The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1813

Chapter 1813 The Divine Item Of The Shadow Realm

This news spread quickly throughout the Nine Realms, shocking all the forces there. Everyone was at risk.

The Dark Court had officially embarked upon the path of aggression.

This meant that they were truly making a comeback. The chaotic war that had ended more than 300 years ago had started once again.

With that background, how could the forces of the Nine Realms not worry? Who knew whether or not the Dark Court’s next target would be them?

Once the Dark Army descended, there was no way that a single force could withstand them. Youyue Divine Palace had been mighty, and some of their top cultivators were even from the Divine Prefecture. But they had been destroyed all the same. Their palace lord had fought fiercely and yet had still been slain. Such an extremely powerful figure had not even been able to escape.

Ye Futian and his people received this news relatively early because Chang Xi, the Goddess of Youyue Divine Palace, fled to the Heavenly Mandate Realm with a few others. The reason she had been able to survive was that her master had stood before her and drawn the enemies’ attention, giving her a chance to flee.

A few other cultivators fled with her at that time. They all went to the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Ye Futian and the others were all awaiting news in the Heavenly Mandate Palace. When the news came, Ye Futian told Chang Xi and the others from Youyue Divine Palace. The palace had been destroyed, and the palace lord was dead.

When they heard this, the cultivators of Youyue Divine Palace were incredibly downcast. They were so silent that it was a little frightening.

“I’m sorry for your loss, Goddess.” Ye Futian saw that Chang Xi had not said anything and seemed slightly depressed. He said this to comfort her, but it was of no use.

No matter who was facing this kind of situation, they would feel heartsick. It was not something that could be comforted by a few simple words.

Chang Xi looked up at Ye Futian, her face downcast. At that moment, she was not as exquisitely beautiful as in the past, but instead had a look that made people pity her. Her beautiful eyes were lifeless.

“The Nine Realms are shaken. I knew that chaos was coming, but I would never have thought it would be this sudden. Moreover, I never thought it would fall on us first,” Chang Xi whispered. “It’s like a nightmare.”

Even if she were a Renhuang, she still would have had this unreal feeling.

Youyue Divine Palace had always stood at the pinnacle of the Shadow Realm. Who would have thought that they would suddenly be destroyed in a single night? Few others could understand what she was feeling.

And Chang Xi was the Goddess of Youyue Divine Palace. No one had suffered more from this than her.

“The world changes too quickly. No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow,” whispered Ye Futian. He was very emotionally affected by this.

Was what happened to the Divine Palace not the same? Nowadays, he was starting to get used to it. In the past, many top forces had been reduced to no more than history in both the Heavenly Mandate Realm and the Higher Heavens Realm. Now looking back, forces such as the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Divine Sword Li Family had all been celebrated and stood at the very peak of their realms. But they had both been reduced to no more than ash.

Nothing in this world was permanent.

Now he was at the Heavenly Mandate Academy and had a powerful sense of danger. The academy itself was the same. They had experienced many trials. Perhaps one day, it would no longer exist. If that happened, would he feel like it was strange?

“The army of Hell has invaded the Shadow Realm and will possibly continue to other realms. We should be careful here in the Heavenly Mandate Academy,” Chang Xi reminded Ye Futian, seeming to just think of this. “Moreover. the people who fled from the Youyue Divine Palace have probably already reached all of the other realms.”

“I understand,” said Ye Futian with a nod. “It is said that Princess Donghuang is still in the Empty Imperial Palace. This news will reach her very soon. The Dark Army has made its move, so Princess Donghuang will not just sit by and watch. I think she will move very soon.”

“Mmm,” said Chang Xi, nodding. “The Nine Realms lack cohesion, and each has its own motives. Only Princess Donghuang can control them.”

Ye Futian realized this as well. These days, there were dark undercurrents running through the Nine Realms, making many of the forces very nervous. He had heard Dou Zhao speak of the Ziwei Realm. The atmosphere there was apparently very tense.

Now looking back at it, could it be that the Dark Court was behind all of that?

After all, the more troubled the forces of the Nine Realms became, the more beneficial it would be to the Dark Court. The Nine Realms would not be able to coalesce into a strong power.

He had not thought that as conflicts continuously erupted while the Nine Realms were in such a disordered state, the Dark Army of the Dark Court would invade.

