The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1816

Chapter 1816 Spear Emperor Du You

From the ground, layers of cold and sinister dark, destructive air flows rose and flooded the space.

Princess Donghuang stood high in the sky and said, “Top figures, attack.”


Silhouettes stepped forward, and frightening auras of the Great Path pressed down on the space. The scorching light from the halo of Buddha radiated outwards. In the sky above, the sound of Buddhist chants sounded, forming a powerful resonance. This made it as though various Buddhas were descending from the sky above the Shadow Realm. Tens of thousands of Buddhas chanted their mantras in unison. Peerless halos of Buddha rained down from the heavens, attempting to suppress the dark air flows.

However, the dark air flows immediately corroded the light of Buddha and tainted the divine golden halos of Buddha. They continued advancing and were everywhere.

The Abbot of Tianxian Temple and the other cultivators sensed a peculiar aura. It was as though their Way was being suppressed.

It was not just them; all the other cultivators also sensed it.

Down below, it was as though the dark air flows surged throughout the entire Shadow Realm. They reached upwards to envelop the sky itself. The Lord of the Underworld closed his eyes. It was as though he wanted to merge into this darkness.

In the end, darkness enveloped the entire world. Everyone seemed to be buried within another dark space. Endless dark air flows gathered and formed a tall, majestic figure. It was the figure of the Lord of the Underworld. However, he was ten thousand Zhangs tall. It was as though the real Lord of the Underworld had appeared.

“A Body of Way.”

The various cultivators looked at the figure that had appeared. At this moment, the Lord of the Underworld seemed to be extremely powerful.

The huge Body of Way of the Lord of the Underworld stared at the figures in the space. He raised his arm and reached out to grab them. The frightening power of the Underworld emanated from his arm. Dark red and black lights were mixed together. It was as though destructive dark Flames of the Way were attacking the crowd.

If this palm strike were to hit them, the cultivators would most likely be immediately destroyed, turning into nothingness.

The various cultivators of Tianxian Temple recited the name of Buddha. The various figures of the Buddhas gradually took solid form. Divine light of Buddha rained down. Down below, a huge ancient Buddha appeared. Golden light filled the sky. This huge ancient Buddha raised his palm and slammed it downwards. Endless Symbols of Wan and light of Buddha burst forth, and its pressure swept down onto the world below.

Rumble. Beneath the huge dark handprint, the Symbols of Wan that shone with the light of Buddha were decimated. However, the huge handprint of Buddha crashed down towards the dark palm.

An intense rumbling could be heard all around. The huge handprint of Buddha seemed to be forged from pure gold and appeared indestructible. It also emanated a divine aura that could eradicate all powers of evil.

It was the Demon Conquering Giant Palm of Vajra. Many cultivators were astonished when they saw this handprint. Back then, the ability of the Vajra Buddha was powerful. Many cultivators from the dark forces had perished to the Demon Conquering Giant Palm of Vajra. Now, the Buddhas of Tianxian Temple had sent out this huge handprint at the same time. Its might was astonishing.

In the heavens above, two huge endless handprints stirred up a terrifying storm and then collided with each other. The world trembled violently. The two huge handprints shattered at the same time. Destructive air flows and golden light of Buddha rampaged all around them.

However, the gigantic Body of Way continued upwards. Destructive Divine Fire of the Underworld suddenly appeared everywhere in the Dark World. The crowd looked around them, and it was as though they were actually in the real Underworld.

Top figures stepped forward one by one. Green divine light descended from the heavens. Everywhere it passed, everything was destroyed. Everywhere Divine Sword Qinghe passed by, its green light turned everything into nothingness. Everything turned to dust and smoke. It was a divine sword of destruction that could pierce the heavens and the earth.

In an instant, the green light slaughtered its way to the gigantic Body of Way of the Lord of the Underworld. The light immediately pierced through it. At that moment, the huge Body of Way was penetrated by endless green divine light. Green light covered the ten-thousand-Zhang-tall Body of Way. The huge figure dissipated into nothingness bit by bit.

Many people stared in that direction. Was it destroyed?

Naturally, it wasn’t.

In the Dark World, illusory faces appeared. They were all the faces of the Lord of the Underworld.

It was as though he was everywhere in this spatial world.

The various cultivators were not surprised at this. Those who had come were all not weak; they were at least at the Renhuang Plane. They were also almost all above the middle-level Renhuang Plane. There were even quite a number of top figures. They were well experienced in cultivation.

The ability of the Lord of the Underworld had already broken the shackles of the Renhuang Plane. He had reached the level of a fake emperor. This independent world was formed from his Way. He was everywhere and could easily coalesce a Body of Way. He was the king of this world.

Of course, he was still just a fake emperor. The level of a fake emperor could only be reached when one had no hopes of becoming an emperor. If he was a true great emperor, he could destroy everyone within this world with just a thought. They would not have any hopes of surviving.

The two existences were not on the same level at all.

However, true great emperors were considered deities. Among the countless worlds of the vast universe, few people could reach this Plane.

After the collapse of the Heavenly Path, also known as the Age of Godfall, wanting to become a deity was as difficult as wanting to scale the heavens.

