The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1823

Chapter 1823 Heir Of The Heaven Realm

Ye Futian felt that even with his possession of the ancient tree as Life Spirit, it would be difficult for him to get close to that area.

Over the years, there must have been other top figures who tried, such as the Palace Lord of Youyue Divine Palace, but clearly, no one was really able to take away the divine item.

However, at this moment, someone was cultivating inside the Shadow Vortex.

Who could this be?

The man seemingly turned his gaze toward Ye Futian. It was the darkest pair of eyes that he had ever seen, enough to make his soul tremble with just one glance. It was as if it was about to be frozen by those pitch-black eyes.

This man wore all black and looked to be about only 30 years in age. His hair was black as ink, and an immense chill exuded from him, like the power of the Shadow. His eyes were devoid of any emotions, and ignored everything else.

After he saw Ye Futian, he made a grabbing motion toward him. In an instant, the power of the Shadow eclipsed heaven and earth in an extremely violent manner. It turned into a terrifying whirlpool with wisps of Shadow currents grabbing at Ye Futian so that the area he was in now moved involuntarily toward the man in black.

"What?" Ye Futian didnt expect the man would suddenly attack him. At the moment, everything around him seemed to be slowing down, as if he wasnt able to resist that power, his body couldnt help but moved toward the man.

Boom! Ye Futian realized that something was amiss. With the Deed of Thorough Comprehension now deployed to counter the attack, he surrounded himself with ancient characters, and the meaning of the Great Path merged into the heaven and the earth. All the power of the Shadow in the surrounding space seemed to be at his disposal.


A storm rose and tossed his body far away as he retreated out of this area; that mysterious man was hazardous.

When the man saw that Ye Futian had escaped his control, there was a slight uncertainty in his eyes. Then, his body floated up, and a terrible Shadow Vortex churning frantically. At this moment, the power of the Shadow at the center of the earth was running wildly, flowing with madness, raging through every area it passed.

At the same time, there was a man of great ability, armed with the level of Divine Wheel Ninth Order, who was from the Dark Court. He frowned at what he saw at this moment while looking around him.

What was happening?

The surrounding Shadow currents were unusually violent, flowing frantically. At this moment, a terrifying current of the Shadow vortex emitted from the core of the Shadow power, swallowing toward him. The expression on his face changed slightly; the Great Path changed direction, trying to overcome this powerful force.

Seeing that the Shadow storm would simply overwhelm him, he felt that everything had stopped, and his spiritual soul was frozen as his Will had ceased. The blood inside his body, as well as the power of the Great Path, had all stopped flowing and became absolutely still.

A cold and shadowy glory sprinkled on him. The body of this great existence of the Nine Order actually started to disappear little by little, as if his whole person had become extremely fragile, like some rotten deadwood that could turn to dust under a blow of the wind, quickly dissipating in the air.

Once his spiritual soul was annihilated, it slowly dissipated as his consciousness was gradually lost to him. A vague visage seemed to appear in the void, distorted, and fearful. Then it, too, went with the dissipating Shadow storm. Such was the ending of a greatly capable existence, who perished right on the spot.

At this moment, there were still other great and capable figures from the top level of the Dark Court. Those above Renhuang had felt the storm, as they all quickly retreated, moving directly outer bounds of the center.

What just happened here?

Suddenly, the Shadow power began to mobilize.

When the Shadow power moved violently, many Renhuang who had entered the core of the earth couldnt escape it fast enough and were wiped out instantaneously. Under the Shadow power, they had all turned into dust. Those who were higher in their realm were closer to it, thus died even faster.

Ye Futian was also on the run, but he was too late. The Shadow storm turned into a horrific vortex, drowning everything in its path. His face changed as he deployed the spatial implement to cover his body, but the power of the Shadow was overwhelming. That implement from the Spatial Temple seemed extremely fragile by contrast, slowly decaying under the Shadow currents, turning into dust like everything else, and was simply blown away.

According to legend, under extreme Yang and extreme Yin energies, no object was strong enough to withstand either one. Even the most powerful implement could be easily melted or corrupted. Those mighty treasures have no resistance to these energies at all.

Ye Futian could see that this power was not only magnificent but also terrifying.

It was hard to imagine that someone could cultivate inside; was he naturally compatible with the power of the Shadow?

Ye Futian didnt think much about it because he didnt have the time to contemplate the matter. The space that he was in was also directly submerged by the power of the Shadow.

