to the Empty Imperial Palace, theyd better not set foot in the Void Realm again," Princess Donghuang continued.

The Palace Lord of the Empty Imperial Palace nodded and replied, "Princess, please rest in the Empty Imperial Palace. I will assign people and set off right away."

Princess Donghuang nodded and landed in the Empty Imperial Palace. In the meantime, the Palace Lord of the Empty Imperial Palace started to assign the task to messengers. Before long, a succession of cultivators left the Empty Imperial Palace and headed to various forces in the Nine Realms.

The Divine Prefecture enjoyed a time of peace after Donghuang the Great Emperor unified the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path and slowly established law and order. The Great Emperor must be displeased that the world descended into chaos again. That was why he sent Princess Donghuang to clean house.

Still and all, the Palace Lord of the Empty Imperial Palace had no intention of poking around for details. He only needed to follow the Princesss order.

Cultivators of other forces in the Nine Realms didnt know about what happened in the Empty Imperial Palace yet. The Empty Imperial Palace was located in the Central Emperor Realm, where the news first spread around.

Right now, Ye Futian and others were running around in the Heavenly Mandate Academy in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. They were preparing for another battle and sent many less experienced cultivators to the Lower Worlds.

Ye Futian and many powerful cultivators of the Divine Palace survived the last battle unscathed, even though the Divine Palace was demolished. Under such circumstances, the Shen Clan and the Golden Divine Nation certainly wouldnt let them off the hook so easily.

"Theyre here." A horrific sense of pressure built up swiftly. Lord Taixuan and others raised their heads and looked into the distance where a storm was brewing.

In a little while, beams of divine light shone from the sky. A team of people came into sight.

Instead of a whole army, only several cultivators came this time, but they were extremely powerful just the same.

The two sides already had a bloody battle when the joint force closed in on the Divine Palace. These people only came to the Heavenly Mandate Academy again to execute their targets who escaped last time.

They could kill as they wished now.

Shen Gao and Shen Ji from the Shen clan, as well as Gai Qiong and Gai Cang from the Golden Divine Nation, walked to the Heavenly Mandate City. Their overwhelming might enshrouded the entire Heavenly Mandate City as they stood in the sky. Every cultivator in the Heavenly Mandate City could feel their hearts pounding in the chests when they looked up at the master cultivators standing above.

Did they come from the Higher Heavens Realm to the Heavenly Mandate Realm to start another massacre?

These people were even more frightening than the Dark Army from Hell last time.

Although it was a small team, every one of them was a living legend.

At this point, a group of cultivators stood in the teleportation grand matrix area in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Lord Taixuan said in a cold voice, "If you dare to commit a massacre, we will activate the teleportation grand matrix right away and directly go the Nantian Divine Kingdom or the Xiao clan in the Central Emperor Realm, destroy the matrix, and then attack the Shen clan."

Shen Ji, Shen Gao, and other cultivators furrowed their brows. It was an effective deterrent.

The two sides would die together.

At this moment, the teleportation grand matrix suddenly lit up. Several people, including the cultivators in the Heavenly Mandate Academy, were taken by surprise. The teleportation grand matrix shone brightly as a man emerged. It was Xiao Dingtian, the clan lord of the Xiao clan in the Central Emperor Realm.

"Em?" Shen Ji and Shen Gao of the Shen clan frowned. The clan lord of the Shen clan specifically went to the Xiao clan to intimidate Xiao Dingtian and other people in the Xiao clan so they wouldnt send reinforcement to the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Why did Xiao Dingtian show up here now?

They certainly didnt believe that Xiao Dingtian could overcome the clan lord of the Shen clan unless something else happened.

Ye Futian also stared at Xiao Dingtian with a puzzled look. Xiao Dingtian raised his head and glanced at the cultivators hovering in midair and said, "The Divine Priest of the Empty Imperial Palace ordered that the groups in the Nine Realms and the forces from the Divine Prefecture outside of the Original Realm shall not engage in any battle and must go to the Empty Imperial Palace in seven days."

The Empty Imperial Palace?

A strange look flashed across everyones face. Donghuang the Great Emperor established the Empty Imperial Palace to inspect the Nine Realms. But the forces from the Lower Worlds of the Divine Prefecture didnt need to listen to the Empty Imperial Palace.

The Empty Imperial Palace seemed to be overstepping by ordering them around, unless

"The Empty Imperial Palace inspects the Nine Realms. But I dont think theyre qualified to meddle in our affairs," said Gai Qiong. He knew the Palace Lord of the Empty Imperial Palace personally.

"Princess Donghuang arrived at the Empty Imperial Palace. This order came from the Princess. The Empty Imperial Palace already sent messengers to the Nine Realms. The Shen clan probably already received the news. You will hear about it soon. Of course, suit yourself if you still want to proceed," Xiao Dingtian answered indifferently.

Princess Donghuangs appearance represented the will of the Great Emperor.

Who dared to disobey her order?

"Princess Donghuang went to the Empty Imperial Palace." Cultivators from the Shen clan and the Golden Divine Nation were stunned. It was certainly probable for her to give such an order if she really was there.

Did the incident in the Nine Realms already catch the Great Emperors attention?

They looked out at the Heavenly Mandate Academy. It seemed like they couldnt attack the Heavenly Mandate Academy at this time. On top of that, they might be in trouble if the Great Emperor decided to intervene.

"Ye Futian colluded with the Devil General of the Devil World. We need to arrest him and hand him over to the Princess," Gai Qiong spoke loudly. He needed to pin the blame on Ye Futian first, even though he couldnt kill him right now.

Ye Futians brows knitted tightly. Colluding with the Devil General of the Devil World?

Mei Ting saved him and took him away and then sent him back safe and sound. It did sound suspicious.

Besides, he couldnt explain the detail to other people.

"Talk to the Princess yourself. Im only here because the Divine Priest asked me to convey the news. Now you have heard the order, you should be responsible for the consequences for whatever you want to do," Xiao Dingtian replied in an impassive voice. Gai Qiong and other people were not pleased that Xiao Dingtian used the Princess to pressure them.

However, they couldnt act recklessly when the situation was not clear yet.

After moments of confrontation, they talked with each other using the divine consciousness, glanced at the Heavenly Mandate Academy, then pulled back, and left unwillingly.

Soon, they disappeared from the sky above the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

People in the Heavenly Mandate Academy sighed with relief as the overwhelming might dissipated.

Ye Futian looked at Xiao Dingtian and asked, "Princess Donghuang went to the Empty Imperial Palace?"

"Yes," Xiao Dingtian nodded.

A gorgeous face recured to Ye Futians mind, the face he had met twice before.

The first time was when he was sixteen years old. The young Princess Donghuang and the divine generals went to the statue of Emperor Ye Qing on the Beast Mountain in the city of Qingzhou.

The second time was when she took Mr. Du away.

Would Princess Donghuang recognize him from those two encounters?