The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1805

Chapter 1805 Setting The Rules

Now that discords reigned once again in the Original Realm, it was enough to compel Princess Donghuang to come to the Lower Worlds personally to restore the order. Everyone knew that it was because those in charge didn’t want the Original Realm to fall into endless chaos again.

However, the matter of restoring order was not an easy one. Donghuang the Great could directly appoint a ruler in each realm, but this would be an unpopular move that was sure to displease many people and principalities.

Moreover, doing so could be regarded as breaking some of the rules long abide by in the world of cultivation.

After all, in the ruthless world of cultivation, even if the Great Emperor were to appoint someone to manage it, if that person’s power was not enough to convince the others, it would be a great cause for concern.

“The Princess came to the Lower Worlds in person, it must be because the Princess didn’t want to see the Original Realm destroyed. The world of cultivation operates by its own rules; now that the passage to the Divine Prefecture is opened, the future of the Void Realm will be forever changed. Even if all the same forces were allowed to remain in control of the Nine Realms, if their strengths were not enough, the Dark Court still has a chance to overtake them.”

At this time, someone stood up and spoke, and the speaker was from one of the forces from Divine Prefecture, which had spearheaded the war against the Divine Palace. It was the Mo clan from the Divine Prefecture, which was extremely powerful.

“Therefore, if the Princess wants to reestablish the order, I suggest following the natural rules of the world of cultivation, and let those who possess the ability to preach in the Original Realm. This way, the Original Realm can be more stable and will grow to be even stronger in the future.”

“I agree, too,” the cultivator from the Holy Land of Taichu said.

“We agree too,” some other forces from Divine Prefecture also expressed their opinions.

In terms of overall strength, the top forces of the Divine Prefecture would undoubtedly overpower the top forces of the Void Realm. Those who had come to the Lower Worlds were only part of the whole.

Therefore, as far as these forces from Divine Prefecture were concerned, they certainly hope to use their strength to determine to whom the Nine Realms should belong.

Princess Donghuang listened quietly. She looked at the cultivators who had spoken and understood clearly.

With the passage to the Original Realm now open, these forces would not easily pass up this opportunity.

Even though the Original Realm had long been in decline, but here was the origin of the world, after all. It was a primal realmthe beginning of the Heavenly Path.

Everything in the world had its own rules of operation. Original Realm, as the beginning of Heavenly Path, no matter how desolate it was now, its own existence represented something far more.

“Where about the others?” Princess Donghuang looked at the forces from the Original Realm and asked.

The weak were eaten by the strong, and strength was what had always been prized in the world of cultivation. Even if she did not interfere, everything in the Void Realm would eventually evolve in the same direction. Whoever was the strongest would control the dialogue of the Nine Realms. This was the rule of all things, and she would not be the one to break it first.

“You are summoned here today to establish order; any opinion is welcome,” Princess Donghuang continued.

“I don’t agree with the others,” Ye Futian said. Princess Donghuang lowered her head as her sight fell upon Ye Futian and asked, “What is your reason?”

“The top powers of Divine Prefecture in the Upper Worlds have been developing for a lot longer, so of course they are stronger than the powers in the Original Realm. If the decision is simply based on strength, then there is no reason why everything should happen the way it did. The Great Emperor rules the whole world, so the Imperial Palace is naturally the strongest of all in Divine Prefecture. According to the logic of the opponent, the Empty Imperial Palace has already been assigned the Great Emperor to watch over the Original Realm, so all the forces in the Original Realm just need to follow the orders of the Empty Imperial Palace,” Ye Futian said to Princess Donghuang.

“The Great Emperor is busy enough, ruling the Divine Prefecture. How can he have the time to oversee everything that happens in the Original Realm?” Gai Qiong answered coldly.

“You are right. The top powers of Divine Prefecture have already been established outside of the Original Realm for countless years. How many will really spend their time in the Original Realm to preach?” Ye Futian responded nonchalantly. “If this is the case, why bother to launch a war? All you needed to do was to come down to the Lower Worlds with your entire force and preach in the Original Realm. I’m sure it would attract the interest of countless cultivators. If any force in the Divine Prefecture did this, even the Heavenly Mandate Academy would be willing to submit under its control.”

“That’s right. The forces that came from Divine Prefecture are not native to the realm and have no stake in the Original Realm. To say that their purpose is to make the Original Realm stronger is just an excuse for their invasion. In reality, their goal is really to gain control of the Original Realm for their own purpose. In this way, they can obtain the greatest benefit with the least cost. Once they have the control of the Original Realm, those top figures who have come to the Lower Worlds will probably leave right away.”

Lord Taixuan also added, “The Holy Land of Taichu, for instance, wanted to lay hands on the Heavenly Mandate Academy once. It is clear that these foreign principalities do not really have the best interest of the cultivators from the Original Realm in mind, much less whether they lived or died.”