Now, given this background and the power of the Dark Army, no realm had the power to resist them. Perhaps only the Central Imperial Realm could hold them back a little bit.

After a period of time, a great figure descended from the sky above the Heavenly Mandate Realm. The man was armored and bathed in divine light as if he was a god of war.

Everyone in the Heavenly Mandate Realm looked up at him, including Ye Futian. He recognized the person who was coming. It was one of the cultivators he had seen beside Princess Donghuang.

“Orders from the Princess!” said the man in a clear voice. “The Dark Army is invading and now occupies the Shadow Realm and can launch an invasion into other realms at any time. Thus, all the Nine Realms must forge a teleportation great matrix with the Empty Imperial Palace at the center. All the forces of the Nine Realms can use it to teleport to the palace. In this way, all the forces can gather together at short notice and travel to any one of the Nine Realms. Do you have any objections?”

Lord Taixuan answered from within the Heavenly Mandate Realm. “We will obey.”

“Good. We will send people to help set up the matrix. The Heavenly Mandate Realm will center their matrix on the Heavenly Mandate Academy,” said the divine general up in the air in a clear voice. All of the realms would be connected through the Empty Imperial Palace.

In this way, the same thing that had happened in the Shadow Realm would not happen to other realms. They would not be directly attacked and destroyed.

“Very well,” said Lord Taixuan. Facing the Dark Court was no longer a single realm’s affair.

If the Dark Court descended upon the Heavenly Mandate Realm, they would not be able to handle it on their own.

Princess Donghuang sent people to the other realms as well. They prepared a series of extremely powerful matrices that all connected to the Empty Imperial Palace.

At the same time, the Youyue Divine Palace in the Shadow Realm was occupied by the Dark Court.

However, the Dark Court seemed to be busy with something. They were setting something up in the recently destroyed Youyue Divine Palace. Stone pillars that led down to Hell were implanted in the ground. Endless death lightning wrapped around the pillars, connecting across the whole city.

And not only that. Mysterious connections were formed between the stone pillars, forming a terrible force field filled with destructive power.

What was even more frightening was that most of the Dark Army that had come from the Hidden Land Realm were busy with this. They seemed never to rest. They kept adding more stone pillars, and the forcefield grew stronger and stronger until they were so strong it was astonishing.

“What are they doing?” asked someone bold enough to watch this happening from a distance.

What was the Dark Army doing?

As the number of stone pillars increased, they gradually formed a terrifying magnetic field. There were constant, terrible rumbling sounds that probably came from shaking deep beneath the earth.

Off in another direction, the leader of the Dark Army, the Lord of the Underworld, was watching everything.

The Proud Son of Darkness Qi Ye stood behind him. He looked at the Lord of the Underworld and said, “Are there really divine items hidden underground in the Shadow Realm?”

“Of course,” answered the Lord of the Underworld. Why else would the Nine Supreme Realms be at the center of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path?”

“This task seems a bit too arduous,” said Qi Ye, staring forward. It would probably not be easy to uncover a divine item. They had already commenced arranging things.

At that moment, brilliant divine light flashed in the sky, piercing all the darkness.

Everyone looked up and saw a divine general bathed in holy radiance.

The great divine general who was always with Princess Donghuang had arrived.

He was all alone, and yet he had come to Youyue Divine Palace, which was occupied by his enemies.

He and the Lord of the Underworld stared at each other, forming a terrible force field. Everyone around them looked on in fear.


The divine general acted. Suddenly, countless brilliant, golden divine spears fell from the sky, turning into a divine golden rain. The rain covered a vast area.

At that moment, the Dark Army was thrown into disarray. Was this man really so confident in his own power?

One person had come here alone. He must have been crazy.

The Lord of the Underworld naturally saw this as well. He reached out, and suddenly endless black holes of the Underworld appeared, spitting out terrifying vortex storms to block his opponent’s attack.

This was clearly one of Princess Donghuang’s bodyguards, and so his power went without saying. Even the Lord of the Underworld did not dare take this lightly.

Boom! The golden spears transformed into golden light, swifter and fiercer than lighting. They pierced into the vast hellish vortexes.

Cracking sounds rang out as the light broke out through the other side of the vortexes, shattering them to pieces.

Moreover, the golden light spread out, covering a vast area. It was like a golden river of stars was falling like rain. People of lower levels could not withstand it. This divine general had no intention of showing any mercy. He had come with the desire to slaughter in his heart!