The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1832

Chapter 1832 At War

Cracking sounds rang out, one after another as several Renhuangs died by this sword, making many people look at Ye Futian.

A brilliant light shone as the sword returned to Ye Futian’s side and hovered there. He opened his eyes and looked off into the distance. Over there, he could see two terrifying auras.

Someone on the other side had notified the other cultivators. The rest of the army was now on its way.

The area was filled with intense pressure, and killing will burned fiercely. The two great armies appeared within the range of his divine consciousness. They were moving extremely quickly. They were not coming alone like the small force that had arrived first but was coming with their full force.

The two armies were as different as could be. Golden light fell from the sky above the Evil Emperor Realm’s army. They formed a divine spatial net in the air, from which terrifying spatial storms were born, which covered the sky.

The Proud Son of the Underworld Qi Ye was leading the army of the Dark Court himself. Endless dark power gathered together, making a huge face appear in the sky, looking like a god of the underworld. The area was filled with death and destruction auras that could infect people at any moment.

The two armies’ goals were extremely clear. They had come to destroy the cultivators of the Divine Prefecture. It was just as they expected. The Divine Prefecture controlled the Original Realm, and they wanted to seize it from them. They wanted to break their power and divide up the Original Realm.

The two forces had already talked this over.

The army of the Divine Prefecture was vast as well, however. They were all at the Renhuang level. An army full of Renhuangs could give rise to an incredible amount of power. A clash between three forces of this much power whipped up terrifying storms in the sky.

All the cultivators of the Divine Prefecture felt an enormous amount of pressure.

This was not just a normal battle. No matter how powerful one was, there was still a possibility that they might die on this battlefield.

Woosh! A spatial sword flew out, slashing through the air. It flew into the midst of those spatial storms. Everyone saw the sword whirling around the storms. It looked like millions of bolts of lightning were falling. It was simply terrifying.

Crack! An ear-piercing sound rang out. The bolts of lightning swept out, covering a vast area, forming a region full of destructive swords.

This sword was the divine weapon that had once been used by the Great Emperor. He could use this ritual implement in this battle, but he could not draw upon any outside power. This meant that the implement itself could not be possessed of any outside power like the will of the Emperor or the will of some great figure. It had to rely on its own power.

Otherwise, the battle would spiral out of control as everyone would come to do battle with the ritual implement that contained the power of the Emperor.

Although the will of the Emperor was not within it, the sword that he had once used was still extremely terrifying. It was once the weapon of the Evil Emperor’s disciple Shi Xie. At the moment, it had been loaned to a cultivator of Empty Mountain, a peer of Shi Xie who had cultivated to the third tier of the Divine Wheel. Now he pointed up into the sky with his sword. Terrible divine radiance swirled around it.

On the other side of the battlefield, the Proud Son of the Underworld Qi Ye strode forward, appearing beneath the coalescing god of the underworld and seeming to meld into it. He also had a very powerful item that his master had given him. It was a cloak-like piece of clothing that he was wearing.

Within the cloak, there was a black hole that seemed incredibly deep, so deep that it could swallow up all the dark, destructive power around it. When he melded with the god of the Underworld, the cloak swept out behind the god. Dark storm energy flowed out of the black hole in its chest. It seemed that it had been fermenting destructive power.

He had a devastating underworld spear in his hands. This was a powerful ritual implement, as well.

The cultivators of the Divine Prefecture watched the terrifying scene of the two great armies approaching them, and they trembled within. Their will roared inside them as they stood arrayed for battle. The leader of the Dark Phoenix Division stood in front, his black pagoda hanging in the sky. Overpowering, destructive force bloomed from him as he said, “You all come from different places, but you should hold nothing back in this battle. If you do, you might as well leave now.”

Everyone looked very solemn. What he had said was true. How could they dare hold anything back?


Piercing divine light fell from the sky. Everyone looked up and saw millions of rays of light transform into lightning bolts that shot down towards them. The light coming from the divine sword distorted space around it, and it tore through the air. Everyone was within range of that attack.

The cultivator at the head of the Dark Phoenix Division lashed out with his black pagoda. Suddenly, terrible lightning shot out of the ritual implement, smashing into the oncoming divine light. The giant pagoda flew towards the divine sword. The two powers clashed, and bright light flashed, blinding everyone.

But even so, it could not completely stop the assault of the divine sword. Space was distorted among the cultivators from the Divine Prefecture. One of them with an imperfect Divine Wheel saw beams of divine light coming towards him, and the radiance within the sky blocked his escape route. A twisting, destructive storm bore down on him. He may have been a Renhuang, but at that moment, he did not know how he could avoid that attack.