“I agree that if there are forces from Divine Prefecture that are willing to relocate here to preach and cultivate, there is no need for a battle. The Divine Palace is willing to assist in their efforts in preaching,” said the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace.

“So, you mean that the forces from the Divine Prefecture should not interfere in the Original Realm?” Princess Donghuang looked at Ye Futian and asked him.

“They can.” Ye Futian said, “However, since they truly want to base themselves in the Original Realm to preach and cultivate, the cultivators from the Divine Prefecture are willing to come and help the Original Realm to resist the invasion of the Dark Army. I would propose that, within a certain period, they should stay and guard the Original Realm as their own, just as the cultivators based in Original Realm. It won’t do if they just take control and then leave.”

Princess Donghuang nodded when she heard what Ye Futian had to say and responded, “This is a good suggestion. Do any of you have any other suggestions?”

“When His Majesty unified the land, his hope was that the world could cultivate in peace. Tianshen Academy has been preaching in the Original Realm in accordance with the will of His Majesty; we did not expect to face these changes again today. However, no matter how the Original Realm evolves, it will only get stronger in the end. We only hope that when the forces launch its battle for control of the Original Realm, everyone can restrain themselves somewhat so that no more clans would be obliterated completely. It is cruel and meaningless, and contradicts His Majesty’s will,” said an elder in the direction of Tianshen Academy.

That person was the College Chief of the Tianshen Academy, also the clan lord of the Jian family. Once, he was instructed by Donghuang the Great to lead his clan to migrate from the Divine Prefecture to the Original Realm.

Over the years, he had been diligent and conscientious in his duties. It wasn’t until he had seen the arrival of Princess Donghuang that some other ideas began to emerge in his mind.

“The Jian family has been preaching in the Original Realm for many years. We are much indebted,” said Princess Donghuang while looked at the College Chief of Tianshen Academy.

“It is an honor to serve Your Royal Highness,” said the College Chief of Tianshen Academy.

Princess Donghuang nodded. “Any other suggestions?”

People whispered among themselves. What these people said before, in fact, had already included most of their thoughts.

“In this case, according to all of your suggestions, the future order of the Original Realm will be as follows…” Princess Donghuang continued, “Going forward, I will not forbid any forces from Divine Prefecture that wants to fight for control here. However, such an endeavor must be reported to the Empty Imperial Palace. Afterward, each side will need to reach an agreement on when to dispatch cultivators to battle; fighters automatically forfeit their lives. The Winner will control the territory they fought for, but they shall not kill others who did not participate in the battle. In addition, all those from Divine Prefecture who participated in the war must guard the Void Realm for a period of ten years; they are not allowed to leave within these ten years.”

Everyone was a little surprised at the speed with which Princess Donghuang made those decisions. She took everyone’s opinions into consideration so fast and reestablished the order so quickly that it was somewhat astounding.

However, it was indeed quite perfect. As such, the fighting would be done with the regulations of rules so that it would not lead to complete chaos.

For example, in the previous battle, if forces such as the Golden Divine Nation wanted to launch a war against the Divine Palace, they must first report to the Empty Imperial Palace, then notify the Divine Palace. Each side would then designate cultivators to participate in the fight, regardless of life or death, but those who did not participate would not be affected.

Forces from Divine Prefecture were not barred from participating because it would be impossible to prevent them from fighting for a chance to win.

But the premise was that for those from the Divine Prefecture, participation in the war meant that they were willing to guard the Original Realm. Within ten years, they were not allowed to leave its boundary.

In this way, the forces from the Divine Prefecture would be greatly restricted. Otherwise, the top forces from the Divine Prefecture could send even stronger reinforcement to the Original Realm, to the point that those in the Original Realm would not be able to defend themselves. In that scenario, it wouldn’t take long for them to become the vessels of the top principalities in Divine Prefecture, just like the Solar Realm.

One could say that the order established by Princess Donghuang was relatively advantageous to those in the Original Realm.

“Do you have any opinions on this?” Princess Donghuang asked all the cultivators who were present.

The crowd was silent. Such rules were hard to refute because it was very reasonable.

And it was impossible for the forces in the Original Realm to refuse to accept the arrangement on the basis that they were weaker. If so, they would not be worthy of retaining their command of the realm under the current circumstances.

“Princess is judicious, indeed,” the College Chief of Tianshen Academy said loudly. Many people had a surprised look on their face. The College Chief of Tianshen Academy was an extraordinary character himself, but today, it seemed like he was full of flattery.

However, the heads of many top principalities knew a bit about the origins of the Jian family, so they weren’t really surprised.

They were a force that was dispatched directly from the Divine Prefecture!