The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1822

Chapter 1822 Silhouette

In this underground region, magma flowed and merged with the power of Yin, forming flames of Yin. It caused people to sense a terror that stemmed from deep within their soul. Flames of Yang were domineering and tyrannical; flames of Yin were exactly the opposite. If the flames of Yin corroded one’s body, they could not be extinguished. They would corrode bone and seep into the spirit, consuming both body and soul.

Hence, all the cultivators avoided the flames carefully. Aside from that, the power of Yin itself gave off a bone-chilling cold that could corrode the Way of cultivators and was very dangerous.

Even Ye Futian’s will was restricted. It was very difficult for him to release his will across a long distance. He was not the only one; it was the same for the other cultivators who came here.

The people who dared to come here either had powerful cultivation, were proficient in similar types of powers, or had special methods to cope with the power of Yin.

Aura radiated from Ye Futian’s body. His aura was like leaves and branches that extended out into the surrounding space. At that moment, Ye Futian’s meridians, skeleton and even his blood became an ancient tree and branches. His Deed of Thorough Comprehension was unleashed. With the ancient World Tree as his foundation, he refined the Great Path.

The leaves and branches that flowed out were like countless tentacles. They absorbed and consumed the power of Yin little by little, merging it into his body. This made him feel a bone-chilling sensation all over his body. However, with the presence of his Life Spirit, he could still consume it.

Three cultivators followed behind him. They were also exceptionally careful as they released auras of the Great Path. Their bodies were bathed in halos of the Great Path that resisted the corrosion of the power of Yin.

They looked over at where Ye Futian was and they frowned slightly. This fellow was heading deeper and deeper underground. With his Plane of cultivation, by right, he should have stopped a long time ago. They clearly realized that Ye Futian had special methods to resist the corrosion of the power of Yin in order for him to have continued descending so deep underground.

Ye Futian was truly cunning. He had actually used their surroundings to evade their onslaught. In this place, it was indeed inconvenient for them to make a move. If they caused too much of a ruckus, they might trigger a disaster in the core.

Hence, they had also been very wary. The Divine Light of Space flowed around their bodies. The light seemed to form a spatial passageway that kept the power of Yin at bay.

As they continued downwards, they felt the pressure acting on them increase. The air currents corroded the power of the Great Path around them. Wanting to reach the core was most likely going to be very difficult.

At the same time, they still felt an extremely cold chill. They were somewhat perplexed. How could Ye Futian, who only had a second tier Divine Wheel, reach such a depth?

Could it be that he had some sort of ritual implement on him?

After considering this, golden lightning shot downwards from the body of one the cultivators. A murderous look flashed past in his eyes. They could not wait any longer.

“We cannot head down any further,” he said to the other two cultivators. They already felt a very intense sense of danger here. If they continued downwards, they would most likely be unable to withstand the environment.

“Kill him,” the cultivator with a seventh tier Divine Wheel said. Since they could not head down any further, then they would eliminate Ye Futian here.

“Alright,” the other person replied as he nodded his head in agreement. As he said this, terrifying lightning pierced through the underground and cleaved towards Ye Futian. There was a huge disturbance.

Lightning rained down from above. The power of Yin around them seemed to merge directly with the lightning. It caused the lightning to be even more terrifying. In an instant, it blotted out the space above them and covered this underground space.

The cultivator was also slightly surprised. This space was filled with the power of Yin. It seemed that attacks of all attributes would be corroded by the power of Yin. Even if he did not actively absorb the power of Yin, the attack he released would still be laced with its power.

No wonder the cultivators of the Dark Court wanted to refine the Shadow Realm. If the cultivation methods of the Dark Court incorporated the power of Yin, their powers of the Underworld, death and destruction would become much more frightening.

Ye Futian’s figure flashed as he dodged the attacks. However, the lightning that descended was everywhere. It cleaved down on his defences. Then, the other party’s halberd stabbed out. A frightening divine light immediately shot downwards.

Sword Will rampaged around them, generating resonance. Ye Futian’s sword stabbed forward. The surrounding space seemed to turn into a vacuum. Both of their attacks collided. Ye Futian’s figure was knocked backwards. It appeared as though he was about to be knocked down into the frightening magma.

At that exact moment, a spatial handprint came crashing down and continued to pressure him. They wanted to destroy and kill him.

Around Ye Futian’s figure, the ancient runes of Qian, Kun, Li and Kan circled. A pattern of the Great Path appeared. The power of Yin around him merged into his body. The furnace of the Great Path that his body had become was even more frightening now.

His divine sword floated in mid-air. Then, Ye Futian pointed his finger to the sky. With the pattern of the Great Path circling it, the divine sword slashed out, accompanied by terrifying lightning.

Rumble! A dull sound could be heard. Aside from its Sword Will, lightning also flowed along the divine sword. It actually shattered the spatial handprint. The frightening lightning continued upwards and slaughtered its way towards the silhouette in mid-air. This caused the other party to frown and reveal a strange look.

The Divine Light of Space on his body flashed. The lightning struck his body but was unable to break through his defence.

When Ye Futian saw this, he understood that by just absorbing and refining such a small amount of the power of Yin, the increase in his attack power was limited. It was still far from being able to eradicate the other party.