Or perhaps it was better to say that there was no way to escape. He could only take the hit.

However, given his level, he would not be able to bear it. Divine light fell, tearing right through his body. His divine spirit could not escape either, and was destroyed on the spot as well.

Many of the weaker Renhuangs suffered the same fate as him. They could not withstand an attack of that level.

On the other side, Qi Ye had launched his attack as well. Lines of dark, destructive light seeped out of the black hole in his chest, as well as terrifying death flames. It looked light the apocalypse itself was descending upon them.

The sky was covered by a dark airflow. For those looking up at it, it truly looked like it was the end of days. There was no light, only death and destruction.

But at that moment, a group of figures strode forward right into the middle of that destructive storm. They were not destroyed or swallowed up. Divine light formed their golden bodies, and a Buddha appeared in the air.

A monk in a white robe stood at their head, dancing with the wind. He had no hair, but he was looked young and handsome. There was divinity in his eyes, and he looked like he had transcended the world. He clasped his hands together, looking noble and solemn. The rosary about his neck danced in the wind, and Buddhist characters flew out from it, making endless ancient Buddhist characters appear in the sky. It was like scrolls of Buddhist scriptures had been opened up in this devastating space. The characters turned into purifying divine light that destroyed the darkness.

“The Buddhist scriptures!” cried everyone in shock. They could hear Buddhist hymns lingering in the sky as if there had been a Buddha chanting there and teaching the Way. The scrolls grew bigger and bigger until they covered the sky. An ancient Buddha walked out from the scrolls, looking solemn and divine. Endless ancient characters wrapped around him, and his divine light purified the darkness, making the destructive will disappear.

This scene made many people understand. It looked like the Buddhists of Western Heaven were not holding back. The one who had stepped forward was extremely powerful. The handsome, white-robed monk was obviously a great cultivator.

Fierce light flashed in the eyes of the god of the Underworld up in the sky. The underworld spear he was holding grew longer, and he thrust it downwards. Lines of dark lightning shot from it, destroying everything they touched. The spear pierced towards the Buddha, who had strode out of the scrolls.

The Buddha raised his hands, and the air itself trembled fiercely. Endless Buddhist characters formed a halo around him, and a huge palm print slammed right into the spear, making the sky tremble yet again. The force of this whipped up a terrifying storm.

It seemed like someone could deal with this Proud Son of the Underworld.

The cultivators behind him rushed forward as well. In a flash, the whole area was covered by a destructive storm.

The sight of Renhuangs from three different armies clashing was terrible to behold. It seemed like the heavens would fall and the earth would crack open. In an instant, the mountains around them were leveled.

The battle had been joined in an instant. Renhuang level people could attack from a very long range. Their armies were limited to a tiny space, so they had to restrain themselves and not exert their full strength.

Many Renhuangs had fallen in the first clash, which made many people sigh in sorrow. Renhuangs would be considered great figures anywhere they went, but it was easy for them to die in a battle like this.

That was because this was a struggle between the three greatest forces in the world.

If one counted the Buddha, there were four god-level forces there.

Of course, this was not an all-out battle, they were only trying to seize the Original Realm, and thus they constrained their fight to this realm. Otherwise, who could imagine what would happen?

Ye Futian floated u into the air. The disciples of the Cottage stepped out as well and began to join the battle. A field of swords appeared around him. The divine roared in front of him. It could strike him at any moment. But he did not move but instead covered the battlefield with his divine consciousness.

No matter whether or not he had any complaints about Donghuang the Great, he still recognized his protection of the Original Realm. He naturally hoped to win this battle, but his most important goal was to protect the disciples of the Cottage and not let them come to any harm on the battlefield.

There were many people on the battlefield who were stronger than them, so he had to be cautious.

For example, right at that moment, an incredibly powerful figure was right before him. Everywhere he went, people shattered to dust. The man was bathed in divine radiance. A huge battle form rose behind him,thre and fist shadow after fist shadow flowed out from his Divine Wheel.

Woosh! He flew through the air, lashing out with his fist. The fist punched straight through a Renhuang’s body, killing him on the spot.

This was a cultivator of Empty Mountain, probably of the same school as the peak mid-level Renhuang he had once pursued Ye Futian through the Solar Realm. They might even have studied under the same master.

At that moment, the man swept his gaze in another direction and charged over there. That was where the cultivators of the Xiao clan were, including Xiao Muyu. There was a flash of contempt in the cultivator’s eyes.

The cultivator from Empty Mountain would certainly be the hero of this battle!