The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1827

Chapter 1827 Integration

The Dark Court did not stir up any issues, for the battle had consumed much of its strength, and the Lord of the Underworld was preoccupied with restructuring the Hidden Land Realm after his return. He was injured in the fight with the Spear Emperor, Du You, who went crazy and pursued him to fight him, even when he had wanted to stop.

The cultivators of the Evil Emperor Realm were nowhere to be found, as no one had heard from them at all. As for the land of the Nine Realms, they began to set up large teleportation matrixes to connect all major forces to the Empty Imperial Palace.

This way, whenever there was an alarming movement, the Empty Imperial Palace could be the center where cultivators from all sides would converge to deal with the challenge together. If there was to be an external force invading, they could deal with it as a group. After all, no one knew who would be attacking whom.

The collapse of Youyue Divine Palace served as a stark reminder to all the principalities.

The cultivators of the Nine Realms finally realized the significance of what had happened. Many people had perished in the changes in the battle in the Shadow Realm, and many encountered adversity and were distressed. As if overnight, they were thrown back to the turbulent era more than three centuries ago.

These days, the Heavenly Mandate Academy rallied around Ye Futian. The people inside Heavenly Mandate City had now heard of the news and were extremely concerned about the situation taking place at the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

As members of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, no one wanted to see such a legendary figure in the realm to perish like this.

Many who worshipped Ye Futian were praying for him, hoping that he would soon wake up.

After all, Ye Futian, who was in the realm of Renhuang, was the hope of many, especially those of the younger generation. They all wanted to see this legend reach the top of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

They didn’t expect the invasion of outside forces before they could bear witness to that glorious day,

These days, people came to visit Ye Futian every day in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. But Ye Futian was still in a state of deep sleep, with no sign of improvement in his vitality. Lord Taixuan believed that Ye Futian had been completely eroded by the power of the Shadow, and to keep his physical body intact was already an incredible feat.

Now, they could only hope for a miracle.

Hua Jieyu had stayed to keep watch over him. At this time, a figure walked over slowly, and found Hua Jieyu holding her head with both hands, looking at Ye Futian quietly. She had not left his side at all, simply keeping him company. Sometimes, she didn’t know why she stayed; it was just a simple desire to want to be with him, just like she didn’t know why she had cried.

Perhaps, as Ye Futian said before, it was because she was his wife.

“You have been here for quite a few days. Do you want to take a rest? I can keep an eye on him here.” A soft voice spoke. It was Xia Qingyuan. She had wanted to stay here before, but with Hua Jieyu around, she had no reason to be here.

But it had been many days now, and Ye Futian hadn’t woken up yet, so she decided to persuade Hua Jieyu to rest.

When she said this, Xia Qingyuan kept her eyes on Hua Jieyu, and seemed a little nervous about her possible reaction.

Hua Jieyu raised her head slightly. Her beautiful eyes were extremely clear, pure, and flawless. She smiled gently at Xia Qingyuan and said, “No need, I’m not tired.”

“My Life Spirit is the Lotus of Life, which contains the Way of life. I want to try and see if it can bring him back to life,” said Xia Qingyuan. She had asked Lord Taixuan before, but he said it wouldn’t work. However, she wanted to give it a try anyway, just for a slight chance that a miracle might happen.

“Then come and try it.” Hua Jieyu got up and took a few steps back, giving room to Xia Qingyuan. However, she still stood there and didn’t act like she was going to leave.

Xia Qingyuan looked at her eyes and saw that Hua Jieyu’s eyes were still clear and beautiful, and realized that she really didn’t understand…

Stepping forward, the radiance of life was shining upon Xia Qingyuan, enveloping Ye Futian’s body. The breath of life penetrated Ye Futian’s body continuously, but Xia Qingyuan discovered that her life force could not be truly transmitted to Ye Futian. The traces of breath that existed inside of him effectively blocked everything else.

Soon Xia Qingyuan gave up. She turned her head back to Hua Jieyu and shook it slightly. She whispered, “It’s useless.”

“It doesn’t matter. He will wake up sooner or later,” Hua Jieyu said without much care.

“Mmm.” Xia Qingyuan gave a serious nod, for she also believed that Ye Futian would definitely regain consciousness.

After Xia Qingyuan left, Hua Jieyu remained by Ye Futian’s side.

Thus, for a few more days, everything went on as usual.

Ye Futian was still lying there quietly. In his Life Palace, that full moon hung high above, releasing its divine brilliance. It was no longer the original stone but a real moon that had completely merged with the lunar life spirit in Ye Futian’s Life Place. In other words, it had now transformed into a moon.

The Shadow currents were no longer so distinct but were now everywhere, flowing inside the world of his life palace.

The ancient tree of the world was the same as it always was, constantly swaying, making a crisp rustling sound, as if playing a beautiful rhythm.

Inside Ye Futian’s body, the power of the Shadow flowed into his Life Palace little by little, while wisps of breath also flowed out from the Life Palace, passing through Ye Futian’s body. It was like an ordinary current that had completely blended with his body, and became part of the whole.