It seemed like he could only use that technique. Since he started cultivating, he had never used it before, not even once.

After all, the risk was too great. Once he unleashed the technique, he had a high chance of crippling himself. It was very dangerous.

The seventh tier Divine Wheel cultivator who was in mid-air attacked. He made a grab in the air in the direction where Ye Futian was. Immediately, a terrifying Divine Light of Space flowed. Ye Futian could sense the surrounding space contorting.

A glint of cold light flashed in Ye Futian’s eyes. He shifted his will and suddenly, the ancient characters of the Great Path moved in a reverse direction. On his body, the Great Path reversed and moved towards the sky. With his body as the center, a menacing aura spiraled upwards in the opposite direction.

Ye Futian’s body seemingly transformed into a real tree. This tree was inflating at a high speed, producing countless branches and leaves. All the aura of the Great Path in his body was refined into the heavens and earth. It was as though he had lost control of his own body.

His silver-colored hair danced in the wind. His body turned extremely weak. At this moment, it was as though he was not himself; instead, he was one with the space. His body gradually turned more and more illusory. However, illusions of Ye Futian’s face appeared in the space, as though he was omnipresent.

Even though it was not his first time experiencing this sensation, Ye Futian could still feel his heart tremble. It was a feeling of losing control of oneself. However, in return, he felt like this part of the space was completely within his control.

This was the reverse cultivation of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension.

This technique was useless during normal times. It could only be activated under some special circumstances. The Grandmaster fell into the demonic Way as he consumed the power of the world when he used this technique.

Right now, Ye Futian wanted to borrow the power of Yin, so he could use this technique too.

This power of Yin was originally not his power. However, right now, he refined his will and his Way into the power of Yin. The heavens and earth turned into the furnace as he became the fire to catalyze the process.

“What’s happening?”

The facial expressions of the three cultivators changed. They had not expected Ye Futian to have this kind of ability.

The power of Yin covered the sky and diffused in the surroundings, enveloping the three cultivators in it. The sun and the moon appeared at the same time in this part of the space. The moon shone exceptionally bright. When the moonlight covered the space, the air around them froze.

The power of Yin was being absorbed by the moon. Moonlight kept beaming down. A powerful halo of the Great Path of Space appeared around them, sealing them off in an independent space.

Ye Futian’s illusory figure appeared in mid-air. He stared at the three of them. It was as though he was the master of the power of Yin in this part of the space.

He shifted his will and rumbling sounds thundered. A Yin-charged lightning slashed downwards, completely enveloping the space where the three cultivators were.

Kacha. The spatial shroud was shattered by the lightning. Ritual implements appeared in the hands of the cultivators. In an instant, Doors of Space appeared around them as they sealed themselves within the doors.

Rustling sounds could be heard. Amidst the menacing Yin-charged lightning, tree branches extended and curled around the space where they were in. Then, the branches swung out and swept the enclosed space into the magma ocean.

The facial expressions of the three cultivators changed drastically as they revealed fearful gazes. They saw how they were being thrown into the magma ocean. The horrifying magma flooded the Doors of Space right away and melted them. Ye Futian saw a beam of Divine Light of Space shooting out from the ocean. The seventh tier Divine Wheel cultivator struggled and attempted to escape. However, as soon as he got out of the enclosed space, his body was melted into liquids and was washed away by the magma currents.

Such an overbearing attack.

Ye Futian’s gaze was indifferent. He continued advancing further down. Right now, he had an illusion that he was the master of this Shadow Realm. However, he knew that it was but a delusion. If it wasn’t for the fact that he possessed the World Tree Life Spirit, he wouldn’t have been able to do anything. He might even face the backlash of his technique right away.

Hence, even though the Grandmaster knew that the Deed of Thorough Comprehension could be unleashed in a reverse manner, he didn’t tell Ye Futian until the moment when he fell into the demonic Way. The risk of this technique was too great. It could only be used under special circumstances.

For example, now would be a suitable time. This space was enveloped in the power of Yin. The power of Yin was everywhere. When he refined his Way into the heavens and earth now, he could utilize the ultra strong power around him.

However, at this moment, Ye Futian himself was also experiencing a huge pressure. His willpower was not strong enough for him to withstand it for too long. When he realized this, he quickly moved forwards and headed towards the core with increased speed. At that moment, the power of Yin was no longer a resisting force. It could even be considered an assisting force.

As he kept delving deeper towards the core, the power of Yin became even more terrifying. Ye Futian faintly sensed that he was at his limit. Very few people could make it this far. Those who could were all figures with peak cultivation. There were a few members of the Dark Court here.

Ye Futian’s figure became an afterimage as he traversed the sinister winds that blew. Finally, he sensed an extremely terrifying aura coming from the core ahead of him. He could faintly make out a storm that was like a black hole. Endless Yin Qi circled and flowed around the core, forming a menacing swirl. The aura that emanated from it caused the hearts of those who saw it to tremble.

Right at this moment, Ye Futian’s gaze was suddenly glued to something. He revealed an astonished look.

He stared straight ahead. A silhouette actually emerged from the depths of the terrifying, swirling black hole!