The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1820

Chapter 1820 Divine Fists

In the cold, dark world, faint and cold moonlight shone down on the land. Beneath the light of the moon, Shi Xie walked in mid-air. Many cultivators followed behind him and dashed over to where Princess Donghuang was.

Streaks of Divine Light of Space emanated from Shi Xie. Everywhere he passed, the space was ripped apart. The battlefield soon turned even more chaotic.

An upper-level Renhuang stepped forward and advanced in the direction of Shi Xie. Sword Will burst forth from the Renhuang, transforming into a terrifying storm of Sword Qi. Blazing solar divine light rained down and cast away the cold aura. The Sword Will emanated by the Renhuang was hot; one could faintly make out a sun appearing in the sky. The sun-like divine sword sprang straight ahead and dashed towards Shi Xie. The sword traversed the sky and left behind streaks of Flame of the Great Path.

Shi Xie cast a glance at his opponent. A sword similarly appeared in front of him. It was a golden spatial divine sword.

A glint of malice flickered in his eyes. He raised a finger and pointed outwards. The sword darted forward.


A dazzling Divine Light of Space penetrated the sky. Everywhere it passed, the Flame of the Great Path left behind by the opponent’s sword disappeared without a trace. The facial expression of the upper-level Renhuang changed slightly. He activated his Divine Wheel of the Great Path up to its utmost limit. The solar divine sword radiated divine light. It burned everything around him as it guarded the Renhuang.

Shi Xie’s spatial divine sword appeared from thin air and flew past the upper-level Renhuang. In a split second, the spatial divine sword had penetrated through the space countless times. The upper-level Renhuang felt that the surrounding space had contorted his attacks. The space of the Great Path, which he was currently in, was a mess.

Shi Xie’s divine sword approached the Renhuang. The Renhuang wielded his sword to block the attack. His solar divine sword came face-to-face with Shi Xie’s divine sword, yet the two swords did not collide; it was as though the two swords were in different dimensions of space.

A beam of solar divine light was shot into the distance, causing a brilliant solar flame to explode in mid-air. However, the cultivator with a seventh-tier Divine Wheel revealed a fearful expression. The next moment, the spatial divine sword flashed past and sliced through the throat of the cultivator. Blood splashed out and sparkled under the Divine Light of Space. The head of the cultivator disappeared right away as his soul was shattered into pieces.

He was so powerful. This thought flashed past in the minds of all the Renhuangs from the Divine Prefecture when they saw what Shi Xie had done.

Moreover, it seemed like Shi Xie had not demonstrated his true ability with his previous attack. He raised his finger and pointed downwards. Instantaneously, myriads of divine swords traversed space and slashed their way downwards. Each sword contained a powerful Great Path of Space, and they were activated to their utmost limit. Shi Xie seemed to be able to casually unleash any techniques that were related to the Great Path of Space.

“Be careful!” someone shouted. Swooshing sounds could be heard continuously as many Renhuangs from the Divine Prefecture were stabbed by the swords. They were killed instantly. Even Princess Donghuang was slightly shocked when she looked at the silhouette, who stood proudly in the sky.

Shi Xie, the Divine Body of Space, was worthy of his title as the direct disciple of Evil Emperor, the Lord of the Empty Divine Realm. His ability was monstrous. Right now, he was surrounded by the Divine Light of Space. The light enveloped the heavens and earth. Everywhere his will covered, he could take on everyone and everything with his Great Path of Space.

Many Renhuangs from the Divine Prefecture headed over to Shi Xie at the same time. All of them had powerful cultivation. The two armies began to approach each other and clash. There were even instances of close-quarter combat.

The goal of the other party was to capture Princess Donghuang.

Ye Futian was also on the battlefield. The forces who had participated in today’s battle were all forces at the peak of the Realms. Though they were powerful Renhuangs, now they seemed so humble and low. This scene gave Ye Futian mixed feelings.

Anyone on this battlefield could be a huge figure in the outside world.

However, on this battlefield, they were nothing special.

Sword Will flowed over Ye Futian’s body as he advanced. A divine sword appeared in his hand. It was a powerful ritual implement. On this battlefield, there were originally no rules. He would naturally give it his all.

His body still consumed the power of Yin, causing this power to circulate around him. It surged into his body and was directly absorbed into it. His Deed of Thorough Comprehension burst forth, and his figure became a furnace of the Great Path, refining the Great Path around him. This caused the power of Yin to be refined into his body even faster.

A silhouette walked over towards him. It was a middle-level Renhuang. When he sensed the aura on Ye Futian’s body, a bizarre expression flashed past in the eyes of the other party. Ye Futian seemed unique to him. Ye Futian’s Plane was not very high, only having a second tier Divine Wheel. On this battlefield, Ye Futian was definitely a lowly existence. Yet, the aura flowing within him gave off an extraordinary impression.

That was why this middle-level Renhuang felt Ye Futian was strange. However, he merely thought about it for a moment before attacking. His speed was breakneck, and he directly traversed the space. The Great Path of Space descended and imprisoned Ye Futian’s figure. At that moment, the space where Ye Futian was seemed to have frozen over. The Great Path seemed to flow slower. His figure instead appeared directly in front of Ye Futian. He struck out with one finger, and an attack of the Great Path instantly burst forth.

A golden roulette sliced through the space towards Ye Futian. As it spun, it produced a frightening sonic boom that tore apart all existence.

Ye Futian swept a glance at his opponent as he took a step forward. The frozen Great Path of Space seemed to shatter instantly. Sword Will swept out and filled the air. The power of his Divine Wheel burst forth. Divine light shone everywhere and pressed down on the space. This caused his opponent to be stunned. He actually felt his Way being suppressed by this lower-level Renhuang.