At this time, in the center of the earth, the man in black slowly levitated, moving all the way up. An extremely fearsome Shadow storm was flowing about, surrounded him, as the area around him turned into a vacuum so that all must make way for him.

The space of the Outer Realms was beginning to be volatile, as the power of the Shadow moving about uncontrollably, effecting the entire Shadow Realm. The world was undergoing major changes, and where Youyue Divine Palace was, shadows burst out from the ground underneath and rose above toward the sky.

Those who were fighting now stopped as well. They felt that those confusing currents had begun to spread out, as the Will of the Way flowed around, surrounding them. All their attention was fixed on the violent Shadow power below.

Was there a change in the divine item?

At this moment, they felt a horrific breath coming toward the surface, invading the Outer Realms little by little.

The power of the Shadow became more terrifying, and as the figure in black re-appeared, the Shadow storm surrounded him like a gigantic pattern.

When they saw this man, Shi Xie and the others revealed a surprised look, especially Shi Xie. His eyes sharpened slightly. HE stared at this mysterious cultivator, blurted out, "Its you?"

He recognized the man.

He was an individual who rarely showed himself to the outside world but was extremely famous. Not many would recognize him, but there were definitely very few who had never heard of him.

In the greater world of the universe, the seven Great Emperors were the most powerful existence in it, and they control the seven most powerful forces in this world. Now, among them, a force was gradually declining and became the weakest existence among the seven.

This force was known as the Heaven Realm.

The Lord of the Heaven Realm was called Heavenly Emperor.

If Donghuang the Great could be considered the most brilliant figure of his time, then with "Heaven" in his title, one could venture just how majestic this man was.

It was reasonable to assume, then, that before Donghuang the Great, Heavenly Emperor must have been the most dazzling existence in the world.

However, the Heavenly Emperor fell.

His fall led to the collapse of Heaven Realm and its subsequent decline.

Now, the current Lord of the Heaven Realm, even as an emperor, did not use the title of Heavenly Emperor.

The cultivator who appeared in front of them was precisely the current heir of Heaven Realm. It was said that his talent was extraordinary. In the future, he might embark on the path of the previous Heaven Emperor and become an unparalleled existence in history.

Princess Donghuang focused her attention on him, for she also became aware of who he was.

She did not expect that he would be here.

Much less beneath the Shadow Realm.

This meant that after the passageway was opened, he had come to the Empty Realm, and descended directly into the Shadow Realm, went straight to its underground to cultivate.

The change in the Shadow Realm was not a complete coincidence, then, but was because he was cultivating inside. When the Dark Court came to set up the matrix, they probably disturbed his cultivation.

However, Princess Donghuang was a little surprised at the strength he displayed. Could the current heir of the Heaven Realm really possess the ability to cultivate in the heart of the Shadow Realm directly?

There was not much known about him, just that he was mighty and very dangerous. Her father had said once that he would be one of the top figures in the future.

After Shi Xie saw him, he stepped out with the divine sword high in the air and smashed it down without hesitation. Suddenly, the space around the man was distorted as the sword fell on it, intending to shatter it.

Boom The power of the Shadow that surrounded his opponent swept out, and everything slowed down. Even the space seemed to stand still. The distorted Great Path of Space was unable to affect the other.

The man raised his head and glanced up as the light of the divine sword fell down. Wisps of Shadow currents rolled toward the sky and collided with the divine sword, shattering it.

Shi Xie stared at the man, slightly frowning at the sight. But the man didnt seem to have any intention of fighting. He glanced at Shi Xie, then turned to walk away, the mighty power of the Shadow still surrounded him. The storm was terrifying, which made Shi Xie hesitated for a moment.

"Let him go." Next to Shi Xie, someone spoke. Upon hearing those words, Shi Xie did not pursue the other any longer but allowed the other to step away.

The Shadow storm had gone away with the man who was walking away, gradually disappearing. It was as if he had come just to cultivate with the power of the Shadow, and now that the cultivation was done, he didnt bother to stay any longer than he had to.

"Many who went below couldnt come up. The Dark Court will probably suffer considerable loss," someone said to Shi Xie. The Dark Court had the most cultivators who went down below. It was bound to suffer the greatest loss.

"Futian." The cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Academy became alarmed. They had noticed that Ye Futian had gone down as well but did not come back out.

Princess Donghuang frowned, and her beautiful eyes looked downward as well; was he still down there?

Heir of the Heaven Realm, the disciples of the Evil Emperor, and even the cultivators of the Dark Court had all made their appearances one after another. It seemed that starting from the Original Realm, some turbulent times were ahead!