Currently, across the extremes of the cosmos, there were only a mere seven great emperors that the world knew of.

These seven figures were existences that stood at the top of the universe. Among them were Donghuang the Great, the master of the Dark Court, and the Buddha Lord of Western Heaven.

They were beings who had already transcended the world. They seldom made a move first. If they were to attack, the consequences would be unimaginable. The world order would be rewritten.

Hence, it was difficult for people nowadays to imagine how the previous age was. Before the collapse of the Heavenly Path, when the deities had yet to fall, the ancient age was prosperous. Unfortunately, they could no longer see it now; it only existed in the realm of legends.

However, the various large forces at the peak of the Realms still had a few fake emperors.

Even in the Original Realm, there were a number of them.

At that moment, the illusory faces of the Lord of the Underworld were staring at the crowd. In the Dark World, destructive will spread out. Endless Divine Fire of the Underworld appeared in this independent space. It burned and caused this dark space to become a realm of death. With the Divine Fire of the Underworld burning, no one here could escape. Flames completely surrounded them.

This independent space was burning and was buried within the Divine Fire of the Underworld.

The top figures frowned when they saw this scene. They then released a frightening will from their bodies. Princess Donghuang still stood in the heavens above. Ye Futian and the Renhuangs of the other forces stood behind her and did not take part in the battle. They could not participate in a battle of the highest level. With the Divine Fire of the Underworld burning, them joining in would only be suicide.

The divine general beside Princess Donghuang released a brilliant golden divine light, forming a light shroud. It formed another independent space that protected Princess Donghuang and the rest of the cultivators in it.


An extremely violent dark storm charged towards Princess Donghuang. The destructive dark storm churned and roared. It destroyed all within its path.

Emperor Nan took a step forward, and Divine Sword Qinghe released green light that shot out tens of thousands of Zhang. He formed a seal with his hands, and light immediately exploded out of Divine Sword Qinghe. Endless green light destroyed everything and shot straight towards the dark storm.

Divine Sword Qinghe pierced directly into the storm. A huge illusory face appeared in the dark storm. A spear of the Underworld stabbed out and collided with Divine Sword Qinghe. Destructive power swept out to the surroundings. The momentum of Divine Sword Qinghe dwindled. Terrifying winds consumed it, seemingly wanting to swallow it up.

Emperor Nan waved his palm, and Divine Sword Qinghe returned to his side. The terrifying storm flooded towards Emperor Nan. He was unmoved. The green light around him formed a world of the sword. The terrifying storm directly swept past him as it continued to advance.

The hearts of the surrounding cultivators were all trembling. This aura was really menacing.

The roaring dark storm charged straight towards Princess Donghuang. The divine general stood in front of her. The golden light shroud enveloped this part of the world. With his figure as the center, a dazzling three-dimensional pattern appeared.

This golden pattern contained many runes within it. Instantly, endless divine light shot out. From within the pattern, a terrifying aura surged out. Golden spears shot out from within it like bolts of destructive golden lightning. They pierced the heavens and the earth and bolted across the sky towards the dark air flow that was roaring and churning its way over.

Bang. Bang. Bang. The long spears pierced out and actually seemed to burst into golden divine flames. It caused the masses of dark air flow to shatter into dust. When the countless spears descended at the same time, the might of the roaring dark storm kept dwindling.

The divine general extended his hand. Within the three-dimensional pattern, unparalleled dazzling divine light coalesced into a divine spear that stabbed out towards the roaring storm.

In that instant, frightening fissures seemed to appear in the space. Golden cracks propagated outwards. It tore apart the space and also shredded the frightening dark storm to pieces. A majestic scene appeared in the heavens above. The long spear formed golden cracks that shattered and penetrated the space. It continued to shoot out into the surrounding space. It pierced straight through the Dark World towards the outside.


The Dark World was crumbling. An illusory figure coalesced; it was none other than the Lord of the Underworld.

He stood in the air while staring at the divine general who stood guard in front of Princess Donghuang. The Lord of the Underworld revealed a glint of approval.

“You are undoubtedly the heir of Donghuang the Great,” the Lord of the Underworld exclaimed while staring straight ahead. The brilliant three-dimensional pattern was a Divine Wheel of the Great Path. Haloes of light radiated from the Divine Wheel. The area covered by the light expanded as the might of the light intensified. The golden divine light was flawless.

Each and every halo of the divine light was permeated with unparalleled power.

The divine general, who served under Donghuang the Great, was crowned the number one spear in the Divine Prefecture. He was Spear Emperor Du You; he was also a disciple of Donghuang the Great.

His Divine Wheel had nine tiers, and each and every tier was flawless. He was qualified to seek the Way of the Emperor. He was the inheritor of Donghuang the Great’s teachings. If Princess Donghuang did not exist, he had a high possibility of becoming the heir of Donghuang the Great. However, due to the existence of Princess Donghuang, Spear Emperor Du You could only be her right-hand man.

Even though he was an assistant, it did not affect Du You’s position in the Divine Prefecture. In the Divine Prefecture, this Spear Emperor was highly regarded. Countless talented maidens from various top forces were willing to marry him.

However, the Spear Emperor had no intention of getting married. He was focused on studying the Way of the spear!