The sword in Ye Futian’s hand stabbed forward. The spinning roulette that was rapidly ripping apart space immediately exploded into pieces. The divine sword flew out and swept across the sky. Ye Futian’s opponent sent out a palm strike, forging a spatial wall. A menacing spatial swirl appeared before him, attempting to consume the divine sword.

The divine sword directly penetrated into the swirl. The next moment, it flew out of the swirl and pierced through the opponent’s body.

The middle-level Renhuang stared at Ye Futian. He had a somewhat confused look in his eyes. Was this how a cultivator of the Original Realm was like?

With a second-tier Divine Wheel, Ye Futian had instantly killed him with one sword.

Rumble. His silhouette instantly exploded into pieces and dissipated.

Ye Futian continued to advance. He saw a few silhouettes approaching him, secretly surrounding him. They were all staring at the divine sword in Ye Futian’s hand.

There was more to this sword than met the eye.

Their auras radiated from their bodies. They were all proficient in the power of the Great Path of Space. This made Ye Futian feel strange. Could it be that all the members of the army that had arrived were proficient in the Great Path of Space?

These people were from the Empty Divine Realm.

The divine sword flew up high into the sky. Guqin strings of the Great Path appeared around Ye Futian, seemingly forming an ancient guqin. Ye Futian’s fingers plucked the strings from afar. Sword Will immediately rained down.

A flawless Divine Wheel. Ye Futian’s opponents glanced over at him. Although they were cultivators from the Empty Divine Realm, those who could forge flawless Divine Wheels were still a minority. There were even fewer people who could maintain a flawless Divine Wheel at the middle-level Renhuang Plane. Among upper-level Renhuangs, it was even rarer. Anyone with a flawless Divine Wheel at the upper-level Renhuang Plane could become a top figure.


The divine sword flew up high into the sky, and the Great Path resonated. Endless Sword Will flowed, seemingly pouring into the divine sword. In the heavens above, countless sword illusions appeared. They flowed down the guqin strings of the Great Path.


Once Ye Futian uttered this word, the divine swords flew out and slaughtered their way towards one of the cultivators. A Door of Space appeared behind that cultivator, and he immediately stepped through it.

A cold look flashed past in Ye Futian’s eyes. Cold murderous Sword Will exploded. His will enveloped the space of the Great Path, forming a terrifying turbulence. The silhouette of the cultivator who had disappeared reappeared amidst the turbulence. He was frowning slightly. He had actually been unable to traverse the space.

Swoosh. Swoosh.

Extremely sharp aura descended. His expression changed drastically. The divine swords turned everything in their path to dust, returning them to nothingness.

The cultivator continued to retreat, attempting to pass through space to escape. However, the divine swords arrived first. They immediately penetrated the space and shattered the Great Path. The light of the divine swords pierced through everything. The cultivator had yet to escape when he was killed by the swords on the spot.

Ye Futian continued to wave his finger. The divine swords changed directions and slaughtered their way towards another two Renhuangs. They were all middle-level Renhuangs. The one with the highest cultivation had a fifth tier Divine Wheel. They must have assumed that Ye Futian would be easy to deal with. After all, for them, those with second-tier Divine Wheels were too weak.

Very quickly, the bodies of the two cultivators were pierced by the divine swords. They died on the spot, their souls dispersing as they fell.

At that moment, another cultivator stood in the sky above Ye Futian. His entire body released rings of golden halos. His entire body was resplendent and extremely overbearing. What was even more terrifying was that this person had a flawless Divine Wheel. He was a middle-level Renhuang with a sixth tier flawless Divine Wheel.

That person is dangerous, Ye Futian thought to himself. He was an existence at the sixth tier Renhuang Plane. He also had a flawless Divine Wheel. His cultivation was truly four Planes higher than that of Ye Futian.


The other party stepped forward. Golden light patterns from his Divine Wheel of the Great Path pressed down on Ye Futian. Divine light flooded the space and directly bashed against Ye Futian’s body. It caused Ye Futian to feel extremely terrifying shocks.

In an instant, Ye Futian sensed that this person’s combat ability was far stronger than that of the two existences with seventh tier Divine Wheels that he had just killed.

This meant that even if he released the emperor’s will, he would still not necessarily be able to defeat this person.


The other party immediately walked over, raising his fists and sending them punching towards Ye Futian. Golden divine light instantly pierced the heavens. Resplendent light from his fists appeared in the sky above. Before his person arrived, the will of his fists had already come crashing over. Ye Futian’s divine sword flew out, and everything was turned to dust. It crashed towards the will of the fists.

A loud clang could be heard. The will of the fists was torn apart by the sword. However, the divine sword was vibrating and was being pushed down.

The beam of light in mid-air descended. The Divine Fists came crashing down with frightening divine light. They actually collided directly with the divine sword with a body of flesh and blood.


The divine sword seemed to have collided with an indestructible divine item. It was sent flying backward. The opponent’s speed suddenly sped up as he directly traversed the sky. The two Divine Fists came crashing down again. A terrifying storm of the Great Path swept out, causing Ye Futian to feel like his body was being crushed.

The spear of the war god appeared in Ye Futian’s hand again. He took a step forward and thrust out his spear, splitting the space apart as it met the golden Divine Fists crashing down on him.

Bang! There was a huge sound, and Ye Futian felt as though a mountain was pressing down on him. The will of the fists was channeled through his spear and crashed into his body. An intense rumbling sound came from within his body. He felt his organs tremble intensely. He used this power to retreat backward as bloodstains appeared in the corner of his mouth.

Both of them had flawless Divine Wheels. However, the opponent was a middle-level Renhuang with a flawless Divine Wheel. The difference between their Planes was too great!