As the blood began to flow, the breath of life also started to spread. Gradually, Ye Futian’s breathing resumed, as if everything had returned to normal. He was no longer lifeless, and soon his vital signs became more robust.

His eyelashes fluttered, then a pair of bright and brilliants eyes opened; he was now completely awake.

He felt a little dazed, a strange look in his eyes. He remembered that while he was in the center of the earth at the Shadow Realm, the ancient tree of the world in his Life Spirit world wanted to swallow up the storm of the Shadow but was invaded by a strong backlash instead. Although his Life Spirit defended him, in the end, he was struck back, and everything in his body had stopped. As his blood stopped flowing, his consciousness gradually blurred after that.

He vaguely remembered that right before he lost consciousness, he did his best to let the Life Spirit swallow it up completely. He didn’t know anything after that.

Only at this moment did he wake up.

He clearly felt the magnificence of his body at this time; the power of the Shadow had actually blended perfectly with his body, and even the sacred stone of the Shadow that he swallowed seemed to melt into the moon and merged with the lunar Life Spirit. The power of the Shadow was like a life force that now existed in his body.

Without the horrible vision before, everything had become extraordinarily gentle, and it was simply unimaginable. This was the divine stone that had affected the entire Shadow Realm. Even its topmost characters would be wiped out by the storm it bred.

Now, it had turned into a moon, gentle yet quiet.

What kind of strange curiosity was his main Life Spirit, this ancient tree of the world?

Could it even suppress divine items?

He saw Hua Jieyu next to him and saw that she had fallen asleep quietly on his chest. Her hair was a little messy, but the sight made Ye Futian feel really warm. It was as if Jieyu had completely returned to him.

His arm moved slightly, nudging her body ever so gently so that she would rest next to him. But at this moment, Hua Jieyu opened her eyes by the slight disturbance.

Her long lashes were particularly enchanting as those beautiful eyes looked at him. Their eyes stared into each other, and they could feel the breath from the other person.

Hua Jieyu blinked as if she wasn’t fully aware of what had happened.

Ye Futian smiled tenderly, then moved his head forward and touched her lips.

Stunned, Hua Jieyu widened her beautiful eyes, staring at Ye Futian blankly.

“How long has it been?” Ye Futian asked in a low voice.

Hua Jieyu hurriedly got up, feeling her heartbeat hastened. Ye Futian watched her and smiled even more tenderly.

“You are awake,” Hua Jieyu said softly.

“It feels like I just took a nap. Weren’t you worried that I will never wake up?” Ye Futian looked at her and smiled. Hua Jieyu looked like he had just woken up from a nap, without the excitement befitting such a major event of life and death.

Ye Futian felt very lucky to have survived this time.

The ancient tree of the world seemed to be able to constrain divine items of any kind, or else he would have undoubtedly died under such power.

Hua Jieyu shook her head. She had never considered the possibility that Ye Futian would never wake up.

Looking at her, Ye Futian thought that she was quite adorable. He said with a smile, “You are pretty cold. I can’t believe you were not worried at all. How about everyone else? They must be pretty anxious.”

“Mmm,” Hua Jieyu nodded. “Should I tell the others?”

Ye Futian smiled. While he was speaking, his divine consciousness had covered the entire Heavenly Mandate Academy.

At this time, countless eyes in the Heavenly Mandate Academy were focusing in this direction. Many moved instantaneously, with many more that had already descended outside.

“He’s awake.” The people in the Heavenly Mandate Academy felt a little excited by that deliberately revealed divine consciousness.

Ye Futian was now awake. He had persevered, after all.



Voices came from everywhere as many people walked in. Seeing that Ye Futian was safe and sound, they could finally let go of their worries.

Finally, he woke up.

“Futian, what happened to you?” Lord Taixuan asked, “You gave us quite a scare.”

“Don’t you know? I took a nap,” Ye Futian shrugged and said with a smile. Lord Taixuan smiled and shook his head. He knew it was not so simple as that, and it might be related to Ye Futian’s experience in the center of the earth. However, he didn’t probe further.

Everyone stepped forward to check on Ye Futian’s condition. Shen Luoxue even put her hands on him directly. Ye Futian smiled helplessly and said, “Grandmother, I’m fine.”

Shen Luoxue was not so easily dispatched but continued her investigation, and everyone else also focused their attention on him. Since Ye Futian woke up, there shouldn’t be anything untoward, but they still did not feel completely at ease.

The group of people looked very lively with their noisy chatter. Hua Jieyu stood by and watched them quietly, with a gentle smile on her face. She felt warm, just like the time when Ye Futian took her to the Nine States to visit Hua Fengliu in Qingzhou City. Strange as they may be, she felt warmth from them.

Especially now that everyone was acquainted with one another, she really liked this atmosphere.

Xia Qingyuan was also in the crowd. Seeing that Ye Futian was safe and sound, she could finally let out a sigh of relief. After a final glance, she quietly left.

Ye Futian seemed to have noticed something. He glanced at Xia Qingyuan, who was leaving, and sighed. Perhaps, she had also been very worried about him.